Habakkuk 2:4

The Just Shall Live By Faith


We saw in our last study Ch.2:1-3:  Hab. was waiting & Watching – He put himself in a place to receive Vision & Direction from God

A)Here in the rest of Ch. 2 He receives a Vision of what God will do to Babylon – how they will be brought down


B) But in the very Beginning of this Revelation: Hab. is given a Powerful word from  God Concerning – how he was to live

1)    But it was a word not just for the Prophet living a long time ago – but for every one who would desire to walk w/ God


C) The Word : V.4 The Just shall live by Faith –


People today are concerning about – Living : Quality of Life is something that is considered in most Decisions

A)Where you choose to live / where you decide to work / where your kids go to school


B) In the mist of all of it if you have any choice at all / you are considering – How will this affect my quality of life


C) There are seminars today: To help people learn how to improve their quality of life –

1)  How to get the most out of living


In a "Peanuts'' comic strip, there was a conversation between Lucy and Charlie Brown.  Lucy said that life is like a deck chair.  Some place it so they can see where they are going; some place it so they can see where they have been; and some place it so   they can see where they are at present.  Charlie Brown's reply: "I can't even get mine unfolded."


D) So much of life is wasted – can’t really avoid that – Do you know that the average person today who lives to be 70 – will spend – 20 yrs of his life sleeping / 6 yrs eating – [guys it is more like 8 yrs] /


5 yrs getting dressed – { Woman longer – Denise has had a bad morning


2 Yrs talking on the phone – { Women Double that }

5 Months tying our shoes


E) No wonder so many people feel like their not accomplishing anything

  1) That their not really Living –


Here in Ch. 2 v.4 -Habakkuk is told the Key to living – The Just shall live by faith

A)Now This statement is at the Foundation of the Christian Faith


B)It is a statement that is found 3 times in the NT

1) Paul used it to form the foundation of his two most important epistles Galatians & Romans


C) The Writer of Hebrews also quotes this passage in talking about Faith – in Heb 10:38

1)    The Just shall live by Faith


C) Now in Romans 1:17, The emphasis is on the word – Just – Paul is talking about Justification

1)     in Hebrews 11 the emphasis is on faith. And  in Galatians, the emphasis is on live.

Lets look at each one of these verses Starting w/ Rom.1

A)Paul is spending his time in the book of Romans talking about Righteousness


B) How  - There are two means of Righteousness

1)     There is a righteousness that comes from Keeping the law –


C) Problem is we are not successful in consistently accomplishing that

1) But there is also a Righteous that comes from God – it is embraced by faith  -


Rom 5:1,2 1Therefore, having been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, 2through whom also we have access by faith into this grace in which we stand, and rejoice in hope of the glory of God.


Now what does it mean to be Justified ?

A)Just as if you never sinned – that is a good definition but it is not the best – need to take it one step further


B) The Word Justification in the greek is a term of Jurisprudence - It is a legal term

1)      It means more than the judge simply declaring that you have been forgiven / but it means that the Judge declares you Righteous


C) The Judge Declares you RIGHT ON !!!!!


D) When the Judge hits the gavel & says this man is guilty, but we’ll put him on Probation that is NOT JUSTIFICATION

E) Or if  the Judge says this man is guilty but I will let him off the hook this time – just a warning –

1) That is not Justification


E) But when the Judge hits the gavel & says this man has never sinned – the charges are untrue – that is Justification – Declared righteous


Now if the Judge puts me on Probation or lets me off the hook w/ just a warning –

A)I walk out happy – but also ashamed – I blew it


B) But when he declares me righteous – when he says  - You are right on I can walk out of the court room w/ my head held high – Right on


C) Well in Christ we are more than forgiven – We are justified God says You are right on –


D) But wait you say I am guilty – Yes that is the Beauty – not in God’s eyes – Christ paid the Price –

1) Your sin transferred to Him

2)      His Righteousness is transferred to You – Just as if you never sinned


Now That truth is received thru faith – Emphasis in Heb 10:38 Leads the way into Heb 11 Hall of Faith

