Numbers Chapter 32:1-28

“Move On In The Spirit”



I read a quote the other day from someone who was talking about Life

The Problem w/ life is that it is so daily

A)A lot of people find their life to be rather mundane unexciting & Unpredictable


B) One writer declared that life was like a merry go round w/out the merry

1)   That is not the way LIFE for the BELIEVER is meant to be lived


C) In the book of Galatians in Ch.5 Paul declared in v.25 Since you live in the Spirit – Walk in the Spirit

1)   What does it mean to walk in the Spirit ?




Walking in the Spirit is to be led by the Lord & to rely upon the HS power working in your life to live for the Lord -  To enjoy the Lord !!!

A)Walking in the spirit is the most interesting wonderful way to live it is the exact opposite of routine / drudgery & Predictability


B) One of the most powerful Pictures in the OT of the Spirit filled life / the Spirit led life is Israel in the Land of Cannan

1)   What does Cannan represent for the Believer in JC ? 


C) A great Misconception is that Cannan represents HEAVEN!!!

1) Think about  Cannan:  Obstacles, Enemy,  Battles  conflicts – Heaven will be void of all of those things


D) Cannan represents a life of being completely committed to the Lord!

Spirit filled life - Think of this way!

1) Egypt = world - bondage of sin!  Set free from thru the blood of the lamb


The Wilderness depicts a time after salvation where - Jesus is Savior / not Lord - wrestling w/ allowing Him to lead  { Losing the Flesh

A)Learning to trust Him – learning about Him – the more that we learn about the Lord – the more we see His power & Provision more trust


B) Coming to that place where we are ready to trust him completely & be led fully by His Spirit!!! – That is what Cannan represents

1) The Spirit filled life – Walking in the Spirit / leaning on the Spirit – being Led by & Submitted to the Spirit of God


C) Cannan represents faith coupled w/ obedience { Land of Rest – because God was doing the fighting { Jericho

1) Place of taking hold of the blessings and riches that are in Christ{ Living according to the Promises of God


D) Canaan represents the Christian life as it out to be: sure conflicts; battles; warfare - but we are victorious

1) The victorious Christian life is not pictured as a once and for all victory - but a series of conflicts and battles in which we move forward


E) A series of Battles & conflicts & obstacles to overcome where we are relying on and looking to the Lord!

1) Experiencing the Life of God thru the Spirit taking us forward


Wiersbe -

As you look at your life do you see yourself wandering in the wilderness or conquering in the Promised Land? In the wilderness , the Jews were a complaining people; but in Canaan, they were a conquering people.

In the wilderness, Israel kept looking back, yearning for what they had in Egypt; but in the promised Land, they looked forward to conquering the enemy and claiming their rest and their riches. The wilderness march was an experience of delay, defeat, and death; but their experience in Canaan was one of life, power, and victory.



Well in our text today we see that there were some among the Children of Israel who though they were saved – elected not to enter into the Promised  land     RD V.1-5

A)SCENE: The Children of Israel find themselves at the doorway to the promise land - This is what they have been waiting for, for 40 yrs


B) The Promise of God & the Blessings of the Lord – lay before them to be Possessed

1)   But here we read that there were 2 tribes who decided that they wanted to stay on the other side of the Jordan river – side opposite  Cannan


C) IN other words they wanted to live on the fringe of the Promise land because they saw the land there was a great place for raising Cattle

1) They were more concerned about their cattle than they were about their calling { More concerned w/ their Possessions than their Position


Now what really floors me is these guys were willing to forfeit the Promise land & all its blessings { They haven’t even seen it

A)For 40 yrs they have been hearing about the great place – rich land, land flowing w/ Milk & honey – land of abundance


B) This Place where God had promised to settle them { bless them & make of them a great nation

1)   They are willing to forfeit all of that – having not even seen what it is that they were giving up


C) A couple of yrs ago someone in the fellowship – really blessed our Family by giving us some gift Certificates to Cold stone{ My Favorite Flavor

1)Now that place is great – Awesome Ice Cream – like home made heard about it But it is expensive – being the Cheap skate I am – never had gone


D) So lets say – I get the gift certificates – all I have to do is take the family down there – order – it is totally Free –

1) No I am going to settle for – Albertsons plain Vanilla


Before the Children of Israel was a land of rich Flavors of great blessings – free for the taking –

A)But What these people were doing was making a decision to settle for less far less than what God had for them


B) CH Mackontosh They were half & half men, men of mixed principles men who are content to live on the borderline men who sought their own things rather than the things of God”


C) Now these people are like so many Christians today , who are satisfied with their current spiritual development.


