Hearts Knit Together

1 Samuel 18:1-16


Article: Things people wonder about

A)Why is it such a compliment to tell a woman she looks like a breath of spring, but not to tell her she looks like the end of hard winter?    Isn’t it the same thing?

B) Why does it please a woman to say time stands still when you look into her face,

1) but NOT to say her face would stop a clock?

C) Why do people punish a child for lying and yet tell the same child, "Just say I’m not home."

D)Why, when the preacher says, "In closing……

" doesn’t he?

E) Why does a speaker who "needs no introduction" get one anyway?

1) Things people are wondering about


I have wondered about some of those things – But one thing that I have been wondering about lately

A) Why so many people are looking for meaningful relationships and yet so few actually find them.


B) It seems everyone wants a friend, but few people actually have real “friends.”


C) When I was growing up some of the most popular TV shows revolved around family.

Cosby Show / Partridge family / Brady Bunch / Family ties / Father knows Best / Growing pains

                  HOME IMPROVEMENT

A) Today: Some of the most popular shows of this past decade have revolved around Friends


B) Friends / Seinfeld / Drew Carey / Fraser


C) I think it is possible one of the reasons those shows are so popular – is they reflect man’s desire for real Friendships


D) We are becoming an increasingly private society and it seems that fewer people than ever actually have

Life long intimate friends any more.

Statistics tell us that most people are lucky if they have one “close friend” in their lifetime.

A) And with the fact that Americans are moving from place to place more now than ever before


B) It becomes very difficult to make & keep such a friend.


C) I looked to Webster to see how he defined a friend. I like the second definition under the word friend:

1) a friend is “a person on the same side in a struggle; one who is not an enemy or foe; But an ally.”



A British publication once offered a prize for the best definition of a friend.

A) Among the thousands of answers received were the following:

B) “One who multiplies joys, divides grief, and whose honesty is unbreakable.”

- “One who understands our silence.”
- “A volume of sympathy bound in cloth.”
- “A watch that beats for all time and never runs down.”

C) The winning definition read: “A friend is the one who comes in when the whole world has gone out.”


Well with that in mind – we come to 1 Sam 18 – where we see the beginnings of one of the greatest friendships in all of the Bible – David & Jonathan

A) We left off last time – having seen David take down the Giant Goliath –


B) Which in turn inspired the Israelites to take down the Philistines


C) After the rout of the Philistine army, David took the head of Goliath to Jerusalem

1) and the armor and sword of Goliath back to his tent.





What is this all about?

A) Well the Head of Goliath was a witness, and the armor of Goliath was a reminder.


B) Let me explain.

1. David took the head of Goliath back to Jerusalem to let the people of God know that there was a God in Israel who was stronger then any Giant,


C)  that there was a God in Israel that would not let His people be intimidated by an uncircumcised Philistine.


D) What joy that must have brought them, what confidence and faith that must have given them.


E) The head of Goliath was a constant witness to Israel of the power and faithfulness of their God.


The armor of Goliath was brought back and stored in David’s tent as a reminder to DAVID

A) It reminded him that there was not a giant in his life that he could not defeat with the help of the Living God.


B) Can I tell you that David needed that reminder,

1) See there were dark days ahead for David that would be filled with more giants


C) Different type from Goliath but just as big & strong and fearsome as Goliath,

1) in those days the armor and sword of Goliath would serve him well. Reminder of God’s faithfulness

Now for those times ahead David wouldn’t only need a Reminder – he would need a friend –

Prov 17:17 A friend loves at all times ,And a brother is born for adversity.


Well notice that God supplies  V.1 Now when he had finished speaking to Saul, the soul of Jonathan was knit to the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul.


A) Knit = fastened to / bound together !!  Aristotle What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.


B) It is a rare and special thing when God Fastens two hearts together – { outside  of marriage

1) Hearts that are Fastened in a friendship


C) Jonathan’s heart was fastened to David’s


Similar faith in God: Ch.14 Jonathan & Armor bearer – Let’s see what God might want to do!

A) Jonathan hadn’t seen similar faith in all of Israel


B) It is my personal opinion that Jonathan would have gone out to fight Goliath if his dad let him

1)What is one Giant when he took on a whole garrison ?


