1 Kings Chapters 12-14

 King Jeroboam


The Christian life in some ways is like one of those drawings where you color inside the lines.

A) God has a plan for our lives – He loves us – He is painting a picture -  Masterpiece


B) He gives us the Choice to add some of the color some of the depth / some of the detail


C) But he has created the picture! – Our Job is to stay within the lines –


D) That is what we call trust – trusting God is a Master artist and – He Knows Best

1) Has our best interest at heart – Does what is best for us.


Now here is the thing: God gives us the Choice to draw outside the lines

A) We can make a completely different picture if we want to { add lines – add scenes


B) We can turn his masterpiece into a trash heap.

1) Know this: Whenever you alter the Lord’s art work – you only ruin it!

2) You never ever – ever improve upon it.


C) Like taking your crayons to a Rembrandt



Well tonight we are considering the Story of King Jeroboam –

A) Boy did the Lord have a Masterpiece in mind for him – Talking DYNASTY {not the Soap opera


B) Dynasty for the Northern Kingdom of Israel that would be on par with David’s –

1) All Jeroboam needed to do was to color inside the lines – Walk in obedience and Spiritually Loyalty


C) But unfortunately he didn’t do that – Instead of Dynasty – he ends up with a Horrific Soap opera


Solomon’s Sin – Kingdom would be Divided

A) David’s sake 2 tribes remain – JUDAH


B) 10 Tribes – North – ISRAEL – given to Solomon’s Servant Jeroboam.                    Rd CH. 11v.29-38


Incredible Promise: Enduring house!  DYNASTY


Requirement: Walk in my ways and do what is right in my sight.


Solomon was out to get Jeroboam – Fled to Egypt

A) After Solomon’s death – his Son Rehoboam takes the throne – Jeroboam returns –


B) Leads a contingency to ask – How are you going to treat us? – Bad – Revolt –

1) Northern tribes make him there King

C) Prophecy is fulfilled – Blessings are in Store

1) Potential long lasting Dynasty - All he has to do is walk in the ways of the Lord and do what is right!


What will He do? –  RD Ch.12 v.25-33



B) Calves as idols or symbols of the Lord?

1) Either way the result was the same – v.30 Became sin – because people began to worship


C) Jeroboam was afraid he would lose people if they went to Jerusalem to worship - 

1) So he decided to combat that by creating a whole new worship experience –


Jeroboam turned to the wrong advisors and established a new religion built around 4 innovations

1) He changed the object of worship – 2 golden calves


A) There is something inside of man that is hates the mystery that of God!


B) Forever – Man has tried to make images of God.


C) Reason: Don’t like the mystery- Don’t like that there is a part of Him that is unexplainable.





Rom 11:33

33 Oh, the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God! How unfathomable (inscrutable, unsearchable) are His judgments (His decisions)! And how untraceable (mysterious, undiscoverable) are His ways (His methods, His paths)!


D) Rejoice: That God is bigger than your imagination – and comprehension


2) He changed the place of worship: Dan & Bethel

A) Motivation: Make it convenient for people – Easy religion always caters to the Flesh


B) Bethel was more central – But God had prescribed worship in Jerusalem {Temple


C) Ignores something good about the Journey

Prov 8:17

“I love those who love me,

And those who seek me diligently will find me.”


Heb 11:6

“But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.”


C) Time for Heart Prep

1) Men’s retreat – getting away!


D) Big push today: Make Church more convenient – more comfortable

1) Shorter services –

2) Coffee and Donuts

3) No need for Bibles


E) Losing sense of the heart Prep and time commitment – get there for worship

1) Prepare my heart

2) Steady my mind


3) He changed the one who served in worship.

A) God established a Priesthood – set apart for service – Special tribe = Levites


B) No longer the Priest – in fact 2 Chronicles 11 he excluded the priest.


C) He defied the law of God – by suggesting anyone could do that.


Now in the NT – We are a Royal Priesthood – but you still have to be a set apart vessel {Proven no novice

A) True God can use any of us –But he looks for vessels of honor.



4) He changed the calendar of worship.

A) V.33 He instituted a festival in the 8th month, month of his choosing.


B) This involved moving the Feast of tabernacles from its divinely intended location in the 7th month


C) This change seemed to be for no other reason than to make Jeroboam’s religion distinctive.


D) There are groups out there that are seeking to change Church – for no other reason than this

1) Want to make a Distinctive


E) Appeal to people’s longing for something new


God Condemns Jeroboam’s altar! Ch.13

v.1 And behold, a man of God went from Judah to Bethel by the word of the LORD, and Jeroboam stood by the altar to burn incense

A) V.1 Of Chapter 13 introduces us to a very important phrase in the Ch. By the word of the Lord


B) That Phrase appears 7 times in this chapter

1) Lesson: Man might do what He wants – but God’s word is going to prevail!


RD V.2-6


C) God sent an unnamed Prophet – a man of God from Judah – with a message for the King –


D) He spoke the word of God to Jeroboam as He stood by his altar to make an offering.


