Numbers Survey

Chapter 7 & 8


Read v.1-3

A)So The leaders of each tribe bring a total of six carts (a cart for every two of the leaders) and twelve oxen (each one an ox),

 1) given to transport the tabernacle through the wilderness.


B) Now At this time, such carts were a great luxury - and no doubt, a significant offering from the tribes.


Now the Carts are divided up & given to the Levites – Rd v. 4-9

A)Now GERSHON was responsible for the tent and coverings

     So they got two wagons and four oxen


B) But the Family of Merari was given FOUR CARTS – Hey  that's not fair, how come these guys got four wagons  ?

1) Answer is simple – It was Because their load was heavier.... They were to carry the boards and the pillars and sockets


C) Because their load was heavier they were given more to assist them

1)   Now this is an Awesome Principal for Ministry & for life  that can save you a lot of Frustration if you Catch it –


D) See it is easy to look at some People in ministry & in life – who seem to be so gifted & so blessed – think  How come they got all the gifts

1)   And it is easy to look at their life – Business man who has a great Business / Pastor of a Big Church – Bible study there Big group


E) There thing is going so well – because they are so blessed / so gifted why do they have more CARTS THAN ME


When in reality – God has blessed them w/ those gifts because it was his plan all along – to give them a Heavier load than others

A)So the gifts are not the Reason that God is Blessings – they are just the Necessary tools that person needed for the Role God had for them

B) When you can accept that God in his Sovereignty – ordains things to be a certain way – that he is working in your life – ordering & arranging

1)    Because He has a specific role for you to play in this season of your life and a Specific role for that person –


C) It can save you a ton of Frustration – Relax instead of Question – How come their so Blessed /

1)   Rejoice – in God’s Plan & blessing of another instead of being Envious


D) Quite Frankly if we really knew the load that some people – we perceive to be “SO BLESSED” we would have a whole different perspective !!

1)   Bob Coy – Do you really want to be in my shoes – Staff of over 200 – 200 families to take care of Financially / Electric Bill – 70,000 a month


E) Praise God for Blessing Bob & Not Me!!!!

1) So those w/ Different responsibilities got different Provision v.10-11


Now the rest of Ch 7 list the Giving of the Dedication offerings given by the leaders of the 12 tribes of Israel

NOTE : Numbers Ch. 7  is the 2nd longest chapter in the Bible

A)The longest is Psalm 119 which deals with the subject of the Word of God  /Numbers 7 is the 2nd longest and deals with the subject of GIVING to God


B) I do NOT think that this is accidental- for We are told that we are NOT only to be HEARERS / We are to be DOERS of the WORD

1) And It is easy to TALK the walk as long as it does NOT cost YOU!

   But  when it begins to COST, then you see where your heart is really at


D) SO - The Word of God has much to say about giving, because that is an indicator of where our hearts are at

QUOTE: D.L. MOODY "I can tell more about a man's walk by looking at his check book than by looking at his prayer book"


I think that is true – Putting Money were your Mouth is – Easy to talk thus revealing where our hearts are really at

The Bible has much to say about Giving- because Giving is not God’s way of raising FUNDS –raising KIDS

A)See God knows that we are selfish by nature / covetous / but he wants to make us more like Him / He is a GIVER/ Giving teaches us to be like Him


B) Giving also teaches us to be dependent because as we give our tithes and offerings – there can be that Tendency to think – How will I survive

1)   But that is why concerning the tithe God says – Test me – You give & see if I don’t open up the windows of heaven to bless you –


C) See we can never out give God !!! –

1)    Giving makes me like God a Giver / Giving shows me how willing I am to be Dependent on God


D) Giving is also a Sign of our Growing in Maturity – Being Good Stewards w/ what God has given to us

Lk16:10-11 He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much: and he that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much.  If therefore you have not been faithful in the unrighteous mammon, who will commit to your trust the true riches?      SPIRITUAL RESPONSIBITY  


SINCE God wants us to be givers –  He talks a lot about it in the Bible – This is another illustration /the2nd Longest Chapter given to this subject

A)There is much repetition for us in this chapter / It is LABORIOUS to us to read it but it is PRECIOUS to God /


B)And It is RECORDED by God because He is saying to us: "I keep records" Think about it

1) God has chosen to record for eternity all that these men gave


C) Think about this:  God is RECORDING everything that you give

Matt. 6:19 - 19“Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth & rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal; 20but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys & where thieves do not break in &  steal. 21For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Quote: Jim ELLIOTT "No man is a fool who gives up that which he can not keep in order to gain that which he can not lose"

  1) Be a Giver                                                                     Read v.12-17


C) So Nashon from the tribe if Judah is first – Now here what is interesting about what these Leaders brought / – All brought the same thing

1)If you read thru the list you will find that their gifts were identical – Why?


