2 Kings Chapters 6:24-7:20

Good News


In our study of 2 Kings we have noted that the nation of Israel is divided.

A) 2 Tribes in the South called Judah – Their King is a godly King named Jehosphat


B) 10 Tribes in the North called Israel – Their King is Jehoram the son of Ahab


C) Jehoram and the Kingdom of Israel is in a state of Apostasy that has been going on for decades

1) They have forsaken the Worship of Jehovah and have given themselves over to the Worship of Idols


D) Elisha is God’s Prophet to the Kingdom of Israel

1) He is a godly man – Double portion – Moving in the Miraculous


Despite Israel’s rebellion God has been gracious to her – waiting for her to repent.

A) As we come to ch 6V.24 the nation has been in a period of peace for a few yrs


B) It closet enemy Syria has held off in sending teams of raiders into the land –

1) because of Elisha’ last miracle which we looked at on Wed night {Servant eyes opened / Army Blinded


C) But Now Benhadad of Syria is going to launch an all out invasion                   RD V. 24-25

Consider the Setting of the Story: We read in v.24 that the Syrian army Besieged Samaria

A) Idea is they surrounded the city and made it impossible for the People to come out.


B) Samaria was the capital city of Israel –so today it would be like the enemy laying siege to Wash DC


C) A Siege was kind of the Neutron Bomb of the Day

1) The Neutron Bomb is designed to Kill the people thru radiation but leave the infrastructure intact


D) That is what the Syrians were doing with Samaria

1) By surrounding the city – making it impossible for anyone to go into or come out of the city


2) The food supply was going to run out and the people in the city would eventually starve to death


E) Thus the people would die – but the homes and buildings would remain in tact.



Things were so bad in Syria / the food shortage had become so low – that a Donkey’s head …80 shekels

A) Idea behind that statement is that the meaty part of the Donkey had already been eaten


B) All that was left was the Head!

1) So Donkey heads were going for 80 Shekels of Silver and ¼ cup of dove droppings for 5 …silver.

C) Now I have been hungry before but never that Hungry!

1) To eat Donkey heads and Dove Droppings


D) Now Scholars have tried to explain away these dove droppings

1) Actual part of the Carob plant that made it look like Dove Droppings –   Bird Poop


E) But Josephus the Jewish Historian says: They were dove Droppings


F) This was a Bad scene – Desperate times!

1) So that is the setting


Now as the Story unfolds –we find that God is going to work in a powerful way! Miracle Provision

A) There are 5 main Characters in the Story


1)   The People of Samaria

2)   King Jehoram

3)   Prophet Elisha

4)   Nameless officer

5)   Four Lepers


B) First let’s consider the people living in the city who are characterized by two woman RD V. 26-29


C) Now Samaria was a wealthy city- filled with Silver and gold – Filled w/ Ivory

1) Phrase Ivory Palaces comes from Samaria

Despite having all this wealth it couldn’t help them in their current situation



B) Not just eating donkey heads and dove Droppings

1) Now they have resorted to Cannibalism


C) These two ladies – were eating their babies


D) This is the lowest of lows that a society can sink – starts to turn on the innocent

1) Sure they rationalized- oh the Children are going to die anyway – just speed up the Process


Important to understand this was exactly what God said would happen – if they turned from Him

A) He prophesied that this is what they would become

They would become cannibalistic


B) Deut 28:53 You shall eat the fruit of your own body, the flesh of your sons and your daughters…., in the siege and desperate straits in which your enemy shall distress you.


C) God Prophesied in Duet 28/ Jer 19 in their rebellion/ allow the enemy to lay a siege against them

1) Result would be the people would turn on their own kids and eat them to survive.




Now as sad is this scene is – in some ways we see a similar trend today.

A) Parents who sacrifice their own kids to satisfy their appetites.


B) Isn’t that what Abortion is all about.

1) I am not ready for a child – Cramp my style – ruin my plans -   Abort it


C) There are over 1.3 million babies aborted each year in this country

1) 3,500 a day.  Or think of it this way – that is 433 times the Number of people who died in 9/11 – 3,000 


D) Or 573 times the amount of Soldiers who have died in Iraq.


SO we see this in the tragedies of Abortion.

A) But not just there – but also in the countless number of Children – who are suffering


B) Children and teenagers who are hurting – because of the selfish choices of their parents who are thinking only about their own appetites

1) Mom & Dad Divorce {refuse to get along  

Dad commits adultery/ Mom runs off with someone else


C) Mom catches Dad on the computer looking at Porn and now there is friction in the house

1) Innocent kids are suffering as a result – being Sacrificed {happening even in the church

So that is the scene here in Samaria – things have become so desperate the people are resorting to Cannibalism


Next King Jehoram notice his reaction RdV.30-31

A) Jehoram tore his clothes- He is distraught – “what is happening to my Kingdom”


B) He is distraught but the Problem is He blames God.

