LEVITICUS 3-5 Peace Sin & Trespassing


Intro: Last week we started a study here in the Book of LEV.

A) Lev. Is about HOLINESS In this book – Insights into Holy God / Desire to make his people Holy People / holy Priesthood / Holy Land /

1)   Most of all a Holy Savior


Aa)But there are some Key Lessons – that are taught in the book of Leviticus


B) One is the Awfulness of Sin – Books makes it very clear that Sin is serious & that the wages of sin is Death / Sin DESTROYS


C) But another Key Lesson is the Graciousness of God – seen in His Forgiveness

1)   Phrase & it shall be forgiven him  - appears often in this book


D) But there is a Cost to forgiveness / there is a price and the Price is Blood

1)   Blood had to be shed – so the word Blood appears some 88 times in the book of Leviticus – Bloody Book



3rd Key Lesson –and the most important is the Sacrifice of Christ

A)The first 7 Chapters deal w/ the sacrifices and each one gives us insight into the Sacrifice / Work & Person of Jesus Christ /


B) Last time we covered Ch.1&2 Looking at the first two of the offerings

1)   Focus of Ch.1 – Burnt offering – CONSECRATION OF SELF

Total Dedication to God


C) Pictured Christ as the one who was Totally dedicated to the Father – always did that which pleased the Father


In Ch. 2 –Grain offering – Consecration of Service –

A)Committed my gifts & talents/  the first fruits of my life given to the Lord –

B) Also spoke of our desire to be totally – sifted by the Lord

1)   No Leaven – Purge out the sin

2)   No Honey – Not relying upon my natural sweetness & Natural abilities


C) Grain offering spoke to us of Christ as the one who is perfectly Pure in His life & service – He is the Bread that we are to eat of

1)   The Satisfaction / the Wholeness / the Life we are desperately searching for is found in Him !!!!



Tonight we move into CH. 3 where we see the Next offering – was the Peace offering – Read v. 1-17

A) Amazingly  the J.W.'s have taken this passage (VERSE 17) and say that blood transfusions are forbidden and damnable


B) Because of this, people  have died because they refused to take a blood transfusion

  1) The blood spoken of here is the blood of animals.... NOT human blood

      This says NOTHING about the receiving of blood to save a life


C) CONTEXT is the key


Now the Purpose of the Peace offering was that of Communion & fellowship / also referred to as the Fellowship offering

A)This was the ONE offering in which 3 parties partook- The man who brought the offering (only one worshipper) / The priest/& The Lord himself


B) This was a kind of holy bar-b-que

1)   At the dedication of the temple in 1Kngs 8 / Solomon sacrificed 142,000 Peace offerings and the people feasted for 2 wks


C) Now we have mentioned before, that  the act of eating together was one

 of the most symbolic acts, signifying the becoming one with an individual,

1)   Thru the meal – taking in the same Nutrients – eating same things / there is a ONENESS in that becoming united

D)That is what makes the communion service such a meaningful and beautiful experience, as Jesus, the bread, from which you partake,

1)   He’s the one that unites us together. I am nourished by Him, you are

     nourished by Him, thus we become a part of each other.


So in the peace offering was this very idea, of my becoming one w/ God. A) The idea is we’re sitting together to eat with God. He has eaten a part of this lamb, the Priest eats


B) I am eating the rest of it with my family, and thus we come into this oneness, this communion, this koinonia, this fellowship with God.


C) Note again V. 9-11 9‘Then he shall offer from the sacrifice of the peace offering, as an offering made by fire to the LORD, its fat and the whole fat tail which he shall remove close to the backbone. And the fat that covers the entrails and all the fat that is on the entrails, 10the two kidneys and the fat that is on them by the flanks, and the fatty lobe attached to the liver above the kidneys, he shall remove; 11and the priest shall burn them on the altar as food, an offering made by fire to the LORD.


D)All of these portions were considered to be the RICHEST portions of the       animal

    1)They were also the DEEPEST parts and near the heart


E) Speaks of the fact that Fellowship with God is something RICH and DEEP and that deals with matters closest to our heart and God's


Now the Procedure for this offering was that a male or female OX V.1of Lamb V.6,7  could be offered – still w/ out Blemish or v.12 Goat

A)Everyone was able to participate in this fellowship


B) Also Note that in v. 16 – the Fat is the Lord – Why? In those days the fat was considered the best part of the Animal – flavor

  1)A fat animal was the best type, Fatted Calf the best was offered to God.


