Joseph Looks A Whole Lot Like Jesus

Genesis Chapter 37


Intro: Tonight we are beginning a study on one of the most significant Characters in all of the OT – Joseph

It is interesting to consider that one Chapter of the book of Genesis is dedicated to the CREATION OF THE WORLD.


Only 5 words for the Stars – He made the Stars also – but ¼ of this book almost 13 Chapters are given to the study of this one mans life.

1)                 Most of us would think the opposite would be true – that God would spend Ch. After Ch. Talking about how – made the world / our interest


b) We want to know how the planets came together – why he placed Venus

    here & Jupiter there etc. / We want to know about the stars

1)                           So we think Ch. After Ch. On Creation & just a few words dealing

     w/ a man's life .


But God does the opposite He uses only 5 words in describing the stars &

And Ch. After Ch. On this mans life .  Why is it this way?


Answer is simple really - It takes more to more to make a man of God than it does the stars – the planets / the world

1)                 And because God places more significance on the individual soul than he does the World.


A)    More interested in the souls of men. –

1) Jn 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave -  men in world



Another Reason why I believe that so much attention is given to this mans life is that He is a Picture or type of Christ!



B)    He is a Son who is deeply loved by His Father -  Jesus BELOVED SON


Joseph was hated by His brothers as we shall see – So to was Jesus

1)                 Joseph was thrown into a Pit – by his brothers – but later came out of the pit to provide salvation for those who threw him in the pit


Jesus was put into a pit a grave & later came out of ….. Salvation /

1) Joseph was a Shepherd – Jesus is the Good Shepherd


Joseph was hated because of his words / so too was Jesus . – We could go on & on – Point out the similarities as we go along .

                                                                                     READ. V.1-2  



Here we see Joseph being sent out by His father to check up on his brothers – 10 older brothers one younger /

A)   dad 4 wives Leah / Rachel / their 2 maid servants Zilpah & Bilhah


B)    Joseph comes back to Jacob w/ a bad report – Now this  tells us something about Joseph’s relationship w/ his Dad.

1)                 He was more interested in pleasing his Dad than in being right standing w/ his brothers


A)     Joseph could have come back said – ALL IS WELL – but that wouldn’t have been true . - 

1)                 Joseph sought to live in Harmony w/ His Father & was accountable to His Father .


A)    Same thing is true of Jesus – Always did that which pleased the Father –

Concerned about the Fathers way / will / time / Heart .

          1) WHAT ABOUT US ?  



 In any given situation we are going to be led & motivated by one of 2 things – Fear of MAN / Fear of GOD.

A)    I am going to ask – what do you think Lord - / or what are they going to think –


B)    The Bible says that the Fear of the Lord  is the Beg. Of Wisdom / it will be a FOUNDATION OF WISDOM

1)                 That means your life is going to have a mark of STABILITY & STRENGTH


A)    FEAR OF GOD means – Utter dread of doing anything that would displease Him.


B)    So the Bible declares that the fear of the Lord is the Beg. Of wisdom / but it also tells us that THE FEAR OF MAN IS A SNARE.


C)    If you are worrying about what People think – it will snare you / it will trip you up – it will knock you down.



So Joseph is not seen here as a tattle tale – but as a beautiful illustration of one seeking to live in harmony w/ his Father.


READ V.3-11


Now pause here for a moment & focus on some important elements that set up our story –   Joseph’s coat & Joseph’s dream

A)   V.3 Coat sleeves /v.7  field sheaves & v.11  the skies, stars / why are these significant?


B)   They give us an indication of Joseph’s AUTHORITY / also HIS LABOR & HIS PURPOSE .

1)                 Or to put it another way- His Privilege / His Power / His Position


1st COAT OF MANY COLORS – MANY is italics = added by the scribes / so Lit. it was a coat of color -  also translated – coat of sleeves

A) Sig. ?   In those days – workers – field hands – coat w/ out sleeves –

     arms were free.


