Exodus 17:8-16 The War w/ Amalek

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Intro: After the Manna /the Lord led them to Rephidim : Rest stop or the Place of refreshment – but Dry !!! ……..

  1. The Lord showed Moses a Rock – Strike it & water will come out He did / noted 1 Cor.10:4 Rock was Christ – Smitten for us
  2. Beautiful picture of our Refreshment & Forgiveness in Christ – He was smitten ONCE & FOR ALL – no need for Him to be Crucified again
  1. So all that are thirsty & in need of Forgiveness can simple come to Him – Receive that refreshing & Cleansing
  1. Paul also said there in 1Cor. 10 that the Rock – followed them in the Wilderness ( How the Lord did that I am not certain )
  2. Neat Picture for us Christ is always w/ us – His atoning work for our sins continues on & on ( If we confess our sins .. all unrighteousness)
  1. Numbers 20 – makes this very clear - Thirsty again – God said to Moses " this time go & speak to the rock & water will come out"


  1. By telling Moses to go & speak to the Rock The Lord – sought to give us a picture of – Christ Continual work in our Lives –
  1. Through Prayer & Confession
  1. But MOSES – BLEW THE TYPE – God became Angry – Struck the Rock again twice -
  1. ( It was that sin that kept Moses out of the promised Land)




Now after the Lord Provided Refreshment from the Rock – which we noted Spoke of His Death / Rez. & the Filling of the Spirit

  1. After the Refreshing came the Battle – v.8 then came Amalek
  2. ( Earlier the Lord spared them / now ready/ Note several things tonight

  3. 1st – Notes about the Enemy

Amalekites were nomads in the desert south of Canaan

  1. They were descendants of Esau through his grandson Amalek seems the Conflict between the Brothers continued 400 yrs after their deaths
  2. Also interesting to note how – wicked Esau’s Descendants had become because the Amalekites were Idolaters /
  1. We read in Duet.25:17,18 that there was NO FEAR OF GOD in them
  1. We are also told there in Duet. 25 that they were BRUTAL IN BATTLE 1) Their Tactics – were to sneak up on unsuspecting travelers & attack from the rear / TARGET: the women/ Children & the Weary
  2. I make note of this because it is very similar to what Satan seeks to do in his attacks against Christians
  3. 1Pet.5:8 your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.

  4. Satan seeks to attack those who are weak or struggling in their faith
  1. He also goes after us – when we are Physically feeling Weak

Sometimes I feel the Most Vulnerable

What do you do in those times – What did Jesus do ?

  1. Jn.4 - Jesus being wearied from His journey, sent the disciples to get some food / he sat by the well encounter w/ the Samaritan woman
  2. Ministry – revived Him – Sometimes that is the best thing to do when I feel physically tired - ( come & minister )
  3. 2nd thing Jesus did : also wise – Mark 4 – He slept !!!


I also see a parallel between the Tactics of Amalek & Satan in this that they both targeted the Wives & the Kids

  1. Satan’s #1 goal today against Christians is to Destroy the Family unit
  2. How many of you presently know a Christian Family that is experiencing Family Problems ?
  3. Also worth noting that Amalek – is a type of the Flesh – note the last verse ( war w/ Amalek from generation to generation )
  1. Gal.5:16,17 We are always going to have a conflict w/ our Flesh – / Flesh & the Spirit are at war w/ each other ( rendered inactive)

D) And Satan will use that struggle w/ the Flesh to tempt us -


Now let’s consider some things about the Battle itself

  1. First THE NATURE of the Battle : although this was a true Physical conflict – they were fighting against real people –
  1. there was a Definite spiritual aspect to this battle
  1. Which is evidenced by what was taking place on the Hill – When Moses who was interceding on the Mt. Had his hands raised …. Victory
  1. But Down defeat : Picture Joshua gaining ground / hands slip / Amalek is gaining ground
  1. Now this is something we must be reminded of constantly – even when the Battle has some very Physical elements to it – ( it is a Spiritual battle)
  1. Eph. 6: 12 NLT 12 For we are not fighting against people made of flesh and blood, but against the evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against those mighty powers of darkness who rule this world, and against wicked spirits in the heavenly realms.


  1. Here is what we must understand : We are not fighting against Men – we are Fighting For men !!!! For the Souls of Men
  1. Listen when your teenage Son or Daughter wants to date a Non Christian – Your Battle is not w/ that person they are interested in
  1. When Your husband – caught up in Internet Pornography – Your battle is not against those images
  1. When people at your work persecute you for your faith – (talk about you behind your back ) Your battle is not to get them to like you
  1. When Your Elementary school Child gets his/her feelings hurt & other kids are being mean
  1. Your battle is not against men – those kids or their Parents


Our Battle is not against men / but against the Devil & his forces who will use men & whatever means he can to get victory

  1. But our Battle is for men !!! Soul of that teenager / those we work w/ Your Husband / wife / Your Child / unsaved friend or relative
  2. How do we do BATTLE ? / Method of our Warfare : 2 things we see here : Hard Blows & Hard Prayer :


1st Joshua is told to Choose some men & go out & fight against Amalek

  1. First of all there was some Physical involvement !!!! There was going to be some hard blows delivered in the conflict
  2. So too – in our Battles – the Lord calls us to Physical involvement
  1. First in the Realm of making sure we have our Armor on !!! That we are equipped in the Word – the truth’s of Christ Sufficiency
  1. Which means I am going to have to Discipline myself to study
  1. Know what the Armor is & how to apply it !!!!