D) By requiring the same gift from every tribe, God made sure that no tribe or tribal leader glorified himself through his giving.

1) No one would say –See how big my gift was


We are also to give the same gift – TITHE = tenth

A)It is all the same – it is just proportionate to How God has blessed us


B) Some Protest - Tenth – that is OT – Law { Actually before the Law in Genesis – Abe to Melch. – Gen 14 / Tithe {Heb 7:2 Tenth

1) Before the law in Gen / after the Law in NT


C) Jesus spoke of the Tithe – Matt 23 & in Lk 11 – Condemning the Pharisees not for Tithing but the way that they were tithing

1) Paul spoke 1 Cor 16 of bringing the first fruits – on the first day of the week = Sunday {Mal 3  into the Store House { the Church


D) Tithing every week vs on pay day – Tithe vs the offering

1) Interesting that Those who Protest about the tithe are never those who want to give more – Pastor I want to give 40% - not 10% - 


So the rest of Ch. 7 Chronicles the giving of the leaders of the tribes –showing to us How God takes notice of what we give -  VERSE 89

Notice Chapter 7 ends on this note – God speaking to Moses

A)WHEN did God speak? AFTER the recording of offerings there is the hearing of God's voice


B)After these LEADERS... representing the people... came &     brought gifts

C) Some ask: "How come God never speaks to me.... God never gives me things to do?"

1) Have YOU been faithful to do what God has already told you to     do?


D) If you are faithful in these matters you will be given more

         NOT just in giving but in everything God has shown us to do.




Numbers 7 deals with the PRESENTATION OF GIFTS while CHAPTER 8 deals with the ORDINATION OF LEVITES

A)And In between these themes we find this little section that deals with      the Golden Lamp stand


B) WHAT does the Lamp stand have to do with the GIVING OF GIFTS      or the MOVING INTO MINISTRY?

1)I believe that the Holy Spirit has DELIBERATELY & STRATEGICALLY

  placed this subject in this very place because


2) It is ESSENTIAL to see that what ever we GIVE TO God (CH.7) & whatever we do FOR God (CH.8) Will be exposed to the LIGHT OF God


C) Our Motivation for giving and for ministry is crucial- WHY we are giving and WHY we are doing must be brought under the light of the Spirit?

 1) Concerning Giving Jesus GAVE us Some important instructions that relates to our MOTIVES   -   Turn Matt. 6:1-4  


When the Pharisees gave they would blow a small trumpet that was tied around their waste

A)The original purpose of the trumpet was to call the poor to them


B) But they used the trumpet to gain the attention of men

     1) "Look at what I'm doing.... What I'm giving"


C) Jesus said: "Let your giving be done in secret"

 See Jesus is More Interested in How we Give / rather than what we give { Jesus even took time to Notice HOW people were giving !!!

Mark 12:41   And Jesus sat over against the treasury, and beheld how the people cast money into the treasury: and many that were rich cast in much.


A)Beheld    = To be a spectator... To look closely

    1) NOTE: He did NOT look closely at WHAT they gave


B) He was a SPECTATOR.... WATCHED CLOSELY to see HOW     they gave / The ATTITUDE & the MOTIVE in giving is very important


C) Paul also talked about – How we were to give

2Cor. 9:7 So let each one give as he purposes in his heart, not grudgingly or of necessity; for God loves a cheerful giver.


