Daniel 1:1-7  Introduction  


Danny’s Story


Well tonight we are going to begin looking at another Daniel – a young man who lived several thousand yrs ago


Daniel is the last in the books known as the Major Prophets and just before the Minor Prophets in the OT

A) Daniel has two parts: The prophet and the prophecies, the man and his message.


B) Chapters 1 through 6 deal with the man and 7 through 12 deals with his message:

1 through 6, the prophet,

7 through 12, the prophecies. 


C) Although there is overlap in all of the book those seem to be the major thrusts


Two Major themes

#1 Sovereignty of God – God determines the course of nations and establishes Govts

Most high God 13 times -


#2 How to live in Babylon – How to do that successfully –

 It tells me how to live for God in this evil age and it tells me what it will be like when I live with God in that golden age. 

It shows how a man who sees the future can live to the glory of God in the present. 

A) Daniel teaches us how not just to survive – but to thrive.  Those are the two major themes


B) Satan hates both of those things – hates that we believe God reigns – because he wants to reign


C) He hates that we want to live for God in the world


Daniel is associated with some pretty great men. Major Prophets..Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Daniel are the four known as the Major prophets,

A) These four men stand out as great prophets of God. 


B) Where does Daniel fit in with the other Major Prophets?


Isaiah ministered more than a hundred years before the Babylonian exile. 

A) He ministered to the same people, basically, but he ministered in Judah and Judah was the Southern Kingdom. 


B) Then there was Jeremiah. 

 Jeremiah came some time after Isaiah.  Jeremiah Prophesied during the last five kings of Judah's history. 


C) He was the prophet right at the end.  And he saw the things that Isaiah began to see coming to full fruition.  Jeremiah saw the captivity as very imminent.

 Then there was Ezekiel

A) Ezekiel prophesied to a group of exiles in Babylon


B) Ezekiel's message tends to be hopeful and the closing part of his book presents the glories of the kingdom to come, giving hope to that sad and exiled people. 


C) So moving along a time line It's Isaiah a hundred years before the captivity. 

It's Jeremiah imminent at the captivity. 

It's Ezekiel during the captivity ministering to a group of exiles captive in Babylon


 And then there's Daniel.  Daniel ministered during the exile also but not from the vantage point of moving among his people, but from the vantage point of being a Hebrew with a prominent position in the midst of the world powers of Babylon and Medo-Persia. 


Today God’s man in the white house


Daniel was written in 6th Century BC and called the Back bone of Bible Prophecy – Sweeping Prophecies

A) Over ½ the Prophecies of the book of Daniel have already been fulfilled - 


B) If you Follow current events – world economics – Middle East – scenarios have much to do with what is written in the book of Daniel


C) The World stage like never before is being set for the coming of the Antichrist – and Daniel is going to tell us about Him


D) Interesting the book of Daniel is always under attack by the Critics –

1) One reason is His Prophecies are so exacting – Frighteningly accurate to the unbelieving mind They just can’t believe that it was written in the 6th Century –


Daniel Prophesied with great accuracy about the Medo Persian empire the Grecian empire and the Roman empire – before they were even empires –


Critics claim it had to be written in 50-165 AD

Doctor Crisswell in his commentary on Daniel says, "There is not a liberal theologian in the world, past or present, who accepts the authenticity of the book of Daniel.  They all deny its integrity declaring the book to be a blatant, patent forgery.  They define its contents as pure unadulterated fiction,"  Crisswell  


This is known as modern rationalism

A) There is at the bottom of humanistic philosophy the idea that man's mind is ultimate and if I can't conceive of it and if I can't understand it by my rational mind, then it can't be true. 


