Exodus 25 :23-40 The Table & the Lampstand

We are so blessed that our God deals w/ us as a loving Father in the way that He TEACHES us and INSTRUCTS us concerning eternal truths

A)In ACTS 13:18 we are told that for 40 years God EDUCATED them in the wilderness as a father would educate a child

B) Their time in the Wilderness was an illustration for us / God’s heart and dealings w/ His people

  1. The Father is a Good teacher / in that He is into Pictures / He is into Illustrations

C) Devotions w/ my kids the last night - Cactus in the Desert – stores water

  1. We are like a Cactus – Hide the word in our hearts ( Great Picture)

D) Cactus or a WELL – some cactus – hard to get close to / Well draw the water out & be Refreshed

For every New Testament truth there is an Old Testament STORY or PICTURE

A)He helps us to understand these awesome truths by use of TYPES and PICTURES that we find in His dealings with the nation of Israel

B)One of the most AWESOME pictures of Jesus is found in the Book of Exodus Ch. 25-40

  1. in which we have a description of the FORMATION and FUNCTION of Tabernacle

C) In this ILLUSTRATION God gives to us great illumination of Christ

D) We began our study of the Tabernacle by studying the 7 General parallels between the Tabernacle and Jesus ( Tab prt 1 tape)

E) Then we looked at how Jesus is pictured in the ARK OF THE COVENANT and the MERCY SEAT- last time

So we will pick up tonight in Chapter 25 at Verse 23

A) Discuss the Table of show bread & the Golden lampstand

Read VERSES 23-30

B) When we come to v.23 we move out of the Holy of Holies past the veil & into the Holy Place – ( Moving Backwards )

  1. The Holy Place Bigger compartment – was the HOLY PLACE – 15

FT.wide – 30 length

C) Entered to your right was the Table of Showbread - / in front of you was the Altar of Incense / left the Golden Lampstand

1) Beyond the Altar of Incense was the VEIL -- Big thick – ceiling to

floor - A WALL

D)Now We started in the holy of holies / w/ the Ark – started in the Presence of God – moving out to where man is situated outside the Gate

  1. I think the Lord begins this way – because salvation is act of God going out to man – that idea is typified in this study strongly


In fact you will notice here in ch.25 there is no mention of the Altar of Incense – in fact we won’t get to it until we get to Ch. 30 /

A)The description takes us from the Holy of Holies – out thru the Holy place out to the BRAZEN altar & then back in again

B) The Altar of Incense is not described until the Priest are seen coming back into the Holy place

  1. What is the significance of this?

C) First the vessels that are described in Ch.25,26 speak of God in Christ – coming out to His people displaying the Riches of His Grace

  1. Where as the Altar of Incense – points us to man approaching God is

worship & in Prayer

D) The First Vessels mentioned speak to us of the mode in which God would manifest Himself to man

  1. Where as the Altar of Incense speaks of the mode of man’s approach to God – so we don’t get it for another – 5 Chapters

E) And only after we have been to the Altar of Sacrifice & the Blood has been Shed !!!! The Lord is very careful in his instruction

So in the Tab we find ourselves in the Holy Place

A)Tonight consider the Table & the Lampstand – both of which speak to us of Christ & who we are in Him / First see how they speak of Christ /

  1. 2nd of our Position in Him / We begin w/ the Table –

B) Dimensions & Materials : 1 ft’ 6" wide, 3’ft. long, and 2’ft. 3" high, was to be made of acacia wood (like the ark, v. 10), covered with… gold

  1. and it was to be carried by gold-covered poles in the same manner as the ark.

C) A 3" wide (molding ) went around the edge of the table would keep objects from falling off.

1) On top of the table sat 12 Loaves or cakes of Bread

The materials of the Table of Showbread speak of Jesus

…..acacia wood...... overlay it with pure gold

A)We talked about these materials at length in our study of the Ark – speak to us of Christ Deity – Gold and His humanity – the wood ( Tape)

B) In the Tab. It is the Reversal of Jesus on earth- where His deity was concealed in His humanity – here it is the Deity that is seen /Gold seen

C) Now the table speaks to us of Communion & Fellowship

  1. Sunday – Friends took us to the Clam Jumper – Fajitas & Mud Pie


D) But as wonderful as the food was that day – it didn’t compare w/ the fellowship we had around that table /

