1 Chronicles 22


David had a Dream – a desire – Build God a house – Denied – Man of Blood – But I will let your son do it.

A) Well the time has arrived for David who is old now to pass the Baton to Solomon –


B) But before He went David prepared to get the materials for the temple

1) He couldn’t build it – but He would do what he could.


C) Gather the materials and the workers – prepare his son

1) He would write Psalm 30 which was to be sung – for the dedication of the temple – an event David wouldn’t even live to see.


1 Chronicles 22:1

Then David said, “This is the house of the LORD God, and this is the altar of burnt offering for Israel."


Now We saw in our study last time – David’s greatest sin – numbering the pp. –

A)Plague - / Angel of the Lord – sword – 70,000 slain – David cries out Punish me


B) Prepare to sacrifice – David heart is relieved – without the shedding of blood no remission – Sacrifice meant – provision


C) David buys a piece of Ground from Ornan – David realizes in this spot where the fire came down – sacrifice was offered

1) This would be the spot – where the new temple would be built.


D) Time to prepare


David gathers men and material for building the temple. V. 2-4


So David commanded to gather the aliens who were in the land of Israel; 1 Kings 5:15-18 describes how these were actually put to work in the building of the temple in Solomon’s day, some 70,000 slaves.


and he appointed masons to cut hewn stones to build the house of God. And David prepared iron in abundance for the nails of the doors of the gates and for the joints, and bronze in abundance beyond measure, and cedar trees in abundance; for the Sidonians and those from Tyre brought much cedar wood to David.


Cedar trees in abundance:

A)The cedar trees of Lebanon were legendary for their excellent timber.


B)This means David (and Solomon after him) wanted to build the temple out of the best materials possible.


C)It also means that they were willing to build this great temple to God with “Gentile” wood and using “Gentile” labor.


D)This was a temple to the God of Israel, but it was not only for Israel.

1) Only Jews built the tabernacle, “But the temple is not built without the aid of the Gentiles.

2) It would be a place for all to come.


E) Picture of the Church – Both Jews and Gentiles in Jesus make up the Temple of God the Body of Christ


V.5 David’s vision for the preparation of the temple.


Now David said, "Solomon my son is young and inexperienced,{TENDER KJV} and the house to be built for the Lord must be exceedingly magnificent, famous and glorious throughout all countries. I will now make preparation for it." So David made abundant preparations before his death.


Exceedingly Magnificent

A)NOTE: The house that was to be built to the Lord was NOT to be cut rate.


B)It wasn’t to be bargain basement or missionary barrel. It was to be done RIGHT.



C)One of the things that bothers me is  that so often in Christian ministry so much of what is done is cut rate and done with left overs and junk.


D)That is SAD and WRONG.

1)We need not be extravagant but we should do our BEST for ANYTHING that we do for the Lord.



Now The Chronicler was vitally concerned to insure support for the rebuilding of the temple in his day.

A)What could be more fitting stimulus for dedication in this regard could then be found than in the example set by David when he made preparations for the construction of that temple in his day.”


B) Unfortunately – didn’t work – Haggai – rise up and rebuke – because they neglected God’s house to concentrate on their own


C) David’s heart was the opposite – he wanted God’s house to the BEST


Rd v.6-10


David has two construction projects going on now – A)One is in the life of his son – preparing to be King


B) The other is to prepare for the construction of the temple

It wouldn’t make any sense for David to just do the one.

C)To only prepare his son with out giving the means to carry out the vision wouldn’t have made any sense.


D)But to gather all the materials and not to prepare his son would have been an even greater mistake –

1) Keys to a Ferrari to a 12 year old


11 Now, my son, may the LORD be with you; and may you prosper, and build the house of the LORD your God, as He has said to you.


Now this is big what David shares here!

A)The Lord be with you and prosper you – and build


B) David had learned the value of first having the Lord with him before prospering his hand materially.


Bb) Longed to know the Lord’s presence


C) This man after God’s own heart – Desired to know God was with Him – Psalm 27

1) David had the heart of a priest – I think would have gladly given it all up to serve in that way.


D) Solomon – the Lord be with you! – Key

1) Solomon make sure you are with the Lord – and He will be with you.


