2 Samuel 6 & 7


Desires: Funny they can constantly Change – Affected by our moods

Affected by what we see - Watching TV – Pizza – 10pm –

A) I want some pizza –

B) Change from day to day – Desire – this kind of car / that outfit

1) New Job – New Hair do –

C) Desire to read a book – desire to pray more

D) Desires are a funny thing – always changing & they are affected by so many things

However – from time to time we get a desire – that doesn’t go away

A) Desire that becomes a passion- something that is birthed in us by the spirit of God { Godly spiritual – it is right – Scriptural

B) It is something that we need to pursue – something that we need to invest in – something that we need to pray about

1) Something that we need to seek God’s instruction and insight over

C) In our text tonight – We see in David’s life

D) Desire that gets birthed – Desire derailed – Desire Resurrected –

Desire – Denied – Desire Re- focused!

1) Gain some insight into how to deal with those desires that come into our hearts by the Spirit of God



A) Here we see that David had a good Desire – He wanted to bring the Ark Back home – to Jerusalem –

B) Familiar with the Ark – golden Box – Ten Commandments – positioned in the Holy of Holies –

1) Represented the Glory of God amongst his People

C) So you could say that David was wanting to bring the Glory of God back to Israel

D) See the Ark had been lost yrs before in a battle with the Philistines –

During Saul’s reign – TEMPLE OF DAGON – FISH GOD

1) Whole situation got fishy

E) The Philistines sent the ark away and it had dwelt at the house of a man by the name of Abinadab for probably 15yrs

So when David assumes the throne – He gets this Desire to bring the Ark Home – His Desire is Good – Motive is great – Bring glory back

A) Method is Wrong – note v. 3 He decides to transport the ark on a New Cart –

B) What is the big deal – at least it wasn’t an old cart –

1) This is the big deal – God gave specific instructions in Numbers 4 and Ex 25 on how the Ark of the Cov was to be carried

C) It was built with slots for these Poles to be put thru it – It was only to be carried on the shoulders of the Priest –

So not only is David’s method wrong – New Cart – Also – No priest

A) Instead – He employs Abinadab’s sons to drive the Cart –

B) Interesting names - UZZAH and AHIO

1) UZZAH = Strong

C) He was a strong man..... He was the kind of guy that you want in

positions of leadership because he is strong and can keep things stable

D) AHIO = Brotherly- He's the kind of guy you want around because he shakes hands and makes people feel at home.

E) He would be a great guy to work with numbers of people because he is disarming

1) Besides all of this – David had 30,000 Choice men marching!

Big Parade

This is the way that some people approach ministry today!

A) They want to experience the Glory of God – New Cart – some new program or gimmick to make the Church grow { See Glory

B) Big Parade – Hype

1) Right people in place – Mr. Strong / Mr. Brotherly

C) Problem: That is what the world does – Advertising campaign to launch some project –

1) Right people in place

D) My Bible says – God uses the foolish things of the World to confound the wise –

1) In other words he is going to work thru the least likely to accomplish great things

E) So David has Right Motive – Wrong Method: The Result v. 6-11

Here is the Result – David’s Desire gets Derailed

A) Cart stumbles – Ark is going to fall – Uzzah reaches out to keep it from falling – He is struck dead – That seems – Harsh

B) Raiders of the Lost Ark – Nazi’s look inside the Ark – Flesh melts

1) Totally fictional – but that was the overall senses – Don’t mess with the Ark – Numbers 4:15 Don’t touch any holy thing lest you die!

C) The Holiness of God is something that is to be respected –

D) Uzzah made a decision in a moment to disregard God’s command and do what seemed right to him.

1) Uzzah was assuming that God needed his help in protecting His glory!


So the first result is Death – 2nd David gets mad and angry at God

3rd David is now paralyzed from moving forward

A) For 3 months – the ark sits at the home of Obed Edom – while David wonders what went wrong!

B) What a mess – No Glory – Death / Frustration / Paralyzed Desire


Next we see Desire Resurrected V. 12

A) When David hears how the House of Obed is being blessed – that Desire is resurrected – Once again – Bring the Ark Back

B) 1 Chron 15 is helpful – turn there – Rd v. 2-3

1) Obvious – David looked to the Word

C) Desire needs to be combined with God’s word!

