A Coronation that brings Transformation

2 Samuel 5:1-25

Intro: The life of David has been a source of blessing to us in two ways

A)First, he is living proof to us that God is looking for A MAN that he can use to accomplish His purposes/

B) But NOT a perfect man/ or a Man who never struggles/ But a man after God's own heart

C) Secondly, apart from his failures, David serves as a TYPE or a PICTURE of our King, the Lord Jesus Christ/

D) Consider a few Parallels

  1. 1ST David was the "shepherd king"..... Before becoming king David was a shepherd boy

E) He loved the flock he tended and was willing to risk his life to feed and protect them

So too Jesus is our "Shepherd King

Joh 10:11 I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd gives his life for the sheep.

A)2nd David was the "champion, or man of the middle" for Israel/ He stood in lone combat in the Valley with the champion of the Philistines

1) As David went, so went Israel

B)Again Jesus is our "Champion" who stood between heaven and earth and there at Calvary faced Satan in lone combat

1) As Jesus triumphed over Satan, we now live in His victory

C) 3rd Here in 2 SAMUEL 5 David provides for us another very IMPORTANT and a POWERFUL picture of Jesus

1) For In this chapter we see THREE main events

#1 The CORONATION of David as king over Israel (v.1-5)

#2 The TRANSFORMATION of Israel that followed (v.6-12)

#3 The CONFRONTATION against David's kingdom (v.17-25).

We saw in our study last time – David was anointed king in Judah 2 Southern tribes –reigned in Hebron–

A) The 10 northern tribes in Israel [ Epharim] were resisting David’s rule –

B) Following Ishbosheth – puppet king for Abner

Civil war was the result – Lasted Seven yrs

Now God was blessing Judah under David’s reign but those in Ephraim were really struggling under the reign of Ishbosheth

A)The Scenario is a picture of those who resist God’s plan for their lives they ignore that they were created for fellowship w/ God

B) They ignore that they were made for his pleasure / they were designed to have Jesus reigning in their lives / Leading them /caring for them/

  1. As their SHEPHERD KING

C) And so they resist the will of God for them / & they watch those who have Jesus as their King being Blessed / Joy / Peace / Purpose

  1. There is a Calm even in the mist of the Storm – but they continue to Resist the Reign of Jesus in their own lives

Well here in Ch.5 the Elders in Northern Israel finally stop resisting the will of God & they join w/ Judah in making Israel their King {RD 1-5

A) So the 10 northern tribes finally get with the program in making David their King –

They quit resisting the will of God for their lives

B) The result is things start to change – God starts to move –

1) A radical transformation in Israel is the Result

C) As we look at these verses lets make note of some transforming things that take place when David is on throne

D) Noting how this transformation pictures what often happens in a person’s life when they make JC their King RD V. 6-12

1st v.6, &7 we see that David took the stronghold of Zion (Jerusalem)

A) From the time that God brought the Israelites into the Promised Land, the city of Jerusalem was always a problem for them

B) In spite of the fact that the whole land was given to them they had never been able to possess it all

C) Zion - The most strategic and the most stately city in the whole land was occupied firmly by their enemy

Josh:15:63 As for the Jebusites the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the children of Judah could not drive them out:

D) Jerusalem sits on a Mt. Always going up when headed to Jerusalem / which made it a hard city to Attack

1) So the Jebusites were far too strong for them.... Eventually the Israelites started to peacefully coexist with them

Taking the city of Jerusalem became a hopeless cause for Israel and the Jebusites actually scoffed Israel for its weakness

A)The city was so strong that the Jebusites claimed that the blind and the lame could defend it

B) But When David became king over Israel we are told that immediately he took the stronghold of Zion

1) The victory that had been impossible for Israel throughout their whole history became possible when David became king

B)So too One of the first evidences of Jesus becoming king of our lives will be that deep rooted habits of sin that ruled us and defeated us

1) WILL BE defeated by the power and authority of our King, Jesus

C) The sin that ruled over us, like the Jebusites dominated Jerusalem

1) The sin that DEFIED our best efforts to remove them

D) The sins that were DESTROYING us & DOMINATING us/

1) They are put under the feet of Jesus when He becomes King of our lives

E) See when Jesus comes into our lives it is to set up His Kingdom!