E)The key to real success – Prospering – having the Lord with you!

11 Now, my son, may the LORD be with you; and may you prosper, and build the house of the LORD your God, as He has said to you. 12 Only may the LORD give you wisdom and understanding, and give you charge concerning Israel, that you may keep the law of the LORD your God. 13 Then you will prosper, if you take care to fulfill the statutes and judgments with which the LORD charged Moses concerning Israel.


A)The Lord give you Wisdom and understanding:

Understanding: Speaks of insight, direction, knowledge.


Wisdom = the application of that Knowledge and understanding.


Knowing how to put it into practice –


The two go together – It is important for us to understand the heart of God. Why He says – do this / avoid that

A)At the heart of all those exhortations is a God who loves us and wants to the best for us. – Father who knows best


B) Never to make our lives miserable – or to constrict us – but on the contrary he wants to free us

1) He wants us to experience the ultimate in why he made us


C) Wisdom and understanding – go hand in hand – Understanding gives the knowledge and the heart behind it

1)Wisdom gives the application and the motivation to carry it out



V.13b Be strong and of good courage; do not fear nor be dismayed.

A)Interesting that the Lord gives this charge to several of his leaders in the bible –


B) I think he gives it because he knows that we feel dismayed / fearful and overwhelmed

1) SO He says to Moses / Joshua / David / Timothy / Solomon / Gideon – Don’t be afraid – be strong and of good courage


Solomon could take courage and reject fear because God promised David that as long as his sons walked in obedience, they would keep the throne of Israel.

(1 Kings 2:1-4).


This is an amazing promise. No matter what the Assyrians or the Egyptians or the Babylonians did,


As long as David’s sons were obedient and followed God with their heart and with all their soul, God would establish their kingdom.


He would take care of the rest.

The Lord had blessed Solomon – He gave Solomon wisdom and understanding – the problem was – he didn’t heed it.

A)Solomon wrote the book of proverbs – sound advice and wisdom for his son. –


B) He didn’t practice it – gave himself over to every vice – In the end he would write in Ecclesiastes – All Vanity!


C) If only Solomon had stayed at that place – of Humble and healthy fear of the responsibility he was given

1) We need to watch that whenever we start to experience some success –


Cc) There comes a point in the lives of so many of these leaders – especially Solomon

1) Where they have success – experience blessing – suddenly their confidence shifts from the Lord to themselves –


D) Or their surroundings- you can almost hear the Lord say: Go back to being fearful and dismayed – it was better for you


RD V. 14-16a





I love this David has gone to great lengths to make sure that everything is in place – All Provision made.

A)And there is no hint that David wants a plague with his name on it or special engraved pew


B) I hear stories all the time of Churches where pp give some huge amount – but there are strings attached.

1)Name on a pew / picture in the Lobby – bronze statue in the courtyard


C) So glad those who give here are not that way: Give freely to the Lord – no strings attached


D) David is doing all he can to help get things in place and he wants nothing in return accept maybe for his son to realize – this was hard to do.


Note V.14 again – David tells his son I have taken much trouble to prepare the house of the Lord.

A)Interesting: I think anyone who has ever passed on a business, a house, a ministry, -

Anything that took some time to build


B) You want the person that your passing it onto to appreciate the labor that went into this.

1) David has spent years preparing and acquiring the necessary workers and materials – Hard work – Preparation


C) He wants Solomon to appreciate what he has done – what he has put into this – so he throws this in.

1) Solomon is getting everything handed to him on a silver platter and David wants him to know – Didn’t come easy!


So David says to Solomon everything is in place – so now V.16b

“Arise and begin working, and the LORD be with you."

 Arise therefore and be doing and the LORD be with you.” KJV


That is a great philosophy – So often people sit around waiting for something to happen. – Some big revelation

A)There is definitely a place for waiting on the Lord and resting in the Lord –


B) But whenever we talk about those terms and ideas in scripture it is always in the context of an ACTIVE rest – ACTIVE waiting.

1)Picture is never one of sitting around – waiting for some big revelation.


C)The idea in waiting and in rest is not inactivity but it means to not strive –

1) not try to do  something in my own strength or energy.