But also on a practical note : It might mean that I have to confront a situation – I might need to share w/ an individual / Stand against a Movie

  1. Establish family devotions: I might need to volunteer to get involved in a ministry / what ever it might be the need is calling for
  2. This passage clearly teaches us that we are to do more than Pray !!!
  3. 1) Farmer : He can pray all he wants – but never ploughs or sows seed

    he is never going to see a Harvest

  4. So too – there are things that the Lord will call us to do – to engage in the Battle that is at Hand !!!!
  1. Notice Joshua’s Obedience : v.10 10 So Joshua did as Moses said to him, and fought with Amalek.
  1. Choose some men : What men – these people were not familiar swords & spears except to see them in the hands of the Egyptians
  1. They were Cowards – as was evidenced at the Red Sea
  1. Yet when Moses instructed Joshua he obeyed – others followed
  1. Interesting at times how many people are reluctant to engage in ministry / to answer the call to serve – ( Because they Know – warfare)

e) Consequently – it gives the enemy the opportunity to gain some ground in

a situation !!!!!

  1. Others are reluctant because they feel their inadequate – ( Listen these guys were not trained in Military battle like their enemies)
  1. What if they said – I can’t ….
  1. There was no reason to be Reluctant to jump in the fight because they were God’s Children
  1. which meant that they were more than a Match for their foes / The same is true of us :
  1. So there was a Physical involvement in the Battle

But the story also points out to us that Physical involvement is not enough or the main thing - The Battle is won is the Spiritual realm

  1. The Real Battle was being fought on the Hill in prayer – w/ Moses & …
  2. Can do more than pray / shouldn’t do anything until we’ve prayed

  3. See the same Principle in Jesus’ battle for men that He waged upon the Cross
  4. 1) The Real Battle took place in the garden of Geth. The night before as Jesus agonized in prayer at what was about to occur / sweat drops of blood

  5. He arose from that time of Prayer – Strengthen / Strong –
  1. The example of Jesus along w/ this story magnifies for us the importance of Prayer in the Spiritual battle
  1. Waging WARFARE in the Spirit on our Knees – Pleading for the souls of Men – Pleading for our Kids /Marriages / Our Church !!!/


Interesting at this point in the History of the Church there has never been so many books written on the subject of Marriage & Child rearing

  1. There has never been – more – tape packages available on those subjects than there is now – ( Instant hit on radio ) Seminars
  2. But the Divorce rate in the Church is at an all time High –
  1. How many of you know of a "Christian couple" who for one reason or another – has divorced or separated ?
  1. Child rearing – Major Problem – [we are losing the teenagers –]
  2. What is the problem : 2 Fold – Rev.12 Satan – knows time is short – stepping up the efforts

1) 2nd we don’t Pray - The Church is not committed to seriously praying

  1. In Speaking of the Spiritual battle & the Armor of God Paul ends that whole section by saying : 18 praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, being watchful to this end with all perseverance

1 Tim.2:8 I desire therefore that the men pray everywhere, lifting up holy hands, WHY?

There is great Power in Prayer : Notice some points about Prayer

A) 1ST Moses didn’t go up Alone : Took 2 w/ Him Aaron & Hur

B)2 or more Gathered together in my name I am there in the Midst of them

C) Listen I think that every one of us need to have an Aaron & Hur in our Lives – Bros/ Sisters – we can come to & say –

  1. Need you to Pray for me – Battle w/ Amalek - / Satan is Pursuing after me heavily
  1. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have : Eddie /Howard & a Joe B. – PLEASE PRAY FOR ME IN THIS AREA


Notice v.14 14 Then the LORD said to Moses, "Write this for a memorial in the book and recount it in the hearing of Joshua, that I will utterly blot out the remembrance of Amalek from under heaven."

  1. This is the first time that the Lord has said to write something down – this was the first thing written in the book of the O.T.
  1. This story of Amalek being defeated – this story that teaches us about Prayer :
  1. Think the Lord is trying to tell us something by placing this story first & instructing that it be repeated over & over again
  1. I think that He is CLEARLY SAYING: this is where the victories are won !!!! Not military Strategy or Physical ability : Prayer
  1. And I am Convinced that is the reason for anything good that has happened / is happening or will happen in this fellowship
  1. Is because over the yrs there have been those like Moses in this Church who have been committed to Pray –
  1. Those committed to Intercede for this Body / this city / this community
  1. Wed. morning guys / the wed. evening Ladies / or the other 5 or six prayer meetings associated w/ this fellowship each weak
  1. As well as all of you who make a point to regularly intercede for this Church / for me / for Staff / for the Ministries / Please don’t stop

