Ex. 31:1-18 Anointed for Service

Intro: It is amazing to me how often the Lord seems to intertwine where we are studying at as a Body

A)Sunday Mornings in 1 Peter – talking for the last several weeks about Ministry : Pastors – calling as Shepherds

B) Related it to our calling as the spiritual leaders in our Homes

  1. Called to be Priest –

C) Steve shared w/ me how that – related so well to what the guys were doing on Thursday nights at men study

  1. Sunday night Video – Shepherds

D) Then here on Wed. we spent several weeks – talking about the Priesthood

Here in Exodus 28-30 – what they wore / their calling / Anointing

1) I don’t think that the Lord has had us here by accident / had us take the time to pause & consider these things – together

E) I believe – Calling – some of you into Pastoral Ministry / others calling you to become more involved here in the Fellowship

  1. Many the Lord is saying – I want you to take the calling that I have placed upon your life to lead your family – Seriously

F) Understanding that HE HAS called you to that – and have equipped you for that task !!!


Well in Ch. 30 We finished off by seeing how there was to be a Holy Anointing oil that was to be placed upon the Priest

A) We noted that that oil was symbolic of the H.S. – How it is needed for the H.S. to Anoint men for Priestly Ministry- in the Church / in the Home

B) Zech. 4:6 – Not by might – nor by power but by my spirit …..

Now as we come to Ch.31 – we move from Priestly Ministry to Practical Ministry

A) And what we see here is that there is an anointing or a gifting of the H.S. for people to serve in Practical things

B) So we read here of Bezalel – who was selected by the Lord to be the Foreman of the Construction of the Tab./ oversee Construction

  1. And it says of him in v.3 that he was filled w/ the Spirit of God in wisdom, understanding in Knowledge in all manner of workmanship

C) Here was this guy that the Lord had obviously gifted to be a Craftsman

  1. It is a gift – Every good & perfect gift is from above

D) Some people are gifted in those trades – others are not

  1. A guy can learn a bit about Carpentry – but if he isn’t gifted – he can practice all day – for yrs – just isn’t going to happen

I am not gifted in wood working – Jr. high CCCM- DOVE – retarded

A)Some where between a Star & a Dove –

B) Book shelves in my office – Paul Rady / Desk Steve Henschel

  1. There is a gifting that comes from the Lord
  2. Not everyone can Cook -

C) So Bezalel was obviously gifted by the Lord in these different areas but he as also ANNOITED BY THE Spirit – winning Combination

  1. The Lord was saying I am going to empower him to do this work


How I thank the Lord for how he gifts & empowers people to serve in Practical ways

A)How He gives them wisdom & understanding about how to do things in the right way – right cost

B) Gifting them to be able to do quality work for the Glory of God

C) That is every bit as an anointing as the Priestly ministry of Ch. 30

  1. Guys who work w/ wood – here / Guys who work on cars

Ladies special gifts

D) When the time comes for us to build a new Facility – So Glad for guys Like Steve H. & Don Porter others like that – Who Know what doing/ gifted

  1. I would want to go into such a building if it was up to Eddie Hill & I to Build it

E) So awesome to see guys & gals that the Lord has gifted in those practical kinds of things – Make themselves available to use those gifts for the Kingdom

  1. When they do I believe the Lord gives a special anointing & Empowering for that particular work

Bezalel name means "in the shadow or protection of God"- God’s hand!

A)The Lord takes the time to tell us of His Lineage – that He belonged to the tribe of Judah, and he was the grandson of Hur, a pious patriot

B) You remember Hur – he & Aaron were on the Mt. W/ Moses – Joshua Battled w/ the Amalekites in the valley Below –

  1. Hur lifted Moses hands – He was a Prayer Warrior & a Servant

C) The Reference to his family background no doubt is to illustrate the impact that those in his family had on him

  1. Shaping Bezalel into this man that – God would call him to be / a man that God could use for such an important – task

An English nurse, looked down upon by her lord and lady, sat teaching a small boy the Bible and its truths. His parents were too busy in society to pay him any notice. The only reason we know about this nurse is that she was teaching the future Lord Shaftesbury, England's great nineteenth-century reformer, the man who got the children out of the coal mines.

D) I wonder if he would have become that reformer if that nurse hadn’t planted those seeds of God’s word in him!!!