C) Jonathan also understood what David did- the Battle belongs to the Lord

1) So his heart was Knit to David’s – He loved him deeply – right away.

Now it is also worth noting that Jonathan was at least 10 yrs older than David at this time

A) David was about 15-17 – Jonathan 25-30

B) Jonathan at this time was already a commander of the troops – Put in that Position by Dad

1) He won the respect of that Position in Ch.14


C) What is interesting is that Jonathan being older doesn’t take the position of a big Brother to David

1) But rather a Servant to David


D) In Jonathan we see some tremendous Characteristics of being a Friend – RD V 2-4


Prov.18:24, A man who has friends must himself be friendly


Note 3 things we see in Jonathan that we can learn about being Godly & Faithful Friends

#1 A friend helps you Achieve your calling !!


A) The first thing that we are told that Jonathan did here is he made a Covenant with David


B) Jonathan was about 10 years older then David, he was  a valiant man, a proven leader,

1)  he was destined for greatness.


C) Jonathan was in line to be the King in Israel.


Jonathan also knew that his fathers Kingdom was in Decline !

A) He was there when Samuel made the pronouncement that Saul’s kingdom would be taken from him & given to another


B) Jonathan being a spiritual minded man realized it wasn’t him –


C) I believe when Jonathan saw David defeat Goliath he realized this is the One the kingdom is given to!

1) That is why he made this Covenant


Now this isn’t speculation on my part – You see David and Jonathan renew this Cov in Ch.20

A) It is there that we learn some of the details of it – what we see is this


B) Jonathan asks – that when David comes into Power that he would not Destroy his household

1) SEE THAT WAS COMMON PRACTICE IN THAT DAY – Get rid of all Potential Insurrectionists


C) Jonathan didn’t see David as a threat to advance himself

1) but as the Man who would advance the Cause of God


Here is what the friendship of Jonathan did for David:

A) it propelled him to heights that he could not achieve on his own.

B) This is what a good friend will always do, a good

friend will believe more in you & the calling on your life, then you do in yourself.


That is what Jonathan did for David.

A) When David got down, Jonathan was there to

lift him up,


B) when David was under attach, Jonathan defended him and watched his back,

1) when David made mistakes, Jonathan pointed them out but never condemned him.


C) When David got off track, Jonathan was there to point the way,

1) there were many times that David could have lost his way, but Jonathan made sure that didn’t happen.


D) We will see all of these as our story unfolds in the up coming chapters.


E) A good friend will do all that they can to make sure that your calling becomes a reality.

1) That is what Jonathan did for David –


2nd Mark of Jonathan’s Friendship is it was Sacrificial – V.4 again  4 And Jonathan took off the robe that was on him and gave it to David, with his armor, even to his sword and his bow and his belt.



A) Now don’t miss the symbolism of this,


B) Jonathan’s robe was a symbol of his

Position  and his royal lineage,

1) That he was in line to be the next king


C) His Armor was a Symbol of  his Prestige– Great warrior

1) His Sword was a Symbol of his Power


D) When learned in Ch.13:22 that he and his father were the only ones in all of Israel who had swords


He takes all of this and lays it on David, it’s like Jonathan is saying: 

A) All that I am, and all that I could become, I bestow on you.


B) That’s the essence of real friendship isn’t it?

1) Real friendship is sacrificial, real friendship is costly, real friendship demands that you give of yourself.


C) Jonathan Sacrificed here & would in the future to advance & encourage David !!!!


The 3rd ingredient we see in their Friendship that it endured Test

A) Two test that were thrown at it – First was the test of Success v.5-9 / Then the test of Loyalty v.10-16


B) First the test of Success  RD V 5-9

C) David’s star is beginning to rise – the women sing their songs – Saul …./ David ……… /


D) As David’s star was beginning to rise / Jonathans fading

1) But Jonathan unlike his father –doesn’t get jealous – never a peep of an what about me attitude /


E) Jonathan is not going around saying what about the Philistines I have slain

1) 1 Cor. 13:4 Love doesn’t envy –


How do you respond when others around you are Blessed ? Prospering

A) Your friend at work gets promoted & you don’t

Do you rejoice with him or resent him ?


