Ezra 7  The Life that God Blesses!


After these things …. After the events of Ch.6 – Temple is constructed by Zerrubbabel with the support of King Darius

A)There is a 57 year gap between chapters 6 and 7.


B)After Darius reign his son Xerxes takes the throne – Xerxes is Ahauserus of the book of Esther

1)So it t is in this gap that the BOOK OF ESTHER should be inserted chronologically. 


C)CH.7 Xerxes Son Artxerxes is now on the throne in Persia

1))It is here in Ch.7 that we meet the man who wrote this book – Ezra


D)) Amazing man that is used in a powerful way.


Chapters 1-6 deal with the CONSTRUCTION of the temple under Zerubbabel while Chapters 7-10 deal with INSTRUCTION of the people under Ezra.


CH 1-6 deal with REBUILDING while 7-10 deal with REVIVING


As we work our way thru this Chapter there are 6 things I want us to note about this man who was radically used and blessed by God.


RD v.1-11

#1 V.6,11 We are told that Ezra was a skilled Scribe in the law of Moses!

A)V.11 Calls him an expert in the words of the law


B) So the first thing that this tells us about Ezra is that he took his position seriously


C)The Ch. Starts by giving us his family back ground – the son of .. son of  All the way down to Aaron

1)Which means that Ezra was from the Line of the High Priest


D) Ezra was a part of a family that was set apart by God for a specific ministry.


He was to be a man who was so acquainted with the Lord and his law that he could stand before God’s pp as God’s representative

A)Ezra took his calling seriously – He applied himself to become skilled at his calling.


B)He studied – he poured over the scriptures –




C) He was such a lover and scholar of the Old Testament Scriptures that Jewish historians say that it was Ezra who compiled the Old Testament Canon.



They also say that it was Ezra who established the practice of meeting in Synagogues while in Babylon.

A)Took 10 Jewish men to make a synagogue -This was to be a system to help the people learn the word of God in a setting near to their homes they would gather on a weekly basis to study the scriptures


WE could say that The whole idea of Church – gather weekly to study originating with Ezra.


B)It is believed that Ezra wrote PSALM 119.

1) It is that wonderful Psalm that is 176 verses long.


C)All but 1 of these verses makes a direct reference to the Word of God.



NOTE: The historic contemporaries of Ezra were Buddha, Confucius, and Socrates

A)The world at large knows NOTHING of Ezra, while it stands in awe of Buddha, Confucius and Socrates


B)BUT - Eternity will show that Ezra is the greatest of these. Not in the worlds eyes, but in the sight of God.


2 Corinthians 6:9 As unknown, and [yet] well known.....  (KJV)


All of that is the Fruit of a man who took his calling seriously.

A)APP  NT says that we as believers are a Kingdom of Priest – We are  a royal Priesthood.


B)We have a mandate from God that is just as serious as Ezra’s { AMBASSADORS


C)But the problem with a lot of believers is they don’t take that calling seriously

1)Calling to know Gods word – calling to represent him to the world


D)Especially grieving when it occurs with someone who is called to full time ministry.


The People that I often see struggle with this the most are the pp who are the most gifted.

A)They have learned to get by on the natural charm Charisma, gifting, and personalities – that they get lazy.


B)Guys like myself have to work hard – Not gifted enough smart enough – eloquent enough.

1)Someone said to me the other day: When I just talk to you – you can seem a little spacey – TRUE – talk circles lose train of thought


C)But then he said but when you are in the Pulpit – you are so focused

1)True – Hard work – and Holy Spirit




But it makes me sick when I see pp who are just gifted communicators get up and –wing it!

A)Because they have some Charisma – wit – personality - they can pull off sharing


B)But they don’t do their homework to really deliver anything of any substance


C)Two things will happen to a congregation sitting under someone like that – 1st they can get focused on a man


D)2nd they end up sick and anemic spiritually


Ezra wasn’t that way he took his calling seriously:

 I love to see gifted individuals do that

A)Howard musician and speaker / Bob Coy



#2 V.6,9 The good hand of the Lord was upon Ezra’s life.

