Daniel 2:31-49  Dreams and Interpretations, Part 2


Have you found yourself lately asking the question – what is God doing?  Good question to ask!

A) God is always at work in the affairs of men – never silent – never inactive – never sitting on hands


B) He is always at work – History is His Story

1) Seeking always to get our attention – always to shake things up – Awaken men’s hearts


C) The History of the world – plays out like actors on a stage – But behind the scenes is God wrote the script –


D) Always in relation to Israel – Always with God’s glory in mind


The Book of Daniel allows us to go behind the curtain behind the scenes –

A) Daniel Ch. 2 is about 4 great world empires that would come on the scene – a 5th/ 6th yet to come.


B) The book continues on – we are given more and more details about – these Kingdoms

1) Especially the two that are still yet to come.


C) Last week V.1-30 Neb’s dream

1) His counselors – tell me the dream & interpretation

2) Couldn’t – affair – Kill them- Daniel – wait

                        RD V.26-30

Daniel gives credit where credit is Due

A) Not Man but God – God in Heaven


B) Not because I am something special or extra wise

God in his grace – I am a vessel – Daniel’s humble heart


C) That is always the case – God chooses to use any one of us.  It is HIM not us


V.28 Latter days – is used 14 times in the OT and is always used in conjunction with the coming of Christ.


Now V.29 probably really got Neb’s attention and blew his mind because Neb asked for the dream and the Interpretation to be revealed

A) Daniel takes it one step further by telling the King what he was THINKING before his dream


B) This what started the whole thing off – you were thinking about what would happen after this …..


C) V.31 Daniel begins to reveal the Dream RD 31-36a


The Dream focused around this Incredible looking Statue.

A) V.31 Great image….= immense or massive.


B) “Splendor was excellent …”  unusual in its brilliance- radiance to it!


C) …form was awesome= terrifying.

It is no wonder that Neb was troubled – it was this amazing – terrifying Statue.

A) Fearless king – cringes in its presence.


B) Head of fine gold, chest and arms of Silver – belly and thighs of Brass, legs of Iron, feet of clay/ Iron.


C) Image represents 4 great empires that ruled the world from the time of Neb – to Jesus Christ


Then there was this stone cut but not by human hands

A) In others words in the dream Neb – noticed that there was something other worldly about this stone


B) Something Divine – something supernatural.

1) It was a cut stone – but he could somehow tell that the cut stone was not cut by man


C) This stone hits this giant statue and completely brings it down - - becomes like Chaff / dust


D) So crushed the wind blew it away – no traces were found,


And the stone that struck the image became a great mountain and filled the whole earth.

A) What is interesting about this last line is Neb worshipped the god Marduk – main god


B) Marduk was actually known as the great MT

C) So in Neb’s dream he is saying this Stone – that is other worldly – Becomes the great MT

1) Other words  - Revelation of the one true God


The Interpretation: Briefly ……. RD V.36b-38  

A) You are the head of gold – because God has given you this power! God called him king of kings


B) This is an amazing thought – God had raised up Neb

1) He was used by God to take Israel captive


C) Set the Stage for these prophecies


Reminder God uses Pagans

A) Interesting in light of  – We have a President in Iran who is very hostile against Israel


Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad vowed Friday to keep supporting the Palestinian militant group Hamas until the "collapse of Israel."    Germ of Corruption!


Iran does not acknowledge the sovereignty of Israel and vowed to support Hamas until what Ahmadinejad calls "deliverance from Zionists (Israel)."


B) Ahmadinejad, known for anti-Israeli rhetoric, said in 2005 that Israel should be "wiped off the map"

1) Wasn’t talking about Erasing off his globe at home


C) He later called the Holocaust a "myth."

So here is this crazy guy who hates Israel with a passion is building a nuclear power plant with Russia’s help: money and scientist


Why is that so interesting?


Ezekiel the Prophet prophesying at the same time as Daniel described a scenario – last days Ezk 38-39

A) Nations of Persia which is modern day Iran


B) Turkey, Ethiopia which is modern day Sudan

Libya and Central Asia –

1) Are going to join with a nation to the uttermost north of Israel called Rosh


C) Go to the uttermost north – end up in Russia

1) Does that mean Russia itself or all the Muslim nations that used to be a part of the Soviet Union


D) Kirgizstan Etc – that is still to be determined


But Russia has been aiding Iran for yrs now

A) Ezekiel 38 says that God is going to put hooks in Russia’s Jaw and bring them along with Iran and these other nations into a battle against Israel


B) God is going to Supernaturally wipe them out


C) Russia invading Georgia – a step away from Turkey March south right into Israel


D) Is God orchestrating things for that right now for that scenario

1) Is Ahmadinejad in power in Iran as part of God’s bigger picture and plan ? -  POSSIBLE


Romans 13:1

“Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God.”


Acts 17:26

“And He has made from one blood every nation of men to dwell on all the face of the earth, and has determined their preappointed times and the boundaries of their dwellings.”


Now that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t vote or pray or that God doesn’t pay attention to those things

A) On the Contrary there are numerous examples with the pp of Israel where God delayed judgment – because of the pp’s prayers and repentance.


B) Pray for Mercy from God – Show repentance in voting

  Protect marriage – Protect the unborn


C) Show repentance by standing for righteousness !


D) But note this if the Prop 8 doesn’t pass and if those who support – abortion are elected –

1) God still has a plan – Those pp will merely be God’s instruments for Judgment {Sped up – mercy thus far

                       Great nation / not a godly one

E) Like Neb was with Israel! God raised up Neb as  his Chastening agent!

Note V.38 You Neb are the head of gold. Absolute Monarch.

