1 Kings 1-2

A Transfer of Power


Terrorist attacks in London: Reminder of September 11th – See the planes again – The towers collapsing – the Carnage

A) I didn’t get to see in person the damage at ground Zero – but the people I know who did- had a hard time describing what they saw


B) Words cannot convey the sense of emotions and anguish that people were going thru at that time.


C) And for the rest of our lives – whenever people visit NY – one of the places they will visit is Ground Zero

1) People will tell the Story of what used to be there – and how it came to disappear


D) See ruins can cause us to look back in remembrance so we can move forward in Wisdom.

1) Teach us to see what happened / what we can learn / what Avoid.


E) Those are questions that 1&2 Kings were written to answer.


On one level the books provide a history of the period of Israel’s Monarchy – from the Death of David to Judah’s last King.

A) But these books are more than just a History lesson – they are a PREACHED HISTORY- designed to bring a message.


B) It is very selective. It covers 400yrs of Israel’s History in very broad strokes – large time periods are passed over very quickly

1) While much more attention is given to figures such as Solomon, Elijah, Elisha, Hezekiah, and Josiah.


C) 1st and 2nd Kings are best described as theological narratives.

1) As Narratives they tell a story – as theology they contain a message about God and His dealing with His People.


D) 3 Major themes:

1) Yahweh the God of Israel, alone is God.

2) The hope of Israel is in God’s faithfulness to his Covenants.

3) God’s people are responsible to obey what God has revealed.


E) Authorship is unknown – Some believe it was Jeremiah –

1) Doesn’t really matter – Holy Spirit.



A) Chapters 1-2 record the manner in which Solomon came to be David’s successor.


B) They also reveal the basic principles upon which the Davidic Dynasty will either Flourish or Flounder.


C) Divided these 2 Chapters into the following:

     CH.1 – The Struggle for the throne:

     CH. 2:1-12 – The Survival of the throne: - What Solomon would  

       need to do to keep it in place and prospering.


    CH. 2:13-46 The Securing of the throne:               


RD v1-4


As 1st Kings begins – David is old and advanced in yrs. - Old man final days –

A) Practice was not for sexual purposes but for comfort purposes


B) Common practice: Body heat…didn’t have electric blankets or heaters.


C) As 1 Kings begins this is a critical moment in Israel’s History.

1) Kingdom has been united under David – it is thriving


D) But two Dangers existed:


1) Danger #1 was the internal division over David’s successor

2) Danger #2 What would happen in the heart of the king who followed David.

A) That is why the central passage in the first two chapters is David’s last recorded words to Solomon.


B) What is conveyed there shaped the movement of the entire history that followed.       The Story begins however with a Power Struggle.


C) Begins with the Struggle for the throne:  Rd 5-10


Presidential election in 2000 – Bush and Gore – go down in History

A) Florida Chad – Debalce – 35 days after the election the results were finalized. George W. Bush – became our 43rd President.


B) People laughed jokes were made – late night fodder –

1) Appreciate our countries Democracy – Other countries – death riots over throw complete Chaos


C) Power struggles mark the terrain of govts in most countries through out History - Israel was no different


Here we see where David’s 4th Son made a play for the throne.

A) David had not publicly named his successor – but apparently Adonijah knew that Solomon and not he was the intended Choice


Adonijah a very beautiful name. Adoni, in Hebrew is Lord, and Yaw, is Jehovah. So, really the name is Jehovah is my Lord.


That is what his name meant but that is not what his actions showed! – God is never on the throne when we try to take matters into our own hands


B) His play for the throne started with an alliance – Usually does

1) Adonijah found two disgruntled employee’s of David – Joab his general & Abiathar the priest

C) Why were these guys disgruntled? Joab- who knew Dirt on David Uriah Bathsheba

1) David was always seeking to replace him – Abner / Amassa – Joab killed both of them.   Joab was a lose cannon.


D) David had also replaced Abiathar as the main Priest w/ Zadok

1) Jealousy and Bitterness fueled their REVOLT!


Adonijah begins with an alliance – that leads to a gathering!

A) He declared I will be king – Start acting like one – 50 men – horses, chariots – mini parade –


B) These were the markings of Power and Adonijah was clearly seeking to make a public statement. – LOOK AT MY POWER!

