Exodus 12:21-51 The Pilgrimage Begins

Intro: The section that we are entering into in our study of Exodus is one of my Favorite in all of the Bible

  1. I have entitled this study – The Pilgrimage begins – ( we see the Children of Israel leaving the World - ( Egypt)
  2. They are going to become pilgrims & Sojourners – In Chapts 12 –19 we see many things that are Parallels to our walks w/ the Lord
  1. And we are going to GAIN many insights that apply to our pilgrimage in the Lord !!!!


We saw in our study last time how the Passover celebration was instituted by the Lord – NEW BEGINNING FOR ISRAEL

  1. In that study we took the time to see how Beautifully this Passover Meal Pictured Christ who was to come –

B) How He would be the TRUE & FINAL Passover Lamb !!!!!

    1. Tonight we pick up the Story in v. 21 where we see that this final Plague comes upon Egypt – DEATH
  1. Only those who are covered by the Blood – Escape the Judgement of death !!!!

READ V. 21-28

  1. Now the Lord gives some very clear instruction that this was to be an ordinance – a Memorial v.14 – they were to observe every year
  1. And they were to use it as an opportunity to teach their Children
  1. This is an idea that you see frequently in the O.T./ Where the lord instructed that memorials were to be set up for this PURPOSE :
  1. Teach – later Generations / Handled & Eaten
  1. The idea here is that the Children were to be in observance of what was going on – One REASON – to arouse their Curiosity – ask What is this?

1) Kids are full of Questions -

Dear God, Did you mean for the giraffe to look like that or was it an accident? -Norma

Dear God, I went to this wedding and they kissed right in church. Is that okay? -Neil

Dear God: How come you only have 10 rules and our school has

My son Aaron was 5 – Jeremiah : Why send him then ?

D) This gave the Israelite the opportunity to bring the word ALIVE to

their kids

    1. We need to do the same / Bring the word alive ( A lot of emphasis

on teaching in Mags )

E) Amanda – That was a Dumb story ( Never get that w/ the Word) –

Folks –When is the last time you sat down & shared why you come to Church on Wed.

  1. Word is spiritually food – Built up & equipped / Not forsake the gathering together / Lord is blessed come together in Unity
  2. We need to guard that –THIS ( what we are doing tonight – Sunday) becomes the Ritual w/ our Kids
  1. How do we do that ? Instruction / reminders – what this is about !!!!
  1. Kids ever ask – Mommy why do people lift their hands in Church ?
  2. 1) Jeff Stewart : Our kids - Daddy I can’t go any further / Daddy I want to see PERSPECTIVE / Daddy will you hold me CLOSE

  3. Also I have often looked at it in this way – Hands out – Worship – We bow down / Hands in – LORD I NEED TO RECEIVE !!!!!!

Our kids are full of questions – the Lord knows this – so He says have these ordinances so you can teach them !!!!!

  1. Worship / Communion - / Baptism / Witnessing / Missions
  2. Ron & Carol & little Marcos – Video
  3. So Important – Bring these things Alive to our Kids - ( Pray about Sunday School – Do it w/ Your kids class
  1. Or have your Kids help you in a Younger Class !!!! – Once a Month

Denise Aaron & Amy

Note The Israelites' Obedience To These Orders 2 things

The people received these instructions with reverence and ready obedience.

  1. 1st They bowed the head and worshipped (v. 27):
  2. this signified their submission to this institution as a law, and their thankfulness for it as a favor and privilege.
  3. 2nd. They went away and did as they were commanded, v. 28.
  1. There was none of that discontent and murmuring among them!!
  1. There was No – What a Hassle – this is messy – none of that
  2. Those two things need to mark our response to the things the Lord asks of us to do !!!!! Worship & Obedience !!!! God Knows Best

1) Learning that more & more the longer I walk w/ the Lord !!!!

READ V.29-30



Now here we see the actual event – I imagine that no one in the houses of Israel slept that night -

  1. Note v. 22 again – last Phrase And none of you shall go out of the door of his house until morning.
  2. Once the screams started do you think that any of them – went to open the door !!!! ( JUST A LITTLE PEAK )
  1. I DON’T THINK SO!!!!
  1. Contrast that by how some people are today – Lets see how close I can get to the door w/out being burned !!!!!
  1. Back Draft - Eve – what was she doing around the Tree
  1. Guys – listen you want to play around w/ sin- the Result is always the same Death !!!!!!
  1. Death to family / death to a marriage / death to your ministry / death of trust / Even death to relationship w/ the Lord if not dealt w/
  1. Don’t play the game !!!!!!


So the Screams went out – ( Indication of v. 31 is that what ever happened when the Angel of death Passed over – Woke them up )

  1. This must have been freaky - must have brought fear to some in the homes of Israel
  2. But their feelings were not the Issue here – the Issue was – the Blood on the door
  1. This is something that we need to remind People of – We have Brothers & sisters who – doubt / fear – Am I ok spiritually ?
  1. One issue answers that Question – Jesus shed His Blood – have you Applied the Blood to Your Life !!!!
  1. Jesus did it / Have you received it !!!
  1. Others who – think they are Believers or they are on the Road to glory – because they are GOOD PEOPLE ETC .
  1. All that Matters – Have they applied the Blood – ( Only the blood of Jesus that can wash away – our Sins )

Read v.31-39

Now notice what it says in v. 34 – Picture this scene – kneading bowls bound up in their clothes on their shoulders.

Also v.11 - 11 'And thus you shall eat it: with a belt on your waist, your sandals on your feet, and your staff in your hand. So you shall eat it in haste. It is the Lord's Passover.