B) Liberals want to deny Miracles and Prophecy


Daniel’s authorship:  For me – the issue is over – Matthew 24:15 – Jesus confirmed the authorship of Daniel …..when you see the abomination of desolation which was written by Daniel the Prophet


A)Now for me – that is It – I can stop there – because – If Jesus is wrong on the authorship of Daniel – if he is mistaken here – He is not God – He can’t be the messiah – can’t be my savior –


B)But because he died on the cross and rose again – after 3 days – proving He was exactly who He said He was – if He says Daniel wrote it that is good enough for me


But for those who are a little more stubborn – there is other evidence of the authorship of Daniel

A) Daniel is included in the Septuagint – the Septuagint is the account of the OT scriptures translated into Greek


B) Happened 285 yrs before Christ that – Greek was becoming the common language – 72 Jewish scholars got together and translated the OT into Greek – making up the Septuagint – The book of Daniel was a part of that


Josephus the Jewish historian – so trusted that when archeologist are excavating in the middle east they will readily read – Josephus and find artifacts within inches of where he said they would be buried


Josephus writes that the high Priest Jaduthan met Alexander the Great when he got to the gate of Jerusalem and showed him what Daniel had written about him and the Grecian empire – long before 332 BC before Alexander was even born –


Alexander was so moved by the accuracy of Daniel that Alexander ended up Sparing the city


Writing style:

A) The writing is very interesting – beginning in Ch.2:4 – Daniel writes in Aramaic – from Ch. 2- Ch. 7 


B) Those are chapters dealing with the Gentile Kingdoms –


C) In Ch. 7 he starts writing to the Jews


D) The chpts – He writes in Aramaic – are written in a style that was very consistent with 6th century Aramaic – Subject object verb –


E) Later in history about 250 BC when Aramaic became more popular as a language the style was different – Subject verb object was the style – but Daniel writes in the style that was used more in the 6th century BC


Daniel’s name

A) Another good proof of Daniel’s authorship – Daniel mentions his own name – over 80 times in the book –


B) It is almost as if the Lord anticipated the controversy – so Daniel says over 80 times


C) So those are some reasons – Major one to me – Jesus confirmed it – good enough for Jesus good enough for me


D) Jesus referred to the book of Daniel many times...many times. 

1) In Matthew alone there must be four or five references to Daniel


Paul and Peter on Daniel

A) The Apostle Paul believed in Daniel. 

 In 1 Corinthians 6:2 he refers to Daniel. 

In 2 Thessalonians 2:3 he refers to Daniel. 

 In 2 Timothy 4:17 he refers to Daniel. 


B) The author of Hebrews in Hebrews 11:33 refers to Daniel. 


C) And even Simon Peter, in 1 Peter 1:10 refers to Daniel. 


D) Example of where they use the name of Daniel or quote from his book.

                                       READ V.1-2

Two places are mentioned, Judah and Babylon

A) You have Jehoiakim king of Judah, Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon


B) Now what you have in these two places, is an infinite contrast. 

1) Where did all false human religion begin?  Babylon


C) Where, according to Revelation 17, will all false human religion consummate? 

1) Babylon, the final form of evil. 


D) And where, may I ask, is the seat of God's throne?  Judah


So at the very beginning we see these two very opposing very opposite things

A) One is Satan's place and one is God's place. 


B) One is the Promised Land from where the blessing flows,

1) The other is the cursed land from where flows all of evil spawned out of the terrible evil of Babylon society


C) One is the place of true worship, the other the place where idolatry was born. 


D) One is the house of God's people; the other is the house of pagans. 

1) And so they are infinitely contrasted. 


And with the opening words mentioning how God’s pp were carried away captive – it would seem that the Bad guy is winning

A) But take note of Daniels perspective – The Lord gave Jehoiakim


B) Daniel watched the invading Babylonian army and had the where with all and insight to realize

1) This was God’s hand – God was behind this


C) This was the fulfillment of the prophecies of Isaiah and Jeremiah –

1) Judah is simply getting what it deserves.


Election yrs: Will we see grace – or will we get what we deserve. – Options aren’t two good either way this time around.


How ironic it is that when God needed to punish His people Israel to purge them from their sin,

A) He chose the most despicable and despised place on all the face of the earth,


B) The place where evil idolatry originated, Babylon, to be the place where they became captive.  


C) You want idols I will send you to the land of idols – you want other gods I will send you to the place where – Plethora of gods/ 


Israel quail coming out of their nostrils

How did Nebuchadnezzar and Babylon come into Power? – Quick History lesson

A) In 625BC the Assyrians were losing Power – their empire was starting to collapse their last great ruler died


B) In 625 BC - when he died, the thing began to disintegrate. 


C) That is when a man by the name of Nabopolassar – he was the vice regent of Babylonia.

