Judges 1-2


INTRO: This seventh book of the Old Testament takes it's name from the    it's contents

A)The book is devoted to that portion of Israel’s history that is referred to as the period of the Judges /  It records the deeds of 12 of these "Judges"


B)Now the book of Joshua dealt with Victory – Few Defeats but really Chronicled one Victory after another

1) Victories that came for the simple reason that Israel Choose to Obey God


C) But when we come to the Book of Judges/ Judges Chronicles

     12 cycles of Failure { Judges is a book about Failure


D)But understand it is not a book that Chronicles the failure of the average man – not a record of the ungodly or the rebellious –

1) It is a book that Chronicles the failure of God’s people – That is a tragedy


D) What is Sad however is that we can become so accustomed to the failure in people that it is no longer a tragedy to us

1)   Become Jaded – Indiscretions of Politicians – remember when that seemed like such a horrible thing – { Now society almost expect it

2)   Letterman & Leno make jokes about it on late night TV


So the book of Judges is a book that Chronicles the failure of God’s people thru 12 cycles in their History Spanning 350 yrs / Slow Learners

A)Characteristics of those cycles – The Children of Israel would give themselves over to sin /


B)Then they would then become servants to an oppressor / after a time they would then cry out to God - / God would in turn Raise up a

1) Deliverer a Judge to lead the people out of Bondage –


C) They would walk w/ the Lord until that Judge died then – they would give themselves over to sin again & repeat the cycle all over again

Now there are two phrases that are repeated in this book that really describe this cycle that we see in the book of Judges

A)1st is seen many times And Israel did EVIL in the sight of the Lord


B) The 2nd is repeated twice – And everyone did what was right in their own eyes –


C) Now what is interesting is that both Phrases are being used to describe the same situation

1)   See That which was right in the eyes of the People was that which was evil in the sight of the Lord


The Book of Judges is really a good case study in the Dangers of Relativism -  The Dangers of the Fluctuating standards of man

A)The danger of moving away from the Standards found in God’s word concerning what He calls Good & Evil – do follow what seems right to us


B) No absolutes – no standards – redefining of right & wrong / good and evil for a nation & even for the Church


C) Scary – one of the biggest buzz words in the Church today is Relative – Is it relative – Bending with our Society & Culture


D) That is what was happening w/ Israel during the Period of the Judges

They were living in a way that seemed right in their own eyes

1)And  they assumed that it must have been right in God’s eyes but nothing could have been further from the truth



Well with that has our Background – lets begin  V. 1-7

A)The Story of AdoniBezek is a Classic illustration of how you reap what you Sow –


B)Here is a guy who for yrs was torturing enemy Kings Cutting off thumbs and Big toes – Finally Catches up to him As I have done ….. repaid me

C) The Bible speaks of SOWING and REAPING

    1) These are agricultural terms that escape our mindset today- They illustrate the Process of Harvest


D)The farmer PLANTS a seed and that seed will ONLY produce that which was planted. It does NOT come up suddenly.

1)There is time and effort spent on that crop before it comes in.

It takes time, BUT the harvest does come


E)Adonibezek sowed cruelty for a long time, but one day the harvest came in


Because the process involved in Sowing & reaping can be a lengthy Process some people confuse God’s reaction to their Sin

A)They are sowing to the Flesh – and it seems like God isn’t doing anything -   4 Common Reactions          



1.) Many times, people confuse the patience of God for IMPOTENCE

A)Listen God is SO patient in dealing with us-  He WAITS for us to repent

      He allows us to go on while He waits for us to change


B) BUT some begin to think: God hasn't done anything to me yet,             therefore He CAN'T and WON'T do anything to me


2.) They begin to confuse the PATIENCE of God with IGNORANCE

A)"God doesn't know what I'm doing"


B)"I've hidden it from my wife, friends ………I've hidden it from God"


3.) They confuse God's PATIENCE with APATHY

A)God doesn't care how I live.... It really doesn't matter to God how I live


4.) In the final stages they begin to confuse the PATIENCE of God           with APPROVAL

It not only isn't wrong..... God actually approves of my lifestyle

What a TRAGIC mistake to think that God APPROVES of your sin, or is APATHETIC about your sin, or that God is IGNORANT of your sin, or God is IMPOTENT to deal with your sin


Ps 50:19-22

19 You give your mouth to evil,And your tongue frames deceit.

20 You sit and speak against your brother; You slander your own mother's son.  21 These things you have done, and I kept silent;

You thought that I was altogether like you; But I will rebuke you,

And set them in order before your eyes.

22 "Now consider this, you who forget God, Lest I tear you in pieces,

And there be none to deliver:



God is PATIENT and LONG-SUFFERING...... BUT - One day He WILL pay

A)One day the harvest comes in- Adonibezek sowed cruelty for a long time, but one day the harvest came in


B)So too - One day, with Adonibezek you might be forced to say: As                 I have done, so God has rewarded me



V. 8- 15

Spurgeon has a wonderful sermon on verses 12-15 ("Aschsah's Asking, A Pattern of Prayer");

A)He shows how the request from a daughter (Aschsah) to a father (Caleb) gives us a "PATTERN of prayer"  Note - __ things


1) She thought about what she wanted before she went to her father..

She came to Caleb with a very definite request, that had been considered before hand.


PT. "Think what you are going to ask before you begin to pray

This woman does not say to her father, 'Father, listen to me,' and then utter some pretty little oration about nothing; but she knows what she is going to ask for, and why she is going to ask it."