  1. This is the Picture of a 1st Century Back packer - (
  2. Sandals on the feet – Waist girded – speaks of READINESS

WAIST GIRDED – Long robes – awkward – work or to run

Pull the robe up & tie it w/ a sash

  1. The idea of having your waist girded had to do w/ Readiness FOR SERVICE !!!!!
  1. Free to move & work – not encumbered – not weighed down by stuff

1Kings 18: 46 Then the hand of the LORD came upon Elijah; and he girded up his loins & RAN ahead of Ahab to the entrance of Jezreel.

Eph. 6:14 Stand therefore, having girded your waist with truth,

  1. Ready for battle – Ready to serve – not caught off guard or unprepared

A young man applied for a job as a farmhand. When asked for his qualifications, he said, "I can sleep when the wind blows." This puzzled the farmer, but he took a liking to the young man and hired him.

A few days later, the farmer and his wife were awakened in the night by a violent storm.

They quickly began to check things out to see if all was secure. They found that the shutters of the farmhouse had been securely fastened. A good supply of logs had been set next to the fireplace. The farm implements had been placed in the storage shed, safe from the elements.

The tractor had been moved into the garage. The barn had been properly locked. All was well. Even the animals were calm.

It was then that the farmer grasped the meaning of the young man's words, "I can sleep when the wind blows."

Because the farmhand had performed his work loyally and faithfully when the skies were clear, he was prepared for the storm when it broke. Consequently, when the wind blew, he had no fear. He was able to sleep in peace.

V. 37 – 1st stop is Succoth – Booths or tents – it was tent town - This was the Beginning of the Children of Israel’s Pilgrimage

The Children of Israel had spent 430 yrs in Egypt – Much of that time was spent in being Slaves / spent in Bondage

  1. God had promised to deliver them to lead them to a land that was flowing w/ Milk in Honey – Land of Blessing & Abundance
  2. But after Egypt they were going to spend some time in the Wilderness
  1. Most people Know that from Egypt to Kadesh Barnea was only an 11 day journey – distance wise
  1. Yet God’s initial plan was that they would spend about a yr. In the Wilderness – 3 months at mount Sinai – ( where given the Law )
  1. We will see how this maps out as we work our way through Exodus
  1. It would be a time of getting to Know their God / learning to trust learning some lessons / gaining instructions
  1. But the Wilderness was not to be their Home


Like wise You & I have been redeemed & rescued from the Bondage of the World & Sin – Now we are on a Pilgrimage

  1. This world is not our Home – Citizenship is in Heaven ( Rebekah Posey- Eternal perspective so blessed)

B) Jesus said - ( Jn. 14 "And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to Myself; that where I am, there you may be also.

C)There is no Rapture – ( Even though -Caught up = Harpazo to be snatched

away )

    1. Where is Jesus going to take us / Same place that He went – ( Not the 2nd coming He is speaking of here
  1. This is our Hope – but in the Mean time – We are on a Pilgrimage – still here – why ? Lessons to be learned / insight gained
  1. The Lord is seeking to draw us closer to Himself – all part of the process

Merry go round vs . Journey –

  1. For some Life is all about Pretty horses / and nice music – life just kind of goes around & around – Scenery Changes – but not going anywhere
  2. But as long as the Music keeps going & the Carousel keeps spinning they are Happy

1) But the thrills don’t Last / Nor do they Satisfy –( Billy Bean)

C) But as Christians – we are to view life as a Journey –where we must move past the rivers and climb the mountains

    1. and make our way through the Difficulties.

D)That is when life gets EXCITING & REWARDING when we realize that

God has written a sign over all our heads that says, "Move on."

  1. We Don't rest in these temporal gifts, but always be looking for the city whose builder and maker is God.

E)We long to hear those words – Well done ……

The mixed Multitude: Factually they are a mixed race

A). An Egyptian married a Jewish gal or a Hebrew married an Egyptian gal

  1. The offspring of a union like this had to make a decision -- shall he go out of the land of Egypt with the Israelites or stay with the Egyptians?
  1. Many of the mixed multitude stayed but some left the land / They would later prove to be a Problem – book of Numbers Ch.14
  1. Joseph tried to AVOID THIS : - Goshen & Shepherds
  1. Don’t be unequally Yoked !!!!!

Read v.39- 51

  1. Two final things – Stranger could eat on the condition that He was circumcised – Flesh cut away
  2. Sign of conversion – ( revealing of the most private Place )
  1. Everyone put on the same page & Rules


v. 46 – Make sure that not one of its bones would be Broken

  1. Why? Christ – not a Bone Broken – ( On cross – dead already )
  2. Blood is produced in the bone Marrow –
  1. Bone not Broken spoke of the Fact that – there is No Limit to His Forgiveness

Sam Duncannan was a layman w/ an unusual ministry. He would take a picture of some scene & attach to it a verse a hymn or a poem that seemed to capture the essence of that scene .

Picture of Niagara falls & God's Grace - Hymn sung by Ira Sankey

Have you on the Lord Believed ?

Still there is more to follow !

Of His Grace have you received ?

Still there is more to follow !

Oh the grace the father shows

still there is more to Follow

Freely of His grace He bestows

Still there is more to follow

More & more & more & more

always more to follow

Oh His matchless boundless love

still there is more to follow !!!!!


Where sin abounds Grace abounds all the more !!!

  1. What does that do for You – Jesus says he who is forgiven much loves much !!!!!
  2. Shall we sin so that grace might abound – GOD FORBID !!!!

C) Sin still has ramifications -

    1. Pres. Clinton regrets his Fling w/ Monica
  1. One thing remembered for – Monica / ( Also – Jennifer / Paula )

D) Sin has Ramifications Sin will find you out !!!!!