1) The Assyrians controlled that whole region and the Assyrian King had placed Nabopolassar as the Vice regent over Babylon.


D) When the King of Assyria died – Nabopolassar saw it as his opportunity to revolt –


So he gathered up his Babylonian forces and attacked the Assyrians hard. They took all of Assyria.  A) They went to Nineveh, the capital city, and obliterated it. 


B) And they chased all of the Assyrians as far as they could chase them to completely destroy them

1) By 610 Nabopolassar had taken the whole region.  So in fifteen years he just took the whole thing over. 


C) Well this is how it ended.  There was a remnant of Assyrians and they ran for their life to make a last-ditch defense at a city called Carchemish


And at Carchemish was one of the greatest battles in the history of the world, the Battle of Carchemish on the banks of the Euphrates River

A) They were going to make what we would know as Custer's Last Stand. 


B) Down in the south was a group of Egyptians.  They had a ruler by the name of Pharaoh Necho


C) Now Pharaoh Necho looks up and he says, "Aha, the Assyrians have had it and the Babylonians are going to be fighting the Assyrians and if I'm smart I'll take my whole army up there, we'll knock them all off after they've knocked off the Assyrians and we'll rule the world.”.


Converging of world empires

A) Now that is the setting of 2 Chronicles 35 – Josiah is King in Judah –


B) He has had some success – He starts thinking He is pretty hot stuff – Sees the Egyptian army passing near by on their way to Caremesh – Josiah decides he is going to attack


C) Pharaoh Necho gives him a stern warning – Don’t meddle where you don’t belong.


D) Josiah doesn’t heed the message – and ends up getting slaughtered.

Within 3 months of that time – His son Jehoiakim is reigning in his place – that is who we read of here.

A) In the mean time – Nabopolassar feels like he is getting old – time to turn things over to his son Nebuchadnezzar. 


B) Nebuchadnezzar. Leads the Babylonian army down to Carchemish where they destroyed the Assyrians and that was the end of that Empire. Nothing left – no ruins


C) In fact, Alexander the Great tromped right over Nineveh and never even knew he was walking on it.  They also wiped out the Egyptians and Egypt never rose from the dust of the battle of Carchemish yet. 


It was the end of that great civilization.  Assyria was finished.   Egypt was finished. 

A) And they even chased the Egyptians all the way back to Egypt and on the way engulfed Israel.


B) That is when they took the first group of captives which included Daniel, and the captivity began.  605 BC – in the 3rd year of Jehoiakim the king of Judah.


Conflict on time line

Now we know when it takes place.  In the third year of the reign of Jehoiakim, that's a very specific time reference and immediately the critics pull up their red flag,”

Aha, you see, Jeremiah said in the fourth year of the reign of Jehoiakim, that proves the Bible contradicts.  Jeremiah 25 says the fourth year and Daniel says the third year and if they can't even get that straight...how could they ever be trusted in anything else?"

A) The fact of the matter is this, Jeremiah used Hebrew dating, Daniel used Babylon dating. 


B) The Babylonians never assumed that the first year of any king was to be considered in his reign.


C) It was isolated from every other year and according to Babylonian chronology, that was his accession to the throne year and it was not counted among the years of his reign. 


D) Daniel writing from Babylon doesn’t include the first year – Jeremiah writing in Jerusalem does.

1) Not a Contradiction at all


3 Then the king instructed Ashpenaz, the master of his eunuchs, to bring some of the children of Israel and some of the king's descendants and some of the nobles, 4 young men in whom there was no blemish, but good-looking, gifted in all wisdom, possessing knowledge and quick to understand, who had ability to serve in the king's palace, and whom they might teach the language and literature of the Chaldeans.


Go and get the cream of the Crop:

A) No blemish – physical deformity

Good looking / Gifted in wisdom

B) The best and the brightest of Jerusalem’s young men were chosen & taken to Babylon.

1) Daniel was a part of that group.



A) The plot was very simple. They would brainwash them.


