Intro: We are continuing our study on the Children of Israel’s journey from Egypt to the Promised Land

  1. Seen – God is the one who DELIVERS
  2. Delivered from Egypt w/ a Mighty outstretched arm –
  3. Initial Journey – Although only – 11days if you went straight – the Lord intended 1 Full yr. – including 3 months at Sinai & 7 stops – 7 lessons
  1. We have been Discussing these stops – Great Lessons for Us !!!!

D) The first – SUCCOTH - Tent town – Reminder that they were Pilgrims

    1. The Lord had DELIVERED them out of Egypt/ the WORLD

But they were not in the Promised Land Yet

E)The Lord’s Message / Hey don’t get comfortable this is not your Home


Same is True for us !!!-

  1. We have been Delivered from this World – Power of Sin & all that is associated w/ it - but we are not in Heaven
  2. Don’t get comfortable / keep moving / keep running / Keep growing

Keep seeking to be used / ( This world is not our Home )

    1. Don’t get enamoured w/ Life here !!!!


  1. In Scotland & England – Beautiful places - Like parts of Oregon
  1. WOW – Incredible – but listen – there has to be much more than that to be called there
  1. After a few months the scenery isn’t as Breath taking any more
  1. Marriage : See your wife w/ out her make up / curlers
  1. After a couple a yrs – Hubby isn’t the Stud muffin – He once was
  1. Can’t be a Physical Attraction

2nd Stop – Etham – God guides - Etham = WITH YOU

  1. There we learned that God chose to lead them – not in a Straight shot where they would face the enemy –
  2. But by the Way of the Wilderness = DESERT – along the Red Sea
  1. Lesson the Lord is always looking out for us – He knows what we can & cannot Handle at different times in our Lives
  1. So He leads us & Guides us to Grow us up in Him


3rd Stop – Red Sea – God led them into a Boxed in Situation

  1. Reason : To Show His Power - Glory revealed
  1. To Show His Protection
  2. To Show His Perspective – See things from His pt. Of View
  3. To Show His Place in their Lives – Between them & the Enemy
  1. After that Miracle Crossing – Rejoicing – Moses writes a Song
  1. Moses Sings – Miriam leads the women in a Dance
  1. It was a Great time of rejoicing – It was a great Victory – they saw their enemy destroyed – they sang – the horse & the rider thrown into the sea


Tonight we pick up in v. 22 Where we see how quickly their situation changes & along w/ it their attitudes Read v.22 –24

  1. Three days after this incredible victory where the Power of God was so clearly displayed – they find themselves w/ no water
  2. Now this was no little trial – this was LIFE THREATENING they needed water to survive - So this was serious -
  3. So typical in the Christian Pilgrimage – Mts. & Valleys
  1. Walk along the rivers of water / and walk in the burning hot Desert

Situations & Scenery may Change – But not our God

After they face no water – Suddenly see pools – Water up ahead – they run – dive in Bitter – even worse than no water / water but bitter

  1. Reaction – Complained against Moses
  2. When they crossed the Red sea – afterwards they seemed full of Faith

As they sang & Danced

  1. They Proclaimed The Lord is my God & I will prepare Him a Habitation –
  1. There were many Dancers but no Doubters / many singers but no unbelievers – but oh how their tune Changed
  1. They loved God much for what they could get out of Him
  1. If He would Divide the read sea for them – then He could be their God & they would prepare him a Habitation
  1. But if He would let them suffer – if He would let the pain of Thirst touch their lips – there would be no blessing for Him from their lips


Before we condemn them too much – don’t we do the same ?