1) When I was single – wanted to be married – Looked to the Word

D) When God bring Adam to Eve? Adam was Asleep = Rest

1) Eleazor who is a type of the HS leading Rebekah to Isaac

E) Ministry: Not Strive – Allow God to open the doors – PRAY

God’s work done God’s way and in God’s Timing – that is what we want – That is what we desire! David is now doing God’s work God’s way! Turn back to 2 Sam 6 – Rd v. 13- 15


David’s approach was scriptural – now he was following the word – Poles / Priest 2nd God was the Focus –

So David took off his Royal Robes & was dressed only in a Linen Efod which was like a Night Shirt

A) David made himself like everyone else so that the Focus was to be on God as King & not what King David was doing

B) Also Every six steps they stopped- Sacrificed / This was NOT a QUICK method

1)To kill an ox and fillet it would NOT be a quick and easy thing to do

C) There might have been those who said: "David – we have miles to travel, and stopping every 6 steps is NOT the going to get the job done

1) But David tried it the fast way earlier and the consequences were brutal

Significance of 6 steps?- 6 is the number of man

A)It was a conscious recognition that man is unable in himself to experience the glory of God.{ Man sinned & needed a Sacrifice }

B) For man to experience the glory of God, he must draw near to God by the means the God has prescribed- not his own efforts or techniques

  1. The Focus was God – His Person / His Way

C) Also Note – It was diligent v.14 David Danced before the Lord with all His might { Every ounce of Fiber

  1. Love the Lord … w/ all your heart / Soul / Mind / strength

D) That is what David was exemplifying here – Lord – praise you & serve you with all that is w/ in me!!!

  1. With mind – follow your instructions / With my heart & Soul –Honor you as King / With Strength – Praise you .. all my might

E) Everything is going right – until – There is someone there to quench the moment –

1) Always the case – always someone there to quench the HS – tries to quench the moment - RD V. 16-23

Ministry Note: David sets a neat pattern : 1st He Blesses God by bringing in the Ark the Lord’s way!!/

A) 2nd v.18 He Blesses the People

B) 3rd v.20 He returns home to Bless his Household

C) But when he gets there Michal says – How could you…. QUENCH – Where was Michal / too dignified / too cool

D)There will always be those who say – don’t get to fanatical

  1. It is good to have God in your Life – but He doesn’t need to be Your life

E) Listen they will be Barren

F) Michal refused to worship – she was barren – What about you?


So we have seen Desire Birthed / Desire Derailed / Desire resurrected and Fulfilled – Move into Ch. 7 See Desire Denied { Rd v. 1- 3


So David goes to his friend Nathan the prophet and shares his vision – this is the first mention of Nathan in the bible

A.)Nathan – thinks it is a wonderful idea and tells David to do all that is in YOUR heart- God is w/ YOU

B.)Nathan’s reply was a reasonable one – but the problem was Nathan didn’t consult God- He didn’t pray { easy mistake to make

    1. Something might seem like a great idea to you and from a practical sense it makes all the sense in the world

C) But maybe it is not God’s will for you / Now what we need to be concerned about is God’s best

  1. Not what seems best to us – But what is Best in God’s eyes !!!!!

Nathan makes a mistake here by not praying with David about his desire – but that night God corrects it! RD V.4 – 7

1 Chron 17:3-4 – more clear 3But it happened that night that the word of God came to Nathan, saying, 4"Go and tell My servant David, ‘Thus says the LORD: "You shall not build Me a house to dwell in

A)What a hard answer this would be for the king to hear – His dream shattered – When God said no

B.) And what is really interesting is: – at this time God didn’t give David an explanation of why? God just said – no

C.) It would years later that God revealed the reason why! – 1 Chron 22:8

David had shed too much Blood – too many Wars {Temple place of peace

D)But initially God just said no David, I don’t want you to build me a house

Now, was God saying it was wrong for David to want to do this? No

A.)Years later Solomon – 2 Chron 6:7-9 –7Now it was in the heart of my father David to build a £temple for the name of the LORD God of Israel. 8But the LORD said to my father David, ‘Whereas it was in your heart to build a temple for My name, you did well in that it was in your heart. 9Nevertheless you shall not build the temple, but your son who will come from your body, he shall build the temple for My name.’ You did well that it was in your heart

B.) So it wasn’t wrong But in God’s word to Nathan /reveals not necessary/ See God cannot be contained in a building – He envelopes the universe

    1. The church is not a building – the church is a body – people

C.)Building can merely be a place where the body gathers together to praise the Lord – meet with God – learn about God / encourage each other in God

D.) But God had a plan for this temple – Important in the prophetic picture – sore spot in Israel now!

