2 Kings Chapters 22-23

A Real Revival


The Word Revive= to bring back to life or consciousness / to resuscitate

#2 To impart new health – vigor or spirit

#3 To restore to use, activity of value.


A) So taking all of that into consideration we could say that Revival is a matter of Resuscitation / Impartation / and Restoration


B) Quite frankly that is exactly what I need – it is exactly what you need

1) You see living in this world has a way of just sucking the life right out of us.


C) That is why we as individuals / we as a Church need to experience a real revival – radical reform –


D)Studying for 2 Kings 22 last week for Wed – the Lord impressed on my heart – to look at this section here on Sun am as a  whole body.


E) What we have in our text is a Picture of a Real Revival

1) Perhaps in your own heart today you feel dry, and you need a personal revival.


2) Perhaps your marriage is dead, or your children are not walking w/ the Lord, and your family needs revival.


GOOD NEWS God is in the business of revival.

A) And in our text we will see before us a genuine revival that took place in the Kingdom of Judah

                           RD V.1-2


The first thing we want to consider today is where does revival begin?

Answer: One heart in love with God.


In the late 1800 there was an evangelist named Gypsy Smith. He traveled the world twice preaching the Gospel. Wherever he preached revival broke out.


One day a delegation came to him and said: “We desperately need revival in our area. It is so dry and dead. What can we do to see revival?”


Gypsy Smith said: I will tell you exactly how it will come about. You go home, lock yourself in your bedroom, get a piece of chalk and draw a circle around yourself, and pray fervently and brokenly that God will start revival in that circle.


THAT is where it starts.”    Starts with us


It is so easy for us to pray: “Change HIM/HER Lord.”

But that is not where revival starts. It starts with us


One heart on fire for the Lord is all that it takes.

As you study history and read of the records of revival you will find that there was always ONE individual that was on fire for the Lord and that excitement caught on.

EXAMPLE: In 1858, there was a man named Jeremiah Lambierre who was a stock broker on Wall Street.


He was very aware of the depravity that existed in his profession, but rather than put down others he made a covenant between himself and the Lord that every single day during his lunch hour he would go pray.


He missed out on the food and fun that the others were enjoying.

Almost one year after he had begun to pray the stock marked crashed.


When that happened many of his friends asked if they could join him.


Within 6 months of the 1859 Crash the churches of New York City were packed with business men praying at lunch.


10,000 men packed the churches of New York every day of the work week at lunch hour to seek God.


The great revival of 1859 started with ONE MAN asking the Lord to work revival in his own heart.  

A) You study Revival common theme – One person / one small group fervently seeking the Lord for a consistent period of time.


B) Last one - Chuck and Kay praying for the hippies Result was revival broke out that swept the nation


C) Here it was One BOY: Josiah. Josiah was given to the things of God.   Sought after God

We read here in v. 2 of Josiah that he did what was right in the sight of the LORD, and walked in all the ways of his father David; he did not turn aside to the right hand or to the left. {Josiah Stayed centered


White water rafters tell us that one of the secrets of white water canoeing is to stay in the “tongue” of the river.   


There are currents and offshoots to the right and to the left, but they will ultimately lead you to cracking up.


The key is to STAY IN THE CENTER. That is what Josiah did. He stayed in the grove.


APPLICATION: We can go off to the right and become rigid LEGALISTS like the Pharisees in their ultra-legalism and judgmental attitude.


We can go to the left and become liberals, like the Sadducees in the day of Jesus.


The Lord has NOT called us to become LIBERALS or LEGALISTS. He has called us to stay right in the center.


Josiah stayed centered! – Result Ch.23:25

25 Now before him there was no king like him, who turned to the LORD with all his heart, with all his soul, and with all his might, according to all the Law of Moses; nor after him did any arise like him.


Well let’s consider the Realities of Revival that we see here in Ch.22-23

Seven realities of revival we see in this passage.

1) Repairing of the Breaches – v.3-7 RD


A) Now the word damages in v.5 is breaches in the KJV – it refers to holes or gaps in the temple.


