2 Chronicles 3-5  When God Shows Up


Ch.2:1 Solomon Determined

We saw in Ch.2:5 that Solomon wanted to build a GREAT Temple: For His Great God!

A) I love that heart & motivation of Solomon who desired to do something great as a testimony to the greatness of His God!


B) When the focus is on God – that is the attitude

I want it to be the best it can be!

1) It will require my best effort.


C) Mediocrity will just not do!

1) A ½ hearted effort will not suffice. Ordinary means will not do the trick


D) We must have supernatural provision.


E) In 2:1 we are told that Solomon DETERMINIED to build a house and now in 3:1 we are told that he BEGAN

                                   CAN’T WAIT TO SAY THAT

Now Solomon began to build the house of the LORD at Jerusalem on Mount Moriah,


A) It is possible to DETERMINE and NEVER BEGIN


B) The path from conferences and camps, seminars and Bile studies is strewn with people who DETERMINED but NEVER BEGAN

1) “I’m going to read through the Bible this year.” But they

      never began/ Intercessory Prayer …… begin


NOTICE: Where he began:  Here is a clue to the work getting done.      Mount Moriah

A) Moriah is the mountain of Sacrifice. It is where Abraham was to offer up Isaac. {God will provide…..


B) It is where David paid the full price for the threshing floor of Ornan. (I will not give the Lord that which costs nothing. And he offered sacrifices to stop the plague.)


C) Significance: The place of beginning is always the place of sacrifice.

1) IF I am going to begin to do something it means SACRIFICE... Of time, sleep, money, etc.


D) MT Moriah is where – God’s Son was sacrificed …..


                                                     RD V.1-8



A) The Temple itself was NOT huge

     Cubit = approx 1-1/2 feet


B) It was 90 feet long, 30 feet wide and 45 feet high.

     1) It was twice as big as the Tabernacle.


C) It was small but spendy about 10 Billion in that day



The Temple, like the Tabernacle, was divided into three main areas {Courtyard

A) Everybody could see the courtyard. But inside the building itself there were TWO divisions

The holy place - Where there was the altar of incense,

the table of show bread, and the golden lampstands.

A) Priests were the only ones allowed to go there. Daily service


B) Then behind the veil was the holy of holies - It was

there that the Ark of the Covenant was placed and the

glory of God was manifested. 


C) Only ONCE a year on ONE day (Yom Kippur) could

the high priest goes into the Holy of holies and experience

the visible and tangible presence of God.


D) There was gold everywhere in the temple, but especially in the Holy of Holies.

  23 tons of gold –

                                                            RD V.9-13



So there were these two Cherubim – but we must not confuse them with the Cherubim over the Ark

A) On the mercy {the lid} two Cherubs – wings touching looking down on the mercy seat.


B) But these were two larger Cherubim carvings – 30 ft wing span between the two

1) 71/2 Ft wall / wing tips / wall {span the room


C) Cherubim are Angelic beings – but different from regular angels –

1) Seems to be a Ranking: Angels – Cherubim / Seraphim {Michael the Arch Angel – only one


When God put Adam and Eve out of the garden He put Cherubim with a flaming sword to guard tree of life

A) He didn’t want man to eat of it – live eternally apart


B) Cherubim are seen in the Tab/ Temple / in heaven around the throne – guarding the most holy things


14 And he made the veil of blue, purple, crimson, and fine linen, and wove cherubim into it.


A) The veil its Purpose a wall! One day!


B) Colors and Materials

Fine Linen  speaks of RIGHTEOUSNESS (Rev. 19)


 BLUE - His HEAVENLY and DIVINE nature

 Purple  - His ROYALTY



                                     RD V.15-17


As the Temple was being built there was in front of the temple these two huge pillars

A) JACHIN = He shall establish-  Which points to Jesus who said: “I will build My Church”


B) BOAZ = In His strength

1) Constant reminder as they came to worship that it is God who establishes it is God who strengthens


C) We are told that there were CHAINS around these pillars

  The Chains here speak of unity – being linked together

D) There were pomegranates, which speak of fruitfulness.


APPLICATION: Picture of what the Lord wants His Church to be: Established in Him / Strengthened thru Him and linked together in the Love of Jesus



CH.4 He begins to describe the furnishings of the temple.

A) Entering into the courtyard your eyes would immediately be drawn to the Bronze altar.  RD V.1


B) The idea behind the Hebrew word for altar is essentially, “killing-place.”

