2 Kings Chapter 3:1-27

Stranded Without Water


Review: 2 Kingdoms – Judah in the South

Israel – in the North




Jehoram was better than his mom and dad by virtue of the fact that he didn’t worship Ba-al.


But he did continue to worship the calves that Jeroboam constructed in Dan. So he was better than Ahab but NOT really right in the sight of the Lord.




When Ahab died, Mesha thought that it was the time to get out from under the heavy tribute that the Moabites were paying to Israel


V. 6-8


Deja vu - Jehoshaphat – Good man – Gullible

A) Same mistake w/ Ahab - Almost Killed


B) Syrians – Kill the King – Ahab disguised – they thought Jehoshaphat was Ahab


C) Doesn’t learn his lesson. {Back Again


So Jehoram of Israel asked Jehoshaphat of Judah for military advice because Jehoshaphat was more experienced in battle than Jehoram.


The King of Judah advised Jehoram that they attack Moab from the south, going through the very dry desert of the Edomites.



Result their armies end up stranded in the Desert w/ out water!    RD V.9-10

A) Jehoram says – WE ARE GOING TO DIE


B) Jehoshaphat’s response – V.11-12


C) Jehoshaphat has his priorities backward

1) He likes to act on his own intuition and then when things are not going right – Seek God


D) Unfortunately many believers are this way.

1) Do what they think is right and when it doesn’t work – then they seek the Lord


Here is what God promised: - Proverbs 3:5-6

5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart,

And lean not on your own understanding;

6 In all your ways acknowledge Him,

And He shall direct your paths.




Psalm 37:4-5

4 Delight yourself also in the LORD,

And He shall give you the desires of your heart.


5 Commit your way to the LORD,

Trust also in Him,

And He shall bring it to pass.


B) Well King Jehoshaphat doesn’t do either of those things – instead he launches out – trouble – then he turns to the Lord


Common among Men Pride of men – Not ask for directions!  Why

1) Survival instinct – I can do this!


2) Men are hunters ….. Love the Hunt - Adventure


3)  To ask for directions – Admit weakness –

1) Also Vulnerable – Put my life & family in the hands of a Stranger –


4) Don’t easily trust – Ladies are so trusting – why they share so much.


Why should I trust that this stranger knows where he is going?


Guys that might be fine – driving – but with God we are not talking about Strangers {God –

A) He is so interested in our lives – Learn from our wives

B) Lost cell phone – for 2days scowered the house

1) Retraced my steps -  Piesters at 8:30pm


C) Next day: Wife – Please look for me –

1) She hangs up the phone – Prays – cushion -Calls back


D) Denise more spiritual – Yes -


Jehoshaphat is being a typical guy – Problem is this is repeat PERFORMANCE – Hasn’t learned

A) TROUBLE - Let’s seek the Lord now!



Love this - God works thru worship!

A) Music can be an instrument in seeking the mind and

Heart of God.


B) Music that glorifies God can be used by God to TUNE

you into the heart of the Lord.


C) Worship before studies.


D) Worship is a weapon over the enemy!

1) David with Saul – Demons fled


E) Israel in Battle - II Chronicles 20:22.

1) Enemy was smitten


Here Elisha asked for a musician – He played God

Spoke {Praise the Lord for our worship leaders

                               RD V.16-20  

Heart of my message tonight

This is a simple matter in the sight of the Lord

A) God was going to bring a flash flood – water would be provided in that desert with no storm


B) God promised to send water to the valley, but they had to dig the ditches to catch what God would provide.

1) They had to dig the ditches before the water was apparent, so they could benefit from it when it came.


C) So the kings returned from their visit to Elisha & told their commanders to have the men dig ditches,

1) That must have been hard to hear.


D) Thirsty, near-dead men in the middle of the desert don't look forward to the hard work of digging ditches in dry ground.

1) Yet this work was essential.


See the water was available only because they were obedient to dig the ditches.

A) If Israel and Judah had disobeyed God's word and failed to dig the ditches, then God's blessing would have passed them by.


B) This demonstrates an important principle of Scripture:

1) The principle that God wants us to prepare for the blessing He wants to bring.

C) God instructs us, we are to anticipate His working and to get ready for it.


D) Digging ditches was something the people of God could do.

1) God didn't ask them to do more than they were able to do.


E) When God wants us to prepare for the blessing He will bring, He gives us things that we can really do.


APPLICATION: Your morning devotions might seem like nothing more than digging a trench. It’s DRY... You can’t get anything out of the Scriptures.


NOTE: You DIG THE TRENCH and God will fill it in His timing.



"If we expect to obtain the Holy Spirit’s blessing, we must prepare for his reception.’Make this valley full of trenches' is an order which is given me this morning for the members of this church; make ready for the Holy Ghost’s power; be prepared to receive that which he is about to give; each man in his place and each woman in her sphere, make the whole of this church full of trenches for the reception of the divine water-floods." (Spurgeon)


 "But the most of people say, 'Well, you know, of course, if God sends a blessing, we must then enlarge.' Yes, that is the way of unbelief, and the road to the curse. But the way of faith and the road to the blessing is this: God has promised it-we will get ready for it; God is engaged to bless, now let us be prepared to receive the boon. Act not on the mere strength of what you have, but in expectation of that which you have asked." (Spurgeon)


Christmas Eve – 39 people come to Christ

Last Sunday 2nd & 3rd – 28

A) One months time Close to 70 conversions


B) Sometimes I look out – I know all these people

1) There are those in this area – don’t know Jesus


C) Get prepared to reach them – New Building


God told them to get ready and prepare to receive and catch His blessing.

A) God often moves us to do things that may or may not make much sense for the moment, but they are things that will prepare us for what He will do in the future.


B) They are Steps in the pathway of God’s blessing!


C) See the measure of water available to these thirsty men was directly connected to how faithful they were to dig the ditches.


D) The more ditches and the bigger the ditches, the more water was provided.

1) Though it was hard and unpleasant work, the more they did the more blessing they received.


E) The ditches were not the blessing, and they were not the victory, though they were essential parts of what both the blessing and the victory.


Now When God wants us to do something to prepare for blessing, we should not confuse the preparation with the blessing itself.

A) God wanted to give them more than their immediate need.


1) God wanted to give them more than immediate provision;

2) He wanted to give them complete victory over their enemies.


B) Learning to look beyond the immediate need.


RD V.21-24


C) Interesting: The heathen viewed the water as BLOOD

1) Water in the Scriptures is a type of the Word.


D) There are many unbelievers who view the Word of God as something “bloody” and gross

1) But to those of us that have tasted it, it is LIFE-GIVING and REFRESHING.


If these guys had taken the time to TASTE they would have seen that it was water and been spared from being wiped out.

A) NOTE: I have NEVER met a person who has truly studied the Word of God and not loved it.


B) The CRITICS of the Word of God only VIEW it from a DISTANCE. They NEVER taste it.


VERSES 25-27


Here was a man in a desperate place and in an attempt to appease his gods he offers his sons life. Sad story


But this whole account of God's provision in the desert gives many principles that apply to Christian leadership.



· Like digging ditches, the work of leadership comes from God's revelation.


·  Like digging ditches, leadership means not accepting

   the present state of dryness.


·  Like digging ditches, leadership must use delegation


· Like digging ditches, leadership is done with faith in the future.



·  Like digging ditches, the work of leadership often

   seems unimpressive or unspectacular.


·  Like digging ditches, the work of leadership will be

   criticized or doubted.


·  Like digging ditches, the work of leadership often

   feels like work without reward.


·  Like digging ditches, leadership matters nothing

   without a miracle.