B) But if you were given a coat w/ sleeves down to the wrist -   meant you

      were  management material .

1)                           Today – worker in  grubbies & the boss in his 3 piece suit –


A)   Coat of sleeves doubled as a brief case – cord – attached that fastened at the end & you were able to store stuff in the sleeve.






A)   Now is Joseph’s labor & Resources any different from his brothers ? Not really – but only as an example of Christ .


B)   See the dream of his bros. sheaves bowing down to his sheave- was prophetic of what was going to take place in the future

1)                 The dream foreshadowed future events


A)   So too we think of the prophecies given that foreshadowed – future of Christ – Govt. would be upon His shoulders


B)   His resources were such that He did for us what we couldn’t do for ourselves – He was greater – Man w/ out sin

1)                 Every knee will bow every tongue will confess ….. Lord




Moving on to the skies stars – Stars speak of PURPOSE – as we go through  this story we will see that Joseph is called / set aside specific PURPOSE

A)   Joseph becomes the instrument of Salvation for His whole family


B)    So too Jesus – told in  1Tim. 1:15 Came into the world to save sinners


C)   Luke 19:10 Came to seek & to save the Lost.



Now why did Joseph tell his brothers about the dreams ? – Why didn’t He keep it them to himself ?    Detect a little Pride

A)   Perhaps Joseph was thinking that – they would bow down & worship him right then. –


B)   Not the case – instead they hated him all the more .


C)   His father even rebuked him – although we are also told he treasured these things in his heart.


Now this is a place where our type or picture breaks down – Jesus had no pride – epitome of MEEKNESS. ( Power under Control)

A) Caiaphas – points his bony fingers at Jesus -    You call yourself the Son

     of God ? Caiaphas had no idea who he was talking to


A)    PILATE -  Pilate said to Him, "Are You not speaking to me? Do You not know that I have power to crucify You, and power to release You?"


C) This Jesus of whom we are told in Col. 1:16 16  For by Him all things were created that are in heaven and that are on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or principalities or powers. All things were created through Him and for Him.


B)   He is the one who said to Venus / Stay – Pluto – be there etc.  

1)                 You think that Mark McQuire can do damage to a baseball – Just think what Jesus could have done –

A)   But He didn’t – MEEK – Power under control – humbled himself & became a servant -  sheep silent before shearers

1)                 On the Cross – Here He is have all Power Position &AUTHORITY –


E) But we don’t read of him saying – wait until I come back -  NO !   Father

      forgive them ……….


Guys what is that we are portraying by our actions & our words – Is it I know it all – I have it together – or except for the grace …. There go I

A)   View the world as an US AGAINST THEM MENTALITY ?


B)   Or do we see them like Jesus -  Lost sheep w/ out a shepherd .


C) So that is how Joseph & Jesus are different / now lets go back to looking

      at how they are the same.    V. 12-17


Here again we see a perfect type of Christ .  Dad sends Joseph to go to his bros. in Shechem / SHECHEM IS  a type of the world .

A)   Recall – Dinah raped – Levi – Simeon – mass murder


B)   Hebron means the place of Fellowship – So there we see an awesome picture of the Father & son together in the place of FELLOWSHIP

1)                 Father says to the Son – I want you to go & help out your Bros. who are in the World . -    Joseph says HERE I AM .


A)   Jesus goes – obedience to his father – seeking the lost –

1)                 Accountability & Availability to His FATHER


c) SAME IS NEEDED FOR US – Accountability & Availability


A)   It is also interesting to note that when Joseph arrives in Shechem his bros are not there – they have moved on to DOTHAN.

1) Dothan = DOUBLE SICKNESS -     Speaks of a Deeper Depravity –

    Man in his Depravity – deeper & deeper / darker & darker    v. 18-22

Here we see that Rueben is a type of Pilate – what did Pilate do to try & appease the crowd ?  Had Jesus Flogged .