  1. Easy to sing – when things are going Well – Easy to sing on the other side of the Red Sea / But life is a Mixture of Bitterness & Sweetness
  2. But oh how we complain & murmur & doubt & cry – when the Difficulties arise
  3. Certain Misconception in Christianity – Many think – Become a Christian & that is going to be the end of my Problems
  1. My life is going to be full of Blessing / Prosper / etc
  1. True to a Pt. – Released from some real major Problems
  1. Bondage to Sin
  2. Power of the Devil
  3. Guilt
  1. No longer Fear Death – no longer the Great Unknown
  1. But to say that this life is Problem free is a great understatement
  1. In fact in many ways – Life gets harder – ( Spiritual Battle – the world the Flesh & the Devil )
  1. Those 3 forces Satan / the World & my flesh / constantly at work
  2. Now in my own energy I can take on any two of those forces / but I’m doomed by the combination of all three.
    1. If Satan & the worlds system were alive & well but I didn’t have a body , sin would have no pull on me
  1. If I have a body and I’m in the world but there is no Satan there wouldn’t be a problem either - Adam did fine in garden until Satan showed up
    1. Satan is the tempter / god of this world
  1. If I have a body & Satan is present but there is no world system / Satan couldn’t have access to me because there would be no way to influence me
  1. But the truth of the matter is / all 3 are very present in my life - I’m flesh / living in this world - battling w/ Satan !


Now here is the mistake that many make – they think

  1. Life was easier as a non Christian !!!
  2. Problem : Remember Kicks not the Kick backs
  1. Our Mind plays Tricks & the Enemy Capitalizes on that

C) High school – couldn’t wait to get out / College over

D)What happens w/ them – ( We had it made in Egypt – No they didn’t)

  1. WE HAD IT MADE – No empty / mixed up / Lifeless ( England)

Plus better to struggle as a Christian & end up in Heaven – than to Prosper as a Heathen & end up in Hell

  1. Eternity Short walk compared to this life
  2. Think for a Minute of the different things that you have been through – could you imagine going through it w/out Christ
  1. It is so amazing – to experience the Grace of God being your Strength in Situations where many others would be Destroyed
  1. Guys listen there are always going to be obstacles in this Life – there are always going to be Marahs
  1. Those situations that – Looked like they were going to be Sweet – that you found to be Bitter
  1. Perhaps – You wanted to be Married – thought you found the right person - turned BITTER / Job ? Better – this is it !!! BITTER

What is God Doing ? Been said that life is a series of Lessons

A) 1ST Lesson about Life !!!!!! ( Some bitter / some sweet )

  1. Reality even though we don’t like that – I want it to be Sweet all the time ( No Veggies just Ice Cream )
  1. Not only would we not be Healthy – but we wouldn’t long for Heaven
  1. Guys we go through – the Bitter times to Grow us up / James 1

: 2 My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials,3 knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience.4 But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.

D)So they grow us up !!!

But the Bitter times make us Long for HEAVEN –

  1. What if life was always sweet ? ( We wouldn’t think much about heaven ? Heaven on earth

B) Ever notice how when things are going great how little heaven is on Your mind ( How infrequently pray – Lord come quickly )

  1. But when the Difficulties come - Heaven is so near – Can’t wait Lord – today ( right now )

1) They make us Long for


2nd Lesson about themselves – been said that life is a Laboratory

And Trials are a Giant X-Ray machine

  1. I will really never know what is going on inside of me until I go through a Trial
  2. We think that we are fine - ( Little Problem - My Hip – Arthritis )
  3. That is what a Trial does Marah does / shows us – where we really stand
  1. Shows us what is wrong – The Times of Bitterness – Blow apart all of our Pretences –
  1. Reveals the areas of our lives that are built on Sand – The Areas that are text Book Christianity
  1. Some idea that we read in a book – that in reality – when the rubber meets the road – that is all it is – Idea in a Book !!!!
  1. You think you are doing well – Lord says I am going to bring you to Marrah so you can see what is really going on ( allow me do surgery)
  1. Allow Him to give you some Medicine
  1. Lord I don’t need that !!! – Yes You do ( want to grow & be used )


So the Marahs are important !!! Quickly note – Lessons about seeing the Bitter Marahs turned sweet Read v. 25 –27













Certain Fallacy that thinks – Become a Christian – Life is going to be Great – all my Problems will be over