God Meant It For Good!!

Genesis 49:33 - 50:26


Intro: We left off in our study last time w/ Jacob on his death bed where he gathered together his sons – PRONOUNCE BLESSING

A)    After Pronouncing Blessing – we read in v.33 Ch.49 


33      And when Jacob had finished commanding his sons, he drew his feet up into the bed and breathed his last, and was gathered to his people.


A)    What a way to die !  - Sitting on the edge of the Bed – says his Peace – puts his feet back into bed & Breathed his last .


C) I also like this phrase & He was gathered to His People !

1)                                  AWESOME DESCRIPTION OF THE DEATH OF BELIEVER


A)    Gathered into Heaven – w/ the People of God !!!


A man had a friend who enlarged his business.  His sales had increased to the point that a larger warehouse and sales office were needed. 

A)   Decided to Move -  Day of His Grand opening – received some flowers from a friend – Mix up – Received Flowers – Funeral with a card which said:  "My deepest sympathy during this time of sorrow."


B)    Confused Friend called what is it  w/ the Flowers & the Sympathy note?

1) Man that sent them – went to flower shop/ mad what happened?


C)   The florist met him outside the shop and was obviously upset.

 "I am terribly sorry about the mix-up with the flowers," he said, "but I hope you will be understanding. Your situation is not half as bad as the one down at the funeral home. The folks there received your flowers accompanied by the card which said:  BEST WISHES IN YOUR NEW LOCATION."


D) For the Believer – good Description – Moving on !!! Bigger / Better

      Brighter !!!!!       { Notice v. 1 Ch. 50}

Ch.50:1  Then Joseph fell on his father's face, & wept over him, and kissed him.

A)   Although the Passing of a Loved one who knew the Lord means that they have gone on to a better place – Heavenly Home / w/ the Lord


B) And yes it is true that we can rejoice in Knowing where they are at

1)                                  There is still a place for mourning & Grieving – very natural very right


C)Nowhere does the Bible ever condemn grieving for the lost. 

1)                     Those who put down that kind of Behavior are grossly insensitive & wrong – NO BIBLICAL BASIS


v.2-3  And Joseph commanded his servants the physicians to embalm his father. So the physicians embalmed Israel.

3        Forty days were required for him, for such are the days required for those who are embalmed; and the Egyptians mourned for him seventy days.


This art of Embalming that the Egyptians practiced was radical & very effective .

A)    First thing They do is take the person after they were dead & suck their brains out through their Nostrils


B)    Then through an incision made in the side the VITAL ORGANS  were Extracted

1)                     The Body was then cleansed w/ Palm Wine & purified w/ incense


A)    The Hollowed out Body was filled w/ spices & perfumes & soaked in Nitron for weeks

1)                     After which the body was washed & wrapped in clear linen Strips sealed w/ a Gum like Wax .  Process took about 40 days


After the embalming Process was over Joseph went to Pharaoh to ask his permission to fulfill his fathers wish to be buried in CANNAN

READ V. 4-11

Now the Canaanites Noticed this huge Procession of the Egyptians – wondering – This must have been someone special – Man of Importance

A)   Here is what is interesting  JACOB’S IMPORTANCE IN THIS SETTING – Had nothing to do w/ him – but rather his Link to Joseph


B)    The Procession the People – if it wasn’t for Joseph none of that would have mattered !!!!


C)   Now here is what is interesting to me – that in Death – who we are / what we did / Profession Etc. – none of that Matters

1)                     All that Matters is our LINKAGE TO  the one Greater than JOSEPH –



A)   All that matters is OUR RELATIONSHIP TO HIM -  what we did for Him !!! His Name !!!!

1)                     Quest. Died tonight – what Legacy ? What remembered for ?


Pastor Chuck – All that is of this life will soon come to pass only that which is done for JESUS  is sure to LAST !!!!!


A)   Hear from Him – Well done – good & faithful Servant !!!!!



