2 Chronicles 34-35  Josiah


We closed Ch.33, with the short reign of Amon, or Amon.

“He was twenty two years old when he began to reign. He reigned only for two years. He did that which was evil in the sight of the Lord, as did Manasseh, his father.


Manasseh repented and made reforms – But in two short yrs Amon reversed most of what Manasseh did

A)Saw that Amon was assassinated his son Josiah is put on the throne at 8yrs old.

                                                             RD V.1-8


The life of Josiah is a tremendous argument AGAINST the mentality that you can NOT expect too much spiritually from young people, especially teenagers

A)When he was 8 he was already doing that which was right in the sight of the Lord.


B)When he was 16 he was seeking the Lord with intensity.

1)At 20 he led the nation in spiritual reform.


C)At 26 he restored and remodeled the Temple.


D)We should expect our young people to accomplish their greatest exploits in the Lord while they are yet young.

1)How many of you are under 26?


Josiah’s life is a reminder to us that ONE LIFE MATTERS TO GOD!

A)One person can change the course of a nation.


B) Spurgeon –preaching at 16


C)Whitefield preaching as a young man under 20 preaching to the minors –

1)100 one day / 200 the next  - 20,000 by the end of the week


D) Came to America at 24 yrs old – Preaching at Universities

1)Preached at Harvard – 93 out of every 100 came to Christ – that was in 1770


E) And many of those Whitefield led to Christ @ Harvard would be signers of the constitution

1)The nation was impacted by the voice of one man who was 24 yrs old


Did you know that Joan of Arc accomplished all of her work and was burned at the stake before she was 19. She made her mark when she was still in her teens. Romulus founded Rome before he was 20. Alexander the Great conquered the world before he was 30. Martin Luther started the Reformation at 30. St. Francis of Assisi founded the Franciscans at the age of 24. Napoleon conquered Europe at the age of 27. Patrick Henry made the statement: “Give me liberty or give me death” at the age of 27. Jefferson was an old man (33) when he wrote the declaration of Independence.

Revival came into the land, reformation and renewal, BECAUSE he sought the Lord earnestly as a YOUNG man

A)IF you are young, I encourage you to GO FOR IT. Make your mark NOW when you are at the PEAK of your energy.


B) Also note: V.4 Took the idols and ground them to dust.


C)Seen many kings who tore them down – and when that King was dead

1)Then the pp set them back up.


D)Josiah wants to make sure that doesn’t happen again – grounds them to power!


RD V.9-13


Here we see he put in place the workers –

A)V.13 is very interesting to me – the ones who played instruments were put over the burden bearers


B) Worship is a powerful tool in lifting burdens – Eyes on the Lord


RD V. 14-21


Here we see the Beginning of Revival taking place in Jerusalem

   3 Characteristics -

1st Characteristic – is there is a rediscovery of God’s word. V.14


QUOTE: Little Boy - “Daddy, mommy’s Bible must be a lot more interesting than yours.” “Why do you say that?” “Because mommy reads hers a lot more than you read yours.”


The Word was uncovered in the day of Revival. There is a new found love for the Word of God.


NOTE: IF you are sensing a spiritual lethargy, or a spiritual dryness, it could be due to the fact that the Word of God has been lost among Christian activities or service – or worldly distractions


As the Word is rediscovered, revival is going to begin to break out in Judah

NOTE: Every great revival of history is built upon a rediscovery and recommitment to the Word.


2nd Characteristic: There is Brokenness over sin! V. 19

A)Hearing the law of the Lord. Hearing the curses that God pronounced upon the nation, if they would forsake His law.


B)If they would turn and worship the other gods, God declared the judgments and the curses that would come upon them.

When Josiah heard this read, he realized, “Hey we are ripe for judgment.

C)We have done those things that God pronounced the curse upon us, if we would do them.

1)Our fathers were guilty of doing these very things, and thus, the judgment of God is hanging over our heads”.


