LEVITICUS CH.1&2 Consecration of Self & Service


Intro The Book of Leviticus – Leviticus means – Pertaining to the Levites or the Priest

A)Which right away should grab our attention because the Lord has declared that we who are in Christ are a Holy Priesthood


B) Set apart by the Lord and called to the Lord – to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.


C) As we have been moving thru the O.T. we have seen that the Book of Gen. Gives us understanding about Sin & the Condemnation that came UPON MAN – THRU THE FALL


D) Exodus gives us insights into Redemption – How the people of God were redeemed out of their Slavery in the world

1)   By the Work of God – the Passover Lamb – blood on the door post in the shape of a Cross – which pts to the Cross of Calvary.


So Genesis tells us about the Depravity of man & Condemnation

A)Exodus insights into  – Redemption & Salvation


B) Leviticus is about Separation & Consecration


C) THE THEME of the book of Lev. Is HOLINESS


Theme Verse Lev. 20:26 26And you shall be holy to Me, for I the LORD am holy, and have separated you from the peoples, that you should be Mine.


D) Leviticus tells N.T. Christians how to appreciate holiness and appropriate it into their everyday lives.

1)   The word holy is used 91 times in Leviticus, and words connected with cleansing are used 71 times. References to uncleanness number 128.


So There’s no question what this book is all about.

A)The Lords desire that His people / His Church would be different & Consecrated from the World around them


W.Wiersbe tells the story of speaking at a Church

Song Directed said at this time “We will stand and sing hymn 325, “‘Take Time to Be Holy.’ We will sing verses one and four.”


B) Wiersbe made this comment :  If I had been sitting with the congregation instead of on the platform, I might have laughed out loud. Imagine a Christian congregation singing “Take Time to Be Holy” and not even taking time to sing the entire song!


C) Then he made this Observation  If we can’t take the time (less than four minutes) to sing a song about holiness, we’re not likely to take time to devote ourselves to “perfecting holiness in the fear of God” (2 Cor. 7:1).


Problem today is that Happiness, not holiness, is the chief pursuit of most people today, including many professed Christians.

A)They want Jesus to solve their problems and carry their burdens, but they don’t want Him to control their lives and change their character.


B) Some  people are doing their own thing going completely against word /

    demanding own rights - Because they want to be Happy !

1)   It doesn’t faze  them that eight times in the Bible, God said to His

     people, “Be holy, for I am holy,


C) We need to Understand that In God’s kingdom, holiness isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. (Heb. 12:14).  “Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord”


D) God wants His children to be happy, but true happiness begins with holiness. (Matt. 5:6). “Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness; for they shall be filled”


 Spurgeon, “If I had my choice of all the blessings I can conceive of, “I would choose perfect conformity to the Lord Jesus, or, in one word, holiness.


Ray Stedman – Good Insights into Word Holy

I do not know what you think "holy" means. You probably read into it things from your past experience which make it undesirable  to you. Many  of us associate it with some kind of grimness. We think of "holy" people as those who look as if they have been steeped in vinegar or soaked in embalming fluid. Others associate it with strangeness, apartness, as though holy people are weird, peculiar individuals who live out in the desert somewhere, remote from the rest of us.

I used to think of the word that way, and holiness was not attractive to me at all. It repelled me. But I ran across a verse in Scripture which spoke of "the beauty of holiness." I asked myself, "What in the world is beautiful about holiness?" When I found out I agreed that holiness is indeed a beautiful thing. 

If you want to get at the meaning of this word you must go back to its original root. This word is derived from the same root from which a very attractive English word comes. This is the word "wholeness." So that holiness means wholeness, being complete. And if you read "wholeness" in place of "holiness" everywhere you find it in the Bible you will be much closer to what the writers of that book meant. We all know what wholeness is. It is to have together all the parts which were intended to be there, and to have them functioning as they were intended to function.