1) Such a pointless thing to do – Those who exalt themselves – God will humble – those who humble themselves – He will exalt


Psalm 75:6-7

For exaltation comes neither from the east  Nor from the west nor from the south. 7 But God is the Judge: He puts down one, And exalts another.


C) Now Adonijah knew that his actions would not be received well by everyone so he purposely excluded{ Nathan / Beniah/ mighty men/ Sol. 

                                     RD V. 11-27



Nathan and Bathsheba were one of 3 people Joab being the other who had Knowledge of David’s deepest Secret – Uriah / Bathsheba

A) I don’t say that to mean they had leverage over him – but to indicate that they had a special relationship w/ them.


B) Sometimes it is the people who see our weaknesses and know our frailties, who love us anyway – that make the best of friends


C) Often times when people have a tendency to put someone on a pedestal – sure many did with David

1) Then they see a weakness – They turn quickly & sharply


D) But when someone is able to see the good the bad the upright and the ugly – they still Love – still loyal – best of Friends


E) Bathsheba and Nathan had that type of relationship with David and they came to him to help see that his original intentions toward Solomon were carried out –


1) David might have been frail physically – but not so mentally – He immediately sets a plan into action          RD v.28-33 { Side note at v.33


Why a Mule and not a Horse? Mule was for peace – Horse was for conquering

A) Interesting that Jesus Chose a mule for his triumphal entry – not coming to conquer – but to MAKE PEACE


B) But at his 2nd coming He is coming on a white horse – Conquer

                                          Pick up v.34-40



So here we see in this Public environment, surrounded by David’s highest officials Solomon was anointed by the Prophet & Priest

A)The ceremonial shofar trumpet was sounded and the shout went up Long live King Solomon..


B) Solomon was then paraded back to the palace and seated on the throne. { Joyfully accepted by the People

1) So before the day was over the succession crisis was dealt with!


C) The events happened so quickly that Adonijah and his party were caught completely off guard & their gathering was rendered obsolete

                                  RD V.41-49


So this little rebellious gathering quickly disbanded

A) When people are gathered together under the umbrella of a rebellion – usually it is a frail foundation { Few exceptions –Revolt from Britain


B) Usually it is a shaky gathering at best – Proved to be true here

1) Everyone bails – “That was short lived”        


C) This whole seen is a great picture of what needs to take place in our lives at times!



 See Satan like Adonijah knows who is to be on the throne of our lives – JESUS – but he doesn’t like that.   

A) So he seeks to rally our flesh in revolt – appeals to those areas – hurt or mistreated – rally support – Revolt against God’s appointed rule


B) But whenever that type revolt is going on inside of us – it needs to be squashed quickly decisively!

1) 2 Cor 10:5 bring every thought captive to the obedience of Christ,


C) Deal with it – not going to give it place – not going to let this thought or attitude live!

1) Under David’s leadership this insurrection is quickly squashed!


D) But Solomon almost makes the tragic mistake of letting it live!



RD V.50-53

Adonijah runs to the altar seeking mercy – The horns of the altar was a place of asylum for those who had committed involuntary manslaughter

A) Run to one of the cities of refuge and cling to the horns of the altar


B) Since the blood of the sacrifices was smeared on the horns of the alter it symbolized a covering of the crime.


C) Well for the first time in the story Solomon took action. Until now others had acted on his behalf

1) But now he was showing his character, acting with royal authority w/out consulting his father.


D) He offered Adonijah a release that was conditioned on his being a worthy man.

1) Given opportunity to prove himself - see in ch.2 He fails miserably


E) Don’t let sin live! – Do away with it


Lesson of Ch.1  God accomplishes His Sovereign purposes, but his people are called to promote His purposes.


Knowing that God has a sovereign purpose does not mean that we can wait passively for it to unfold. God’s people are called to decisive actions to further his purposes.


Anything that threatens Jesus from being the Lord in our lives needs to be put in it’s placed or eliminated immediately.




                                 Chapter 2:1-4  {The Survival of the throne:

The final words of a father to his son are always significant – this would prove to be no different.{ Kingdom’s survival hinged on it.

