Numbers Survey

Chapter 15


We saw in our Last study Children of Israel are at the door way to the Promise. 12  MEN were sent in to SPY OUT the land

A)When the spies came back from the promised land they brought back fruit that was indicative of the abundance that God had in store for the Israelites


B) The Grapes that were so large that one bunch had to be carried on a pole between 2 men

1)BUT They not only brought back the FRUIT... they brought up the FOES


C) There's giants in the land - They're so big that we're like grasshoppers in THEIR sight -  BIG troubles


D) And BECAUSE of their unbelief, the people of Israel had to wander in the wilderness for 40 years until that entire generation died off



What was to be w WALK to the promised land turned out to be a WANDERING in the wilderness

A)What was to be a MARCH to the promised land turned out to be murmering in the wilderness


B) These People who should have been SINGING in the promised land ended up SIGHING in the wilderness

1)   People who were to be a WITNESS in faith ended up  wailing in frustration


C) Sad story & Powerful warning to us – against Unbelief & hardening our hearts towards the Lord

1) Chapters 15-25 deal with that period of wandering until the entire generation died off


Read v.1-13


Now, this to me is really special. In that they have just been turned away from the land.

A)They have just been told that they are going to have to wait for 40 yrs yea Their unbelief in God has denied them access into the promised land.


B) Then they tried to reverse things & go in & fight against those in the land anyway – they get their tales whipped by the inhabitants of the land,

1) Down & defeated looking at the prospects of spending the next 40 yrs in this wilderness – most likely thinking about their families


C) It is at this time that God then gives to them the commands of the type of offering that they are to offer, when they come into the land.

1) Key word is when  He does NOT say IF you make it  He says  WHEN


D) God is reassuring them that there  is going to be those who will make it into the land {Their kids are going to have an inheritance



A)God's blessing can be DELAYED- But His purposes can NOT be stopped


Phil 1:6 being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ; NKJV


B) Some times thru our unbelief or our unwillingness to yield to the HS – we can delay the plan of God for our lives

1)   We can go thru the school of Hard Knocks – but God is committed to complete the work that He has become –


C) How quickly it happens depends often times on how Pliable we are going to be !!!

1) So the Lord gives them this word of Hope – When you come into the land these are the offerings that you are to Present



The BURNT OFFERING - Speaks of the consecration of self

A)All was laid on the altar and all was consumed on the altar


2.) MEAL The OFFERING - Speaks of consecration of service

A) The gifts that God has given to us are to be given back to Him and used for Him..... empowered and energized by Him


3.) The PEACE OFFERING - Speaks of fellowship

A)The Holy bar-b-que


B) Part waved before the Lord.... Part eaten by priest.... Part eaten by the one brining the offering


C) Enjoying peace and oneness and fellowship/ included in this was the drink offering – which speaks of fellowship


Each of these are called SWEET SAVOR OFFERINGS

A)They are NOT mandatory.... they are free will offerings


B) The FINAL 2 offerings were mandatory..... Obligated


4.) The SIN OFFERING - Deals with the FACT of sin

We have a sin nature that manifests itself daily


5.) The TRESPASS OFFERING deals with the ACT of sin-


So what we have here is a REITERATION of INSTRUCTION

A)But It is also a RE-ESTABLISHMENT of INTENTION- God’s heart –  1) He was going to Place a group of people in this Land & make of them a great nation


B) By reiterating to them these instructions about the offerings they were to offer up in the land of Promise

1) God’s intention is to set their mind on the Promised Land, even though they are a long way away from it.

C) Keeping their minds on His promise will help SEE THEM  through the wilderness

1) and prepare the hearts of the new generation to succeed where the old generation failed.


 D) What helps us make it thru the WILDERNESS & Desert times of this life ? The PROMISE that Heaven is waiting !!!!!

1) Col 3:1-4  If then you were raised with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ is, sitting at the right hand of God. 2 Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth. 3 For you died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God. 4 When Christ who is our life appears, then you also will appear with Him in glory.


Read v.14-16 

A)The stranger... the proselyte....  was invited & welcome to go along with them.- BUT - He MUST go along with the Word


B) The one who was NOT Jewish was invited to come along in worship AS LONG as he went along with the Word

1) APP: We want to embrace ALL that want to come along with us


C) BUT - We are NOT to compromise in any way concerning the Word of God – Stay true to the word of God

1)   Nor are we going to try to twist the word or water down the word to make it easier for them to come –


D) Altar calls – giving away a new Car- ( Price is right – Come on down) No talk about turning from Sin & turning to the Lord

1) Anyone can come – but they have to come on God’s terms not their own



Now this regulation pertained to the offering of the first fruits of the harvest –