D)PP sometimes want to argue – is the Bible really the word of God

1)It cuts – it does surgery – brings you to tears

2)It comforts / transforms /


E)Josiah is affected by the reading of the word


3rd Characteristic Requesting Instruction V.21

A)After Josiah HEARD the Word, he said that he must APPLY that which he had been taught from the Word.


B)Discipleship is a true mark of Revival – People wanting to go deeper

Matthew 28:19

“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations,”


Greg Laurie rightfully said: Not every believer is a disciple – but every disciple is a believer. –


Disciple = a learner – one who is intent on seeking after the Lord wanting more of the Lord

A)No longer content to settle for a mediocre Christian experience – want more want to go deeper


RD V.22-28

So they go to the Prophetess Huldah – I love the description of her

A)She is the wife of the King’s tailor – but she is a godly woman.


B)She instructs them that Judgment is still coming but because of Josiah’s tender heart it will be delayed. 


Question: IF there is a revival, and people are getting right with the Lord, WHY would the Lord still send judgment?


Galatians 6:7-8

“Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap. 8 For he who sows to his flesh will of the flesh reap corruption, but he who sows to the Spirit will of the Spirit reap everlasting life.”


C)The nation had sowed to the flesh.... The crop was planted and the harvest would come in.

1)The sins that were committed will have their repercussions.


D)Though Josiah was a good king, all he did by his good reign, was delay the judgment of God that is impending and imminent.


E)Again, as we look at the history of the nation of Judah, we realize that we are coming into this period of time in which Jeremiah was called to be a prophet. Jeremiah began his ministry as a prophet, during the reign of Josiah.

A)Jeremiah continued to prophecy through the decline, and the death of the nation of Judah.


B)He had the rather difficult task of being the prophet, to oversee, and to observe the death of the nation.

1)To watch it plunge at the death of Josiah, right on down to the bottom, and out.


C)No matter what he said, the judgment was determined.

1)The people were determined to go on in their abdurant way, in opposition to God.


I must confess I have great concerns for our nation A)My great concern for the direction that our nation has gone. For the abominations of our nation


B)For even as Judah served Baal, Ashtoreth, Molech, Mammon, and these other gods of the heathen, so our nation has turned to serving these gods, though we do not call them by that name.


C)The worship of Molech, was the worship of pleasure. We see the pleasure mania that has gripped our country.


D)The worship of Ashtoreth, was the worship of the sex goddess, that liberated sex.

1)We see the liberated attitude towards sex today.

The worship of the Ashorem, was the worship of pornography, and we see that today. Multi Billions

A)The worship of Molech, also involved the sacrifice of children, and we see that today.


B)43 Million babies aborted in the USA !


C)They were Judged and I believe that we will be judged

1)Only hope – God delays – Revival more soul saved


D) Tender hearts like Josiah to seek the Lord

1)Follow his word


E)Circle – light on fire all that is in the circle.


RD V.29-33


So the temple was reopened. They began to worship at the temple again.

A)The king had made a commitment. The king’s commitment was complete, with all of his heart, with all of his soul.


B)We have seen so many of these Kings do this – try to mandate spirituality – Just can’t

1)Can’t make pp walk with God –


C)Disciple my son/ daughter – only works if they want to be discipled


So they more or less, made it a law that all the people were gonna have to serve the Lord.

A)But with the people it wasn’t a whole hearted commitment.


B)In every congregation that is meeting in churches today you will find THREE kinds of people.


1.) There are those that are like Row Boats.

They have to be pushed and pushed to get them to move in any direction.


2.) There are those that are like sail Boats.

Those who change course depending on whatever way the wind is blowing. { latest thing.


3.) There are those that are like Steam Boats.

Those who make up their mind and go in that direction regardless of wind or weather because they are INTERNALLY driven.


Josiah was one of these. He was driven by an inner reality with God and he would NOT turn to the right or to the left.


QUESTION: Which variety of boat are you?

A row boat - “I’m here because someone pushed me and dragged me.”



A sail boat - “Hey, God is cool. This week I’m into God.”                 