A)God is Holy – He is Whole – absolute perfection in every aspect –

1)   Jesus is Holy – Right & true – Complete


B) For that reason our #1 Desire should be for Holiness – More holy we become / more whole we become / More like Christ – God’s Plan / Rom 8


C) So Lev. Is about HOLINESS In this book – Insights into Holy God / Desire to make his people Holy People / holy Priesthood / Holy Land /

  1) Most of all a Holy Savior


A)But there are some Key Lessons – that are taught in the book of Leviticus


B) One is the Awfulness of Sin – Books makes it very clear that Sin is serious & that the wages of sin is Death / Sin DESTROYS


C) But another Key Lesson is the Graciousness of God – seen in His Forgiveness

1)   Phrase & it shall be forgiven him  - appears ten different times in this book


D) But there is a Cost to forgiveness / there is a price and the Price is Blood

1)   Blood had to be shed – so the word Blood appears some 88 times in the book of Leviticus – Bloody Book



3rd Key Lesson –and the most important is the Sacrifice of Christ

A)The first 5 Chapters deal w/ the sacrifices and each one gives us insight into the Sacrifice / Work & Person of Jesus Christ /Lets Begin


1Now the LORD called to Moses, and spoke to him from the tabernacle of meeting, saying,


B) God is No longer is He speaking from the top of Mount Sinai in thunder and lightning, as when He gave the commandments.

  1) Here He calls to Moses from the tabernacle – Meeting place


C) God calls & Moses comes - That is important to see /  His call is for those who will hear His voice..

1)   God is calling to men today to be reconciled to Him. The church is a called-out body, and they are the elect because they are called.


Paul declared 1 Cor.1:22-24  "For the Jews require a sign, and the Greeks seek after wisdom: but we preach Christ crucified, unto the Jews a stumbling block, and unto the Greeks foolishness; but unto them which are called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God, and the wisdom of God"

D)Now "Called" doesn't mean those who only hear; it means those who have heard and responded.

1)   Have you heard Him and have you responded to Him?


E) God called to Moses & he responded & that really is at the heart of Holiness & Consecration is responding to the Call of God


Read. V.2-17

The first 5 chapters deal with the FIVE sacrificial offerings made to the Lord These offerings ALL PICTURE and portray Jesus Christ

A)In each one of them there are 5 things that will help us get a handle on WHAT   is being said and HOW it applies to us


    1.) The PURPOSE of the offering

    2.) The PROCEDURE in the offering

    3.) The PRICE of the offering

    4.) The PICTURE of Christ in the offering

    5.) The POINT for us in the offering





A)The BURNT OFFERING was the CONSECRATION or DEDICATION of self-      It was NOT the offering of salvation


B) The people of Israel had already offered the offering of salvation

   1) It was offered on the night of PASSOVER


C) It was then that they offered the PASSOVER Lamb

     1) Those who were COVERED by the blood of the Lamb that night

        Those who ATE of that Lamb were those who were saved


D)The BURNT OFFERING was an offering of DEDICATION



V.3 It was a FREE WILL offering-  No one was REQUIRED to give it

A)The Lord Jesus said, "If any man thirst, let him come. . . ." This is an all-inclusive invitation to the human family.


B) The Lord Jesus gives only one condition, "If any man thirst." if you thirst, He asks you to come to Him. He can satisfy you.

  1) Your Choice / He is not going to force Himself on anyone


C) So too in this offering that speaks of DEDICATION – it was not a forced thing – but it was to be given of the persons own free will


D) APP. God wants you to DEDICATE yourself NOT because He is demanding it -But because you DESIRE it 

  1) It is NOT a RESPONSIBILITY...... it is a RESPONSE to God


E) That is what Grace is all about -When I see Jesus Christ and understand His glorious love for me I find myself WANTING to give myself to Him


This offering was done publicly.

A)He went down to the tabernacle, he walked to the side of the altar, and there he slew the little animal. It was a public act.


B) A Person needs to confess Christ publicly. BABTISM


C) Also Note - the sacrifice was to be CONSUMED on the altar

  1) God wants us to give ourselves COMPLETELY to Him

         God wants ALL of you...... all of me


D) He wants to Consume is / not to Burn us up/ But to Burn Brightly w/in us


NOTE: There are TWO choices in life

A)You will BURN OUT or you will RUST OUT


B) You will either BURN OUT serving Jesus and seeing the Kingdom of   God established/   OR - You will RUST OUT in complacency and apathy

C) So the BURNT OFFERING symbolizes Giving your ALL to the Lord



Lev. 1:4   And he shall put his hand upon the head of the burnt offering; and it shall be accepted for him to make atonement for him.