C) God wants the best that we have to offer


C) Some negative at this – why should God get the best ?

1)   Interesting that we have discovered in recent yrs that Fat causes arteries to be Clogged as well as other Physical problems


D) Like so often w/ the Lord – if we could see the whole picture / if we knew what He knew & could see what He sees

1)   We would find that so much of what we hunger after that He says to stay away from is because He knows it will hurt us Ultimately


So important to understand & teach our young people that everything that God says He says because He is in love w/ You & in Love w/ me

A)And as time goes on we see how His love is magnified as we discover some of the reasons behind these Prohibitions


B) Why does the Lord restrict us to one Partner Sexually – that in marriage

1)   Whole bunch of Diseases out there catch plus He knows the pain heartache & misery that goes along w/ Sexual Promiscuity


C) How come He gets the Fat – So you won’t be !!!! 


Now the Picture of Christ in this offering is special :

A) In the peace offering, the emphasis is not upon the peace that He made by the blood of the Cross,

 1) but upon the peace He is because of the blood of the Cross.


EPH.2:13But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far off have been brought near by the blood of Christ.  14For He Himself is our peace, who has made both one, and has broken down the middle wall of separation, 15having abolished in His flesh the enmity, that is, the law of commandments contained in ordinances, so as to create in Himself one new man from the two, thus making peace, 16and that He might reconcile them both to God in one body through the cross, thereby putting to death the enmity.


D) He is our PEACE - He is the meeting place of all believers together and of each believer with God the Father.

The Message of the Peace offering signifies that the Lord is saying

A)God is satisfied with what Jesus did for you and now you can come to God. That is the message That is the good news


B). God has already turned to you. Question :  Will you turn to Him?

   If you do He will accept you because of what Christ has done.

1)   Will you be satisfied with Christ and what He has done,& will you come to God and have fellowship? That is the peace that you can know.


Magee : The Lord prepares the table of salvation and fellowship. This is emphasized in the peace offering. This helps us to understand the parable of the prodigal son. It is the Father who kills the fatted calf when the son is restored to fellowship. In the parable of the great supper, it is the Lord who invites, ". . . Come; for all things are now ready" (Luke 14:17). This is the table of salvation which God has provided. Fellowship with God rests upon the redemption of Christ through His blood and upon our knowing Christ and confessing our sins. First we accept God's salvation by accepting Jesus Christ as our Savior; then we come to the table of fellowship.



C) So the Peace offering Pictures Christ as that Table - the meeting place w/ God



As we move into Ch. 4 –Sin offering

A)THEME: Sins of ignorance; sins of the priest; sins of the congregation; sins of the ruler; sins of the common people;


B)This is the first of the non-sweet savor offerings. The three sweet savor offerings set forth the person of Christ in all of His glorious character.

1)   The two non-sweet savor offerings set forth the work of Christ on the Cross for sin.


C) Several striking features of the sin offering set it apart from the other offerings and distinguish its importance:


1st It is the longest account of any offering

A)The burnt offering was 17 vrs/ the meal offering, 16 vrs/  the peace 17vs/  the trespass offering, 19 vrs the sin offering, 35 verses.  ( Sig. Importance)


2nd  The sin offering was an entirely new offering. Up to this time, there is no record anywhere of a sin offering occurring Previously in Scripture.

A) No heathen nation had anything that was even similar to it.



3rd From the time of the giving of the Law, it became the most important and significant offering.

 A)The sin offering was offered during all of the feasts -- Passover, Pentecost, Trumpets, and Tabernacles.

1)   It was offered on the great Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur). It brought

     the High Priest into the Holy of Holies.


4th It is in contrast to the burnt sacrifice, although it was made in the same place. Lev.6:25

A)Where the burnt offering leaves off, the sin offering begins. The burnt offering tells who Christ is; the sin offering tells what Christ did.


B)In the burnt offering Christ meets the demands of God's high and holy standard; Total Dedication /Absolute Perfection

1)   In the sin offering Christ meets the deep and desperate needs of man.