D.L. Moody said the following about Life & death:


 I like to think of the time when the dead shall rise from their graves. We read, at those last rites for the dead, what we call the burial service. It is an unfortunate expression. Paul never talked of burial. He said the body was sown -- sown in corruption, sown in weakness, sown in dishonor, sown a natural body. If I bury a bushel of wheat, I never expect to see it again; but if I sow it, I expect results. Thank God, our friends are not buried; they are only sown!


Planted in the Lord in Life / we will Reap in Death !!!!!!

A few hours before Dwight L. Moody died, he caught a glimpse of the glory awaiting him.  Awakening from a sleep, he said, "Earth recedes, heaven opens before me.  If this is death, it is sweet!  There is no valley here.  God is calling me, and I must go!"  His son who was standing by his bedside said, "No, no father, you are dreaming."


   "No," said Mr. Moody, "I am not dreaming; I have been within the gates; I have seen the children's faces."  A short time elapsed and then, following what seemed to the family to be the death struggle, he spoke again:  "This is my triumph; this my coronation day!  It is glorious!"  


After Burying their Father Joseph & his Brothers head back to Egypt where an interesting thing – occurs    READ V.12-17a



After Jacob dies these guys start thinking that Joseph is now going to seek Revenge for what they did to him

A)   Send Joseph messengers to Joseph w/ this note – Remember dad said to be nice to us – to forgive us …..


B)    Notice Joseph’s response – end of v. 17 And Joseph wept when they spoke to him.


C)   For 17 yrs they  lived together in Harmony there in Egypt – but for 17 yrs they doubted if they were really forgiven .

1) I couldn’t help but wonder -   If during that 17 yrs they were always

      uneasy in Joseph’s Presence


c) There was the underlying uneasiness in their hearts / each act of Kindness they interpreted w/ Suspicion .


D)   I Wonder if they really made use of their Relationship w/ Joseph & enjoyed the best of the Land or if they merely – EXISTED

1)                     JOSEPH WEPT – Because He realized that his Brothers just didn’t

      get it / they just didn’t understand – his Heart

Jesus our Lord weeps for the Same Reason over Christians who although they have been forgiven don’t act like it

A)    Those who go through this life always feeling like the Lord is upset w/ them / that He is down on them .


B)    Just don’t understand that they are Loved & they are forgiven / instead come asking the Lord to forgive them again & again

1)                     Forgiven forgotten / We in condemnation come again – Lord – again

He says again – Gone


A)    He weeps over those – who are always trying to EARN his favor – never ENJOYING  His favor .

1)                     Say Aaron my son were to come up to me on a Sat. Football game on – Hey dad watching game – watch it w/ you   GREAT BUDDY


A)    Aaron climb up here - / but instead – like let me get chips – want a drink/ how about Ice cream – foot massage /

1) Mow the lawn – sweep the walk -     HAPPY DAD?


B)    Get over here & sit down – BE  W/ ME !!!!!!


Some of us are like that – always running around – Happy Dad / Impressed Dad /  Did I do good Dad !!!   

A) And   Jesus weeps as we run around trying to EARN HIS FAVOR 

      instead of realizing that we already have it / ENJOYING BENEFITS


A)   JESUS ALSO WEEPS  - because He has a storehouse full of Blessing to bestow upon us - & most of us never even look below the surface

1)                     Saved us – To live a life of intimacy w/ HIM


A)   ETERNAL LIFE / ABUNDANT LIFE -  Life best Described as a Life of walking in His Perfect Love & Acceptance

1)                     A life that Andrew Murray Described as a Life Beyond the Veil /

    A Life of Intimacy & affection

A)   A life where I come to understand & walk in the Reality – that God has supplied more than a Sacrifice – more than Atonement

1)                     But Now I can actually do daily what the HIGHPRIEST  was only allowed to do – once a yr. – I can enter into the Holy of Holies


A)   The Veil has been rent / Access is OPEN – Live in the Constant Awareness of the Presence of God in MY life .