B) The Temple had fallen into disuse during the reign of the wicked rulers, Manasseh and Amon.

1) It was in a terrible state of disrepair.


C) We know that the Temple of the Old Testament is a PICTURE of who we are.


1 Peter 2:5

“You also, as living stones, are being built up a spiritual house.”


Ephesians 2:22

“ in whom you also are being built together for a dwelling place of God in the Spirit.”


D) Revival is the work of the Lord. The Lord works in the atmosphere of love.

1) Fruit of the Spirit is LOVE!!!!


E) So one of the first signs of revival is when the Lord begins to repair the BREACHES in the Body of Christ.



EXAMPLE: When revival began in the 60’s at Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa there was an EXTREME division in our society between hippies and the establishment.

A) There was deep seated distrust and animosity between these two groups.


B) But when the Lord began to work at CCCM that breach was closed.


C) This was not learned behavior.

1) It was the reality of Jesus being central.


D) It was the love of Christ shed abroad in hearts.


Newspaper photographers were amazed to see longhairs and businessmen digging ditches side by side, loving one another.


Recently have experienced that among some of the Calvary Pastors in our Area


We try to meet weekly to pray. – Rich time. Where there had been a distance


Kind of all doing our own thing – busy with our own Churches – there is a unity that has developed among us.


Revival is marked by love. People coming together and putting away their differences. Petty divisions  

A) Jesus becomes central.... Jesus becomes the thing that closes the gaps.


1) The Breaches were repaired!

2.) Rediscovery of God’s Word V.8-10 RD

A) in that day, the people had become so carnal and cold that they had LOST the Word of God.


B) Evidently, Manasseh and Amon had destroyed, or attempted to destroy all of the copies of the Law.

1) But one copy was tucked away in the Temple.


C) NOTE that: The Word of God was LOST in the House of God.

1) That can happen today.


D) The word of God gets lost in the midst of the Liturgy 1) or it gets lost in the mist of the entertainment or the stories or a desire to be relevant


 IF you are sensing a spiritual lethargy, or a spiritual dryness,

A) It could be due to the fact that the Word of God has been lost among Christian activities or service.


B) Or it is possible that the word is being choked out by worldly distractions?


QUOTE: Little Boy - “Daddy, mommy’s Bible must be a lot more interesting than yours.” “Why do you say that?” “Because mommy reads hers a lot more than you read yours.”



C) When you see Christians wanting more and more of the Word of God, know this, Revival is coming.

1) Because In times of revival there is a rekindling in the heart of people for the Word.


 D) The Word was uncovered in the day of Revival.


3.) Remorse and Brokenness V.11 RD

A) Josiah realized how OFF-COURSE they were and he was GRIEVED


B) We can only know that we are missing the mark when we know what the mark is.

1) We know that when we read the Word of the Lord.


C) The word brought revelation and the revelation brought remorse – brokenness – SIN


We live in a day and age in the Church today:

A) Where there has been a lowering of the Standard of holiness –


B) There are a lot of people today who are rationalizing compromising behavior

1) In a the October 2001 issue of Emerging Trends published by the Princeton Religion Research Center


Headline: Religion is gaining ground, but Morality is losing Ground


C) Church attendance is up 13% from 1998

1) 1998 32% of Americans …. Today 45%

D) But one third of  “Christians” between the ages of 18-35 have no problem with a couple living together before they are married. (Evangelical Alliance)


Only a small minority of  Christians say they believe in a definite set of moral absolutes.

(Barna Research)


78% of Americans say our moral values in America are on the decline.  (Recent Gallup Poll)


E) Christianity today: Perplexing problem: Christian college campuses – Student leaders –

1) Fornicating with boy/girlfriend and not seeing a problem with it.


In a time of Revival that doesn’t happen – See sin for what it is and you call it for what it is!

Brokenness over sin!


4.) Requesting Instruction V.12-13 RD

A) After Josiah HEARD the Word, he said that he must APPLY that which he had been taught from the Word.


