Leviticus 9,10 Strange Fire


Intro: Last week in CHAPTER 8 we saw the PREPARATION of the priests

We said that PREPARATION always comes before PRESENTATION

A)We saw them PREPARED in 5 ways


          1.) Washed in water = the Word


          2.) Robed in the priestly robes = Our being robed in the righteousness

              of Jesus and the servanthood of Jesus


          3.) Anointed with oil = The NECESSITY of being anointed by the



          4.) They had the blood applied = The NECESSITY of applying the

                blood to our lives to cover our failures


          5.) They were ISOLATED  for 7 days- CONSECRATION -


B) They were told to stay inside the Tab. For seven days –

1)   Lesson before I can be a blessing to others for the Lord / I need to spend a significant amount of time w/ the Lord / in His Presence


C) Ministry is like the Measles – can’t give it / unless you got it

1)    Can’t be a blessing UNTIL you are being BLESSED – and that won’t happened until tucked away / Private place receiving from JESUS


Note v.35 Stay here or you will Die

A)Talked w/ young man yesterday – told me all he was doing- wiped out

    Warned Him – don’t forget to get fueled up


B) I am sure that Aaron & his sons were fired up ready to serve / get this show on the road – but the Lord said 7 days

1)   Some people would argue that is not efficient – there’s too much to do


D) It might not be Efficient – but it is Effective / EFFECIENCY is doing things RIGHT



So 7 days before the Lord – Ch. 9 v.1 On the eighth day Moses summoned Aaron and his sons and the elders of Israel.

A) 7 is the number of Completion – 8 is the Number of new Beginnings


B) Talking w/ Julie Parish numbers - Received a 7yr. olds liver /  Waited 7 days for Liver

1)   8th day Surgery / New Beginnings – Surgery 5 hrs – Grace


C) This was a New Beginning for Israel – the Priestly Ministry was beginning -  8 is also the Number of Rez.

1)   Jesus rose on the First day of the week – 8th day - 


D) Reminds us who are involved in Priestly Ministry now – What is a Priest

1)   Rep God before people/ People before God – Intercession


E) Reminds us if we are going to be effective in our Priestly ministry it has to be done in the Rez. Power of Jesus

1)   Eph. 1 Paul – Know – that Power in your lives !!!!!



Now in v. 2- 21 We are given an account of the offerings that they were to offer which we have already studied in detail ch. 1-5

A)Make a few comments & move on – 1st offering  v.8 offered the Sin offering -   Sins were covered – Starting place


B) 2nd V. 12 Killed the Burnt offering – Consecration of Self -  giving of whole self / Offering was consumed – TOTALLY – consume me LORD

1)   Natural response when fully Grasp what Jesus Did -FOR US !!!!


C) Read a story today of a young boy who was poor – was in a service at a Church to hear a  Missionary speaking –

1)   When the Missionary was finished the Church took a Love offering to help support the work this man was doing on foreign soil


D) The boy was deeply touched by the man’s message & wanted to give something – but when he felt his pants pockets / he had no money

1)   As the offering plate – came closer – he became distressed – I need to give something he thought –


E) So when the plate came by – he placed it on the floor and stood in it

1)   Blew the rest of the Congregation away -  He GAVE HIMSELF


William Booth – was once asked what is the secret of your great success

A)He responded : “God has all there is of me – there have been men w/ greater brains , greater opportunities than I, but from the day that I had the vision of what God could do w/ poor old London – I made up my mind that God was going to have all there was of William Booth”


B) God uses men & women like that – MOODY – The world has yet to see what God can do W/ & FOR & THRU & IN  a man who is fully & wholly consecrated to Him”


C) Moody – said Lord I want to be that Kind of Man / two days later he was in Spurgeon's Church listening to Him preach – when he saw something he had never realized before –

1)   It was not Mr. Spurgeon who was doing the work – it was God – and if God could use Spurgeon He could use me Send me Lord


D)– Simple man / uneducated was used to lead Hundreds of thousands of people to Christ !!!!!


E)Burnt offering was about – Lord consume me – burn in me

   1) N.T. counter part was is Rom. 12:1,2 – Living Sacrifice


 AFTER THE  burnt offering was the grain V.12 Consecration Service – Not my will but yours / Then the PEACE V.18 - SWEET FELLOWSHIP

A)After the offerings were given note what happened next  in v. 22-24


B) What a scene – Whole nation gathered – 3 million pp

1)   The Glory of the Lord appears & fire comes from before the Lord &

      consumes the Burnt offering – AWESOME DISPLAY


C) People shouted – SHOUT FOR JOY !!!/ Then they fell on their faces – HOLY HUSH – Awesome Display of God’s Glory



This was a wonderful exciting day where God manifested His presence amongst His people

A)But suddenly in the midst of all of the Excitement & Celebration something awful takes place – Ch. 10 v. 1,2


B) Talk about a meeting getting quenched

     1) Here was halleluiah happening and all of a sudden there are these two     sizzling bodies