Here is what is interesting is that the Prophet ignores the king – and speaks directly to the Altar

A) This symbol of counterfeit religion.


B) Prophecy of Josiah


C) Sign Split in two


D) Jeroboam hand withered


RD V.6-10


So this Prophet delivers his word and goes on his way: If his story ended there – Great story – unfortunately it doesn’t      RD V.11- 19



The man of God from Judah listened to the lie from the prophet of Bethel. He did this for several reasons:


·   The prophet from Bethel was probably older (an old prophet, 1 Kings 13:11) and had the respect of the man of God.


·   The prophet from Bethel identified with the man of God (I too am a prophet as you are).


· The prophet from Bethel claimed a spectacular experience (an angel spoke to me).


·   The prophet from Bethel claimed to speak for the Lord (by the word of the Lord).


· The prophet from Bethel did not seem to be an idolater who should be shunned (Bring him back with you to your house).


·   The prophet from Bethel offered no reward, other than simple food (he may eat bread and drink water).


But No matter how natural and seductive this enticement was, it was the duty of the man of God to resist it.


He had a word from God to guide his actions, and should receive no other word accept through dramatic and direct confirmation by God's Spirit.

 A) His failure at this point ended his usefulness as a man of God.


B) NO other Gospel – Accursed – even an angel

1) Mormons -


 "God never contradicts Himself in His dealings with His servants. Let us be true to His commands, refusing to be deflected from the path of obedience, even by an angel from heaven." (Morgan)


RD V.20-22


This prophet from Bethel who spoke a lie

A) Now he received a true prophecy while the man of God from Judah ate at his table.


B) God promised great judgment against the man of God from Judah for his disobedience. Because you have disobeyed the word of the Lord


C) This was a hard test, but he failed it.

1) He should have kept the commandment which the Lord commanded, no matter how subtle and innocent the temptation was to disobey.


D) God judged the man of God from Judah far more strictly than He judged Jeroboam or the prophet from Bethel.


It would seem that they were guilty of worse sins (leading national idolatry and a deliberate lying prophecy), yet the man of God received worse judgment.


To not be buried w/ fathers was considered a curse!


James 3:1  My brethren, let not many of you become teachers, knowing that we shall receive a stricter judgment.”


RD V.23-32


Lesson: God’s spokesman might fail – But God’s word will not!


Just because you were obedient in one area means that you can disobey in another

A) Easy trap to Rationalize


Jeroboam refuses to Repent RD V. 33-34


Result – Doesn’t heed warning – Judgment comes

                       Ch.14 V.1-3


Jeroboam did not tell his wife to pray for their son, or to ask the prophet to pray.

A_ He wanted to use Ahijah the prophet as a fortune teller more than seeking him as a man of God.


V.4 And Jeroboam's wife did so; she arose and went to Shiloh, and came to the house of Ahijah. But Ahijah could not see, for his eyes were glazed by reason of his age.


He was blind – He eyes were closed but his ears were open

A) Although he was blind physically – He was tuned in Spiritually.


B) Discernment: Tuned in Spiritually!


RD V. 5-16

Ahijah the Prophet announced that Jeroboam had provoked God to anger – because of his idolatry

A) Because of his unrepentance


B) Ahijah announced divine judgment upon Jeroboam that would take three forms


1) Jeroboam’s sin would destroy his legacy!


C) God had promised him a dynasty as enduring as the one He built for David.

1) That promised would be based upon the condition that Jeroboam’s obedience and spiritual loyalty


D) The condition had not been met – so instead of a dynasty there would be Disaster!

1) Disaster for Jeroboam and for every last male in his lineage


E) Every human trace of Jeroboam would be removed from the nation

1) Jeroboam’s family would become like a pile of Dung


F) They would die violent deaths in disgrace and would be unburied and unlamented.



Sin can destroy a legacy and all hope of promise!




2) Jeroboam’s sin would devastate his family.

A) His son would not recover. –


B) When she stepped foot in the city the boy was going to die.

1) I imagine she walked very slowly home


C) Her only consolation is his death would be different from the rest of the family he would be mourned.



Sin causes pain to those who are the closest to us.


3) Jeroboam’s sin would damage his nation.

A) The end of Jeroboam’s dynasty would not mark the end of his nation.


B) God was going to raise up a new king


C) But the sins of Jeroboam introduced two certainties into the history of this nation.

1) Instability and exile


D) Instability would be a permanent characteristic of these northern Kingdoms


There would be 19 kings that would reign in the 210 yr history of the northern Kingdom

A) However – The reign of those kings would be marked by assignations and overthrows


B) The nation would eventually go into exile in 722 BC



Sin can have a far greater impact than we have ever imagined.


RD V.17-20


Listen: In looking at these kings – many of their stories are those of failure –

A) Jeroboam – Failure to not trust God – took matters into his own hands –


B) Result: Drew outside the Lines – mess


C) Here is the thing – God in his grace would warn


D) He does that with us.