  1. He starts His rule by giving us the first taste of deliverance & victory over the power of deep rooted sin.{He Breaks stronghold of Satan


NOTE: It is interesting to make note of how Jesus liked to deal with long standing problems

A)He healed a man blind from birth (John 9:1) He healed a man lame from birth (Acts 3:2)

B)The man who waited for a healing at the pool of Bethesda for 38 years

1) Jesus healed the woman issue of blood for 12 years, and she had spent all of her money on physicians and was only worse (Luke 8:43)

C) NOTE: There is no habit that has gone so deep that the power of Jesus can't go deeper to defeat it

  1. Church is filled w/ People Delivered from Anger / Bitterness / drugs & Alcohol abuse / Pornography / Great Stories


So the first mark of Transformation that occurred when David became King was that the Stronghold of the Enemy was Broken

A)The 2nd mark Transformation was that it was confirmed on a daily basis

V10 And David went on, and grew great, and the LORD God of hosts [was] with him.

B) In other words, the sovereignty of David was expressed by INCREASING in different areas of the kingdom/ Kingdom Expanding


Now What was true in David’s kingdom is true also in the life of a Christian

A_When Jesus is seated upon the throne of our heart, there is that INITIAL overthrow of the old authority

B) But - That is only the initial step of a lifetime in which we see His rule EXPANDING….

  1. Here is what happens when you find yourself putting the label "sin" on things in your life that you wouldn’t have before!

C) Before: Struggle – personality – upbringing – Now see it thru His eyes - Sin – He died for!

D) His kingdom begins to Expand in your heart – You begin to change

1) You remember when the Angel Announced to Mary concerning the Birth of our Lord – He said to her

Luke 1:32

"The Lord God shall give unto him the throne of His father David:& He shall reign over the house of Jacob: & of His kingdom there shall be no end."

E) So too the confirmation of the fact that Jesus is our King is that there is no end to this kingdom

  1. His Lordship in your life grows & grows as you continue to give Him area after area & Territory after Territory!!!

See this all the time in peoples’ lives / A guy gives His life to the Lord

A)First thing that happens He makes Jesus Lord over his Priorities / so that the first thing he does each day – spends time w/ Jesus – Word & Prayer

B) What often comes next is that he gives Jesus the reign in his relationships w/ his wife & kids

C) He has conducted himself a certain way for so many yrs – but now that man is seeking the Help & direction of the Lord

  1. Concerning how to take care of his family

D) And the influence of the Lord begins to grow in that man’s life – and it is very apparent – Character is growing / deepening

  1. His family & marriage relationships are getting stronger

But there is still an area where he has the tendency to lean upon his own strength / the arm of his flesh – that is in the area of his Business/ Profes.

A) I mean this is who he is / this is what he does / / this is what he knows This is his Domain / this is his livelihood / he is comfortable there

B) He has been doing it a long time & he does it well

  1. Now concerning his wife – he seeks God’s help – because what man really understands women?

C) His Children – he sees the need there too – for direction & leading from the Lord – times are changing / the kids are always changing

  1. He gives time to the Lord / the first part of his day – Because he has been captured by the Wonder of who God is

D) But his Job – harder to surrender / – by his actions what he is suggesting is Lord I don’t need your help here – under control

  1. He is like Peter – who objected when Jesus suggested he cast out the nets AGAIN after Peter fished all night & caught nothing

E) Jesus You Know Carpentry / You know Preaching / You Know Miracles

But Peter knows Fishing – Wrong time to fish

  1. But Peter ends up saying – Never the Less at your word I will….nets


That is the place that the Lord wants everyone of us to come to w/ every aspect of our lives – Lord what do you think –

A)What would you do differently – seek Him & sit before Him / let Him speak to your heart by His spirit thru His word / At your word ……

B) As it relates to your marriage / your kids / your business / your hobbies / how you spend your money – etc.