A)People who lived their lives w/ reckless abandonment because they believed in the Word of God –


B) Faith built on Facts – The Faithfulness of God – The Power of God & the Promise of God { Tested T & P

A)Listen do you believe God’s word – Believe in the Work of Christ

YOU ARE JUST – Justified by Faith


B) God declares that in his eyes – You are righteous

1)     But do you live in that truth – that is the emphasis in Galatians - – turn to Galatians –


C)Galatians – Emphasis is on living – like Justified –


Scene: the Judiazers – Witnessing – Bible / tract / scalpel

A)Really believe – little surgery –


B) Great that you believe in Christ – really spiritual – really saved – circumcised


C) The Basis of that Mentality is this: Your standing w/ God is totally based upon your actions, works / performance


In the  yr.1508 a priest by the name of Martin Luther was living in that type of mentality

A)This young priest was so painfully aware of his sin & his short comings that he would whip his body / starve himself almost to death


B) He would torture himself Physically / sleep in the cold crawled for miles on his knees, fasted for weeks

1)     he would pay indulgences/ he would do penance /


C) He was trying anything to make up for the wickedness he felt inside /because he was so aware of God’s holiness & so aware of his own sinfulness


C) So One day in 1508 he was climbing the steps into a large cathedral on his knees in another attempt to make up for his sin

1)     As he climbed the steps on his knees there was a verse that was going round & round in his brain – the verse Rom.1:17 


D) Paul is talking about the Message of the gospel -

17For in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith; as it is written, “The just shall live by faith.”£


E) Suddenly it hit him – the just Living by faith – not penance /

1) not religious ritual not living trying to attain a righteousness thru following Rules & Reg


 He understood that the Christian experience is not ‘Do, do, do’ — it’s ‘DONE!’ Jesus did it all.

A)It is not my trying to get it together / but it is placing my faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ


B)And then living my life based on that Premise – I am Just -


C) Through that Revelation:  the Reformation was birthed / & the Church was forever changed as many others caught the vision


D)Believers all over suddenly realized what the NT church knew that it wasn’t about personal sacrifice / it was not about whipping oneself or doing certain things to demonstrate devotion to God


E) But the Just shall Live by faith !!!!!


Listen I have a great word for you tonight:

A)You can get rid of the burden of trying to be spiritual.


B) You can Get rid of the notion that if you have  morning devotions ten times in a row, God owes you a blessing.

1) You are in God’s Favor tonight – if you are Just – Nothing you earned – you just embraced by faith


C) So does that mean - I don’t have to have morning devotions?’ No, you don’t.

1) ‘I can sleep in?’   Yeah, you can.


D) ‘I don’t have to pray, or study the Word?’



But Listen: You don’t have to do any of those things.

A)You get to. Not a have to it is a get to Not a duty but a Devotion


B) Every morning – you get to spend time w/ the Living God – Tea Balance Bar – Bible !!!

1) You can wake up extra early tommorrow head down the the Beach / your Bible & Your Board – Priviledge


C) The Father loves when His Children want to spend time w/ Him


D)It’s not got to, it’s get to — and that makes all the difference in the world, for once you’re free from the ‘got to’s you invariably do more than you ever did before.


James said, ‘Faith without works is dead’ (James 2:20) because true faith will always bring about lots of works.


When I fell in love w/ my wife – No one had to twist my arm to spend time w/ her – I wanted to see her every day { Bummed if I couldn’t

A) I am the same way – now – Mondays my day off our day together – { Something comes up bummed


B) I don’t drag myself on dates w/ her – I look forward to it – I long for it -


C) The same thing happens when you understand grace and mercy. You say, ‘You bless me, Lord, when I don’t pray. You love me when I’m not lovable. You take care of me when I fail to walk with You.


D)You’re faithful to me day after week after year.

1) I want to find out more about You.’ That’s what it means for the just to live by faith.