A)Notice once again – the word When – further encouragement


B) When the people entered into the land of Cannan & began to enjoy it’s produce, they were to show their devotion to the Lord

1)By Presenting to Him a cake Baked of the First Cuttings of their grain


C) It was the First fruits of the grain harvest


D) That really should be the first thing that we seek to do – w/ our blessings the first fruits of our increase – Given in gratitude to the Lord

1)   Showing our Love & Appreciation –


Now vs 22-36 talk about what to do w/ those who sin Unintentionally & those who sin Presumptuously – Read v. 22-29

A)First of all we are told how to they were to respond to those who sinned Unintentionally {Didn’t mean to { Thumb w/ Hammer


B) Or they did it in ignorance – Back in 1984 my very first Sunday as YP here at CCV – old Church Hacienda – Heading home Bobier 50Mph /35Mph

1) Officer pulled me over - Ticket – bad omen ––I told the officer It was unintentional / I never saw the sign – pleaded for mercy – Still got a ticket


C) Whether it was intentional or not the Law was broken & the price needed to be paid – so too here w/ the people of Israel


The sin might be corporate involving the entire nation –v.24-26 or it might be the transgression of an individual v.27-29 – it didn’t matter

A)The sin needed to be dealt w/ I didn’t know will not avail at the throne of God 


B) But the sinners had to come God’s appointed way so that HE could forgive them & restore them to fellowship & blessing

C) If the whole nation sinned they were to bring a young bull for a burnt offering (dedication), plus the required drink offering & grain offering and a male goat for the sin offering (atonement).

D) The individual who sinned had to bring a year old female goat as a sin offering .

1)   God promised to forgive those who truly sought Him by faith


 Now in vs (30-31) Addresses  presumptuous sin. Read

A)Now to sin presumptuously Literally means to sin "with a high hand"; it speaks of a flagrant rebellion against God, the law of Moses, and the nation as a whole.{ Out right Rebellion


B) Such sin was NOT to be tolerated in Israel; here is commanded a cultural mechanism for addressing this sin,

1) and ensuring that such arrogant flaunting of public immorality would not be rewarded. Person guilty was Cut off


C) This is in stark contrast to our modern culture, where notorious, flagrant sinners are rewarded with fame and fortune.

1)    Instead of saying his guilt shall be upon him, our society puts guilt on anyone who would "judge" or "condemn" such depraved individuals by calling what they do evil. 


D) God doesn’t fool around – He says their shame shall be upon them & they shall be cut off -

1) Having then given that law for the presumptuous sin, we immediately have an example of a man who was guilty of presumptuous sin.

Now while the children of Israel were in the wilderness, they found a man who was gathering sticks on the Sabbath day (15:32).


This was a presumptuous sin. They were told the Sabbath day was to be holy unto the Lord, they weren’t to do any type of labor.

A)This man knew the law, so his gathering sticks on the Sabbath day, was a presumptuous sin. { God says take him outside & stone him to death


B) This seems harsh Why is God so concerned with the Sabbath day?

God is serious about the Sabbath for TWO reasons One is PRACTICAL... The other is PROPHETIC

1st Practical Reason

A)He is our maker- He knows HOW we are made and HOW we function best/ He has PERFECT knowledge of our physical makeup


B) He KNOWS that we need ONE day out of seven to be set aside for our own well being


INTERESTING: One commentator cited medical research that confirms to us that man is on a 7 day biological clock.... Our physiology is built for a seven day cycle


Doctors say that 6 days/week your pulse is faster in the morning than in the evening but on the 7TH  day it is slower in the morning than in the evening


C) So You are programmed to slow down & rebuild on the 7th  day


STORY: The Apostle John

According to tradition, when the apostle John was bishop in Ephesus, his hobby was raising pigeons.  On one occasion an Ephesian elder passed his house as he returned from hunting. When he saw John playing with one of his birds, he gently chided the old bishop for spending his time so frivolously. 

John looked at his critic's bow and remarked that the string was loosened. "Yes," said the huntsman, "I also loosen the string of my bow when it's not in use.  If it always stayed tight, it would lose its rebounding quality and fail me in the hunt."  "And I," said John, "am now relaxing the bow of my mind so that I may be better able to shoot the arrows of divine truth."                         