B) They would manage to eliminate in their thinking, their homeland, their heritage, their religion, their God, their loyalties, and everything they held dear


C) Neb’s plan was to take the youth and rear them in the ways of Babylonian culture

1) Indoctrinate them into their system of belief and let them influence the rest of the Jews –


2) Influence of Govern their peers


From one stand pt – Great plan -  Still Satan’s plan today

A) Satan knows that the real wealth of a nation is not its silver and its gold – the wealth is its youth – you can get the silver and the gold and completely miss the wealth –


 Karl Marx declared – give me the poets and the musicians and I will take the nation.


B) Still Satan’s plan today – He is after our youth –


C) We see a reeducating taking place especially w/ Young people { Re writing history books


D) Thru such ideas as SITUATIONAL ETHICS – which basically says there are no absolute answers in life – everything is dictated by the situation


Dd) There is no ideal – no basis of right & wrong {everything is arbitrary & open to debate

1) Sexual preferences / ethics morality is all a matter of opinion and debate


Not just in School – but especially thru the media –

A) You tube and see Beautiful young pp – engaging in kissing and sex - 


B) They make it look so natural normal and cool.


How old were these young men?

A) Daniel was probably about 14 yrs old –


B) Plato tells us that when a young man was 14 he was handed over to the Kings instructors to be prepared to stand before the king in his court


C) At 17 the training was completed – 3 yrs


Dobson Child – rearing experts – Most important yrs formative yrs – they have all switched - now they say: Jr. High

Makes sense because when our kids get to that age – the culture is starting to throw things at them that they might be able to handle physically but not emotionally or spiritually


So Daniel is taken along with 50-75 of other young men –– trained in Babylon


Imagine the scene – kids taken from their homes –their parents – they leave all that is familiar to them

A) At this time Jerusalem is just the Southern part of what we know it to be today – relatively small in scope


B) They are carted off – 1500 miles thru the desert – suddenly out of no where it seems is this mighty city


C) Jerusalem would have seemed like a truck stop in comparison to Babylon


The city of Babylon was comprised of 225sq miles – 4-5 x the size of London today.

A) The walls that surrounded the city were 340ft high – like 33 story building -  walls 80ft thick


B) Chariot races 6 across on top of parts of the wall


C) Interesting thing about Babylon – came into power – suddenly and lasted only 70yrs



Inside the city were 200 open altars – 153 different temples

1) One had an 8 mile perimeter around the building another had a 3 mile perimeter - 


C) City full of wealth glitz but also gross paganism – sexual immorality and idolatry


D) Imagine these young boys coming to this great city – like nothing they have ever seen before

1) Reminded family like the B Hillbillies

    ELEVATOR - Go get Mamma


That is what Babylon would represent to these boys – Any conceivable desire or opportunity at their disposal

A) How would your 14yr old handle that –


B) Forget the 14yr old – how would you handle that 

This group of boys was brought for the purpose of being indoctrinated into the culture


A) Neb wants them to so enjoy Babylon that they forget everything that they came from – everything they held dear


C) He wants them to forget about their God – Our God wiped your God and invaded your temple.


READ V.5-7


Change their names

Daniel = God is judge – Good thing to be reminded of every time his name is called – One day – stand before a holy God


Hananiah = God is gracious

Mishael = Who is like the Lord

Azariah = The Lord is our help


Great message in those names –

A) God is Judge – but He is also gracious – who is really like Him – perfect blending between Love and Justice – righteousness and grace – Justice and Mercy


B) Although we fall short of His standard of righteous – In His grace and mercy – He had a plan to Help – send His son


These 4 would become incredible leaders: But Neb’s plan was to indoctrinate them by 1st taking away their identity

A) Daniel would become – Belteshazzar = Baal protects – Daniel it is not Jehovah who Judges it is Baal


B) Hannah becomes Shadrach – illumined by Raw  One of their deities – Raw will illumine you to what is really going on


C) Michael becomes Meshach – Who is like Aku

The name Azariah was changed to Abed-Nego (meaning Servant of Nego).


Take away their identities: That is still the plan of Satan

A) He wants you to forget that you are a person made in the image of God –


B) As a believer – You are His workmanship –


C) Many pp today on a quest to find themselves – worried about how the world views them -  

1) That is the trap of the Devil


D) Most important thing you can discover is who you are in Christ

The story is told of a wealthy Englishman who had a collection of rare violins.