C) LEVITICUS 16:2-3 helps define for us what STRANGE FIRE IS

Lev. 16:12-13   And he shall take a censer full of burning coals of fire from off     the altar before the LORD, and his hands full of sweet incense beaten small, and bring it within the veil: And he shall put the incense upon the fire before the LORD, that the cloud of the incense may cover the mercy seat that is upon the testimony, that he die not:


D) NOTE: The priest was to get his fire from off of the altar

1)   Any other fire that was taken to ignite the incense or burn the sacrifices



E)Evidently they took fire from some where else – Now our text gives us some insight into why they did this / real Problem was v. 3

First of all Moses said to Aaron –this is what the Lord says By those who come near I must be regarded as holy

A)These Boys took- Lightly the Holiness of God / It is possible that these boys had not been sanctified in their lives / they had an area of Sin - 


B) Ex.19:22  let the priests who come near the LORD consecrate themselves, lest the LORD break out against them.”


C) Moses words here in v.3 ALSO IMPLY that Aaron's sons were judged because they wanted some of the glory for themselves

1)   When the Focus was on the Lord – they jump up and the attention was diverted from the Lord to them


D) People wondering – what is going to happen NEXT



Listen especially those of us involved in Ministry – it is a dangerous thing to seek to draw attention to ourselves

A)Move the attention off of the Lord & on to Us!!!


B) Danger in ministry to want to be the Center of attention

1)   People drawn to you –


C) Not suggesting that you have to be STOIC – and Monotone –

1)   Some people go that – far -  Listen be You – if Stoic be that for Jesus


D) If more out going personality – be that for Jesus


I have witnessed those w/ out going personalities / good sense of humor use that sense of humor – natural Charisma – to Build Bridges

A)And to TEAR DOWN walls – that people set up- and then pt. Those people to Jesus & lead them to Christ


B) But I have also seen people w/ that out going personality & natural Charisma – forget their purpose- COMEDY CENTRAL

C) Distractions in Worship – More Performance oriented –

1)   Or those who worship in the service – Great to have expression – some take to far


D) Watch – ourselves in ministry – who is being glorified – noticed

1)   Is it us – or is it the Lord


In 1 Cor. 1:29 no flesh should glory in God’s presence

A)God is not going to share His glory w/ man – why is that ? Is He insecure ? No – He is smart


B) See the Lord doesn’t want us getting focused on Ministers or ministries / different People –

1)   because He knows people will let You down


C) Doesn’t matter what Church you go to or what ministry you are involved in SOONER OR LATER -  You will be let down


People will let you down / fail you / disappoint you / not call enough – not call back fast enough – why is that ?  Simple  SINNERS / FLAWED

A)Depend on people YOU WILL BE DISAPOINTED – depend upon the LORD – NEVER DISAPOINTED


B) Nadab & Abihu  jumped in and did what they did because they wanted to be seen   and recognized by man

  1) Note And Aaron held his peace.   Why?


C) He watched his sons....  He knew their tendency to want to be up front

     Tendency to be Glory hounds – want to be noticed

      1) He knew their tendency to want to be on the inner circle of ministry






MOTIVATION in ministry is so important

A)There is a way to minister in which we draw attention to ourselves and

      get strokes for ourselves

Matt. 5:16   Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your               good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.


B) That is the object of Priestly ministry – to Bring Glorify God

1)   The glory of God is what is manifested when TRUE Priestly ministry is taking  place


C) Every time Jesus performed a miracle we are told that the people went   away glorifying God


The Motive is more importatnt than the action

A)I might be doing real magnanimous deeds but if the motive isn’t right – it profits nothing


B) In 1 Cor 13 – Although I have all gifts sell all I have & give my body to be burned – w/out love it profits nothing

2Cor. 5:14 4For the love of Christ compels us, because we judge thus: ..15and He died for all, that those who live should live no longer for themselves, but for Him who died for them and rose again.


C) Love of Christ – Moves us – Purpose is the Glory of God


Interesting that one day the Lord is going the Judge the secret intents of the heart – what motivates men to do what they do

A)Glorify God or pats on the back – Glory of God  Gold, silver, precious stone /    PATS -  Wood hay & stubble – Jesus eyes – burn


B) There will even be those – who are going to be cast out of the Lord’s presence who will say -  But Lord didn’t we Prophesy …..

1)   Depart from me you workers of iniquity – I NEVER KNEW YOU


C) HEAVY – Motives are important – Lord Check our hearts    v.4- 7

Now this is interesting the Lord says to Aaron & his sons – Don’t mourn – let the rest of the camp mourn but not you – why?

A)For them to mourn – would imply that they were disgruntled & showing disagreement w/ what the Lord did


B) Those in that Position of priestly ministry are to be examples / must not misrepresent God


C) No doubt The People could visibly see that Aaron & his remaining sons were bothered by this –

1)   But what would happen after this was a ritual of mourning – rip their clothes / adorn themselves in sack cloth & ashes


D)That is what Moses was telling them not to do – because that would send a false message


Now the application for us in this is – The Bible says that there is a time to laugh & a time to Weep

A) God is not suggesting that we not be real & put on a happy face & pretend that what is going on doesn’t bug us


B) But DON’T LINGER THERE /  there must come a pt. Where we accept what has happened and trust that the Lord is working / He has a Plan


C) Listen to what happened to Ezekiel

Ezek. 24:15-18   15Also the word of the LORD came to me, saying, 16“Son of man, behold, I take away from you the desire of your eyes with one stroke; yet you shall neither mourn nor weep, nor shall your tears run down. 17Sigh in silence, make no mourning for the dead; bind your turban on your head, and put your sandals on your feet; do not cover your lips, and do not eat man’s bread of sorrow.”