2. But I am doing what God has put in front of me resting in His provision guidance -

D) I have found 9-10 out of 10 the Lord leads me in the midst of what I am already doing.

1) Saying: Easier to Steer a moving car!



E) I think of Eleazar whom was sent to go and find a wife for Isaac, he said “As I was going the Lord made known His way to me.”

1)That is a regular picture that we see in scripture. – God’s men moving – active – God leading as they were moving.


So often we want to know the whole picture – where am I going what is the plan – God doesn’t do it that way.

A)He says Arise up and be doing – and I will show you the way.


B) I sometimes see those in the Church who have this sense that they are going to do something great for God.

1)Be a missionary – start a ministry{ go full time service for the Lord in some way. – Excited – God has shown them that


C) I think that is great / cool / exciting to have a sense that you want to do something BIG FOR GOD.

1) I like to see people that dream!



But what concerns me is the people who do nothing while they are waiting for the “ big thing” to happen.

A)I don’t see that in scripture: the scriptural mandate is  Be faithful with what is in front of you then the Lord will lead you into something greater!


B) What is in front of you? A couple of kids – your kids – need raised up in the ways of the Lord

1) Unbelievers at your work –


C) High School ministry: Dan heart for Discipleship – 6 counselors trying to reach 100 students –

1)Jr High a little better 8 trying to reach 80


D) You know advertisers are aggressively targeting our teenagers

They want to introduce them to every vile – immoral thing out there


E) Who in the Church will rise up and join the battle.


What is in front of you – Children’s ministries { double the amount of teachers 1 year from now! /

A)Blessed by 6-8 called to be pastors –teaching in Children’s ministry -


B)What is in front of you? Spanish outreach – get involved – Face paint – Hair cuts – man a booth



C) Convalescent homes Parking lot – Birth choice –

1) Music for Home group – Discipleship – Salt and Light – clean up community


D) Rise up and begin working – { A word from the Lord for some of you tonight


RD V.17-19


Now v.19 is a special verse to me – the Lord gave this to me about 6 months ago – Going thru 1 Chronicles in my Devotions

A) I was feeling discouraged by how long our approvals were taking on the building project


B) I started wrestling with- Are we wasting our time?


C)It was about a year and half ago – A guy who no longer attends Church here – said to me –you guys will never build a Church –always going to be here.


Things were taking so long and I was thinking – maybe that was prophetic.

A)) Started second guess and put aside all the things that the Lord had made clear He was in this


B) Sell the land make a profit – poor the money into missions or something { time is short save as many pp in foreign nations as possible


C) SO I was wrestling thru all of this when I came to this verse in my Devotions: Lord spoke to me in 2 ways:

1. Stay the course – I am in this – I am working this is going to happen

2. Build up the believers – the Sanctuary –


D) I am more committed to the local Church and our community than ever.

1) Love missions / always do missions – excited about the trip and group going to Costa Rica – what we are doing in Hungary

2) Things happening in Russia / BrazilAfrica


E) Passion is for right here: our Youth / Guys in the shepherds School


More Vision – less energy – Big Doc appt yesterday

The one guys dread- Wasn’t as bad –

A)Great health -   need to lose 20lbs – I could have told you that


B) Getting older – Desire for more –

1) Talked to a Pastor yesterday – 1 year Sabbatical


C) My heart is not there at all. -  So much that I want to do! – Lord what is feasible -

1) I believe we are going to be entering into a new season of ministry & right now time to prepare raise up


D) Africa ministry –I started turned over to some other guys

Concentrating on here: First mission field – 600,000 pp live in these cities – O. V. S. C. E. - 10% believers – 60,000 Christians

A)540,000 going to hell – lets say 20% really high still 420,000 pp that don’t know Jesus


B) My passion – my vision is to teach you / stir you up / train you up to go out into your world and shine for Christ – share Christ


C) This verse for me was a mandate from the Lord !

1) Stay the course and refocus on what I have called you to do


But notice the order in V. 19

1.     Set your heart & your soul to seek the Lord.


Fruitful ministry is always going to be built around a Strong devotional life


Ministry can be taken away – Never what you have with the Lord  { Mary Chosen ……taken away


In order for you to light up someone else you need to be lit