2 Chronicles 21-22


We left off looking at the life of Jehoshaphat – one of the godly kings – One of 3 really stands out

A) Man who sought God – walked with God – who’s only real problem was ungodly associations


B) One of the worst things Jehoshaphat ever did was arrange the marriage of his son Jehoram to Ath/a/liah, the daughter of the evil king Ahab and his wife Jezebel.


Perhaps some people thought that the marriage between the royal families of the Kingdom of Judah and the Kingdom of Israel would lift up the Kingdom of Israel spiritually. It didn’t work that way.


Instead, it brought the Kingdom of Judah down spiritually.


Usually the way that it is – Flesh is week -  Satan pulls – Dan pull up!


                                                      RD V.1-5


Jehoshaphat does the same thing that King Rehoboam had done – He spreads his kids out throughout the kingdom  - Jehoram king


He kills his brothers –



His father Jehoshaphat was a godly man who had a bad and sinful habit of making compromising associations.


The worst fruit of this sinful tendency was not evident until after Jehoshaphat’s death.


Kids watch follow in our footsteps – to a greater degree:

A) Say you drink – don’t get drunk – liberty – kids watch that – the chances of them abusing that liberty – greater – simply don’t have the maturity to deal with it


B) Never forget the father in our Church – Liked to drink – beer / wine/ house

1) Until his daughter took some wine from the house – her and friends – plastered picked up for under age drinking


Jehoshaphat’s ungodly associations were manifested in his sons life –


 Magnitude he would have never imagined  murders all his sons


WHY did Jehoram attack his brothers?


Because he was INSECURE. He did NOT really feel secure

in his position as king and looked at them as potential

threats to his power base.


SO - He took the sword and did them in.


NOTE: Whenever we chop at each other - even with the

Scriptures, it is often indicative of deep seated insecurities.


The people I most admire in the Lord are the last ones to put down and find fault with others.


Gayle Irwin and Jon Courson


Believers put the sword away in the camp!


Now the Chronicler breaks his pattern here – for 20 Chapters – Introduce a King and tell us how long he reigned – and if he walked in the ways of the Lord


Then he would give us details about his life – Here he gives us the details first


Jehoram’s life was so defined by this event –


So  he walked in the way of the kings of Israel, just as the house of Ahab had done, for he had the daughter of Ahab as a wife; and he did evil in the sight of the Lord.


V.7 Yet the Lord would not destroy the house of David, because of the covenant that He had made with David, and since He had promised to give a lamp to him and to his sons forever.


Now this is an interesting insight - : The implication is that Jehoram’s evil was great enough to justify such judgment, but God withheld it out of faithfulness to his ancestor David.    Grace

                         God is always faithful to his promise

The consequences of his Rebellion      RV 8-11

A) Listen there are always consequences to rebellion


B) Listen we all sin – fall – blow it – grace and forgiveness – plead the blood – confess


C) But when you live in rebellion - God is going to chastise you –hold blessing from you – Angry with you –

1) Still loves you – But Angry – Righteous anger


D) Every parent knows this: I love my kids but if they are rebellious – ticked – Liars

1) They will be punished -


E) You can make God mad! – He will do whatever is necessary to get your attention!


In Jehoram’s life  it comes by way of the Edomites

A) They had been in subjection to Judah/ paid taxes – now revolting


B) Later will we see it is the Philistines


C) Another spiritual principle here


“As long as the kings of Judah remained true to their allegiance to God, they were able to keep in subjection the surrounding nations; but just as soon as they revolted from God these people revolted against them.


When the link between them and God was broken – their power over their enemies was broken


This applies to our passions; when we are properly submitted to God, our passions are properly submitted to us.


When we come out from submission to God, we often find our passions flare up in seemingly overwhelming strength.


James 4:8  “Submit to God resist the devil and He will flee from you!”


Our power to resist comes from our Submission”


So Chastisement comes by way of revolt from the Edomites and then God send a word a letter from the Prophet Elijah

A) Perfect illustration of how God works when we are away from Him –


B) Chastisement – something to get our attention and then a word to draw us or confront us


C) So this letter comes from Elijah – Question is when was this written.

1)2 Kings 2,3 Elijah taken up ….Chariot fire during the reign of Jehoshaphat


D) But the end of 2 Kings 1 puts him ministering during the reign of Jehoram


3 possible ideas – 1. Misprint really Elisha’s letter


2. It seems that there was a period where Jehoshaphat and Jehoram were co-reigning


3. The Letter was prophetic: God gave Elijah a vision of the Kind of King Jehoram would be and commissioned him to write this letter


Took time to be delivered – Letter was prophetic

A) Now you get a letter postmarked from Elijah – U don’t want to open it


B) Just see Ath/a/liah – You don’t want to read that Just ask my Mother


C) Elijah was heavy dude -  Heavy message

                           RD V.12-15


Now if I got a letter like that – first thing I am doing fall on my knees and beg for mercy

A) Grab a lamb and heading to the temple –


B) Not Jehoram – this doesn’t seem to faze him one bit!


