Exodus 19:5-25 Preparing to meet w/ God

Intro: We saw in our last study how the Lord has Led his people to Mt. Sinai – where He is going to have them Camp for 11 months

A) There He is going to do TWO main things : Give Law & Give

Instructions for the TAB.

B) Mt. Sinai – Huge Mt. Located at the Tip of the Sinai Peninsula –

7,363 Feet at it’s highest point /Interesting Shape - GIANT PULPIT

C) Ch.19 deals mainly w/ the Preparations of the People to meet w/ God

  1. Noted last time how the Lord said to Moses – ( Before I give them the Law – Before you instruct them remind them of what I did … Love

D) Remind them of how I delivered them from the Egyptians & How I bore

them on Eagles wings

    1. We talked at length last time about what that means – how the Lord Shakes our nest at times in an effort to get us to Soar ( Isa.40:31)


See An eagle is really RELAXED when he flies

  1. He catches the thermals/ he rides the current... He doesn't FIGHT... He

just flows

B) The hummingbird is just the opposite / But he doesn't get very high

That is some Christians -Flapping like mad but never getting any height

  1. Tons of Energy / tons of activity – lots of Emotion – but not really gaining any Height

C)We need to learn the secret of the eagle When God is calling... leading...

catch the thermal and let Him take you to heights

1) Key understanding – Missed it get the Tape

D) Tonight we pick up in v.5-6

In v. 5 the Lord declared that He was going to enter into a Cov. With His People -

  1. The Mosaic Covenant, was given to Israel in three divisions, 1st the commandments, expressing the righteous will of God (Exo 20)
  2. 2nd the judgments, governing the social life of Israel (Ex. 21-24:11); and 3rd the ordinances, governing the religious life of Israel (Ex. 24:12-31.
  3. These three elements form "what is commonly referred to as "the law," in the N.T. (e.g. Mat 5:17, 18).
  4. So God had ordered the Hebrews to come to this location to "serve" or worship him / But this was to be a unique worship experience.

  1. God was going to enter into this covenant relationship with Israel.

  1. The covenant initiated here at Sinai was in some ways like a marriage ceremony- Vows Between God & His Bride

  1. Many Jewish scholars look to this Place as where the nation of Israel was actually Born – ( Def. Where Became the Bride )


Not it was Here the Lord expresses His desire for them as a Nation

Note 3 things

  1. 1st A special treasure—A costly possession acquired with exertion, and carefully guarded.

  1. Israel was called out of a pagan world and consecrated to God, as His special people !!!!

  1. Chosen not because of Israel’s Merit – they had NONE /Duet.7:6
  2. 6"For you are a holy people to the LORD your God; the LORD your God has chosen you to be a people for Himself, a special treasure above all the peoples on the face of the earth. 7The LORD did not set His love on you nor choose you because you were more in number than any other people, for you were the least of all peoples; 8but because the LORD loves you, and because He would keep the oath which He swore to your fathers, the LORD has brought you out with a mighty hand, and redeemed you from the house of bondage, from the hand of Pharaoh king of Egypt.

  3. The Jews were God’s special people & His desire was to use them to be a Blessing to the whole World !!!!!

  1. From them would come the MESSIAH –the savior of the World

  1. That is why Jesus declared in John 4:22 Salvation is of the Jews

2nd A KINGDOM OF PRIEST - This signifies Israel’s Special calling as a Nation to Direct people to God

  1. It was God’s original intent that all of Israel live as Priests manifesting His truth & Sharing His Blessings w/ the World
  2. Isa.42: 6"I, the LORD, have called You in righteousness,

    And will hold Your hand; I will keep You and give You as a covenant to the people, As a light to the Gentiles,

    7 To open blind eyes, To bring out prisoners from the prison,

    Those who sit in darkness from the prison house.

  3. That was God’s original intent for Israel but unfortunately instead of them influencing the nations to worship Jehovah
  1. The Nations influenced – Israel to Worship – Idols

3rd A HOLY NATION – simply speaks of its special consecration to God: it was a sacred nation, sacred by adoption, by covenant

A) A nation morally pure and dedicated entirely to the service of God

They should be a holy nation, saved from their sins, righteous in their conduct, holy in their hearts; every external rite being not only a significant ceremony, but also a means of conveying light and life, grace and peace, to every person. Thus they should be both a kingdom, having God for their governor; and a nation, a multitude of peoples connected together; not a scattered, disordered, and disorganized people, but a royal nation subject in religious matters only to God, and in things civil, to every ordinance of man for God’s sake. Adam Clark


  1. Now What the Lord intended for Israel was not Fulfilled in them – because of their sin & Rebellion –
  1. but has become a reality in Christ for the Church
  1. It is interesting that the Lord uses this same terminology in speaking about the Church in 1 Pet. 2: 9

9But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light; 10who once were not a people but are now the people of God, who had not obtained mercy but now have obtained mercy.