18So I spoke to the people in the morning, and at evening my wife died; and the next morning I did as I was commanded.


D) Desire of his eyes was a tender term in the Heb. – like saying – The love of YOUR LIFE -   taken away – price of being a prophet      

  1) Is God cruel and unfeeling and unfair?


If you could talk to Mrs. Ezekiel tonight Or Mr. Ezekiel tonight &see   what they are experiencing in heaven tonight

A)Because of their willingness to lay their all on the altar for God... I

    PROMISE you they are not going to say - That was unfair.......


B) They would say: It was tough..... But it was worth it- / MRS Ezk – my life was taken to teach the People a lesson – PTL – used in that way

1)   No doubt Ezk. Would say – I missed you terribly but I was able teach

       the people things from that that needed to be shared – reward great


C)If Ezk would have continued to mourn & complain – He would never have been used – instead just sucking sympathy from people

1)   Poor Ezk. But when we  do that – we do it at the expense of God’s Rep


D) Colombine Dad where was God when Daughter died –Same place ..


STORY: Barbara Youderian, the wife of Roj Youderian who died along with   Jim Elliot as they sought to reach the Auca Indians, wrote the following in her   diary:

 "Tonight, the captain told us of his finding four bodies in the river.  One had tee-shirt and blue jeans.  Roj was the only one who wore them . . . God gave me this verse two days ago, Psalm 48:14, "For this God is our God for ever and ever; He will be our Guide even unto death.' As I came face to face   with the news of Roj's death, my heart was filled with praise.  He was worthy of his home-going.  Help me, Lord, to be both mummy and daddy.  "To know   wisdom and instruction. . . .''





Now this gives us another idea of what might have also been the Problem -  Nadab & Abihu had been drinking – TIPSY

A)That is the reason the Lord – takes this moment here after this great tragedy to instruct Aaron about the Alcohol & the Priestly Ministry


B) The Lord says that this is going to be a Statue forever – concerning those in the priestly ministry – they are not to drink

1)   Reason is so that you can distinguish between what is Holy & unholy / clean & unclean


C) The Lord says I don’t want you to consume anything that is going to impair your judgment in any way

1) God is saying: These guys were under the influence and could NOT discern   between holy and unholy and now they are dead


Interesting (LEV 10)It is NOT for PRIESTS  (PROV. 31), or for KINGS or for PRINCES (NUM. 6- NAZ.)   those Devoted to God

A)But (PROV. 31)for those who are dying or of a heavy heart


B) Which category do you put yourself in today?

   1)If you are ALWAYS bummed out and feel like your going to die then     drink


C)BUT - If you are saying: I want to be / A prince or a king = A place of leadership/   A priest = Standing before God and man

  1) A Nazarite = Totally dedicated to the Lord

        THEN you must stay away from drink


Definitely those in Pastoral Ministry – 1 Tim. 3 Bishop good thing

A)Must not be given to wine or strong drink – REALLY ALL PRIEST

    I think there is application


B) But wait – that seems legalistic – Aaron Old Cov. –– I have liberty - 

    All things are lawful but all things are not expedient –

1)   I want to do that which builds up

D)Alcohol first of many compromises –

1)   Two Pastors – affairs – starting w/ Drinking / breaks down ability to make proper dissensions – affects pleasure center in Brain


So at this point the Lord enacts this Prohibition against drinking v.12 grain offering – v.13-15 details v.16-18 sin offering

A)Now when Moses saw that Aaron & his sons were not eating the sin offering – he was upset


B) What is wrong w/ you guys – you saw what happened when Nadab & Abihu were disobedient – run that risk as well ? What is up w/ You ?

1)   Notice Aaron’s response -  V.19,20  


C) In other words: Moses  Give me a break- 2 of my sons are dead

      I'm not into this

  1) IF I ate of the Sin Offering it would only be PRETENTIOUS

       Frankly - I've lost my appetite..... My sons have lost their appetite


Nadab and Abihu's sin was that of WICKEDNESS        

A)They were drunk / They were glorifying  themselves/  They lit…own fire


B)Aaron, Ithabar & Eliazer's sin was NOT wickedness/  It was WEAKNESS

    They just could NOT do it... They sinned as well


C) BUT - It was not a sin of WICKEDNESS... It was a sin of WEAKNESS         1) Nadab and Abihu sinned in a way that was INIQUITY

         Aaron & Sons Ithabar and Eliazer sin was that of INABILITY


D)NOTE: God was SEVERE with wickedness and INIQUITY



Requirements of the Law were that they eat the sin offering – but the reality of Love has precedence

A)Requirements are to be there but Love is to always be the Priority – Requirements are Necessary but love is to always factor into the equation