1) This was the place of sacrifice, the center for worship and service for the priests and the people.


C) 30’ long, 30’ wide, 15’ high - HOW did they get their sacrifices on to an altar that was 15’ high? 

1) They had Steps went up to the Altar


But it was a big Altar {Offerings for Sin / trespasses

Fellowship was offered there.

A) Hand to identify …..


STORY: A Sunday school teacher was teaching about the

furniture of the Temple. When talking about the altar to

some third grade students he asked: “Who can tell me why

we do not have burnt offerings anymore?” A third grade

student answered: “We can’t... It’s against the pollution

regulations around here.”


CUTE - But untrue.  The real reason – No need

               Died once for all and Once and For all!

C) The altar reminds us though that there is only one way to approach God – OT – Thru Sacrifices


                                                                     Rd v. 2-5


The huge laver was more than 15 feet across, HELD 24,000 Gallons and was used for the ceremonial washings connected with the priests themselves.


 “Priests who did not wash to make themselves clean would die (Exodus 30:20).”


It stood on twelve oxen: This large pool of water was set upon sculptured oxen. “some say Prefiguring, the twelve apostles, who carried the water of life all the world over.”        

                          RD V.6-8


The work of the temple required lampstands for light and tables to hold the showbread, the bread that represented the continual fellowship of Israel with God.


Notably, the old tabernacle had one lampstand and one table. The temple fittingly displayed a greater light and a greater dynamic of fellowship.


RD V.9-18

The weight of the bronze could not be determined


A) Bronze speaks of judgment. The judgment that

Jesus absorbed can not be understood or fathomed.


B) The work that He has done for you & me is too heavy.

1) We will spend eternity exploring the depths of the love of

Jesus for you and the work that He did on the cross.


Eph 2:7 That in the ages to come he might show the exceeding riches of his grace in his kindness toward us through Christ Jesus.

                                                              RD V.19-Ch.5:1


Ch.2:1 He Determined

Ch.3:1 He Began

Ch.5:1 He finished


I like how the Bible tells us that God takes note of pp who work!

A) This was a Huge task – God took note when they finished.


B) Work is something God appointed for us – Sacred – He likes it when we work hard


C) Interesting at the Baptism of Jesus – This is my Beloved Son in whom I am already well pleased

1) Jesus was 30 yrs old when he began his public ministry


D) God is looking at his son – Well pleased – Jesus hadn’t done anything yet – no miracles –

1) Only thing – He worked – probably 18 yrs in his fathers Carpentry shop –


So Solomon finished – project that in those days – cost about 10 Billion {Today’s standard – much more

A) Chart from the 60’s


B) Estimated cost of the gold /silver / Brass 34 Billion 390 million


C) Gems over 34 Billion

1) Vessels of Silver – 2.4 Billion

2) Vessels of gold - 2.7 Billion


Silk for priest – 50,000

Purple for the Singers  Over a million

Trumpets and instruments over a Million

Stone & timber – 2 Million

Paid labors  700,000 for 7yrs @ $ 1.12 a day = 33 million


Cost by 1960 figures over 133 Billion dollars


All for a Building 90 ft long by 30 wide


Doesn’t make our 15 million seem so bad


How much is a Billion dollars – 1 dollar bill end on end going around the world at the equator – 350,000 times

                           ONE STACK


The Building Project was complete: I CAN’T WAIT TO SAY THAT TOO!  Took them 7yrs

A) Ours once we break ground 8-11 months – next summer


B) It took seven yrs – This is a good reminder when God is building it takes time!


C) Perhaps you’re looking at yourself and thinking that you’re not growing. Don’t panic.

1) God is building your life and He will get it right.


APPLICATION: This should free us from condemnation and from being judgmental with those who are being worked on


Time will tell- As the years go on the results will be seen

RD V.2-5


 The Temple is completed and now it was time to be brought up out of the city of David and place it in the Holy of holies

A) The Ark was approximately 4’ long, 2’wide and 2’ high made out of Acacia


B) It is NOT coincidental that God mandated that Acacia wood be used in the construction of the Ark, for the Ark of the covenant was to speak of Jesus Christ


C) There are some SIGNIFICANT things about ACACIA wood to notice


     1.) Acacia wood grows in very DRY and ARID areas


     2.) On its branches there are very long and sharp thorns


     3.) It NEVER rots


     4.) When you tap into the side of Acacia wood you will get a flow of a gum substance that in various areas of the world is used for medicinal purposes