God is challenging them to go on into a full commitment. He would have them to know and to experience. That rich, full life in the Spirit.

A)But there are many who are content where they are at !! Content to just be saved who want to just linger on in the flesh


B) Who want to live on the fringes of Christianity – they want to live on the fringe of the blessings of God


C) They don’t want to claim the promises of God – they don’t want to move into the fullness of the Christian life

1)   They are all too content to settle for a Mediocre – Christian existence


There are many people whose spiritual state is in a plateau, and they haven’t developed spiritually for years.

A)They’re still at the same level that they were, ten, fifteen years ago. There’s been no spiritual development.


B) But in Reality, to not go forward in your Christian walk, is to go backward, because God wants us to always be going forward.

1) Paul, the apostle, speaking of his own experience said, “I have not yet apprehended that for which I was apprehended, by Jesus Christ. Neither do I count myself complete. But forgetting those things which are behind, &  reaching forward for those things that are ahead, I press toward the mark, for the prize of the high calling of God, which is in Christ Jesus”.

C) Now what was true of Paul, should be true of each one of us. I’m certain that all of us can declare, “I have not yet apprehended that for which I was apprehended, by Jesus Christ”.


D) In other words, God isn’t through with me yet. God still has more for me to do.

1)   Pastor Chuck talking about the New Move { Courson & McClure – “Last days - The 4 of us can accomplish more together than we can apart – we want to go out w/ a BANG !!!!


But that was not the case of these tribes: They were willing to forfeit a greater blessing because they were comfortable in their Present state

A)And when Moses hears of it – he is upset at their Attitude RD v 6,7


6 And Moses said to the children of Gad and to the children of Reuben: "Shall your brethren go to war while you sit here?


B) There was a great deal of Selfishness in their request – Attitude that said we like it here who cares about our Brothers –

1) Africa – Health wealth & Prosperity – How do they deal w/ Sudan? They don’t – they just ignore what is going on there – don’t tell their pp


C) That is the attitude of the men of Rueben & Gad – by even making this request it showed they were only concerned about themselves

1)   Moses continues v.7


 Now why will you DISCOURAGE the heart of the children of Israel from going over into the land which the LORD has given them?


Moses fears this attitude will discourage the children of Israel from going over into the land which the Lord has given them.

A)Moses’ fear has a foundation to it.  He has seen this before – He is thinking this is Kadesh Barnea all over again  RD V 8-15



Moses fears they will Influence the people to follow in the footsteps of the previous generation

A)Those who because they listened to the 10 spies who gave a bad report & discouraged the People from going into the land of Promise 


B) SO Moses reminds the leaders of the tribe of Reuben and Gad of how Israel failed to enter the Promised Land some 38 years before:

1) Because 10 of the 12 spies discouraged the heart of the children of Israel.


C) What a terrible thing to be used of the devil to discourage other believers to walking deeper and further with the Lord!

1) CONTAGAIOUS LIFE - Influence others for the Lord or influence others in carnal living -  Listen you have a sphere of influence !!!!


D) And Those that you hang around are going to have an influence on You!!


If you want to press on with the things of the Lord, and go deeper and further with Him, there is a sure way to discourage that desire –

A)Start hanging around believers who are content with where they are, and who don’t want to press on with the Lord.


B) Their complacency will rub off on you!  { I remember a time when I was in HS { Camp on fire – Really wanted to walk strong

1)   But I had some friends that were just dead set on living on the Fringe still holding onto Carnal tendencies


C) I just wasn’t interested in doing the things that they were doing – movies they were seeing I wanted to follow Christ

1)   Eventually I made a decision that if I wanted to go strong w/ the Lord I couldn’t be close friends w/ these guys –


In v. 11 Moses gives us some insight concerning why the discouragement of the ten unfaithful spies worked on the men of that generation?