A)Person would IDENTIFY with that offering-  TRANSFERRING his own self.... his own sin onto that offering


B) Identifying w/ the Fact that the animal was dying in His place

1)   Atonement = Covering – the punishment deserved was covered by the animal – his blood – caused sin to be covered





NOTE THIS There HAD to be a PERSONAL and LITERAL touching

ONLY then did the animal become the SUBSTITUTE for the man

A)Really consider – didn’t do any good to just acknowledge – this animal is dying in my place – it had to be touched embraced            


B) More than just TEACHING about the Lord.... a TOUCHING of Him



3) The PRICE of the offering DIFFERED according to POSSESSIONS

A)You could bring an OX or a LAMB or a BIRD


B) If you were rich enough you brought a bull. But if you could not afford a bull or if you did not have a herd of cattle / next Lamb or Goat

1)   Really Poor v. 14 – bird – turtledoves

                       Joseph & Mary – Two Turtle doves – Really poor


C) Now There is a PRINCIPLE here for us-  God desires us to give according to how He has blessed us Monetarily.... Abilities..... Skills

LK 12:48  For  whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much   required


4.) The PICTURE of Jesus is of tremendous significance

A) Note several things – 1st General


B) v.3,10 You will notice that it says the sacrifice is to be a male, and that speaks of strength.

1)   It speaks of the fact that the Lord Jesus is mighty to save, and that He is able to save to the uttermost (Heb. 7:25).


C) Then, also says in v.3,10 the sacrifice was to be without blemish which means the animal was to be ideally perfect.

1)   This speaks of the perfections of Christ.  ".(1John 3:5). . . In him is no sin" (1Pet. 2:22).  "Who did no sin . . ." "

.(2Cor. 5:21).  . . Who knew no sin .


(Matt. 3:17).. He is the beloved Son of whom the Father could say, ". . . I am well pleased"


As the Ox – Christ the Burden Bearer

A)Jesus was the STRONG ONE Who was able to pull us out of sin


B) As a LAMB.... Jesus is the One who takes away our sin


C As a bird, Jesus was as harmless as a dove and who liberated us and      allowed us to soar into the heavenly



NOTICE what would happen when this bull was brought

Lev. 1:8   And the priests, Aaron's sons, shall lay the parts, the head, and the   fat, in order upon the wood


A)The BURNT OFFERING was laid out on the wood even as Jesus was laid out   on the wood of the cross at Calvary


Lev. 1:9   But his inwards and his legs shall he wash in water

A)Washing speaks of the purity of Christ – Inwards – on the inside

    Glimpse at Transfig

B) Washing of the Legs – speaks of the purity of his walk

  1) Pilate – I find no fault in Him / Judas Betrayed innocent Blood



NOTICE: The Lamb

A)V.11 NOTE: It was to be killed on the NORTH SIDE of the altar Why?

     Golgotha is on the NORTH SIDE of Jerusalem


B) NOTICE: The GOAT-  The goat speaks of REJECTION

    1) If you miss the game winning shot you are called: "The goat"


  Isa. 53:3   He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and   acquainted with grief:


C) Those who would NOT accept Him found themselves DESPISING Him



A)Even as the bird was taken from it's nest... So Jesus was taken from His   heavenly nest


B) He was The bird of sacrifice was BROUGHT DOWN to earth to be sacrificed

1)   Some say about the Bird – sad – little neck wrung / v.15 Feathers Plucked


C) God is showing us exactly what happened to His Son

  1) As this bird would be plucked, so was the beard of Jesus plucked

         Jesus Christ, the heavenly dove sacrificed




A) The phrase “sweet aroma is used three times in this chapter (vv. 9, 13, 17) and eight times in chapters 1-3,


B) God is pictured as smelling a fragrant aroma and being pleased with it 


C) Told in Eph. 5:2 When Jesus died on the cross, His sacrifice was a “sweet-smelling fragrance” to the Lord 

1)   God is saying that He is satisfied with what Jesus did for your sins and

       for my sins.


2nd As I consider Jesus Christ, the Ox, the LAMB, the DOVE

I am brought to Roman 12


Rom. 12:1   I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that   ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which         is your reasonable service.