Commentator Leon Wood said, "Nebuchadnezzar was uniquely responsible for [Babylon's] attaining and maintaining empire status. After him, its power diminished rapidly. It was far more his kingdom, than he was its king. The same was not true of any ruler of the succeeding empires"


A) His Kingdom spread to most of the civilized world of his day. 


B) Gold was prominent in his empire. Historian Herodotus visited Babylon 70yrs after the empire had fell – found temple idols and vessels still prominent

22 tons of gold.


C) Babylon was a great power but the Babylonian reign was short lived – only 70 yrs   610BC -539BC


39 But after you shall arise another kingdom inferior to yours; then another, a third kingdom of bronze, which shall rule over all the earth. 40 And the fourth kingdom shall be as strong as iron, inasmuch as iron breaks in pieces and shatters everything; and like iron that crushes, that kingdom will break in pieces and crush all the others.


They were overthrown by the Medo Persian Empire

A) Which represents the Chest and arms of Silver.

Silver is weaker than gold.


B) Inferior how?

C) Medo Persian kings didn’t possess the kind of control that Neb did.

1) Neb had the power to declare something a law one day – change his mind the next


D) The Medo Persian kings didn’t have that type of control – Darius with Daniel


Also The Medo Persian reign was longer – 539BC – 330BC – they weren’t as powerful as Babylon

A) Never had the Grandeur that the Babylonian empire possessed


B) The Medo Persian empire was followed by the Grecian empire – Belly and thighs of bronze or brass

1) Greece reigned from 330BC – 65BC



Notice what the end of v.39 says

A) The Kingdom of bronze would rule over the earth –   None world at the time


B) Greece achieved that under the leadership of Alexander the great – 30yrs old – had no one left to conquer – wept


C) So into war – and battle – Passion to conquer Kingdoms



Why 2 thighs (32)? – Alexander left his kingdom to his 4 generals.

Only 2 of which became powerful.

[1] Empire of Syria– That was the Seleucid Dynasty.

Much bigger than Syria today.

[2] Empire of Egypt – Ran by the Ptolemies (Talamee)

Controlled all of N. Africa.

Why Bronze? – History lets us know Greece heavily used Bronze. All their soldiers were outfitted w/Bronze shields and helmets


Grecian army vs Persian – Turban & linens vs bronze armor and Helmets


C) No speculation needed – RD 5:28 / 8:20-22


After Greece came Roman Empire 65BC -1453AD

A) Romans Crushed pp – mean – Greece invented crucifixion – Rome perfected it.


B) In Daniel’s day iron was the strongest known metal.


B) As Leopold states it, “The Roman legions were noted for their ability to crush all resistance with an iron heel.”


C) But the Iron was mixed with clay – tile – brittle there was a weakness! -  Rome was never overthrown –

1) Its Demise was from within

D) Rome imploded – weakened from selfish demise

1) AIG executives - $440,000 retreat


E) That was Rome = that will be America


Now the last part of the Image is future still –


A) The feet with the 10 toes Iron and Clay – Revival of the Roman Empire


B) 10 nations – Daniel 7 makes real clear – vision that has similar implications – Beast 10 horns

1) Coming world leader – Antichrist


C) Revival of the Roman Empire – European Union

1)27 countries 500 million pp – that is 200 million more than the USA {

2) Combined Gross domestic product $14 trillion


D) Come together – Economic Strength –Common currency  Rise of the Euro – collapse of the dollar –

1) Common Security and Defense alliance


Here is what you might not know? Our economic problems have affected the rest of the World

A) Europe’s Market are also in trouble. Global financial crisis.


B) Prompted French president Nicolas Sarkozy to declare – “Europe needs to exist and respond with one voice.”

He called for a global summit 'as soon as possible'' to implement `a real and complete reform of the international financial system.' He said `all actors' must be supervised, including credit-rating firms and hedge funds. Executive-pay systems must also be reviewed, he said. `We want a new world to come out of this,' Sarkozy said. `We want to set up the basis for a capitalism of entrepreneurs, not speculators.'


Defenders of the European Union are quick to point out that it’s system lacks a central finance ministry comparable to the Treasury department of the USA


Their system is not – equipped to deal with this type of crises – So some like Sarkozy are calling for a revamping of the System.


But not everyone is convinced – Ireland has led the way in acting in its own interest – we are going to take care of ourselves


Watch this closely- 

A) There could come out of this – a whole new group –of nations – United – Economically – Militarily


B) You could say today – that we are LIVING IN TOE TIME {Good t-shirt – conversation piece


Does America have a place in Bible Prophecy?

Scriptures are silent about this Super Power why?

A) 3 Scenarios:

#1 Rapture: Crippled and have to focus on our own problems.  No longer a player in the global scene.


#2 America becomes like Rome – implodes from within.


Talking today to Mark Hitchcock via email

book coming out on inauguration day (Jan 20, 2009) titled The Late Great United States: What the Bible Reveals About America in the Last Days.


“It’s clear to me that America is not a superpower in the end times. Certainly, economic issues could be part of our demise. Everyone can now see how quickly America can be brought to her knees. The last couple of weeks has been a real eye opener.” Mark Hitchcock


America is being primed to join the confederacy


Times are going to get worse – convinced


#3 America is attacked.  Joel Rosenberg

Long beach- LA

Seattle: Technological capital – Microsoft

Virginia DC

NY –



But I want you to note V.44-45 God wins


Neb’s response: V.46-49

Our response:

A) Some of you are Scared {God is Sovereign


B) We need to be United – Community

1) Ray Bentley – home groups – fires couldn’t get to the Church


C) We need to be ready – Purity


D) We need to be active: Evangelism

1) Loving and Sharing



Blood moons -

1492 ,1948, 1967


2014, 2015




Scared ?