2 Chronicles 33:1-25  Grace so Amazing


One of the things I admire and appreciate the most about God is His Grace!    Because:

A) I don’t really understand it! – There seems to be no limits – to his forgiveness and love


B) I am a continual recipient of it


C) And it is so vastly different from the Human way of doing things.


Where is the line draw in your willingness to extend grace? – What won’t you forgive?

A) I think we all have things – that maybe we have thought – I could never forgive someone of ……


B) Maybe you are living that even now! You have been wronged – You just shut that person out

1) Bitterness lives inside –


C) God is so different from us – that is what makes 2 Chronicles 33 – one of my favorite chapters in the Bible.


D) The first half describes the wickedest King in Judah’s History


E) The 2nd half reveals the Judgment grace and mercy of God in the life of sinner

                            RD V1-9

Manasseh was the son that was born during Hezekiah’s last 15yrs – 

A) He was nothing like his dad – instead he was wicked to the core –


B) Here we are given a break down of his wicked deeds


C) As wicked as they Come:


1) He rebuilt the high places which Hezekiah his father had destroyed: v.3

A) This shows us that repentance and reform and revival are not permanent standing conditions.


B) What is accomplished at one time can be opposed and turned back at another time.

1) Manasseh opposed the reforms of his father Hezekiah and he brought Judah back into terrible idolatry.


C) It was there at the High places that they worshipped Astarte, the goddess of sensual pleasure.

1) These places were filled with pornography and people would report to these groves to worship Astarte by engaging in group sex.  Orgies


D) It was a very pornographic practice they were engaging in.



2) He raised up altars for Baal, and made a wooden image:V.3 

A)Manasseh did not want to imitate his godly father. Instead, he imitated one of the very worst kings of Israel: Ahab. state-sponsored worship of Baal


3) He worshiped all the host of heaven and served them:.v.3

A)He introduced the astrological worship/ Babylon influence



4) He also built altars in the house of the Lord:v.4,5

A)It was bad enough for Manasseh to allow this idol worship into Judah.


B) He defiled the temple by bringing idols into it.


5) He made his sons pass through the fire:V.6 

A)This dates back to the pre Canaan days –


B)The religious practices of the people of Canaan were abominable and self-destructive.

1)There was no sexual or moral restraints. There were no family ties.


C) The lack of moral and sexual restraint led to the birth of many unwanted children.

1)Conceived in meaningless sex, these lives were meaningless to those who bore them.


D)These infants were offered as sacrifices to the pagan deities they worshipped.

1) One such practice was the worship of Molech


E)Manasseh sacrificed his own son to the Canaanite god Molech.


6) He  practiced soothsaying, used witchcraft, and consulted spiritists and mediums: v.6

A)Manasseh exposed himself to open encounters with demons.


B)He came in contact with what today we would call a “spirit-guides”.

1)These demonic spirits would then give direction and so-called secret wisdom.


NOTE: It s amazing to see the depths to which our society has sunk today as we see the way that our society parallels the deeds of Manasseh.



7) He even set a carved image that he had made, in the house of  the Lord: v.7

A)Asherah was the Canaanite goddess of fertility, and worshipped through ritual prostitution.


B)This means that Manasseh made the temple into an idolatrous brothel, dedicated to Asherah.



8) He seduced the people: V.9

A)He manipulated them to sin and sin more.

 Determined to drag others down!


B) But the people were not innocent 

2 Chronicles 33:10  And the Lord spoke to Manasseh and his people, but they would not listen.


C)The Lord loved Manasseh and Judah so much that He sent the prophet Isaiah to warn Manasseh & the people

1) But the people did not heed the warnings of Isaiah

     Manasseh had Isaiah cut into two sown asunder


D) Result: they were willingly seduced by Manasseh’s wickedness and were attracted to do more evil.


Hosea – My people are destroyed for lack of Knowledge … rejected ….


We see the tragic progression in Manasseh’s sin and it’s affect upon the people of God


First, idolatry is tolerated among God’s people.

Then idolatry is promoted.

Then idolatry is supported and funded.

Then the worship of the true God is undermined.

Then the worshippers of the true God are persecuted and murdered.

Then the judgment of God soon comes.

So as a result of Manasseh’s sin Judgment came upon the nation of Judah 

A)But in the midst of that Judgment Manasseh had a conversion - RD V.11-13


A)The Assyrians invaded &Manasseh  was taken captive/ led him away w/ hooks in his lip


B) Totally humiliated – led around hooks in his lip like a caught fish


C)Archaeologists have actually found pictures of this practice.  Nose ring or lip

1) Today we call it fashion – those days – part of slavery – ultimate in humiliation


NOTE: Those who give themselves over to their own lusts are ALWAYS given over to captivity.

           Manasseh is a perfect picture of this.


D) You think – not going to hurt me – pretty soon it is controlling you- has the best of you.


But something interesting happened to Manasseh

A)In the midst of his affliction he cried out to the Lord


B)The Valley of troubling is a door of hope!


C) It is the very thing that causes some to come to their senses –

1) Parents we need to resist the tendency to keep a rebellious Child from ending up in the Valley of Achor

D) Instead we need to pray: Lord let them get to that Valley quickly – Pig pen quickly

1)Door of hope when they turn to the Lord – come to their senses


E) Sin is pleasurable for a season but the end there of is death.


Manasseh cries out to the Lord - Question: Would you have answered?

A)After all that Manasseh had done, if you were God, would you listen to this guy?


B)If you were God, would YOU answer his prayer?

1) Tough question to answer - 


C)But know this God heard and responded to Manasseh with Grace



If you ever doubted how merciful and compassionate and gracious God is, this MUST lay them to rest.

A)This shows to us the MERCY and COMPASSION and GRACE of God. 


the one who comes to Me I will by no means cast out.


C) Satan will lie to you and say: “You have gone too far. God won’t listen to you. You are through.”

1)Manasseh proves to us that Satan is a liar.


Manasseh proves to us that the Word of God is true when it says: Psalms 86:5

For You, Lord, are good, and ready to forgive,

And abundant in mercy to all those who call upon You.


So Manasseh ends up crying out to the Lord in his

turmoil the Lord responds that is mercy

A)But here is what is really amazing about  the story

of Manasseh God not only hears his cry and forgives


B) But God also delivers him from his captivity and restores him back to his position as King –

1) Great illustration of that principle found in Joel 2:25 - – He is able to restore the years that the Locust have eaten


C) Such an awesome thing about God’s grace

1) Restoration Power -



Was His conversion real?                           RD V.14-17

Here we see his follow thru the fruit of his repentance

A)He built walls around the city – Protection freedom of worship


B) He removed the -foreign gods  


C) He repaired the altars of the Lord


D)He made the way for true worship 


E) The false altars are broken  down


F)The alter of the Lord was rebuilt


See this guy in heaven !!!! Real deal



The rest of Ch.33 tells us of Manasseh death – his son Amon follows him  he is wicked – 2 yrs – then Josiah




Modern Day Manassehs

A)Perhaps YOUR life is as RUINED and DESPERATE as Manasseh’s.


B)Perhaps you are living in the bondage to the very things that you thought you would sere you.

1)Perhaps the consequences of your sin has HUMBLED you.      


C)Tonight, you need to call on the Lord.

1) You can do it knowing that if you are truly repentant, He will hear you.


D) TODAY, He offers you the forgiveness of sins and the promise of abundant life.

1) He offers GRACE and MERCY you don’t deserve. Will you receive it?