There was one instrument which was of such quality and such magnificence that the eminent violinist, Fritz Kreisler, desired to have it from this wealthy Englishman.     OWNER REFUSED


One day Fritz came by asked – Can I at least play it

Granted -  

Amazing Skill – poured his soul into it –


Englishman was enchanted -  afterwards – Can’t buy it but you can have it ...I have no right to keep it...it ought to belong to one who can make such beautiful music with it.


Listen, God can make beautiful music with your life. You'll see how He did with Daniel, but you've got to give Him your life.


Give Him your life...and take a position of uncompromising character, to live on the principles of the Word of God.


The plan is to indoctrinate – take away their identity


V.8 is a Beautiful Phrase – But Daniel / But Daniel purposed in his heart 

A) Purposed comes from the Hebrew word that means to pull together – pull something together


B) Other translations use the word Resolve – has the idea of making a mental determination and this certainly involves that

1) But purposed carries the idea of something more than that


C) Here is young man who is ripped away from his family – ripped away from his place of worship – taken out of his country and culture – taken away from everything he knows to be true


D) Given different names / given different value system – told their God wasn’t the true God


Put with the chief of the Eunuchs


Isaiah 39:7

'And they shall take away some of your sons who will descend from you, whom you will beget; and they shall be eunuchs in the palace of the king of Babylon.'"


It says here they were made a Eunuch – two ideas – the other

A) One is that they were made servants – Potiphar was a Eunuch


B)the other though is that they were surgically emasculated – the reason for this was so these men who were rising in the Govt could get into the Harem – plot an over throw – Surgically emasculated - 


C) Taking away their manhood


Again another objective today of Satan’s – Emasculate men Metro sexual man – is it a girl is it a guy

A) Not leaders – not portrayed in an honorable light – men are weak or Buffoons – limp wristed


So everything is taken from these boys – their name their home – their parents their manhood

A) But it is there that Daniel takes a stand and says – You have taken away my name / you have taken away my parents / You have taken away my home /you have taken away my manhood /


B) But you will not take away my relationship with my God


NOT Defiled!

The word for defile  carries the thought of polluting, staining.

1)    Maggots in Yugo – I felt defiled - / Felt the same way – Movie { BEACH RECENTLY


Defiled  Religious conviction


C) Why would Daniel and his friends consider the king’s food defiled?

1) First,  offered to idols -  participating in their idolatry


D) It not kosher. Special diet avoid certain foods like pork – meat with blood



C) Daniel pulled together the pieces of what He knew of His faith and clung to that


Are You allowing yourself to be defiled ?


Here is what we find is when Daniel does this – Hannah Mishael and Azariah follow Daniel’s lead

A) Listen sometimes it only takes one person to stand up one person to say I am not doing that – I am not going there


B) I am not going to compromise! 

Daniel purposed in His Heart – Not going to do this

A) Here is what I hear a lot of today – I am going to try – try to be better


B) I am going to not do it as much –


C) Need to take radical measures –


D) I am going to eliminate this from my life – I don’t want to be defiled


I care so much about my relationship with God that I am going to get Radical –

A) Others around me might be going with the Flow


B) Others around me – might be saying that is too fanatical –


C) But I don’t want to be defiled anymore.


Is there an area of your life – that you can help – where you are allowing yourself to be defiled?

A) Purpose in your heart tonight – it is over – it is done – no more – Jesus name / blood / Power


B) I am done -  Watch how God blesses!


C) We will see next time how Daniel and his friends were radically blessed because of their Stand

1) You will be too.


D) Not without opposition – Fiery Furnace


DL Moody tells the Story of - a young man that came up with a little handful of men to attack a king who had a great army of 3,000 men.

The young man had only 500 and the king sent a messenger to the young man saying, that he need not fear to surrender for he would treat him mercifully.


The young man called up one of his soldiers and said, take this dagger and drive it to your heart. And the soldier took the dagger and drove it to his heart.


And calling up another, he said to him, leap off that cliff  and the man leaped off the cliff.


The young man then said to the messenger, now go back and tell your king I've got 500 more like these.


We will die, but we will never surrender. And tell your king another thing, that I will have him chained with my dog inside half an hour.


And when the king heard that, he didn't dare to meet them and his army fled before them like chaff before the wind and within 24 hours, he had the king chained with his dog."