A)This is a much repeated phrase used to Describe both Ezra and Nehemiah


B)In Ezra’s case I believe that it was a direct result of the fact that he took his calling and relationship with God seriously


C)Promise of Psalm 1 – Person not playing around with the world – committed to the Lord and his word – Result – whatever they do they prosper

D)Not a life with out problems or challenges – Ezra faced many

1) But they are blessed in it and thru and they have a positive impact upon others



The good hand of the Lord upon Ezra’s life is clearly seen in the Fact that King Artxerxes gets so behind what Ezra is wanting to do – look at the letter v12-26

A)Amazing to see God’s hand upon this pagan King – God moving behind the scenes


B)It seems obvious to me that the King has had some kind of encounter with God

1)Ezra no doubt has influenced him


V.25 He is impressed by Ezra’s wisdom – Seems that Ezra instructed Art in the worship of Jehovah


V.23 He refers to Jehovah as the God of Heaven and whatever the God of heaven commands is to be obeyed.


V.23 There seems to be some form of healthy fear of God – Art wants to avoid his wrath.


V.14 He is familiar with the law of God

V.16 He knows that the offering that God desires are to be freewill offerings

V.17 He knows that the sacrifices are in the form of Bulls and lambs and that grain and drink offerings were a part of their worship.


V.24 He knows that their worship system includes Priest Levites singers and gatekeepers


Art gives his full support to this endeavor – commands that the ways of the God of heaven are to be followed diligently and whole heartily.


(1) He authorized Ezra to go to Jerusalem and insure that God’s law was both taught and observed (7:14, 25).


(2) He provided a generous grant to buy supplies

and temple vessels for the temple worship (7:15-20).


(3) He commanded the treasurers in the provinces to supplement anything else that Ezra needed, up to 3ľ tons of silver, 600 bushels of wheat, 600 gallons of wine, 600 gallons of olive oil, and salt without

limit (7:21-22).


(4) He exempted all temple officials and workers

from taxation (7:24).


(5) he authorized Ezra to set up a judicial

system to see that these laws were obeyed and that violators were properly punished (7:25-26).


The Good hand of the Lord was evident on Ezra’s  life in that God gave him favor with the King

#3 Ezra prepared his heart!

A)With Ezra it wasn’t all about head Knowledge!


B)Knowledge puffs up but love builds up

1)A head full of knowledge but no heart for God is a dangerous thing


C)Problem with the Pharisees in Jesus day: They meticulously studied the word – but Jesus said – their hearts were far from God.


Ezra understood that the starting point of his relationship with God was the heart 

A)He prepared his heart to seek the law of the Lord


B)The precursor to study was preparation of heart


Prepare =  1.) to be fixed, be securely determined


          He was DETERMINED to study the Word


C) Because it was a heart thing – Ezra just didn’t want to know God’s word he wanted to live it.

1)So He prepared his heart to seek it and to live it


James 1:22-25  “ But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.  For if anyone is a hearer of the word and not a doer, he is like a man observing his natural face in a mirror; for he observes himself, goes away, and immediately forgets what kind of man he was.  But he who looks into the perfect law of liberty and continues in it, and is not a forgetful hearer but a doer of the work, this one will be blessed in what he does.”

#4 Ezra sought to teach others God’s word – teach statues in Israel

A)This reveals that Ezra had a heart for other pp.


B)Ezra wasn’t all about self – self Knowledge – He wasn’t about simply learning – he was about pp.


C)He wanted to take what God was showing him and pass it on to others!

1)That is the best way to grow


D)Dead sea in Israel – no out let. – Nothing lives there


We need to be both a reservoir and a river

A)Reservoir is fed by the rain and melting snow and feeds the rivers


B)If the reservoir didn’t have an outlet it would have no life


C)If the river didn’t have the reservoir it would dry up


We study the word – we become a reservoir – God’s life and love and word and heart in us

A)Flowing out like a river to others


B) It is the very flow that keeps us from getting stagnate and polluted but it is the constant intake that keeps us from drying up.

#5 V. 27-28 Ezra knew that his blessings came from God and he acknowledged that.  Rd v27-28

A)Sign of his own humility – he wasn’t puffed up in thinking – it was his genius that pulled this off


B)It was the Lord – and He gives glory to God – He knows it was God who moved on the Kings heart


C)He knows it is the mercy of God being extended to him –

1)Mercy is not getting what you do deserve.


D)I deserve wrath from God – blessing



#6 V.28b Ezra gathered leading men to go up with


A)I like this – Ezra was not a lone ranger! Even though he was skilled and a “expert” He knew he needed help –


B)He knew that he needed others with him.


C)There is comfort and wisdom in a team