  1. In the Old Testament period, God’s people had a priesthood; but today, God’s people are a priesthood.
  1. Each individual believer has the privilege of coming into the presence of God (Heb. 4 – Come Boldly )
  1. We do not come to God through any person on earth, but only through Jesus Christ the one Mediator…… (1 Tim. 2:1-8).
  1. And Because He is alive in glory, interceding for us, we can minister as holy priests.

And We are a chosen generation, which immediately speaks of the grace of God.

  1. As we said God did not choose Israel because they were a great people, but because He loved them (Deut. 7:7-8).
  2. God has chosen us purely because of His love and grace. "You did not choose Me, but I chose you" (John 15:16, niv).

C) And We are a holy nation. We have been set apart to belong exclusively

to God.

  1. Our citizenship is in heaven (Phil. 3:20), "so we obey heaven’s laws and seek to please heaven’s Lord". ( Obey Law – live by higher Law)

D) Now Israel forgot that she was a holy nation and began to break down the walls of separation that made her special and distinct.

1) Many ways the Church is making the Same mistake today

We are the people of God.

  1. In our unsaved condition, we were not God’s people, because we belonged to Satan and the world (Eph. 2:1-3, 11-19).
  2. Now that we have trusted Christ, we are a part of God’s people.
  1. We are a "people of His own special possession," because He purchased us with the blood of His own Son (Acts 20:28).
  1. All of these privileges carry with them ONE BIG RESPONSIBILITY : Revealing the praises of God to a lost world.
  1. The verb translated "Proclaim" means "to tell out, to advertise."
  1. Each citizen of heaven is a living "advertisement" for the virtues of God and the blessings of the Christian life.
  1. Our lives should radiate the "marvelous light" into which God has called us, by His GRACE !!!!!!!

Now Israel not only turned to Idolatry – but they turned inward – they forsook their calling to be Lights – focused on themselves

  1. Gentiles were only good to stoke the fires of Hell – ( Now that is the Extreme – but some Christians act that way – toward the Lost )
  2. Sad today that the Church is known more for what we are AGAINST – than what we are for
  1. Church is Angry – upset about a lot – That is the World’s perception



  1. Two things that can Ruin our Witness – Carnality / Idolatry –Worldliness
  1. And Inwardness – focused on our Thing
  1. Every Christian is to be like a billboard – Shinning at Night

( Few weeks ago – the Bulbs burned out – short )

  1. Carnality – causes your Bulbs to Burn out
  1. So How is your Billboard DOING ? - ( Shinning ? )
  1. What is it Displaying – Upset / Angry / Depressed /OR Love/ Grace / TRUTH Back to Exodus

V.7,8 – The Lord says to Moses go tell the People – they respond All the Lord has spoken we will do !!!!

Their Intentions were right – their desire was there – but when it gets down to Reality – in less than 40 days – Worshipping Golden Calf

  1. This is so typical of us – We make all these Promises to the Lord – we have all the right intentions – but no follow through
  2. But there is a reason for that - ( Jesus said w/out me You can do nothing)
  1. Wedding : Vows – I_____ apart from the Power of the H.S. working in & through my life – I am helpless in my own Strength to be the wife / Husband that God wants me to be
  1. WHEN I TEACH ON MARRIAGE : Key verse in whole Section v.18
  2. Be continually being filled w/ the H.S.

  3. We Don’t hear a whole lot about this in the Church today – ( All these programs & Formulas – not all bad / a lot of it is good
  1. Good Practical Applications that can be applied –
  1. But unless I realize that what God requires can only be Achieved through his Spirit – W/out Him - I am just spinning my Wheels !!!!
  1. Won’t become a Consistent lasting part of my life !!!!