1) Don’t grow weary in well doing -

But that leads me to the 2nd thing we need to notice: – Moses grew weary in Prayer

  1. I find this interesting that there is no mention of Joshua & the troops
  2. Growing weary in the Physical battle / but Moses did in the Spiritual

  3. So True sometimes it is much easier to get involved in this or that
  1. Much easier to be Physically active – than spiritually efficient

Especially when the Spiritual activity is Prayer

  1. I find it interesting that we like to talk about Prayer & read about prayer but we find it Hard to Pray
  1. Last Year Cymbala’s book – Fresh wind …. / Probably 1,000 people in this Church that read that Book
  1. I was hearing a Lot of talk about – Prayer & prayer meetings
  1. It spurned my heart to take a step of faith & do something – radical by turning our Sunday evening service into a Prayer & Praise gathering

Which we did for 31/2 months – ( I don’t know of any other Church where they took one of Key services – dedicated it to Prayer )

  1. But I do believe that is what God wanted us to do for that season
  2. Here is what I found interesting : Our attendance on Sunday nights

went from – around 300 down to 50 / then 20

    1. What really amazed me was some of the same people that were raving about the book – never came (
  1. Although we have 5 or 6 weekly prayer opportunities all of them are sparse / very few of them grew during that time
  1. Why – Prayer is tough - / It is easier to talk about it / to read about it than to actually do it ( the thing I personally struggle w/ the most )
  1. Now don’t get me wrong – If that book helped you or moved you in your own personal prayer life / that is wonderful
  1. I don’t necessarily – have to come to a " Church Prayer meeting" to be prayer warriors –
  1. Nor do we have to have a "A weekly Church Prayer Gathering" in order to be a Praying Church
  1. I love spontaneous moves of prayer – after a service – or in your home on the Job
  1. However it happens we just need to Pray!!!!!! And not grow weary in it

The more spiritual the duty ,the more apt we are to tire of it. We could go forth to see the sick all day, but we could not be in our closets all day one-half so easily. Oh! take care, take care, church of Christ, that thou dost not

cease thy prayers! Above all, I speak to my own much loved church, my

own people. You have loved me, and I have loved you, and God has given

us great success, and blessed us. But, mark, I trace all of it to your prayers.

You have assembled together in multitudes, perfectly unparalleled, to pray

for me on each Monday evening, and I know I am mentioned at your

family altars, as one who is very dear to your hearts; but I am afraid lest

you should cease your prayers.

Let the world say, "Down with him ;" I will stand against them all, if you will pray for me; but if you cease your prayers it is all up with me and all over with you. Your prayers make us mighty; the praying legion is the thundering legion.


. Men can stand against anything but prayer. We would pray

the very gates of hell off their hinges, if we could pray as some men have

done. Oh! that we had might in prayer. Do not, I beseech you, I entreat

you, do not cease to pray; cease what you please, but do not give up that;

down on your knees, wrestle with God, and verily the Lord our God will

bless us, "and all the ends of the earth shall fear him."

Love the heart of that pastor : Please don’t grow weary in Prayer

  1. Another reason we grow weary is not just because of the Difficulty involved
  1. but because God doesn’t answer in the way of time we think He should & so we give up
  1. Example all read the accounts of how Revivals were birthed in prayer meetings – ( spawned great Prayer gatherings )
  1. here is what we forget – Prayed for 20 yrs before anything happened

20 yrs before God answered / God moved !!!! ( Fast food Society)

  1. I suggest to you that sometimes our whole approach is Wrong – If we do this God will do that !!! FOLKS that is not the point of prayer
  1. Prayer seeking Him w/ all our Hearts / Keeping Him the center / it is announcing & proclaiming our Dependency upon Him /
  1. With out you we can do Nothing ! Proclaiming our desire to be Aligned w/ His Heart / His will / His Way

D) Jesus said : I would that men would always pray & not lose heart !!!


I wonder if some of us have !!!!

  1. When I first came back to this Church 3 yrs ago / We had a mandatory Prayer meeting on the first Sat. of the Month
  2. If you were involved in the Ministry you were required to be here
  1. So every 1st Sat. 150 / 200 people gathered to pray
  1. I had a personal problem w/ the Mandatory thing : I wanted people to want to be here ( not forced to come pray but long to come pray)
  1. To agree w/ the Necessity of us meeting once a month as a Collective body to seek the Lord for an Hr.
  1. Last week – we had around – 40 people here – to pray including 10 from our staff – What happened ? Grown weary / Lost sight of importance
  1. No Child care – problem – but


Have you grown weary : What do ? Grab an Aaron & a Hur – to pray

  1. Let’s commit to praying together !!!!
  2. Hold each other accountable to pray –

  3. What about us as a Body ? Make a commitment to join us 1st Sat. – Have your Aaron & Hur / Remind you - Hold you
  4. Wed. nights relax – Don’t be so Concerned about getting home


D) If the Lord is leading in the service or after – pray !!!!