Habakkuk 3

Beholding His Glory


Review Ch. 1 Wrestling

Ch. 2 Waiting / Watching – Vision- what God is going to do w/ Babylon


Ch. 3 – Worshipping


v.1-2 Let your work Live


Do what you see as being best –


Remember Mercy: Not getting what we do deserve !


Psa 136 – Give thanks for His mercy endures forever


Politician Picture didn’t do me Justice

Face like yours asking for Mercy


Napoleon have mercy –


          Our God is a merciful God !!!


Mercies are new every morning – Can’t exhaust







These verses are interesting to me – Vision of the Lord – Coming – His Glory & Brightness

A)His Glory covered the Heavens – Isa 6 Train of his robe filled the temple – Everywhere


B) Earth was full of His Praise – Creation groans

1)    They want to praise & can’t – we can & so often don’t


C) His Brightness was like the light – rays flashing from his hand – { Incredible Illumination

1)    Paul – Damascus – Light brighter than the sun at noon time


D) But there His Power was Hidden –

1)    Glory is Radiant – But Power is hidden – Shows us how Powerful God is


Brightness { Blinded Paul – That wasn’t a display of his Power :  Moses face to shine –

A)Like the Sun – Bright – Sun glasses – no idea how powerful – until try to get close to it


B) There is a day – when Brightness & Power will both be on display – 2 Thes 2:8 – Destroy the Antichrist w/ the Brightness of His Power


C) God allows us to get close to Him – Behold Him in Jesus –  Heb 1:2-3

 3 who being the brightness of His glory and the express image of His person, and upholding all things by the word of His power,

V.5-15 – Now there are 2 schools of thought concerning this Passage – Some think – Future

A)Talking about the 2nd Coming of Christ – v.3 speaks of Him coming from Teman = Edom


B) Isa 63 we are told that when the Messiah comes he will move thru that area –heading towards Jerusalem in power & Glory


C) SO some view it as Future the 2nd coming / but others View as past – speaking of God delivering Israel from Egypt – taking them to the promise land



D) So which is it ? I believe that it is both – God is saying to Hab. – Look back to see how I have worked & look ahead to see that I am coming


Result is this for Hab. – It was a reminder of the past & a revealing of the future – that he might be renewed in the Present


Lesson For You & Me – Review what God has done in the past – Past Faithfulness { So you can anticipate what He will do in the Future –

                      In Present set your heart at PEACE


Tonight some of you are worried about the Future

A)Think back on the past – God’s faithfulness


B) Amy Diabetes – Bummed – Past faithfulness

God is good – faithful He has always taken care of my family not going to stop now –

A)Aaron – 2 Lungs – X rays – How could you


B) Some of you look back on your past – BC days – any hope – God says – look what I have done

1)    Be blessed w/ what I am going to do!!!


C) Simon – Peter – Finished Product



V. 16 We see Hab. – response to this Vision

A)He trembled at what this meant – God coming –


B) Like Hab. we can say Lord come quickly but we also need to remember what that means to those who are left behind


V. 17-18

A)Doesn’t matter how Bad things might get – Lord I know that you are on the throne & I will Praise you


B) This is so Key: Israel on the other of the Red Sea it is easy to Praise when going Good

1)    But what about – When things are tough – He is still God


C)Job: Ch. 13  Though he slay me I will trust Him


D) What about You – Lord praise you rejoice in you worthy – you are true in all your ways     v.19

Hab. goes from the Valley of Despair – Wrestling to the Mt top of Rejoicing & Worshipping

A)NEXT STUDY – JONAH – Powerful picture of the grace of God –


B) Jonah like Hab. – wrestled w/ God’s will – Comparison ends there

1)    Jonah ran from God – had to learn in a Fish


C) Hab. ran to God – learns in the Tower –


Which example will Characterize your life !!!