See it over and over again – People who have all the right intentions / they want to follow the Lord – Please the Lord / Godly marriage

  1. They talk about how they are turning over a new leaf – becoming new people, but it is all in their strength ( Doesn’t last)
  2. Israel is a Classic example of this – All that the Lord says we will do!!!

READ V.9-15

So God is going to do a radical thing : He is going to speak to Moses so that the People can hear

  1. And He tells Moses to tell the people to Prepare themselves to hear from Him

1) learn from this 3 things get ready to hear from God – Note 3 things


  1. In that day – they didn’t have showers / they didn’t have a Closet full of Clothes – go long periods – no bathing – wearing same clothes
  2. But God said – in order for them to meet w/ me – tell them to wash their clothes – why? Speaks of 2 Things
  1. 1st Speaks of a respect Joseph w/ Pharaoh/ -
  1. Going out to Dinner – special friends - Shower Shave / Get ready
  1. 2nd But Also an Expectancy- Getting ready because I am expecting to

hear from the Lord !!!!!


#2 Watch your Step v.12 – 13

  1. Set Bounds around the Mt. Why ? - Protection for the People

The Holiness of God was such that – It would kill them

  1. No man can see my face & live - So what does God do He sets up restrictions
  1. You Dads understand this : when Wrestling w/ your 2 yr. Old – You set restrictions - / it is not WWF
  1. Throwing your kid across the room ( wait until at least 10 )
  1. So understand that the Lord is not setting boundaries to be Stand offish

People big gate around their homes

  1. Nor is He doing it to Protect Himself – White house & Secret service agents
  1. But He is doing simple out of Love for us – ( He is coming down in His Glory – they get to close – ( it will consume them )


Do You realize that when we see the Lord we are going to be Completely Blown away !!!!

  1. 4 Living Creatures – Holy …….. all day
  2. That is how we are going to be when see His beauty Glory & Greatness
  1. So God puts up this boundary not because He doesn’t want to be Close to the People – But – Because Physically Impossible
  1. However God would make a Way for Him to become close to us – He became one of us !!!
  2. 1) 1Tim.3:16 Great is the Mystery of Godliness that God was Manifested in the Flesh - How ? Through Christ Jesus

  3. And one Day – God is going to take us out of these Bodies – not all Sleep but we Shall be Changed / This mortal will put on immortality

So what does this mean in order to hear from the Lord we need to watch our step ?

  1. Don’t take the Word lightly / don’t be trite w/ the Lord – Big guy upstairs
  2. Don’t consider it a trivial thing in coming to Church – Watch your step - Reverence about who it is you are coming to meet w/
  1. Affect Your Worship !!!!! Study


So Wash Clothes / Watch Step / # 3 Wake your Soul – v.15 Don’t come near your wives - WHAT YOU TALKING ABOUT ….

  1. What does that have to do w/ anything ?
  2. First let me say this that there are those who have wrongly suggested & taught that there is something really spiritual about Celibacy even in Marriage

C) The Scriptures strongly disagree w/ that - Read Song of Solomon

    1. Read 1 Cor. 7 – Turn READ V.1-5

D)Key is MUTUAL CONSENT – Prayer & Fasting – a time of intently

seeking the Lord ( so question becomes how long can you fast )

    1. Some about 1 hour

So here is what the Lord is saying – For this moment & in Preparation for that Special day –

  1. I don’t want you to allow anything to Distract You from drawing near to me ( even something as wonderful as Sexual Intimacy)
  2. See Fasting is saying no to my natural tendencies – For instance my Stomach & tendency toward Hunger ( Carl’s Guc Burger)
  1. Saying no to those things in order to put my focus on seeking God w/ all my Heart & w/ an INTENSITY
  1. So that I can be totally Undistracted in seeking after the Lord
  1. (When I regularly eat - Not even an issue) – that time is set apart to the Lord - PRAYER
  1. Go back to Ex. 19:15 – Note the Word is to the Men – Don’t come near your wives / not wives husband
  1. Why ? Probably – Cultural – but Could be that guys are just Preoccupied w/ Sex
  1. Lord is saying : For 3 days – I don’t want your focus to be on that – I want your focus to be on getting ready to hear from me !!!


So the Lord says Wash / Watch / Wake your soul – Intently desire to hear from me

  1. Things God was saying to these people but things that definitely have application to us !!!!!

B) What happen if we approached our Devotions w/ even a Hint of that type of intensity & focus – ( radical )