Joshua Chapter 24:14-15

As For Me & My House


Here in Ch. 24 Joshua calls Israel to Shechem – for his final word to them – His Fare well Address

A)Shechem was the ideal location for this moving farewell address by Israel’s great leader.


B)It was at Shechem that God promised Abraham that his descendants would inherit the land (Gen.12),

1) and there Jacob built an altar (Gen 33).


C)Shechem was located between Mt. Ebal and Mt. Gerizim, where the people of Israel had reaffirmed their commitment to the Lord (Josh. 8:).

1) Shechem was indeed “holy ground” to the Israelites.


C) Joshua spends verses 2-13 emphasizing the Faithfulness of God in his Past dealings with the people of Israel!!!


D) Then in light of all of that he says in v. 14

14“Now therefore, fear the Lord, serve Him in sincerity and in truth, and put away the gods which your fathers served on the other side of the River and in Egypt. Serve the Lord! 15And if it seems evil to you to serve the Lord, choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the River, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you dwell. But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord


Great Historical figures are often Remembered for their great Historical Quotations

Give me liberty of give me death- Famous words of Patrick Henry in the days of the American Revolution


We have nothing to fear but fear itself – Franklin D. Roosevelt – during dark days of great Depression

Ask not what your country can do for you – but what you can do for your country  JFK – First inaugural address


Never  give up – Famous words of Winston Churchill to Mid shipmen at their grad.


One small step for man – one Giant leap for Mankind

Neil Armstrong – first man to step foot on the moon


Great Historical figures are often remembered by their great Historical Quotations

A)And here in Joshua Ch. 24:15 we have one of the most well known statements in all of the Bible


Choose you this day …… Serve – As for me & my house We will serve …….. Lord


B) I want us to consider this statement today: Noting 4 things –



1st This Statement is a Declaration: Joshua is being Man – here – Being Bold –

A)Strong Declaration as a Spiritual leader in his Home – As for me … We will serve the Lord


B) In other words this is not something that was open to debate –

1)   Well we will do it – if Mrs. Joshua is into it


C) Sit down w/ the kids & discuss it – see how they feel about it


D) No Joshua is saying as long as I am alive – as long as I am leading my family – we are going to serve the Lord



E) In other words – Our house is going to be a place where –God is Revered – Fear of the Lord

1)   Place where He is Praised

2)                                   HONORED

3)                                   SERVED


Joshua is showing signs of being a Bold leader

A)But he wasn’t always that way: Ch.1 – God had to tell him 3 times – Be strong & Courageous


B) Then the people  said – we will follow you as we did Moses – Be strong & Courageous

1)   Joshua needed that exhortation from the Lord & this encouragement from the people.


C) Listen we need Men today: Fathers / Grandfathers who are going to be Real Men – Strong Men/   Men that take a Stand – for righteousness 

1)    Men that will assume their roles as Leaders


Too many men are wishy-washy – up & down

A)Men who will say – We are going to serve the Lord


B) Not being Dictators Chauvinists - – But men who will be strong to say – this is the way it has got to be – Too much at stake -  Firm


C) Men who will say: Son / Sweet heart – I don’t care who else has those Posters – not here

1)   Listen to that music - / go to those movies – not under my Guard


D) You might not understand now – son but God’s word is clear that stuff is going to hurt you – As long as you live here – not going to happen

1) Kids might not like that – might not like you – But see that sometimes is biggest Problem – Parents wanting to make their kids happy


E) Parents walking in the fear of man [ Their Kids- not the fear of the Lord]

Listen the goal of Parenting is not to get our kids to like us!!! – It is good if they do – but it is not the goal – not the calling

A) Our Calling is to Parent them – to raise them & to teach them / to train them up in the ways of the Lord


B) Listen: Kids are like a Cassette recorder– always running – always recording the question is what do I want to be on the tape of my Childs mind

1)   Do I want them to be inundated by the Philosophies of this world that are Propagated in Movies / Mags / Music


C) Is that what I want to be recorded – for a lasting impression on the Mind of my Son or Daughters –

1)   Or do I want things that are going to be Edifying – Build them up in the Lord ?