B) When we respond in the latter – it is only sign of not being secure in our own relationship w/ the Lord

1) Not secure in the plan that God has for you.


C) It was after the Rez – Jesus was meeting with his disciples – Talking to Peter Jn 21 about how Peter was going to suffer for the Lord


D) Peter didn’t like the sound of this – saw John and said – what about him –


22 Jesus said to him, "If I will that he remain till I come, what is that to you? You follow Me."

So often that is our mentality – we are so worried about what is happening to everyone else

A) The Lord says to us – You Follow me – forget about what I am doing with him/her – You follow


B) Because Jonathan was secure in his own relationship w/ the Lord –

1)He was willing to take a Backseat to see David – Promoted


C) There wasn’t the competition thing that can ruin friendships /

1) he saw the hand of the Lord on David & wanted to support his friend


D)SO 1st:  Jon friendship sailed thru the test of Success


Next came the Test of Loyalty Rd v.10-16

A) Here Jonathan find himself in a very difficult situation – Dad is in sin in the flesh –


B) Jonathan walks this fine line of being true to his dad – but Loyal to David

1) We will see how this plays out in the next few Chapters


C It Would have been very natural for Jonathan to turn on David & say something like

 Look at the trouble you our causing our family

1)My dad is freaking out – he is going out of his mind & it is all your fault

D) But Jonathan does no such thing – instead he remains faithful to the Lord


E)  He risks even his life for David - / when things finally get bad – David has to flee –

1) it is Jonathan 1 Sam.23 comes to David when in doubt. Distress-  Strengthens his hands in God !!!!!



Jonathan was a Loyal friend

In his first seasons with the Brooklyn Dodgers, Jackie Robinson, the first black man to play Major League baseball, faced hatred nearly everywhere he traveled--fastballs at his head, spikings on the bases, brutal nicknames from the opposing dugouts and from the crowds.


During one game in Boston, the taunts and racial slurs seemed to reach a peak. In the midst of this, another Dodger, a Southern white named Pee Wee Reese, called timeout.

He walked from his position at shortstop toward Robinson at second base, put his arm around Robinson’s shoulder, and stood there with him for what seemed like an eternity.


The gesture spoke more eloquently than the words: This man is my friend.

A true friend is a loyal defender before others.


Now I think that it is easy to read this section and think I wish I had more friends like Jonathan

A) Can I encourage you – Instead look to be a Jonathan


B) It is great to have a friend like Jonathan – to be blessed in that way

1) Even greater blessing to be that kind of Friend


I went to the fellowship seeking to find friends & I found none!! I went to the fellowship seeking to be a friend & I found many !!


C) Jonathan looks a lot like Jesus


Prov.18:24 A man who has friends must himself be friendly - But there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.

A)Jesus is that friend who sticks closer than a Brother


B) Stripped Himself of Glory / left the comforts of heaven / came down into my world - & took my place of Punishment


C) He lowered himself so that I could be advanced


D)  He made a Cov w/ me & sealed it w/ His Blood – if I would just believe in Him as Only Savior / Only Lord / Only way   Live eternally w/ Him –


E) He remains loyal to this day: My Defense Attorney

WWII – A solider watched his best friend go down –

Stuck in no man’s land – between trenches

A) In his fox hole – I have got to go save him

His Sergeant said – no way – you will get shot


B) Sarg I have got to do it – Solider I am ordering you not to Go – not worth it


C) He went anyway: He was wounded in the process and when he tumbled back into the fox hole it was apparent that his friend was already dead .


D) Sarg – Why did you do it – I told you not to – I told you would get Shot – why didn’t you listen


"I told you it wouldn't be worth it. Your friend is DEAD and you are mortally wounded."


"It was worth it, though, sir," he said. "How do you mean, 'worth it'? I tell you your friend is dead."


"Yes, sir," the boy answered, "but it was worth it, because when I got to him he was still alive, and he said to me, 'Jim, I knew you'd come.'"


Jesus found us wounded by Sin – In rescue attempt cost him his life – New life in Return

Pray – Thank you for being that friend – Help us to be those type of friends