1) He wants to take out his frustration on God’s Prophet

2) He wants the head of Elisha


C) There is no sign of repentance here- no hint of guilt – no confession of rebellion

1) We are in this mess – It is God’s fault – this is Elisha’s doing


D) Reminds me of the guy – Wife divorced him – blamed it on the counseling at the Church

1) Stalk me & a couple of the other Pastors – show up unannounced at our house {restraining order


E) Called into Court – Wife restraining order

1) Judge …….


But his mentality and so many others – Not my fault this is God’s fault

A) Israel had virtually forsaken God – given over to Idols – Knew God but they weren’t following Him


B) We see that today: People Know God – Not atheist – they believe in his existence – but they don’t follow

1) And when things go wrong – they blame God – Oh God I can’t believe this is happening to me


C) GD this / GD that – What if he answered that prayer! – Car blows up / Child dies


D) That is where Jehoram is at – this is God’s fault – His problem – all because of that Prophet


E) So the people of Samaria are distraught – becoming Cannibalistic

1) The King is blaming God and wants to kill God’s Prophet


Now let’s consider - #3 What God’s Prophet Elisha is doing.  V.32 But Elisha –

A) This is meant to be a contrast –


32 But Elisha was sitting in his house, and the elders were sitting with him. And the king sent a man ahead of him, but before the messenger came to him, he said to the elders,” Do you see how this son of a murderer has sent someone to take away my head? Look, when the messenger comes, shut the door, and hold him fast at the door. Is not the sound of his master's feet behind him?" 33 And while he was still talking with them, there was the messenger, coming down to him; and then the king said, "Surely this calamity is from the LORD; why should I wait for the LORD any longer?"


B) When it seems like the whole city is falling apart and things are not going to get better

1) Elisha is calmly sitting at a table w/ the Elders


C) Elisha is the picture of the guy who in the mist of difficult circumstances is able to see what God is doing


D) He knows this is exactly where God said they would be – He knows that God is on the throne

1) He knows that God is in control – so he is not going to freak out


E) So in the mist of this very difficult situation Elisha is able to see the hand of God

1) He is taking the position of wanting to be a part of what God is doing.


I want to be that Kind of Guy.

A) So easy to look at the condition of the World today

Political situation / Liberalism / Homo agenda


B) Luke warm State of so much of the Church –

1) Easy to get discouraged, depressed


C) When in reality this is exactly where God said that we would be

1) Last days – lawlessness would abound

2) Lines Blurred – everything grey {No black / white

3) Love of many would grow cold.


In reality we are right on schedule – we are right where God predicted that we would be prior to the rapture of the Church.

A) Everything is happening like Clock work


B) From our perspective here: It looks like everything is out of control –

1) But from the heavenly perspective it is right on course


C) OH how I need to remember that. I need to have that mindset


D) God has written History in advance! He has told us about:

1) Israel becoming a nation

2) Revival of the Roman Empire

3) Cashless society

4) Growth in Power of the European community

5) Growing Hostility against Israel


E) The things we are seeing- He Prophesied 1000’s of yrs ago


We need to realize that and consider – where do we fit into that picture

A) Chosen generation to be living at this very important time in God’s time table


B) What is our purpose? What is to be our Focus?

1) Definitely not one of despair or freaking out

Isaiah 26:3

“You will keep him in perfect peace,

Whose mind is stayed on You,

Because he trusts in You.”


C) I don’t want that to be some theory – I want that to be the reality of my life.


D) I look at Elisha and I see that he somehow had this capacity in the mist of all of this to see God

1) Elisha is just resting in the Lord and trusting in the Lord


E) So the People are in Distress

1) The King is Distraught & Blaming God

2) But Elisha the Prophet is resting in the Lord.


Next up #4 the nameless officer {Ch.7:1-2


Then Elisha said, "Hear the word of the LORD. Thus says the LORD:’ Tomorrow about this time a seah of fine flour shall be sold for a shekel, and two seahs of barley for a shekel, at the gate of Samaria.'"


2 So an officer on whose hand the king leaned answered the man of God and said, "Look, if the LORD would make windows in heaven, could this thing be?"


And he said, "In fact, you shall see it with your eyes, but you shall not eat of it."


So here is this nameless officer who has the promise of God – TOMORROW!

A) IN one day this is all going to change – one stroke of God’s scepter – the entire situation will change


B) There is going to be 6 times the food for 1/5th the price –

1) This guy mockingly says – NO WAY!  You have got to be kidding me!!!! – Open the windows of …


C) Elisha says- You will see it but you will not partake of any of it.


Now before we are too hard on this guy – I can be just like him

A) You put me in this guys place in the midst of an impossible situation – I can react the same way


B) See in the midst of this impossible situation –

 his REASON Kicks in.

1) Intellectually and practically speaking – there is no way – this can change like that in a day!


C) But the one that he is not factoring into the equation is God almighty


Sometimes I will hear people say something like if this doesn’t work – I am going to be out of options

A) Are we ever out of options?