Many believers never scratch the surface – beyond Salvation . They know nothing of the INTIMACY w/ Christ that He desires

A)   He is grieved because they are not experiencing all that He has for them .


a) He would say of them what He said about Jerusalem – Jer/ Jer. Oh how I have wanted to gather you like a ……… but you were not willing


B)    Missing out on  A Life of constant New Adventures & Revelations where over & over  God Reveals His Faithfulness & Power in the IMPOSSIBLE


b) The Truths concerning who the Lord is what He has revealed in His Word

   concerning His person / Character / nature / Promises

1)                                  Are Revealed w/ each new Challenge that life Brings as we learn to lean on Him / trust in Him / wait for Him.


A)   That Life of learning what it means to walk in the Spirit / to be led by the Spirit – not the energy of the Flesh


B)     To Know that I can Pray to God & hear God voice

1)                     Receive leading & Guiding – TO GO FOR IT – IN GOD


A)   That life of seeing God – be your Strong in your Weakness / Life of

      seeing that His Grace – His unmerited Favor is Sufficient


The Lord has so much for us – if we would only seek Him / Look to Him trust in His Promises / Joseph wept bros didn’t get it   v.18-20


Joseph has incredible INSIGHT – to see what his brothers were missing all along – You meant it for evil – But God for good …… ALIVE .

A)    This is such an incredible Truth that Joseph shares here .


B)    There are so many encounters that we can have in our Lives where the Devil or some one else meant it for evil

1)                   Purpose & intention was to bring us down / rip us off / yet God can take that very Trial/ Difficulty/ & tragedy & use it to build us up


A)     As we have noted already in this series THAT THE PIT IS PART OF THE PROCESS TO BRING ABOUT THE PROMISE


B)     God is using that trial / that tribulation in your life as a TOOL  to TEMPER & to TEST you – make sure STRONG


E) He is using the FAILURES in your Life to FORGE & FASHION YOU

1)                                  He is Using the MISERY in your life to MELT & MOLD you into the person that HE  wants you to be .



Now when we know that / when we Believe that truth we can say like Paul in Rom. 8:28  And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.


A)   Lit. Grk text read – And we Know w/ absolute knowledge – ( I can stand on that truth) – that all things are working together ( PRESENT TENSE)  all things are working together resulting in good for those who love God & are called according to his purpose .


B)    Do You Love God ? Are you called according to his purpose -  Paul says we are his workmanship Eph. 2

1)                   God has a revealed plan & purpose / Jer. 29:11


A)   Now when I believe that TRUTH & seek to live in that truth – I can say w/ each Challenge / w/ each test / w/ each difficulty –

1)                   God is working together w/ situation & it is going to RESULT IN GOOD


c) I may not know how it is working for Good at the Time / I may not see any good in it at all at that MOMENT /  I have no clue of the OUTCOME

1)                                  But Because I Love God & I know that He Loves me / that He has a plan for me / working in me & on me - 


A)   It is going to Result in God’s good – ( Which also means my good ) it will become a Platform for the Lord to be Glorified in

1)                   That is a Key – Noted last study  God’s Purpose for our Lives is to Bear Fruit – By this the Father is glorified BEAR MUCH FRUIT


Classic Example -  Joni Erickson  -  Paralyzed as a teen diving accident

A)   Her Weakness became God’s platform -  He allowed it / Chose not to Heal her / then gave her & world wide Ministry – Strong in her weakness


B)    Ability to Develop this gift to draw w/ her mouth – Incredible Gift


C)    God used it for Good !! His Glory - 



That is true of all things – all means all – resulting working together – working in conjunction w/ the Lord’s will / Power / Plan

A)   Like taking sand , rock , mortar , water – common element that when mixed together make cement


B)    By themselves – useless for establishing a foundation to build upon !


C)    But when you mix them together in the mixer & add some power to make that mixer go around & around – creates Cement –

1)                       That which can be used to Build something on.