A)   Here Rueben is thinking same – Lets put him in this pit -  ( I will get him later .)


23     So it came to pass, when Joseph had come to his brothers, that they stripped Joseph of his tunic, the tunic of many colors that was on him.


A)   What did they do to Jesus -  took his Robe – His clothes


24  Then they took him and cast him into a pit. And the pit was empty; there was no water in it.

25  And they sat down to eat a meal. Then they lifted their eyes and looked, and there was a company of Ishmaelites, coming from Gilead with their camels, bearing spices, balm, and myrrh, on their way to carry them down to Egypt.

26  So Judah said to his brothers, "What profit is there if we kill our brother and conceal his blood?

27     "Come and let us sell him to the Ishmaelites, and let not our hand be upon him, for he is our brother and our flesh." And his brothers listened.





Now think about this/   Joseph didn’t do anything wrong – it wasn’t his fault that dad loved him the best

A) Joseph wasn’t spying on his bros. he was only obeying dads orders – 

     go check on your bros. / ends up in a PIT


A)   He does the right thing but ends up in a PIT -  has that ever happened to you ?  


D) Doing what was right -  lost friends -  fired / left out


Now I ask you this question –Joseph is in a pit / but has the promise of God for his life CHANGED !!!!!!   No

A)  LISTEN :  the PIT IS part of the PROCESS  to bring about the PROMISE


B) Was Joseph ready at the age of 17 to be the 2nd in command to Pharaoh

No – there was a process that God had for his life !!!!!

1)                  Same thing is true in your life


C)Trials obstacles / Mts. To climb / giants to contend w/ that are all a part of 

    the PROCESS & PLAN OF GOD in making you who wants you to be


A)   Num14:9  Our Bread -  very thing that will be life to you / nourishment

1)                 Giants are like a Pepperoni Pizza man. GO FOR IT -   All a matter of perspective /


A)   Do you see the Giants or do you see the Lord / Children of Israel at Red Sea – lifted their eyes but not far enough !!!!!!


B)   God wasn’t going to leave Joseph in the Pit & He is not going to leave you there either !!!!!



A)      Pit is part of the Process – to bring about the promise –


B)    Ultimate promise -  make you more like Jesus / pit is like the fire – gold is purified -   How know Pure -   See Reflection.

1) God is working in Joseph to make Joseph more like himself.


C)    In the pit -  we learn principles of PRAYER / PRINCIPLES PRESSURE – PRINCIPLE OF PURITY

1)                   So that when you come up out of the pit you are more perfected because of the Pit./  So don’t grumble/ complain -  be conformed


Fathers heart toward the Circumstance of His Son.  Grieved

Why important ?

A)    Listen when you are in a pit – Your heavenly Father is still sympathetic toward your cause .


B)    Our tendency is to say – God  you don’t know & you don’t care.


C)    Fact of the matter is He knows & cares -  Really Knows – Really cares


D) Sometimes allows pit to get attention / wake you up /   get you back on track of seeking him.



2nd thing to note is that Jacob is deceived in the same way he deceived his Father Isaac .

A)   He deceived his Father – by killing a goat – skins – His sons 80 yrs later doing the same . What is the point ?


B)     God’s wheels of Judgment often move slowly – but know this they do move certainly –

1)                   We think that we should be judged – immediately the next day.


A)     When judgment doesn’t come – we think he didn’t see or He doesn’t care  / it must be ok .

1)                   He does see & he does care but sometimes the judgment for that sin doesn’t come right away. But it will come


A)     Sin will be exposed.


Consequences of sin – are always the same – Reap what you sow.

A)   Child boiling pot of water – Stay away – don’t go near – burn, ouch


B)   But Doesn’t listen -  burns face –heal - leaves a scar – never forget


C)   same thing is true w/ us our sins leave a scar – He forgives – forgets – scars on the inside


D)   Only way to rid ourselves of is to lay it on Jesus –


E)    Father sees your scar of Jesus still hurts