  1. talking & sharing God is doing in lives & family

Now we noted in v.22 that the Lord declared concerning the Mercy seat there I will meet w/ You ( Mercy seat where the Blood applied)

A)Here is the difference in the symbolism of the Mercy seat & the Table

B) Mercy seat – where the Blood is applied – conveys for us the Basis of Access to the Father – By Blood – thru His Grace & Mercy

  1. In Heb. 4:13 We are told to come Boldly before His throne of Grace that we might receive mercy in our time of need

C) The Blood of Christ & the Mercy & grace of God is the Basis where by we Approach the Lord – that is what the Mercy seat speaks of

  1. The Table however speaks of the SUBSTANCE OF that fellowship

Think of it in this way – A king might erect an audience Chamber – a place where He sits on his throne & receives the praise of His subjects

A)And from that throne – he dispenses honor & rewards & gifts/ Judgements

B) But in that setting there is not really any fellowship between he & his people

  1. But then the King invites you to come & to dine w/ him at his table / then there is sweet fellowship & enter action

C) Guys the Lord / the King of Kings invites us to come & dine w/ Him

1) Beautiful Illustration- David & Mephiposheth –eat at my table

In Middle East culture-You were literally united to one another by the shared meal- Jesus loved to eat with people

A)One day there was a short guy named Zacheus who was perched in a tree for a better view of Jesus- Jesus said to him:

1) Zacheus, come down, I'm coming to your house for dinner

B)Jesus was always inviting Himself for dinner

1) He still is: "Behold I stand at the door and knock....... "

D)What a GLORIOUS thing it is that God wants to have FELLOWSHIP

with us


And when we come to Him – He invites us to partake of Christ

A)The Bread on the table reminds us first of all of Jesus who declared that He was the bread of Life !!!!

B) Jesus said: John 6:35 5And Jesus said to them, "I am the bread of life. He who comes to Me shall never hunger, and he who believes in Me shall never thirst.

C)The world today is FAMISHED and craving for something that will feed their soul- That which they are craving is JESUS CHRIST

D) That BREAD on the TABLE speaks of Jesus Christ, the living Word

1) He is the one that fills the longing in the heart of every man !!!!

But The Table of Showbread not only speaks of Jesus, the Living Word It speaks to us of the WRITTEN Word of God that is in your hands

A) Jer. 15:16 Your words were found, and I did eat them

Job 23:12 I have esteemed the words of his mouth more than my necessary food.

Now On the border of the Table would be placed the utensils used to distribute the bread

A)NOTICE: The bread itself was on the top of the table which was supported by the four legs while the utensils were BELOW the bread

B) What a PICTURE for us- As good as the UTENSILS are that God has given to us

  1. Commentaries and Tapes and Concordances- They must NEVER be a substitute for the Bread

Note also that attached to the table were polls like the Ark – reason it was to be mobile – carried by the priest

A)So too the Written Word - Wherever the people were, the Table was to be / NOTE: This Book is to be wherever we are

B) Wherever I go I can say what David said

Ps. 23:5 YOU prepare a table before me in the presence of mine enemies

C) Wherever I am the Lord has a feast prepared for me out of this Book

  1. Wherever you go, PACK your Bible- read it – waiting in line @ post office / doctors office / lunch

H.A. Ironside was flying back from a Bible conference and he was reading Romans Chapter 6

Across the isle from Dr. Ironside was a seminary student who recognized him" Aren't you Dr. H.A. Ironside?" "Yes"

"I'm going to seminary and I admire you so much... I would give anything to know the Bible the way that you know the Bible"

Dr. Ironside shot a glance back at him and said: put down time pick up

D) Only The Priest ate of the Bread – we are called a Royal Priesthood we have the daily privilege of partaking of Jesus the Bread of life

  1. Thru His Word !!!!!!

E) There are people that I admire because they have a knowledge of God's Word

1)They got that knowledge because they READ their Bibles... A LOT

It traveled with them....... LIKE the Table of Showbread

Now something happens when we get into His word – Jesus gets into us – His word transforms us – we become more like Him

A)That is what we also want to see that is pictured here –

B) Why are there 12 loaves of Bread – this is beautiful

  1. 12 Loaves right away – make us think of the 12 tribes of Israel – which represent at this juncture in the Bible the people of a God