D)IF you give grudgingly, THEN don't even give / But The Lord loves us to give HILARIOUSLY.... SPONTANEOUSLY.... SACRIFICIALLY


The Lord is concerned about our Motive in Giving but ALSO In serving.... 1 Cor 3 works are Wood …or Precious  Stone

A)What Constitutes the Difference ? Our MOTIVES IN SERVICE


B)We can find ourselves serving the Lord for all sorts of motivations

    To receive the applause  or approval of men

1) To satisfy something within ourselves that wants to feel needed or used


C) Example : Ever notice how your children become very desirous to help you bring in the groceries - Especially the bag with the goodies

1) They are NOT serving you.. they are serving themselves


D) Sometimes we can fall into the same error/  We THINK that we are serving God, but we are serving ourselves

1)   What is it that motivates us to serve? Paul said that there is only ONE true motivation for service Love of Christ Constrains me

                                THAT is proper motivation

SO Let's be careful that we are NEVER serving out of pressure or self-fulfillment or any other motivation other than the love of JC

A)What if you find yourself serving God for wrong reasons?

     Are you to stop serving? Not necessarily


B)What is needed is a REFOCUSSED LOVE and a RENEWED                            DEDICATION of love for Jesus { Martha

1)Martha was distracted by many things - One thing is needed


C) Get back to ministering to JESUS = (worship) RATHER than Ministering For Jesus { Always tell those who are Distracted they don’t worship

1) See as I spend time w/ Jesus & get back to ministering to Jesus – My whole perspective Changes – Over flow of His Blessings


So this section on the LAMPSTAND is placed right between the LEADERS of Israel giving and the Levites serving

A) To illustrate that what ever we GIVE TO God (CH.7) & whatever we do FOR God (CH.8) must be exposed to the LIGHT OF God{ One more thing


B)The lamp stand itself could give no light - it had to have lamps placed upon it, that would give light.


B) All the lamp stand could do was make the light more visible.-

1) The lamps were fueled by oil; and would need to be continually filled with oil to provide constant light.


C) Revelation 1:20 makes lamp stands a picture of the church; the church itself does not light the world,

1) but it does provide a "platform" for Jesus’ light to be seen. HS working in us





Note that The purification of the Levites was IN PART done FOR them and          IN PART done BY them

A)Moses was to come and sprinkle water of purification on them

      BUT - They were to shave themselves & wash their garments themselves


B)Here we have a beautiful illustration -I am cleansed by Jesus Christ and the work on the cross

1) PURIFICATION is what He has done FOR me


C) But now my OUTWARD garments...That which shows OUTWARDLY in my life.....I have a part to play in that area of Sanctification


HOW am I to wash my outward garments? HOW am I to clean up my act, so to speak?

Ps. 119:9   How  shall a young man cleanse his way? by taking heed according to thy word.


Ps. 119:11 Your word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.


A)POSITIONALLY I am cleansed because of what Jesus has done FOR me

  1) But PRACTICALLY I am being cleansed as I allow the Word of                      God to have effect upon me


B) POSITIONALLY we are SPOTLESS / PRACTICALLY there is some cleaning up to do How?

   1) By APPLYING the Word of God to our lives



A)As a bull is sacrificed, the children of Israel lay their hands on the Levites, to bless them and pray for their dedication before the Lord.


B)It would be clear both the Levites and the nation that the Levites were servants of both the Lord and the nation.

C) A wave offering would present something to God (such as a portion of meat or bread), and essentially say, "This is Yours, God."

1) In Essence The nation came before God, and essentially said, "These Levites belong to You, Lord."


D)v.15 After that the Levites shall go in to service the tabernacle of meeting:

 1) Real ministry isn’t all about dedication ceremonies; it is about doing the work. After the dedication, it was time to get busy!


E) SO The Levites were set apart to serve the Lord in the tabernacle


NOTE: There is an interesting parallel between the structure of the Old Testament leadership and the New Testament Church

A)In the Old Testament you have ONE High Priest


B) Under Him you had his sons who served in the priesthood

   1) Then you had a whole tribe of Levites who were assisting in the technical and physical service in the congregation of Israel


C) In the New Testament Church we have ONE great High Priest- JESUS


D) And Jesus has allowed His ministry to be shared with many whom He has appointed to serve in various capacities Pastors and teachers

1) Then there are those whose ministry parallels the Levites in                       their technical and physical service.... They are known as deacons


Now VERSES 12-20 are a  Reiteration of a past study in which we saw how the Levites were substituting for the first born of each family Ch. 3

           VERSES 21-26


We talked about this last week - From ages 25-30 they were INTERNS

Being prepared / From age 30-50 they would serve


At age 50 they would become TRAINERS of the Younger guys