B) Discipleship is a true mark of Revival – People wanting to go deeper

Matthew 28:19

“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations,”


Greg Laurie rightfully said: Not every believer is a disciple – but every disciple is a believer. –

Disciple = a learner – one who is intent on seeking after the Lord wanting more of the Lord

A) No longer content to settle for a mediocre Christian experience – want more want to go deeper


B) This is one of the things that is exciting me right now in our fellowship –

1)I could rattle off – 15-20 awesome things that God is doing – ways working – lives being changed and impacted –


C) but in my heart and in the heart of many that I talk to there is a hunger for more:

1) Boldness to pray – Lord thank you for all that you have done – but don’t stop – Pour out your spirit Lord


D) So Josiah sent men to the Prophetess to get further instruction –

                                                 RD V.15-20


In the midst of this revival, when they inquired of the Lord as to the judgment that was going to come down, the Lord told them:

A) “Yes, it is going to come down.”


B) Question: IF there is a revival, and people are getting right with the Lord, WHY would the Lord still send judgment?




Galatians 6:7-8

“Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap. 8 For he who sows to his flesh will of the flesh reap corruption, but he who sows to the Spirit will of the Spirit reap everlasting life.


A) The nation had sowed to the flesh....idolatry and perversity for almost 100yrs

1) The crop was planted & the harvest would come in.


B) The sins that were committed would have their repercussions. {Reap what Sow

1) Sin ALWAYS brings about death and destruction.


5) Responding Outwardly Ch.23:1-3 RD

A) When revival takes place you are ready to take your stand. You are ready to go forward to the altar.


B) You are no longer playing the “cool Christian”, or the “silent saint”.


C) That kind of cool Christianity MELTS in the fire of God’s Spirit as He works in your life.

1) You are ready to openly make your stand with God and for God WHATEVER it takes.


D) Do you have a sense that you need to take a stand outwardly and openly?

 1) That is one of the signs of revival


E) People who normally follow take a stand and begin to lead –

1) people who are used to going with the crowd are no longer afraid to go against the grain


2) Time to get serious


1 Corinthians 16:13

Watch, stand fast in the faith, be brave, be strong


David to Solomon1 Kings 2:2

Be strong, therefore, and prove yourself a man.


6.) The Repentance from sin v.4-24 Summarize

A) Inside the Temple of God there were actually altars to false gods.


B) All of the idols – were either crushed or burned –

1) The Pagan priests were done away with.


C) The High Places were taken down – It was a complete house cleaning!


NOTE: The order of these things.

A) There are some who think that THIS is to come first in Revival. But it does not.


B) In the Bible you ALWAYS see the moving of God FIRST

1) and the removal of sin as a RESPONSE to God.


EXAMPLE: In 1904, one of the greatest revivals in history began in Wales. A young coal miner named Evan Roberts got touched by God.


Unlearned and without eloquence, he began to preach.  People responded to his message in such a way that by 1905 there was not one functioning pub or bar opened.


It was NOT because Christians picketed them. It was because no one was going.

Morality can not be legislated.


 Revival is needed. Sin needs to be removed from society as a response to the love of God.

His light dispels darkness.


7.) Restoration Of Ordinances V.21-23 RD

A) Passover had been forgotten and ignored for almost 100yrs.


B) BUT - In the midst of revival there was a renewal of the Passover.

1) Passover remembrance of Deliverance


C) When Christians are being revived they have a renewed desire to celebrate Communion. Counterpart....... Passover’s


D) Communion remember What Christ did

1) Times of revival – time where focus on More of Jesus

    Give me Jesus – you can have all this world ….

The revival of the 60’s was called the “Jesus Movement”.

A) The reason is that everyone that was being revived was talking about Jesus.


B) That is ALWAYS the result of true revival. Glory is brought to Jesus.

1) Focus is brought to Jesus


C) More and More of Jesus



Will YOU draw a circle around YOUR life today and ask God to revive everything in that circle.

A) Will YOU ask God today to make these seven things REAL in YOUR life?



Flyer 3 days 3 nights pray fast – Full 3 days / one meal / certain activity