C) In the burnt offering we see the preciousness of Christ; in the sin offering we see the hatefulness of sin.


D)The burnt offering was a voluntary/ the sin offering was commanded

1)   The burnt offering ascended; the sin offering was poured out. The one

     went up and the other went down.  – Consider v.1,2



Sins Unintentionally – KJV – Sins of Ignorance

A) Both are fitting – this offering dealt w/ sins that were done accident not intentional - / Ignorance –Represents the Sin nature    v.3


V.3 if the anointed priest sins, bringing guilt on the people, Make note of that you Pastors on staff – Our sin affects the Body / hinder blessing

A)The sin of the priest is considered first, for he stood in the place of leadership. If he was wrong, the people were wrong. His sin was their sin


B). He was to bring a young bullock, the most valuable animal of all, as his offering.

1)   You see that the position of the one who sinned determined the type of

      animal for the sin sacrifice.


C) His sin was no different, but his responsibility was greater.

1)       Fathers Priest in your House – your sin will affect your family – Greater responsibility to walk uprightly


D) Greater attack -  ( Managers / Pastors/ Fathers )


3if the anointed priest sins, bringing guilt on the people, then let him offer to the LORD for his sin which he has sinned a young bull without blemish as a sin offering. So the Priest is to offer a Young Bull – most expensive of the offerings . Most costly  

4He shall bring the bull to the door of the tabernacle of meeting before the LORD, lay his hand on the bull’s head, and kill the bull before the LORD.



5Then the anointed priest shall take some of the bull’s blood and bring it to the tabernacle of meeting. 6The priest shall dip his finger in the blood and sprinkle some of the blood seven times before the LORD, in front of the veil of the sanctuary. So in the Holy Place – before the Veil – Holy of Holies 7And the priest shall put some of the blood on the horns of the altar of sweet incense before the LORD, which is in the tabernacle of meeting; Holy Place  and he shall pour the remaining blood of the bull at the base of the altar of the burnt offering, which is at the door of the tabernacle of meeting.


This signified a Total covering of Blood

V.8-10 are the same instructions we read concerning the Peace offering – the fat and inward parts & Fat taken out and Burnt on the Altar/ Skip to v. 11

11But the bull’s hide and all its flesh, with its head and legs, its entrails and offal—12the whole bull he shall carry outside the camp to a clean place, where the ashes are poured out, and burn it on wood with fire; where the ashes are poured out it shall be burned.


Why taken outside the camp – here we get a picture of Christ –Heb.13

11For the bodies of those animals, whose blood is brought into the sanctuary by the high priest for sin, are burned outside the camp. 12Therefore Jesus also, that He might sanctify the people with His own blood, suffered outside the gate.


A)The result of this ritual Sin offering was forgiveness v.20,26,31,35 

 the sacrifice of animals can’t take away sin or change the human heart,

1)   the sacrifices pointed to the perfect Sacrifice, J.C./  He is our sin offering


B) Now the rest of the Chapter is merely a repeat of these first 12 verses w/ a slight variation in the offering – depending upon the offender

1)   Look at the types of offering & make comment



V. 13 If the Whole Congregation/ Nation/ sins Unintentionally – Ignorance

A)They are to also bring a Bull v,14 – Collective sin – Most expensive


B) But Notice in v. 15 – The Elders are to lay their hands on the animal for Identification for the whole Congregation – they took responsibility

1)   Godly Characteristic of those who would be Elders in a Fellowship

Assume responsibility for the Congregation


C) Instead of looking on in a Judgmental type of fashion – I can’t believe so in so is doing this & that – if they were only like us

1)   Or – These people – are so clicky – are you Clicky


D) We have responsibility to lead – assume responsibility

1)   Neh. – other great men – Forgive us – We have strayed sin

V. 22 Rulers – Political Figures – Goat / God says I understand Politicians and a goat will do for them


V.27,32 Common People – Goat or a Lamb


So there is provision that is made for each person and in each case the sacrifice speaks of another who would bear the Price / suffer the Fire

A)Christ as the Bull – Bearer of our sins & Burdens


B) Goat – the Rejected one - / Lamb – the Sinless one - 

1)   refer back to last week – more detail


Ch. 5 Trespass offering  - Rebellion –

A)Keep out - No Trespassing – go  in anyway – Rebellion willfully breaking the law