A)Because they did not wholly followed Me, said the Lord.


B) If the people had been wholly following the Lord, the discouraging report would not have influenced them so directly

1) What made Joshua and Caleb different was that they wholly followed the Lord, they did not bend to the discouraging report of the ten unfaithful spies.


C) Listen when we are not wholly following the Lord, we are much more likely to be influenced by the carnal & the discouraging things around us.

1) QUEST.  Are you wholly following the Lord?





A)Note this is a picture of God’s permissive will – God says If they will help fight they can stay


B) Now this is amazing to me God is going to let them see what they are giving up – take them into the land to fight { But he gives them their desire


C) God allowed them to live on the fringes – He wasn’t going to force them to move into the land

1)   But note this yrs later when the Assyrians attacked – they were the first tribes to be defeated & taken captive


D) The same thing is true for the believer – God is not going to force his blessings upon you – he is not going to force you to live on the promises


E) But He will seek to give you a taste of those blessings – a glimpse of it because He so desires that you enter into all that He has for you!!!

1) He will let you see it in the life of someone else who is really going for it w/ Him – See the Joy the Peace / the Satisfied life they are experiencing


F) But if you are intent at living on the Fringes – he will let you do so reluctantly – but he will let you do that



But note this – these tribes that Chose to live on the fringes of the Promise land not only forfeited the blessings that God has for them

A)But yrs later  these tribes were the first to be taken captive when the Assyrians came & invaded the land


B) So too the Christian who chooses to live on the Fringes – who hangs onto the things of the Flesh – Who still wants to be in Control of his life

1) Not only forfeit the Blessing of the Spirit filled life - But those who live on the fringes – have the greatest risk of getting sucked back into the world


C) So Moses said, If you guys go in and fight, until the land is taken, then you can come back and have this for your possession.

1) But in v. 23 he says  if you don’t, then you have sinned against the Lord”.

and be sure your sin will find you out.


D) Now what is the sin that he’s warning them about? It’s the sin of doing nothing.


Now normally when we talk about sin – we think in terms of doing something wrong – Breaking the law of God

A)Ask most young kids what sin is they will tell you – being bad disobeying parents / doing drugs  etc { Most adults tend to think same


B) But Moses speaks here of the sin of doing nothing !!! Not doing something wrong – but failing to do what is right !!!!!


C) James declared to him who knows the right thing to do & doesn’t do it to him it is sin

1)   So it is possible to sin by doing nothing or not doing the right thing


D) God had commissioned the tribes of Israel to go into the land & possess it To trust in Him to overthrow the enemy

1) For them to not do that would be a Sin -


God calls us as believers to make a mark in this world to be about the business of the Kingdom of God

A)But we too can be guilty of the sin of doing nothing !!!!! {Ignoring needs

Not taking opportunities


B) Sitting back doing nothing that pertains to the kingdom – nothing that involves winning others to Christ

1) We can be guilty of the sin of Silence – not sharing w/ others –


C) Don’t be GUILTY of the sin of doing NOTHING !!!!!


D) What is God pressing on your heart – Area to deal w/ ? Bitterness ?

Ministry to get involved in? – Walk in the Spirit – Blessings abound




Now in closing I want to address those who are not believers – Yet to give your life to Christ –

A)You too can be guilty of the sin of doing nothing !!


B) It is found in that attitude that says I am neutral – You look at someone else & say – being a Christian is great for you but not for me I am still searching – I have decided against Christ but haven’t decided for him either


C) Listen the Bible says to not decide for Christ is to decide against Him

1)   Jesus made it very clear – not for me you are against me { There is no such thing as NUETRAL POSITION when it comes to Christ


D) But it doesn’t have to be that way – Jesus invites you today follow Him


Some of you have made a decision to live of the fringes still holing onto the world – still walking after the flesh – still calling the shots

A)God wants to lead your life / bless your life – but He is waiting for you to surrender { Calling you to a deeper commitment