B) Listen that is when we are at the Red Sea – enemy is barreling down on us.


C) That is where you are at when God says go kill the giant with your sling shot


D) Where you are at – 300 men against 300,000 like Gideon


E) You are not out of options you are just missing a part of the equation

1) You have forgotten to factor in God.


Isaiah declared: Isaiah 40:13

13 Who can advise the Spirit of the Lord or be his teacher or give him counsel?  TLB

A) I know that I have tried to counsel God many times


B) Lord if you would just do this – if you would only move in this way – God I have a great idea


C) God doesn’t need my great idea – He doesn’t need my counsel

1) He needs me to simply get behind his plan – to trust that he knows what He is doing


D) Galatians says – Don’t be deceived – God is not mocked – what so ever a man sows – reap

1) This guy sows unbelief here – he is not going to reap the blessing! He will See it but not partake

So seen – People in Distress / King who is Distraught

Prophet who is at rest / Officer – Doesn’t belief

#5 4 Lepers -  RD V. 3- 9

A) These 4 Lepers are sitting outside the city wall where people would normally throw trash


B) That was how Lepers often Survived – Eating others scraps and leftovers


C) But if people inside the city are eating Donkey heads and bird droppings

1) There is nothing coming over the walls – and if something does come over - throw it back!


So these guys are sitting there hungry looking at one another – One gets an idea {Sit here until we die!

A) Go to the Syrian camp – Worst outcome they kill us – but we are going to die anyway {Best slaves


B) So they go down- Find an empty camp – go into tent – Food – Feast

1) Clothes – they dress {Lepers wore shabby clothes

                        Great in Blue

2) Gold – Everything in Abundance –


C) All of a sudden they stop and almost simultaneously come to the same conclusion. –

1) What we are doing is not right – We can’t keep this to ourselves – Today is a day of GOODNEWS


D) We must go and tell the others!

This is a great picture of what should be the attitude of all of us in the Church.

A) We live in a world where people are starving –

Not eating Donkey heads/ dove droppings


B) But there is a void in the heart of man – there is a hole that can only be filled by Jesus

1) Man TRIES to fill that hungry with all sorts of things


C) Sex – Drugs – Work – Possessions – friends

1) Nothing fits – Square Peg – round hole

2) Aaron so frustrated


D) There a lot of people out there – that is the picture of their life! Frustrated – empty

1) Unfulfilled


Here we are {we sit here today Satisfied

John 6:35 “And Jesus said to them, "I am the bread of life. He who comes to Me shall never hunger, and he who believes in Me shall never thirst.”


A) We have tasted, we have eaten – been filled!


B) Cleansed of our Sin / Robed in the righteousness of Christ - Set free from Addictions –


C) We gather here and worship the Lord

1) We fellowship together – Share in common this love for Jesus -    We study his word


But if this is all we are doing, it is not Right

Today is a day of GOODNEWS

A) There is a world out there that is starving – that is hurting – that is empty / that is dying


B) We know where to find Bread!

1) Shouldn’t we tell them? Shouldn’t we go to them?


C) We can’t keep this to ourselves! Eternity is at Stake!


D) Paul said he had a debt to share Christ w/ the world – because of what Christ did for him.

1) Shouldn’t we feel the same!


Here is the great news – Evangelism doesn’t depend on your effectiveness / speaking ability

A) Just deliver the message: The message has power


Romans 1:16

“I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes.”


B) There is power in the message – We are called to just share –

1) Postman who delivers the message – You have just won Publishers clearing house


C) Person has to believe and cash the Check


These Lepers came back to the city – said – We have found Bread / Food in abundance –

A) The Syrian camp is abandoned!


B) At first those in the city thought it was a trick

1) Ambush – Sent some guys to Check it out – came back and said it is true – Let's go!


C) The Lepers did the right thing in delivering the good news – They did their part

1) It was up to the people to respond to the news

To believe it and go for it


D) Same is true with US – Deliver the News – Today is a day of good news - - There is Bread / Hope / Life

1) It is found in Jesus!


E) Tell them – They might just take you up on it.

1) Challenge Pray this year – Lead one person to Christ! {Are you praying / looking / open


The Lepers did their part – they did the right thing

And the city responded and was saved

A) All except for one man – Pick it up in v.17-20 Rd


B) Here is the guy who scoffed who didn’t believe

1) He misses out!


C) Not sin that keeps a person out of heaven / Jesus made the way for our sins to be forgiven

1) Not sin ….. But it is UNBELIEF

Question: Sit here until you die – Or respond to the GOODNEWS –


In Isaiah 55 The Lord ask this question

And give this invitation.


Question: Why do you spend money for what is not bread, And your wages for what does not satisfy?

 Listen carefully to Me, and eat what is good, And let your soul delight itself in abundance. 



 Everyone who thirsts, Come to the waters and

 drink of me!


Jesus doesn’t say Do! He says COME – comes receive/ come drink –


Not Do because it has already been done!