B) Don’t touch wet paint – Keep off the Grass

1)   The Trespass is the Sin of willful Disobedience – I know it is wrong but I am going to do it anyway


C) So This deals w/ specific sins / not just General sins

1)   Christ died for all sins in General but He also died for each sin Specifically


D) Christ died to take care of the sin nature/ Which is What the Sin offering Pictured  but He also died for specific acts of Sin/ Trespass offering pictured

1)   So the Trespass offering deals w/ specific sins & The Lord gives a List – Read v. 1-4


The list of sins enumerated here is obviously not an exhaustive list but gives us examples of a limitless number which could be named.

A) One preacher made up a list of 800 specific sins that he had thought of.


B) These are sins of individuals, not of the entire congregation.

The First is about Lying under oath – if you know the truth you are to speak the truth – not try to redefine the Question

A)What is sex / I didn’t in hale


B)The 2nd & 3rd deal w/ touching that which is Unclean animal or man

1)   Now we will learn  more about what is unclean as we go on in Lev.


C) But for now it will suffice to say that when the O.T. set aside an object, an animal, an act, or a person as unclean

1)   it was recognizing a fundamental law of what today we would call "ecology."


D)If such a law were broken there might not be any immediate effect upon the individual who broke it./  But if enough people broke it

1)   the effect would soon be to disturb the delicate balance of nature and ultimately to wreak terrible havoc against the people.


E) The 4th had to deal w/ Keeping your Word / Yes Yes / No No


This also speaks to Christians today. We can't be out in the world w/out becoming unclean by what we see & Hear .

A)Peter feet washed – part that touched the world – Christ paid price for our sins but we still need to be daily cleansed !!


 B) This list is interesting to me – I think I would have listed some others things but the  Emphasis is watching how you walk & what you say


C) But I think the Lord knows something that we don’t – when a man or a woman goes back on his word – breaks an Oath

1)   That is the beginning of all kinds of problems in that persons life


D) Illustration in marriage – Vow – Adultery happen ?  Does someone get up one day & decide I am going to commit adultery today

1)   No it starts w/ little things – breaking of the Vow – breaking of the Intimacy – cling Love & Cherish

E) It starts w/ little Lies / half truths – starts w/ little compromises / broken promise here / broken promise there

1)   But That leads to the touching  of that which is not Unclean & not right


Just like w/ touching unclean – no harm done at first – I just looked at a picture on the internet – but it begins – a Decay w/in in the Soul

A)A breakdown of the moral fibers of that individual –breaking of a Cov.  that makes it easier the next time to touch something else that  is not clean


B) And each time it gets a little easier to break that Vow & each time the lies get a little easier to tell

1)   Samson is a Classic example – He got away w/ his sin for a season/ No effect  – and it duped him into thinking he was Invincible


C) Saddest verses in the Bible – Jd.16:20 But he did not know that the LORD had departed from him.



Interesting thing about this offering – it was the only one that also required a Confession of sin v.5 – Declaring of Guilt

A)Not just the simply act of admitting I am a sinner – or Lord I have sinned today so forgive me – but confessing of specific sins


B) Why is Confession so important – Doesn’t he already Know our sin ?

1)   We need to say it – something powerful that takes place when we have to admit – Lord that was wrong – Think twice doing again


C) Now V. 6-13 Reveal that there were 5 types of offerings that could be offered – Lamb or Goat / Doves or Pigeons / could afford that –

1)   Then bring some fine flour


D) The Pt. Is no one gets off the hook – No excuses in not coming

1)   Couldn’t say – I can’t afford it


E) No excuses when it comes to sin – Can’t blame it on your parents / on your heritage – I am a hot head because I am Italian

1)   I know some very sweet Italians – You are a hot head because you are selfish & you are a sinner – it is that simple


V. 16 One more thing – This offering also included restitution

A)If you broke your word & failed to carry thru on something you were to pay restitution of a 5th or 20%


B) The Point of this is the Lord is illustrating that there is a penalty to sin

  There are Consequences to sin


C) In the N.T. this is called the law of sowing & reaping – You reap what you sow Gal. 6:7,8