A) David was a Solider a warrior – He begins his charge w/ that feel

Be strong and prove yourself a Man!


B) Solomon was unproven – David knew that for him to carry on the legacy – It would take courage and bravery on his part

1) He would have to be a man!


C) David also wanted Solomon to realize that he was a man under orders – Therefore he must walk in the ways of the Lord / following His commands judgments and testimonies


These words convey a powerful truth about Godly leaders: The greatest responsibility is to honor the Ways and the Word of God

A) There are consequences that follow such a Life


1) You shall prosper- Prosper carries w/ it the idea of acting with skill and insight – of which the result is SUCCESS.

2) Royal and national prosperity would be the by product of a life of obedience.


B) A 2nd Byproduct would be if Solomon lived such a life – it would mean that David’s Dynasty would continue.


C) God had made a promise to David in 2 Sam 7 that his seed would have a lasting rule in Israel.  Eternal Kingdom

1) The Final and full fulfillment of that promise is realized in Jesus as the Messiah - The Son of David.


But the Promise had a condition attached to it – revealed here.

A) The Dynasty would continue as long as the King walked in the ways of the Lord


B) David would be the measuring stick: Every other King – Did according to or didn’t do according to his father David

1) David wasn’t perfect – many faults – but over all he had a heart for God

    God honored that in David


C) And He promised to honor that in David’s Descendants

1) David’s heart was after God – and David wants his son Solomon to realize that is the key


D) SO David first and foremost wants his son Solomon to take heed to his heart! – Serve God – Honor God – Key


E) Faithfulness starts in the Heart – and is seen in the actions

1) Faithfulness meant not only a life conformed to God’s standard but a heart that was committed to God.


So the key to the Kingdom’s survival starts with the heart of the King So David begins by instructing Solomon to walk in the ways of the Lord – keep his heart right.


2nd Key to the Kingdom’s survival would be Unity: For that reason David instructs Solomon to deal with those who would be DIVISIVE.

                                         RD v.5-9

A) David perceived that Joab – ruthless – would be danger –


B) Shimei ……cursed David …. Absalom…..  Problem – Still bitter


C) Brazillai – Show him kindness for his Loyalty…. Family eat at our table.


D) Statement: Kind to my father – I will be kind to you

1) Mean to my father – I will be mean to you.


                               RD V.10-12


The passing of David was the Passing of one of God’s giants, but it is recorded here with great simplicity for two reasons:

A) 1st the Focus is never to be on God’s man – but God – God’s man was dead – but God was still very much alive – w/ a new man – new things


B) 2nd The writer’s main concern was the fulfillment of God’s promise to see Solomon firmly established on the Throne of Israel


C) That last phrase is the theme of the rest of the Chapter: it is repeated in v. 24 as well as 45-46

1) The Throne was Secure – but it would only stay that way as Solomon followed the Lord


III. The Securing of the throne: Deal w/ the Divisive!   RD v.13-25

A) The first person to represent danger was Adonijah ….. Abishag


B) In that culture – Marry one of the king's wives – symbol of your right to the Throne – Absalom w/ concubines


C) Solomon sees right thru this – and that is all she wrote for Adonijah

D) Let the flesh live – trouble!



Next up is Abiathar – V. 26-27 – Makes his world small { House arrest


Joab – V. 28-35 – is put to death – Horns of the altar were for the innocent – Joab was a man of blood shed


Shimei – Makes his world small as well. – Don’t cross the Kidron Valley

A) 2 Yrs – he did – slaves ran away – that was that.


B) Willingness of Abiathar and Shimei to live in obedience!


C) So in securing the throne: Solomon’s enemies had been dealt with


All except ONE – Solomon’s greatest enemy would be his own heart

1) The greatest threat to Solomon’s reign was Solomon himself.


D) Solomon needed to heed his own counsel – Proverbs 4:23

23 Keep your heart with all diligence, For out of it spring the issues of life.


E) That was the main thing that David instructed – unfortunately in the long run – it was not carried out.


Lessons in Ch.2 – The central battle of life is the battle of the heart!


There is no substitute for maintaining a heart of faithfulness and a lifestyle of obedience to the Lord.