So here we find David at this place where he wants to do something for God / he thinks it is a great thing – But God says no! { Hate that word!

A.)But then God says – listen to what I am going to do for you! V.8-17

B.)David goes to Nathan and says this is what I want to do for God – Nathan says cool -

1)But then God says no –but tell David this is what I am going to do for him!

C.)God’s response to David is known as the Davidic Covenant

  1. Simply states that God was going to establish David’s kingdom forever

D.)Though it has direct application to David’s son Solomon who would build the temple

1) It has a far-reaching application to Jesus who would come from David’s lineage – his seed/ Thru Jesus God will establish an everlasting kingdom


Now we can learn important lesson from this: This is so like God – we say God, I want to do something for you – He might say no

A.)But then He says – I will do something even better for you

B.)Now He might not tell you at first – but if you are patient and continue to seek Him – it will be revealed

    1. Sue and Denise

C.)Has God told you No recently? What has been your response? Mad? Sulking? Turned back on God?

1.)Listen He has your best interest at heart

D.) Like David, he wants to radically bless your life – plans for you – that will blow your mind 1 Cor 2:9

9But as it is written:

"Eye has not seen, nor ear heard,

Nor have entered into the heart of man

The things which God has prepared for those who love Him.

So God says David – this is what I am going to do for you – establish throne forever – notice David’s reaction: v.18-24


David says who is like you Lord & Who is like the People of God !!

A) Israel was God’s special people {Impact the world around them! –

Their relationship w/ God was to have a contagious affect on the world

B) Sometimes kids can have the tendency to look at other kids who are richer / or have a parent who is just a great guy

1) And they can think – I wish I was him or her I wish I had their Dad

C) Good friend growing up – No Dad – So Competitive – compete w/ me used to really make me mad – I understand now – Why

1) My dad was the closest thing he had to the real thing

D) God intended Israel to have a similar affect on the other nations around them – They would see His dealings w/ Israel & desire to know their God

E) God wants the Church today to have a Contagious affect on the World around it – CONTAGIOUS AFFECT

1) Sees the Peace / Satisfaction / Contentment / Strength in the mist of the

Storm & all the other results of God’s Grace in our lives

So David Worships God – Who is like you & who is like your People



He believes the promise: v.25-29 – Let it be so!

A.)Not promise keepers but promise believers / Promises of God

B)David is not just blown away by the Promise of God but wants to walk in them

Susanna Wesley God's promises are sealed to us, but not dated.

#4 – David couldn’t build the temple but He does what he can

Turn 1 Chron 29:2-3


1Furthermore King David said to all the assembly: "My son Solomon, whom alone God has chosen, is young and inexperienced; and the work is great, because the temple is not for man but for the LORD God. 2Now for the house of my God I have prepared with all my might: gold for things to be made of gold, silver for things of silver, bronze for things of bronze, iron for things of iron, wood for things of wood, onyx stones, stones to be set, glistening stones of various colors, all kinds of precious stones, and marble slabs in abundance. 3Moreover, because I have set my affection on the house of my God, I have given to the house of my God, over and above all that I have prepared for the holy house, my own special treasure of gold and silver:

A.) David drew up plans and gathered materials


When God says no – you can’t go – you can’t build – encourage you to do what you can

A.)If you cannot build you can gather materials – help finance

B.)Can’t go – but you can send someone else

    1. cant’ do it – you can pray – you can encourage



Desire – Done in God’s way and in God’s Timing!

If we don’t Frustration and death are the Result

Desire that has died is resurrected when he get into the Word

When God says no to a Desire – Do what you can!