A) It is only REASONABLE that I burn out for the Lord as I consider how He was BURNT up with the fire of God's wrath for me




A)KJV MEAT OFFERING is an unfortunate rendering


B)It is actually the ONLY offering that was NOT meat

       In the 1600's MEAT meant MEAL or GRAIN




1.) The PURPOSE of the offering

A)Was the CONSECRATION of SERVICE to the Lord


B) Resources given to the Lord


2.) The PROCEDURE  - 3 things were included / 2 things were excluded

A)1st – Oil   OIL is representative of the Holy Spirit


B) Any attempt that I make to serve God in my own energies is DOOMED to fail


C) EVERYTHING that I bring to God in service MUST be anointed with oil.... that is with the Holy Spirit

1)   I must seek the filling of the Holy Spirit continually


2nd  It was to be made with FRANKINCENSE- type of Incense

A)This speaks of PRAYER in my service to the Lord


B)My service must not only be ANOINTED with oil.... It must be BATHED in frankincense Jesus said:


John 15:5 “I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing.


John 15:7-8   7If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, you will ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you. 8By this My Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit; so you will be My disciples.



The third element is salt, which, as you know, is a preservative.

A)Preserve meat – no 


B) Salt also used to enhance flavor –


C) Matt. 5 Salt of the earth – keep Society from Rotting / and Add Flavor


Then there are two things which were excluded from the offering, and both are found in Verse 11:  No Leaven / No Honey

A)They were to have NO LEAVEN

        LEAVEN is symbolic of sin


B) No Honey – odd – Honey was a natural Sweetener

1)   But – Loses it’s flavor a bit in the Fire


C) Application for us is this - You might have the sweetest personality

  You might have abilities in the natural that can carry you a great distance

D)Some of the most NATURALLY SWEET people are on their way to hell      They don't see their need for a Savior because they are so sweet

     1) Watch out that you NOT depend upon your own sweetness/abilities


 God says, "Don't bring that to me because it won't work."

A)The only sweetness he accepts is the sweetness of the perfect humanity of Jesus Christ working in you.


B) I have seen a lot of naturally sweet people – turn really ugly when the fire got hot

1)   It is only the Character of Christ –that the Father is working in you that is able to stay sweet in the times of Trial


C) When you look at Christ the greater the tension – the sweeter – he was seen – Father forgive them ….do



3.) The PRICE

A)Was according to PROPERTY-  It varied according to what you had in properties


B) If you possessed an OVEN... a real high priced item....

       You were required to give one kind of offering

  1) If you possessed a covered baking pan.... another offering was described

        If you possessed an open frying pan... another offering was required


C)AGAIN PRINCIPLE: God holds us accountable according to how He has blessed us in   ANY area.... NOT just money

  1) You will be accountable for how you USED them



4.) The PICTURE of Jesus

A)FINE flour : Pictures the Purity & Balance in Christ life 


B)If you take a pinch of fine flour and run it through your fingers you can't feel any coarseness, any granularity, any roughness there at all.

1)   There are no uneven, jagged corners nor anything sharp. It is smooth. It is consistent, no matter where you sample it. It is balanced, even.


C) That is why fine flour is such an apt picture of the humanity of Jesus -- and of man, as God intended man to be.


D)If we had a meal offering to symbolize our natural humanity it would be of something like rough-cut oatmeal,

  1)But Jesus is the picture of the humanity as God made us to be, and as he intends us to be, and which is available to us in Christ, is a balanced life.



People today are looking for Balance – wholeness – One Extreme to another in looking for it

A) The Meal offering was to be eaten by the Priest – and thus it also pictures Christ as the Bread of Life  Jesus is the BREAD OF LIFE


B)He is the One who was (V.6) BROKEN in pieces and had OIL poured out   upon Him



5.) The POINT for us  - 2thoughts

A)1st It is obvious that the essence of this offering was that it was bread.

It was food, the staff of life.


B)It bears relationship to us only if we as Christians are drawing from, feeding upon, the humanity of Jesus which is given to us.


C) Truth of the Gospel – Not Just that Christ died so that you can go to heaven

1)   The really good news is that Jesus Christ died for you in order that he might live in you. It is his living in you now which is the exciting part of Christianity.

D) You see, if you are not linked with his humanity and all that he is,

This is what the meal offering is looking toward

1)   All the fullness of his life, the fineness of his character, the balanced quality of his humanity is available to me.



2nd God will use whatever you have



B)USE your talent whatever it might be

  1) what is in your hand?"


C) A hammer... A pencil- Computer



Consecration of Self / Consecration of Service