C) The Redeemed – and where are the redeemed – placed ? They are sitting there upon the Table –

  1. This is a Beautiful illustration of What God’s people are in Christ

We partake of the Bread – we become a part of Him – we are placed in Christ

A)Thus we see the Bread resting there upon the table – which speaks to us of our resting in Christ

B) All the Loaves were the same size – Speaks of the perfect unity & oneness that we share in Christ

  1. Lev.24 The Bread was covered w/ Frankincense a white pasty substance- speaks of Purity

C) Note in v.30 the Lord says that you shall set the showbread before me always – Showbread = the presence Bread or the Bread of faces

  1. Awesome picture this presents of the Church resting there upon Christ in the presence of the Father –

D) Of Him looking down upon it w/ His holy eyes and feasting upon it as it were w/ Satisfaction / Frankincense – Purity in worship a sweet aroma

One more thing we need to see : Around the Table were two crowns

A molding if you would – One around the otter edge / other ..Bread

A)What is the Significance of these two crowns ? Jesus was crowned twice

B) The first was with a crown of thorns- A crown of mockery and rejection

C) BUT - He was crowned a second time- With a crown of glory and honor and praise

1) TODAY Jesus is NOT wearing a crown of thorns

D) He is our Kingly High priest & that Crown around the Bread – was for it’s Protection – when moved – not fall off

  1. Jesus our Kingly High priest – we are told in Jude is able to Keep us from falling

E) It speaks to us of the Security of the Believer – Kept in His hand –

Quickly move onto v.31 – Lampstand – read v.31-40

A)Sometimes called Golden Candlestick which is a misnomer

There were NOT candles being consumed

B)But rather it was a lamp stand- There were oil burning lamps on this stand

C) Let's look at it's structure- The lampstand consisted of a SHAFT

1) It was in the middle having PRIORITY and PRE-EMINENCE

D)It had 4 bowls of bud and flowers and almonds to store the oil

Out of either side came three branches.... LESSER LIGHTS, so to speak

1) These also had a bud and flowers and almonds to store the oil

The Golden Lampstand speaks of Jesus Christ... the Light of the World -

A)Who came to ENLIGHTEN mankind as to who God is

Who came to ILLUMINATE to us the way of salvation

B) Jesus is the MAIN SHAFT

1) On either side of that shaft, which speaks of Jesus, came three branches

They total 6 in number

C)6 = the number of MAN It speaks of those BRANCHING out of Jesus

1) The Church - Jesus IS the light of the world/ You are the Light

D) He said: Let YOUR light shine before men....

1) We are BRANCHES of Jesus Christ


NOTICE: These branches are RIGHT BESIDE the main shaft

A)That is where we must be if we are to SHINE as lights in this world

B) One commentator noted that these other lights would be ignited from the flame of the main shaft

1) Interesting because - I can NOT ignite myself

C) Any light which comes from me must come from Jesus Christ

1) GOAL Get alongside of Jesus so that your life can be ignited by Jesus


A)This Lampstand was very expensive

Made of a talent of gold = Over $50,000 by today’s standards

B) Also note It was to be made of ONE piece Not many pieces fitted/welded together, but ONE piece

  1. Gold that was BEATEN and HAMMERED on

C) This gives to us a very important insight

  1. IF we are going to shine brightly, it is necessary that we go through

some hammering

D)WHEN did Jesus shine brightest?- At the darkest moment in history

1) When He was beaten and nailed to the cross

E) The whole world was covered with darkness, but in the midst of that darkness and beating, that the love of God shined brightest

  1. It was WHEN the light of the world was being hammered, THEN His

light shone brightest

We pray: "Lord, let me shine for you"

A)But For that to happen REQUIRES breaking- Because Your light shines brightest when you are ministering out of brokenness

B) So DON'T be surprised when God is working on you

1) DON'T quit when it happens, because it is worth it

C) Life ONLY has meaning when you are shining for Jesus


Now in VERSE 38

A)Along side of the Lampstand were the instruments to maintain the light

B) Sometimes the Lord needs to cut and trim us like wicks to ensure our ability to be on fire for Jesus

  1. Like the pruning of the tree in John 15 – Pruned bear more fruit

C) If that tree could talk it would complain – that hurts – but in the end it bears much fruit

  1. Same idea here – wick trimmed so it can shine brighter -

D) Don’t shun the trimming