D) Am I monitoring the things that they are watching – listening to or reading – Or am I giving into that phrase – Everyone has seen it –

1)   Everyone is going – Everyone is listening to that - 


E) So I say to my Kids – Non Negotiable – Those things are not allowed in this house – here is why – I explain – it to the best of my ability


Rob – sounding a bit Legalistic  here  [some might think that] – but Paul made it very clear – Christian liberty

A)All things are lawful but not everything edifies – Pursue that which is going to edify – [ Advice I want my family to live by]


B) So there are certain things in our home that are non negotiable – a part of our lives – what we do. Sunday & Wed – In Church

1)Wed. People are going to see this New Flick – Star wars – Next time

{ Kids in Youth group – Important – less likely to walk away} Christian SCH  not enough

C) Saved - Grew up Going to Youth group- Mid week – Dad had to get up at 3am for work

1) Boring [ Go Check it out] – not social enough – Listen – Think about how much your kids do that is Social entertaining – Church - too


D)So Joshua makes a Strong Declaration says Boldly  –- We are going to Serve the Lord

1) Men You need to be Strong in this – You Wife / your Kids will follow


E)Single Mom – Mother who’s Husband isn’t saved – or won’t take the lead – You do it

1)   Be like Deborah – who stepped forward because Barak wouldn’t – it is essential  - Our Kids are too important


2nd It is an Expectation: As for me & my House We Will serve the Lord

A)It is an expectation: Heb. 11 – without faith it is impossible to please God


B) We need to believe in the Promise of God – He who has begun a good work will be faithful to complete it

1)Train up a Child in the way He should go …… old he will not depart from it


C) We believe in the promise of God – Lord I am trusting you that as I set the pace – my family is going to follow – they will serve the Lord


Acts 16 – Philippians Jailer – You & are your house will be saved –

A)Noah – Ark – made a place for He and His family – His wife & His sons – yet – started 20 yrs before his sons were even born


B) Truly Believing as for me & My house we will serve the Lord – they are going to be on board – they are going to be saved –

1)   Have faith – for w/out faith it is impossible to Please God 

Not only a Declaration/ Not just an Expectation #3 It is a Realization

As for me & my house We will serve the Lord

A)Joshua understood what all of us – men / all of us parents need to understand – It starts w/ ME


B) I lead the way: I set the stage – I set the course for what My kids are going to be

1)   They are going to follow my example


C) Man in Chicago – Christian liked to Drink Alcohol – Thanksgiving day

Wine – Store walking in the snow – Followed

1)   4yr old – Just walking in your steps Dad – that was enough


D) Can’t say: Do what I say – but don’t do what I do – it doesn’t work that way   - Our Kids follow our lead

1)   How we talk – act treat others  will often shape the way that they treat others – { One of kids – other kids pick up that attitude }


So are you doing questionable things / watching questionable stuff on TV / renting questionable movies -

A)Your kids are going to follow your example - Well they don’t see me you say


B) Listen the Lord declares – what is done secretly will be exposed –

1)   What you do in secret has to do w/ who you are – What you are is what they are going to become !!!


C) But there is an Positive side to that as well – David – the Giant Killer

1)   Several of David’s Men became Giant killers as well even though they weren’t there when David killed Goliath 

2)   But Who David was Impacted their lives

So the 3rd thing is the Realization of what I am is what my family is going to become

A)Lover of the Word / Worship:  If I have a strong & deep devotional life w/ the Lord – my kids are going to follow that example –


B) Young & Single – this doesn’t apply to me – Yes it does –

1)   Patterns now: Premarital – In the Word – isn’t now what makes you think He is going to be different later life more complicated


C) Reap what you sow – What are you sowing now is going to be the fruit you will reap later on in those relationships


So it is a Strong Declaration / Wonderful Expectation / A Sobering Realization – It starts w/ me 4th Awesome Celebration

A)See We have noted in our study of Joshua that – Joshua is a picture of Jesus – Brought them in


B) See Jesus Served the Father Perfectly  - Our Joshua says to us – As for me & my house we will serve the Lord

1)   Here is the Pt . everything I need to serve God is found in my Joshua – as I draw near to Him – submit to Him – Supplies me


C) The Lord is bringing us along – Stay close to Him – He rubs off on us