Interesting that we have a tendency to exalt those people w/ the Radical Testimonies – Greg Laurie’s / Mike Mac

A)But I think it is equal wonderful to see how the Lord’s Grace Covers & Protects – a person – ( Some saved out of pit / some from )

B) Chuck Smith’s – Jon Courson’s / Billy Grahams

  1. Chuck’s Mom & Scripture

C) Our Kids – Evan & Sandy

The Point that I think we see here in Bezalel is that what was important wasn’t – What He could do w/ His hands

A)But what was in his heart – who He was on the inside was someone the Lord – could use

B) We see this same Criteria for Deacons in Acts 6 turn

1Now in those days, when the number of the disciples was multiplying, there arose a complaint against the Hebrews by the Hellenists, because their widows were neglected in the daily distribution. 2Then the twelve summoned the multitude of the disciples and said, "It is not desirable that we should leave the word of God and serve tables. 3Therefore, brethren, seek out from among you seven men of good reputation, full of the Holy Spirit & wisdom, whom we may appoint over this business; 4but we will give ourselves continually to prayer and to the ministry of the word."

C) Note they weren’t told to find 7 men who were only hard workers or smart or great strategist / 7 men who of Good rep…… wisdom

  1. Like Bezalel these men were called to Practical Service


Back to Exodus 31 V.6 We are introduced to another guy –named Aholiab

A)Aholiab was to be Bezalel’s Assistant Foreman – he would be over some of the other skilled Craftsmen

B) Now I think this is important to note – because what we see the Lord doing here is appointing this guy – Aholiab to be second / #2

  1. A guy called to come along side of Bezalel

C) A famous Conductor who often worked w/ the Philharmonic Orchestra was once asked what was the hardest position to fill in the Orchestra?

  1. He responded that the hardest position to fill was that of 2nd Violin

D) First Chair – 2nd Violin / or the #1 of the 2nd Row/ That was the Hardest position to fill .

1) More people are interested in being a Mediocre 1st player

Rather than excellent 2nd Player / Problem is no one wants to be 2nd Fiddle /

Natural tendency is for people to want to be #1 – We want to be the big shot / the big cheese / call the shots

A)There are lots of people who want to be 1st Chair / but it is a lot harder to find those who – don’t mind being 2nd

B) And it is very rare – to find those who are content at being 2nd

  1. I am thankful that the Lord has brought some guys on staff here who feel called to that – Knitted our hearts – work together

C) They might not ever go out & Pastor a Church & yet the Lord uses them in a Big time way here

C) It is a Blessing to find – those who Know ..called to be support people /

  1. They just Flourish in those roles – great behind the scenes kind of guys

One of the saddest things that I have seen is men in ministry who were just flourishing in Assistant Pastor roles – Pressure to go Start Churches

A)They felt like they had to "Graduate" & move up the latter so to speak

B) Problem for many is they stepped out into ministry that they were not called to or gifted in – really struggled

  1. Go from Flourishing in one area – to Struggling

C) So Important to Know Your Calling – ( talk about in our Class)

  1. Several yrs ago talking w/ a Brother – Gifted /

D) Good to Know Your Calling & to Know your Limitations – ( God can do above & beyond – wildest dreams

  1. My life – Blown my mind –( He wants to do more ) – but I know my


E) Oregon for me was Prep for here – One thing I learned is I can’t wear a bunch of hats NOT CEO ( Children’s ministry / worship/ Counselor /

  1. Right people in right spots

F) Certain things that God has gifted me in / I want to spend the majority of my time in those areas !!!!

  1. So Leadership by Committee – Guys in areas of strength & gifting / full Confidence

G) Funny – I take the Heat –

Application here we see the Lord was setting up an awesome team of Guys anointed by the Lord to carry out this work

A)Best kind of Ministry

B) God wants you to fill a place that is custom designed for you

C) Doesn’t mean that we never take steps of faith – because sometimes those very things God uses to show us – what our calling is !!!!


So Aholiab was called to be Second in order for the work & Plan of God to be Completed - JONATHAN W/ DAVID

A)Reminds me of another who lowered Himself in order to Fulfill the Plan & Work of God – Jesus


B) Talk about a Craftsman – Gifted & Skilled Individual

  1. Heb. John / Col. – Creator – Fashioned the heavens & the Earth

C) Bezalel was going to Construct this Tab. – of which we are told in the Scriptures it is picture of the Heavenly scene

  1. Jesus designed the REAL THING

D) Paul saw it taken up 3rd heaven – declared he was SPEECHLESS


Yet we are told in Phil 2 of Jesus that although he was in the form of God, did not consider it robbery to be equal with God, but made Himself of no reputation, taking the form of a bondservant, and coming in the likeness of men.

A) Meaning Jesus didn’t Consider the outward display of His deity & Equality w/ God- His glory -a thing to be held on to at all Cost

B) But instead He allowed His Glory to be Covered in His Humanity

  1. Deity was Hidden – Concealed

C) See when the Plan of the Godhead – was to be carried out – A redeemer was needed to save man from His Sins

  1. Jesus said I will go !!! – I will be 2nd

D) Made Himself subject to the father – One reason so that He might save you & me

He gave His all so that you & I could experience life – abundantly