D) There is a healing virtue ……when the tree is pierced

What a PERFECT picture of Jesus

A) Wood speaks of His humanity


B) Speaking of Jesus some 700 years before His birth, the

prophet Isaiah said


Isa. 53:2   For he shall grow up as a root out of a dry ground





D) When the nails pierced His hands and feet, and the spear

pierced His side, there issued forth that which alone could

heal us from our sins


1) When His back was torn apart by the Roman whip, we had

healing flow forth to us


Isa. 53:5   But he was wounded for our transgressions, he

was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace

was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.


E) The ACACIA WOOD was covered with GOLD

1) Gold speaks of deity. We have this beautiful picture of the incarnation of God. Jesus Christ, 100% God and 100% man


                                                             RD V.6-10


On top of the Ark was the MERCY SEAT, a lid, made out of solid Gold.


Two angels, with their wings pointed towards each other and their faces down, covered the lid that fit on top of the Ark.

A) The GLORY of God was on top of the Mercy Seat.


Exo 25:22  And there I will meet with U, and I will commune with U from above the mercy seat, from between the two cherubim which are upon the ark of the testimony,


B) APPLICATION: I am so glad that God did NOT say: “I’ll meet you IN the Ark.” because that is where the Law is and I could not meet Him there.


C) I sin and fall short of the glory of God.

1) But God said: “I will meet with you above the Mercy Seat.”


D) Mercy available thru Christ


E) Once a year the high priest came in and sprinkled blood on top of the Mercy Seat.

1) The Law was covered by the Mercy Seat.


WHY was the Law kept in the ark at all?

A) Because Jesus Christ, Who is perfectly pictured in the Ark, is the One who kept the Law perfectly.


B) In HIM the Law was fulfilled perfectly and completely.

We do NOT meet the Father on the basis of OUR keeping the Law perfectly.

A) We DON’T keep it... we CAN’T keep it.


B) We meet the Father at the Mercy Seat.

1) Jesus kept the Law and shed His sinless blood to cleanse us from our sin so that we might meet with God.


RD V 11-14


This was the cloud of glory, seen often in the Old and New Testaments, sometimes called the cloud of Shekinah glory.

 A) It is hard to define the glory of God; we could call it the radiant outshining of His character & presence.


B) Here it is manifested in a cloud.


C) “The glory of God had filled the house, and the priests were set aside.

1) They Couldn’t continue!


CHS Where God is, man is forgotten.”


D) Let us be forgotten -   Heart of Worship Song

Celebrity worship / Pastors


E) The extreme presence of the glory of God made normal service impossible.

1) The sense of the presence of God was so intense that the priests felt it was impossible to continue in their work

It is worthy of note that this great outpouring of the glory of God came in the context of intense and dedicated praise.

A) God pours out His glory when His people praise Him.


B) “We can never expect to have God in this house, or in our own houses, or in our own hearts, until we begin to praise him.


C) “Unless as a people we unanimously, with one heart, exalt the King of kings, farewell to the hope that he will give us his presence in the future.” (Spurgeon)



In worship you lose your identity.


              The 70’s declared: “Find yourself”


              In the 80’s it was “Improve yourself”


              The 90’s declare “Live for yourself”


                 The 2000’s Entertain yourself


God’s Word says: “Lose yourself”. Become a part of the temple of the living God.


In that place of worship your needs and your problems begin to diminish.


          It was there in the temple as God was worshipped that the SUBSTANCE of God descended..... God showed up in a special and tangible way.


          STORY: There was a little book written titled: “Kid’s Letters To God”. One of the said: “Dear God, we had a great service on Sunday. Wish you could have been there.”


The highest part of your Christian experience is wrapped up in gathering with God’s people for the purpose of worship


STORY: There was an article written that dealt with how the average man will spend his time.


                   The average man will live for 70 years.


                   He will spend 20 yrs sleeping.... 20 years working.... 6 years eating (?).... 7 years playing.... 5 years getting dressed.... 1 year on the phone.... 3 years waiting for someone (wife).... 5 months tying shoes.... 1/2 year in church.


          That is if a person goes once a week.


              Church is only 1 month more than tying shoes


                   APPLICATION: We need to see that our priorities are messed up.


                   May YOU find that you gave MUCH more time gathering with the body of Christ.