2) She asked for help with her request, asking her husband v.14 - she urged him to ask her father for a field


A) It is a good thing when God’s people are joined together in Prayer

Effective Fervent prayer of a Righteous man avails much


B) Prayer Chains – great !!!! 


3) She went humbly, yet eagerly


4) She Prayed for a blessing

Luke 12:32 "Do not fear, little flock, for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom.  NKJV


5) She mingled gratitude with her petition (v.15 you have given me land in the South)


6)  She used past blessing as a reason to ask for more


 RESULT Her father gave her what she asked

A)So this little vignette shares some good insights for us into Prayer


V. 16-19

So here we see that Judah begins to experience some failure told why in Ch. 2:1-3 They had begun to allow some things into their Mist

A)See God is not intimidated by Chariots – not scared or moved – not pacing heaven – “They have Chariots what am I going to do?”


B) It is not like when man designed the Chariot that God said – there go all my Promises – God doesn’t have anxiety attacks watching the Chariot scenes in Ben Hur -    IT IS NO BIG DEAL TO HIM !!!!!!

 C) There is no weaponry invented by man today – that scares Him

1)   2nd Coming – 1Thes 5 Jesus overthrows the enemy with the word of His Mouth


Now if I am living in my house and someone comes down the street in a Tank – that is a pretty big  deal to me because my resources are limited

A)In comparison to a tank I am in trouble – garden hose – rake / steak Knives { take you on }


B) But this is what we need to remember in all those areas that can cause us CONSTERNATION is – they are NOTHING TO GOD !!!!!

1)   He is not impressed by what we perceive to be our Strengths


C) But Judah loses sight of that – and because of what we will see is their compromise they miss out on the Promises of God

1)   They miss out on seeing what God will do – how He would deliver this army even w/ it’s chariots into their hands –


D) We will see in a couple of weeks how the Lord takes down a army with 900 Chariots thus Proving they are nothing to Him !!!!


Listen their attitude should have been like in Psalm 20:7 - Some trust in chariots, and some in horses; But we will remember the name of the LORD our God.


A)They believed one promise of God, and not another; God was with them in the hills, but not in the lowlands.


B)Many believers find it easy to believe one area of God's promises, but not another



Note that Phrase the Caananites were determined to dwell in the land

A)Their conflict w/ their enemies is like our Conflict w/ our Flesh –

See Like the Caananites the Flesh is determined to Stay

B) God Promised Victory over their enemies but they needed to Drive them out – God has promised us Victory over the Flesh –


Now here we see that they begin to compromise w/ the inhabitants of the land { Leads to their Down fall -

A)That is the great challenge for us as believers – we experience great victories in our early walks with the Lord –


B) But there can come a time when you start to grow tired of the Warfare –{ Christian life is Battle ground – flesh & the Devil { Living in this world

1)Now when you grow tired of the warfare there can be a tendency to grow lax in reading the word – { Begin to drift away from that Dependence on HS


C) Then it gets easy to start making – Covenants or agreements with the Flesh { Things that at one time would never be tolerated are tolerated

1)   Content to let the Lord have 70% of my life –


I think that everyone of us in this room tonight who have walked w/ the Lord a while – should ask ourselves – Have I grown comfortable in areas of my Flesh

A)Are there areas that I used to consider to be sin – that I don’t any longer? Good question to ask ourselves { Lord search our Hearts


B) See here is what we fail to see – is that in the compromise we are defeated & if not now somewhere down the line we will pay a horrible price

1)That is what is happening to these tribes


C) Now what we are going to see is a Progression that occurs as they make a Cov with these tribes like they would make with the Flesh

1)   Somehow we are duped into thinking that the enemy plays fair – Listen sin doesn’t play fair { James 1:13-15 makes it clear { Destroy You


D) John 10 Jesus makes it clear that Satan’s goal is to Kill / Rob / Destroy

1) When we open the door to compromise – we open the door to being destroyed

So here we see they move from Conquest to Compromise – that is always a dangerous place to be in

A)You know we should wake up every morning – understanding that we are a million miles away from what Christ wants us to be


B) Although we have progressed & grown / we are happy for that – we should never be satisfied but understanding – long way to go !!!

1)   We are certainly not in any place to make a Covenant with our Flesh


C) SO we pray Lord empower me today by your HS to move forward a little further today – believing  More than conquerors …… loved us

1)   Now that type of Prayer is in accordance with God’s will for your life and He will answer it – He will accomplish His will that day


D) Compromise with the Flesh always leads to defeat in our Lives



Now here is another great tendency – Tribute = they made them work as slaves

A)They grew strong enough to drive them out but rationalized – why should we drive them out – when we can get cheap labor out of them


B) We can use them to MAKE MONEY – so again them compromised for the sake of Monetary gain

1)   They compromised for the sake of making their lives easier and they are going to lose  everything for doing so –

2)  Because God will not Bless Compromise


C) FACT: God will never Compromise – He won’t do it / it is outside of His Nature – Not in Him to Compromise


D) Satan won’t compromise either – he might appear to compromise but in reality he doesn’t

Now when ever I think that I have devised some plan that allows me to live between those two Kingdoms It is a great Illusion

A)When I do that no one has compromised but me – Nobody is fooled but me and I will lose everything in the Process


B)So they compromised because of Money !!!!


V. 29-34

Here is the end of the Progression the enemy forces the tribe of Dan into the Mts / For they would not allow them in the Valleys



V. 35-36


So here we see 5 more incomplete Victories