A)   God is taking all the sand & rocks & Mortar & water of our lives & putting them in the Mixer of His power, His Love, His Grace

1)                     And He is working them together w/ His touch in order to make your life & mine a Platform – He can Build upon – Glory


A)    Now I am not trying to make God out to be a Cement mixer / but he works in that way    All things working together – mixing them



Now the good that God intends for our lives / doesn’t mean a Palace Like Joseph – not here at least / or a world wide ministry like Erickson

A)   But it will be what ever – He has in store for your life .


B)    That is part of the adventure of the whole thing – God what are you doing .


C)    Now a lot of times I don’t understand – but if I can live by this Premise / God is working – resulting in Good -  I don’t need to worry fret

1)                     Bummed out or torn up



My daughter –Amy great girl  great Talent – for Basketball  really shoot .

A)   Potential to be a Player one day . ( VISTA HIGH GAME)


B)    She also has Asthma – Where we lived in Or. Worst places in the world for people w/ Asthma – 2 to 3 times a yr. Rush to emergency – breathe

1)                     Lord I don’t get this why did you send us here ?


A)   Always met us / showed himself strong –


B)    Eventually moved us -  here over 2 yrs – Sat. was the first time we have even came close to having to take her in .


C)   What does God have in Store for my little girl? I don’t know  but I know it is going to be good – might not ever be able to play accept horse w/ me –

1)                     Not worried – All things are working together in God’s Plan

When we lived in Or. I used to walk – 2 miles a day – played hoops at Lunch about – 2 or 3 days a week

A)    Moved here – after about 2 months – sharp pain in hip – hurt when ran / then when walked / then constantly


B)    Doctor – Chiropractor – Bursitis / no help / then about 3 wks ago – regular Doctor – Arthritis in both hips / Never run / jump again/ Devastated


C)    No hoops w/ my Daughter / No Tennis w/ my Son. – Now I don’t understand this / both Doctors Tell me – weird someone my age

1)                     JOKINGLY SAID TO BRIAN -  Whoever Pastors this Church is just meant to be Physically afflicted


A)    Will I always be this way ? Maybe -  not worried all things are working for Good . (  God reminds me every day – weakness )

1)                     Each time I struggle put on my sock / each time I put on my shoe / in all

     the things I used to be able to do that now I can’t – His platform



I believe that one of the Reasons that Joseph was so Fruitful in his life is that he realized this truth.  God was working it for Good

A)   He didn’t know that he would go from the Pit to the palace – but he trusted the Lord .





Check this out – great truth – v. 21 Joseph says to His bros

21      "Now therefore, do not be afraid; I will provide for you and your little ones." And he comforted them and spoke kindly to them.




A)    Listen as long as Joseph was alive these guys had nothing to worry about because Joseph was going to PROVIDE FOR THEM.

1)                     Things only got bad for them – long after Joseph was gone


A)    As Long as He was Alive – they had nothing to fear – no need to worry



Guys this is a simple but Powerful truth – that as long as Jesus is ALIVE we have nothing to worry about

A)    We serve a Risen Savior who said , "I will never leave you nor forsake you."6  So we may boldly say: "The LORD is my helper; I will not fear. What can man do to me?"


B)    Yrk  -  Wise as serpents / Prepare for an earthquake  few weeks smart

1) If it really Bad – trust the Lord – ( Live  Communally – watch God do miracles




Book of Genesis begins w/ Creation ends w/ COFFIN

“”””’’’                              in a GARDEN ends in a GRAVE

Begins w/ THE LIVING GOD – Ends w/ a DEAD MAN


Why? It is the H.S. final commentary at the end of this FOUNDATIONAL Book of Genesis displaying the condition of man & outcome of Sin.

A)    Wages of sin is Death / Soul that sins will surely Die ! 

1)                     Told in Beg. If you eat you will die


A)    Here is Joseph the Most Christ Like man in the entire Bible – no record of

    Sin – though we know he did -   Indication of Pride early

1)                                  But no matter how good that Joseph was he couldn’t escape death


A)    Gen. Great beginning first two Chapters / ends Tragically – any hope ?

1)                     Israel becomes trapped & enslaved – is there a way out ?