C) No repentance – heart is hard – well here comes the 2nd wave of Judgment        RD V.16-17

“In the outworkings of God’s justice, the man who began by massacring his own brothers ended by suffering the loss of his sons and wives.” (Payne)


RD v.18-20


Usually when a king died as an honor to him they would burn incense – not this guy – not worth it

A) People were not even sad at his passing – good riddance


B) What about you – what about me – How do we want to be remembered?


C) What do you want pp to say about you when at your memorial service and after ward

1) Tony Jones – Man I wish I knew that guy more


D) Saw another friend of his today: Tony had a very passionate Spirit for the Lord –


E) Terri McEwen – Saturday – a lot said


How do you want to be remembered – How are you living right now to secure that?


Ch.22 Short - Rd v.1-4


So Ahaziah takes the throne – He reigned one short year

A) Your counselors shape your perspective

B) Who are your counselors? -  Often we think of Counseling being in the Pastors office – true


C) But we are all being counseled every day.

1) Rush / Oprah / Ungodly friend at work


D) Books we read: Are they giving us a balanced view of God.


Those are all our counselors – His counselors were all ungodly so it is no surprise that He did that which was ungodly

                                            RD v. 5-9


So His ungodly alliance leads him into a battle with Syria it illustrates to us a very important point.

A) This man Ahaziah was caught in the WRONG PLACE at the WRONG TIME with the WRONG PERSON.


B) He was hanging out with the ungodly. He was spending time with the sick.


C) It seems noble. BUT Ahaziah was the sick one. Because

of he was in the WRONG PLACE at the WRONG TIME

with the WRONG PERSON he was slain.


D) There are certain PLACES and PEOPLE that we

must avoid.


E) This man LITERALLY lost his head because of that error.



V.10 Now when Athaliah the mother of Ahaziah saw that her son was dead, she arose and destroyed all the royal heirs of the house of Judah.


She used the occasion of her son’s death to take power

for herself, and she reigned over the land for six years

Only time a woman throne in Judah


Evil woman: Kills all her grand Children – Gee

Grandma what big teeth you have – Demonic

A) Only way to explain a woman who would kill all of her grand Children

                                                            RD V.11-12


Athaliah felt that her position was secure, yet in the house of God a little child was being raised.


Though Ahaziah was a bad king who made evil alliances, he was still a descendant of David and the successor of his royal line.


 For the sake of David, God remembered His promise and spared this one young survivor to the massacre of Athaliah.


The line of David was almost extinguished and continued only in the presence of a small boy named Joash, but God preserved that flickering flame.


This is what made Ath/a/liah’s attempt Demonic

Eliminate the line to the messiah

Now as we close tonight here is what I want you to think about!

A) At this point in Judah’s history and for 6yrs it would seem to the faithful – God’s word had failed


B) For Safety reasons only a small few knew that an heir was alive.


C) God Promised that there would always be a descendant of David … throne– come the Messiah

1) It appeared to them – David’s line had just been cut off. What a dark time!


D) So for 6yrs to all of those who were godly in Judah and IsraelGod’s promise had failed


But we know that is impossible- so there must be something happening that they don’t know or understand


When we get into a situation where it seems like God’s promises are failing in our lives

A) When we get into a situation where it seems like God has forsaken us in our circumstances


B) We have to step back and say: we know that is impossible – there must be something here happening that I am not seeing


C) There must be something here that I don’t know about – instead of dwelling on what I don’t know

D) I am going to trust in what I do know God you are faithful to your word

1) Heaven and earth will pass away but your word NEVER FAILS


E) You hold your word above your name !


Now that is sometimes hard for us to do when we are heart broken

A) When we feel like the righteous have been forsaken and we feel like nothing is working out


B) We can have this tendency to base our walk with God on how we feel.

1) I don’t feel like he is watching out for me I don’t feel his love


C) We can be so prone on interpreting our relationship with God based on how we feel


It is wonderful to feel God’s presence and it is wonderful to feel God’s love

A) Great when I have those days


B) Awesome when I sense his pleasure and his presence – feel his love

1) Great when I have those days


C) Awesome when I sense his pleasure and his presence


D) There are times though when I don’t – sometimes it is prolonged periods when I don’t feel Him

1) Times when I am wondering where are you Lord


2 Cor 5:7 Walk by faith not by sight – or feelings


The idea there is not by our senses!


1 John 5:4

For whatever is born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world — our faith. 5 Who is he who overcomes the world, but he who believes that Jesus is the Son of God?


Cling to what I know: Victory



Last night we had a little set back

A) Issue this building -  Church – 4-5 million


B) Commercial property: Closer to 2 million that is significant


C) Not in the conditions – talked about it 3 yrs ago

Surprised when they brought it up

1) Continuance: 2 Weeks – pray – Wisdom


E) Option fight: Legal basis – Not right

1) Means God is going to have to do a bigger miracle

Buyer who will pay more / provide from some where