1)   Wait – I thought the Lord forgives & forgets you say – well he does


D) But here is the things to understand – the law of sowing & reaping is like gravity – there are CONSEQUENCES


Illustrate -lets say a man gets mad at his wife & in a fit of anger hits her

A)Now afterwards he is remorseful realizes he has really blown it / confesses repents – HE IS FORGIVEN / The Lord forgives & forgets


B) But there is a Consequence – his wife is now afraid of him / doesn’t trust him / wants little to do w/ him

1)   Now he can’t understand – if the Lord has forgiven me why can’t she

ANSWER – she is not God –


C) She might even forgive – but the problem is she can’t forget – so she isn’t relaxed around him


Another example : Young guy falls to sexual temptation – fornicates

A)Realizes he blew it / confesses makes accountable to some brothers – Repents & is forgiven & it is forgotten but he winds up w/ an STD - 


B) Is God – Punishing him ? No – Forgiven & forgotten – but there are consequences to our sin


C) The whole pt. Of RESTITUTION  was to illustrate that there is a price to pay for sin & that we are responsible for our actions .



Now I need you to hang in there for a few more minutes

See in these 5 offerings/ Picture of Christ – even the order – His ministry

A)In The Burnt offering we see Christ TOTAL DEDICATION  -Left heaven/  laid it all down – one purpose –Glorify & please the father


B) BABTISM: the Father thundered This is my beloved son…pleased


C) THEN GRAIN OFFERING – Christ Dedication to service

1)   After Baptism He was tempted – didn’t give in – Committed to the Work /    Also Pictures Christ Perfection – No Leaven /


D) Then THE PEACE OFFERING – Christ is our peace – He is our peace and Satisfaction

1)   He went about declaring the good news of the kingdom – Peace w/ God

The way of Reconciliation Provided – Come unto me …. REST


E) Then He goes to the cross at Calvary where He is the sin offering dying for the sins of the whole world – Christ our Sin bearer


F) Trespass offering Christ our TRESPASS TAKER - where He is dying for specific sins


In this you see the flow in the life of Christ revealed in his public ministry from His Baptism to His Crucifixion


But for us it is the exact opposite

A)A person gets saved when they realize that they are a trespasser


B) I shouldn’t have divorced her / shouldn’t have done drugs / I am an Alcoholic / I am a Liar – I have sinned

1)   So man realizes that he is a sinner – Relates it to specific sins


C) But after he grows a little in the Lord and his understanding of the word – he realizes that he is a sinner not because he sinned

1)   But he sinned because he is a sinner


D) He realizes that it is not just acts of sin that are the problem / but that he has a sin nature – but Christ the sin offering – died for that sin nature

1)   So He could give man a new nature


From the sin offering he realizes that because Christ paid the price for His sins – been covered in the Blood – Justified

A)He can now enjoy peace fellowship & Intimacy w/ God – He can come to the table


B) Which leads him to the GRAIN OFFERING – where out of a response to the Lord because of His Grace & Goodness

1)   He RESPONDS by wanting to Serve the Lord w/ gifts of worship /  tithing / Service and w/ Consecration= No Leaven


C) Refine me Lord – purge out the Leaven


Which leads him to that place of – wanting to be totally dedicated to the Lord in every area

A)Says Lord don’t just sift me but consume me – Lord I want to be on fire

For you – day & night consumed


B) Not just on Sundays & Wed.


C) Question where are you at honestly in the process

1)   Are you different on Sundays than the rest of the week ? then you are

     not in the burnt offering state


E) Are you saying Lord don’t allow me to be sifted – I don’t want to be pruned or I am too busy to serve

1)   Not in the Grain offering state


Enjoying Peace & Fellowship – growing in the Lord & Intimacy –

A)Understanding sins forgiven and trespasses


B) Here is the deal Jesus taught us & showed us that Lose your life you will find it

1)   Grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies ……..


C) Jesus was saying the way to Live is to Die

1)   The way to really be hot is to say – Lord Consume me totally


D) The further you choose to go in the Process the Happier you will be both here & in Eternity


Lets Press into Christ / lets Continue on lets celebrate Jesus – all 5 offerings are fulfilled by Him

A)But now we are to follow after Him & give our lives a Living Sac.