C) Finances can be a major strain in a marriage – Some women out of control – w/ the Check book – Strain/ Problem: Jesus isn’t Lord there

C) But He wants to be – Just as David was conquering new territory for Israel Jesus wants to Lovingly invade every area of your life

  1. He wants to INFLUENCE for the better – everything that we do / and who we are!!


So the initial coronation day of the Lord Jesus is immediately followed by a succession of coronations in which He becomes Lord over an ever-increasing area of your life

A)Every step of obedience & faith is followed by increasing demands of our Lord to occupy and TRANSFORM new areas of our life and our personality

B) Now I have to admit I don’t always like the sovereignty of Jesus Christ in my life & I’ve often disputed it/ fought against it !!!

C) But Every time I have RESISTED His authority as king of my life, my life has been marked by spiritual weakness and fruitlessness

  1. Every time that I resisted that act of resistance was followed by weeks & months of Spiritual stagnation & failure

D) Although I did not lose my relationship w/ the Lord –I lost something almost as wonderful THE SENSE OF HIS PRESECNE

1) The Reality of His Fellowship


NOTE: At any point, you can resist His sovereignty, but at that moment you become fruitless and weak/ Big Problems

A)You can keep going to Bible studies etc. ...... But the power is gone.......The Lord is in your heart but you have quenched the Spirit

B) Niagara River Story

Now the CORONATION of David was not only confirmed by the TRANSFORMATION of Israel,

A) But it was also marked by immediate CONFRONTATION from their enemies


B) So the enemy wasn’t bothered until David became ruler over all Israel and began to lead Israel to victory


APPLICATION: When Jesus becomes our Lord, that act of submission to Jesus will be followed by a massive counter attack from the enemy

A)Notice: How pointed the attack was: The valley of Rephaim is practically under the walls of Jerusalem

B) They spread themselves around a place where for decades they had been occupants although they had no right to it

C)For decades they were able to defy every attempt of Israel to throw them out until the CORONATION of David

1) But once thrown out they immediately tried to recapture the stronghold


The Same thing holds true in our lives – the moment you give your live to Christ & start growing/ as you begin to give over new areas of your

A) The enemy starts planning ways to seduce you / to take over those areas of your life again – Regain the ground he lost

B)Understand Satan isn’t concerned with those who merely profess to be Christians

1) BUT - When Jesus comes in and sets up His Kingdom in our lives - throwing out the old strongholds of sin, then Satan launches an all out attack

C) And He counterattacks accurately/ Like the Philistines, he knows right where to go / He counterattacks persistently- Keeps on Coming

D)REALITY If Jesus is crowned as Lord of your life, then you are in for constant warfare/ Life is not a Playground …Battleground

How does David deal with this: He inquires of the Lord

A) This was a strength to David’s leadership – when it came to matters of the state – He prayed

B) Attack coming against you – Prayed? sought the Lord – what should I do?

C) This week – Dealing with some battle –

Notice the Lord’s instructions to David differed

A) V. 19 Go up!

B) V.23 Don’t go up circle behind

C) Avoid routines – Not seven steps to spiritual success – Live w/ me / rely on me

1) Cling to me – talk to me

D) Worried – Take a day – Inquire what should I do!



A)Has there been a CORONATION of Jesus in your own life?

B) Can you see any parallels between the crowning of David as king over Israel and the crowning of Jesus as King over your life?

1) Is there a TRANSFORMATION that has taken place?

C) Has Zion been taken? - Are you experiencing victory over sin that once dominated your life

1) Is Jesus growing Great in your life? - Are you allowing Jesus to exercise His authority over an every increasing area of your life?

D) Is there CONFRONTATION from the enemy against your new allegiance to Christ?

E) Do you find that you wrestle with temptation rather than running into it?...... Is the enemy trying to regain old strongholds?


Do YOU need to crown Jesus as King of your life/

A)Still trying to fight Against Him / Still Resisting God’s will for You? Surrender today

B)Do YOU see the need to let Him EXTEND His authority in your life?

1) Area where you have been resisting? Feel – become Stagnate / fruitless