D) We need that – Listen God says: ONE day out of seven is necessary for your welfare

1) So there was Practical reason –


2.) But Much more important than that is the PROPHETIC aspect

A)This day... the Sabbath... Is a PICTURE of Jesus Christ

 It points to the one who said Matt 11:28 Come unto me weary…..REST

B) From the day of it’s inception by the Lord It WAS  pointing to & picturing Jesus

     1) In the Book of Colossians, Chapter 2, Paul gives us instruction concerning the true meaning of the Sabbath Turn


Col 2:16 So let no one judge you in food or in drink, or regarding a festival or a new moon or Sabbaths,


C) NOTE: The PRINCIPLE of keeping one day out of seven is still in effect

1) BUT - don't let anyone tell you that you must keep it on Saturday


D )IF someone judges you because you worship and rest on Sunday, THEN tell them that Paul says that you CAN'T be judged concerning the Sabbath days


Col. 2:17   Which are a shadow of things to come; but the substance (or the body) is of Christ.

A)The Sabbath day is a SHADOW of things to come / The REALITY... The SUBSTANCE is Jesus


B) Pt . DON'T get hung up in the shadows EXAMPLE:


C) Imagine that you are away on a business trip for 2 weeks

1) You come home and your spouse comes out to greet    you, or your son or your daughter.


D) And they fall down before you and begin to hug & embrace your shadow

   They're totally into your shadow

1)You would say: HELLO PEOPLE that's my shadow... I'm the     substance"


E) Paul is saying that is the Shadow – the Real Rest is found in Jesus embrace Him !!!



The author of the Book of Hebrews picks up on the same subject in Ch 4

A)Jesus is our SABBATH...He is  our place of rest!!/  Jesus Christ is the FULFILLMENT of the Sabbath


B) We are to be a people who enter into HIS rest

1) No more working to earn the blessing of God.. the love of God

     But instead RESTING in what Jesus has done for us


C) You see, Jesus Christ made an awesome declaration from the cross.....

    It is finished

1) That was NOT a cry of DESPERATION or DEFEAT



D) The work of salvation is accomplished/ There is NOTHING more that CAN be done

1) There is NOTHING more that MUST BE DONE / All that remains for us to LEARN to rest in it - We are to WORK at RESTING


E) It is a FINISHED work  - There is NOTHING that I can do... or that I should try to   do.... to add to that work


But it is very easy for the believer to fall into the trap of gathering sticks

A)We try to ASSIST that  work - We try to PROVE that we are worthy of that salvation


B) We think things like "I know that I was saved by grace, but now my standing with God has to be maintained by my FERVENCY of prayer and my GENEROSITY of giving and by my PURITY of lifestyle"


C) NO- NO- NO – 1000 times NO!!!! - You can NOT add to a work that is completed /The issue is what Jesus did on the cross

1) NOT what you are doing


D)Any attempt on your part to ADD to what He did is an insult to His work... it pollutes it / Example

EXAMPLE: Imagine if someone gave to you the original painting of DaVinci called the Mona Lisa

A)You gratefully accept it... After all it's a priceless work of art


B) But you think that her smile is a little to small and the colors are a little too dull / So you decide to ADD a little bit to DaVinci's finished work

1) You take out you little water colors/ Barely passed finger painting in K-5 But begin to enlarge her smile and add a little color to the thing


E) Now IF someone saw you doing that, they would say: STOP!!!!!!

Don't be FOOLISH.... That's a PRICELESS masterpiece and you're RUINING it... You're POLLUTING it"


D) You might respond: "No- I'm only ADDING to it" BUT - The truth is that you CAN'T add to it

1) You can only DETRACT from such a finished work


APP:We as Christians can take the masterpiece of salvation... the work of the cross which Jesus said was FINISHED...

A)And we say: "I'm going to add a little bit to it"


B)"I'm going to PROVE that I am every bit worthy of what Jesus did by getting up at 5:00 A.M. every morning to pray and seek God"

1) "I'm going to tithe... not 10%... but 11.25%"


C) Those things are wonderful if you are RESTING in the finished work of the cross and you do these things out of sheer love & gratitude for what Jesus has already done to save you)


D) But if you are doing them to try to improve your standing w/ God then you are trying to improve on Christ Masterpiece – Finished

1)Standing in Jesus is as good as it gets


E) Know this: Any attempt on my part to ADD to the finished work of the cross will lead to DRYNESS and to death { Reason for harsh reaction } v. 37-41

The tassels on the corners of their garments & the blue thread in the tassels of the corners were intended to remind Israel to Whom they belonged;

A)They were God’s people  Such reminders are an effective preventive remedy for sin!


B) But why a blue thread? The ark of the covenant was covered with a blue cloth; blue curtains adorned the tabernacle;

1) blue was in the high priest’s garments.  BLUE IS THE COLOR OF HEAVEN


C) God wanted the people to put a band of blue on their garments in order to remind them that they are a heavenly people

1) Every time they looked on that fringe they were reminded that they were just passing through.


D) BLUE JEANS : Reminder of Heaven - That mindset is so liberating

1) When We understand that everything is TEMPORARY and PREPARARTORY for heaven