A steam boat - “I know the course I’m on. I know where I’m going no matter which way the wind blows.”



NOTICE ALSO: Josiah did NOT kick back and say: “I’m saved, you’re lost, and that’s your problem”

A)How many of us really care that without Christ the rest of the world is going to hell?


B)Or is there a passion in your heart for those who are lost


Ch. 35 Rd v. 1-3

Now it seems that during the reign of Manasseh and Amon – the ark had been moved out of the temple.

A)Not sure where but it even seems that the Priest where carrying it around to protect it


B)Josiah instructs for the ark to be put back into its rightful place.


C)V.4 Introduces us to the Key word in the Chapter – the word Prepare. Make ready is the idea


D)Preparations is always important in seeking God


V.4 Prepare themselves { the Levites

V.6 Prepare the offerings

V.10,16  The service was prepared

V. 14,15  They prepared portions to eat

V.20 The temple was prepared.

Idea is to make ready:

A)Heart Preparation: Make things ready to worship the Lord – come before him


B)Spiritual preparation is an interesting concept

1)Study Church History – It seems that every Church Revival was proceeded by a time of prayer


C) A time where pp began to set themselves aside to pray!


The question is always is the prayer the thing that moves God to Grant revival


Is the prayer meeting something that God Sovereignly begins to bring revival

Moving on the hearts of His pp to pray: Is it part of the revival?


Either way I am excited – because – there are all these little pockets of prayer happening


Starting in January -  2nd and 4th Sunday nights


Revival is God’s pp being brought back to life

Not about evangelism – Evangelism is the by product of revival


God’s pp get set on Fire and they begin to have an effect on others


So over and over the Chapter is describing how the whole nation would be drawn to the sacrifice of the lamb and they were to prepare.

A)I wonder How does that respond to my life


B)What can I be doing to be more prepared – for what the Lord may bring into my life –

1)Next season / Next year.


                                   RD V.4-9


Here we read that Josiah reinstituted the Passover –

Commeration – deliverance from Egypt

A)We read where Josiah personally donated – 30,000 lambs


B) Not a family without a lamb- No worshipper without a lamb – 41,500 offered up

1) A lamb for every man


C)Great picture of Jesus a lamb for every man!


RD V.10 -15


Now, you remember that they would take really just the fat of the lambs and the goats, and they would burn it on the altar before the Lord.


Then they would roast the meat, and they would have, it was a time of feast.

They called it the feast of the Passover, and it was indeed a true feast.

A)Everybody would feast for seven days, on the meat that was roasted. Then part of the meat they boiled.


B)But it was all to be partaken in their worship of God. 1)The idea is that, “We are offering this to the Lord, the sacrifice.


C)The fat of it rises unto God, as a sweet savor. Then they would sit down, to feast

1)Idea being feasting with God.


RD V. 16-19


This celebration of Passover was so significant that one had to go back before the time of David and Solomon to find a keeping of Passover that was so well organized and joyfully conducted.


1. It was remarkable in the magnitude of its celebration, including even the remnant of the north came to celebrate it in Jerusalem.


 RD V.20-27


Josiah was a zealous guy – Tear down altars / burn pagan priest – Zeal was strength – also a weakness

A)Here is what happened Pharaoh Necho aligns himself with the King of Assyria – Super power at the time


B) Egypt had been an ally of Israel – Josiah in his zeal goes against them


C) No record that God led him to do this at all.

1) he ends up being killed


D) Lesson for us: Watch out what battles you get into

1) I personally don’t need to look for conflicts – it is all around me – a lot of drama


E) Careful – Lord help me – what do I need to be involved in – Pick your battles

1) I am learning – there is a lot more things I have said I wished I hadn’t said


Josiah in his Zeal ends up in a battle he had no business being in – and it cost him his life.

Mortally wounded


I have been hurt and wounded in my own life because I have been involved in battles where I did NOT belong.


 I tried to take sides when I didn’t even know the mind of God.