Matthew 2:1-23  They Came to Worship Him


Matt Ch.2 Jumps about a year forward from where we left off in Ch. 1

A) In the interim Lk tells us Jesus was taken to the temple in Jersalem to be dedicated 40days after birth


B) Offered two turtle doves – Poor for a lamb


C)Ch. 2 We find them back now in Bethlehem – time has elapsed – Jesus referred to here as a young child


D) Possibly a year and ½ old at this time!

                                RD V.1-11


Here we have the story of the wisemen who came to visit –

A) Notice v.11 came to the house – this is later –not the manger


B) Manger scenes all wrong – no drummer boy –

1) No wisemen – Accurate put in front yard

Not there yet.


C) Not sure if there were 3 – could have been 20,30, 100 we think 3 because 3 gifts gold / Frank/ Myrhh

1) Came with personal body guards – huge production


Now Matthew is the only one who gives us the details of this story – Purpose? Jesus as the King

Here we see Wisemen coming from a far to worship a King!

A) They follow a Star - - Magi – same word used in Dan 2:2/ 2:10 to describe Astrologers


B) Came from the east – From Persia from Babylon


C) They had information that we are not previ to and were probably part of a sect started yrs before by Daniel


D) Daniel was made Chief of the Chaldeans and Astrologers - - Daniel 7:13 – He talked about the ancient of days – King of Kings – rule the world


So they came asking where is the King who  was Born – Literally the one Born a King

A)They traveled 900 miles probably 6-9 mths


B) Followed Star – really a Star –more supernatural

Stood over the house – ANGEL

1) Appear- go away and re-appear


C) They came to Jerusalem – thinking that is where the King would be born in the Holy City

1) Royal City of David


D) They get there and inquire but no one Knows what they are talking about



Herod inquires – wicked King insecure – feels threatened, says I want to worship too.


Picture this scene – Beth small hamlet 5-7,000pp in roles this entourage

A) Quite a sight – House in Garden Grove: Hells angels – 100 motorcycles – scary


B) This would have been exciting – wow


C)V.11 They come to the house and worshipped HIM


Brought gifts to HIM –


Gold Frank Myrrh


Some see prophetic – Pointing Prophet priest King

Gold King –

Frank tool of the priest

Myrrh – Not fit prophet die outside Jerusalem Myrrh used to embalm


So they come – wonder what their conversation was like that night - 


RD V.12


Note several things about these Characters

Wisemen: Came from a long ways to See Him


They weren’t content to see the Star – His star – they had to see Him

A) They saw the sign of His coming – followed the Star but their focus was to see Him


B) Follow the signs – 2nd coming – not so much excited about the coming -….

1) The Lord who is coming


C) They came to worship Him


Not because of what He did for them

Not because they needed something from Him


They came to worship Him for who He was !


We will be astonished at Him – heaven –

JN Lamb slain


Cost: Time travel




What does it cost us to worship Jesus?


Contrast them with the religious leaders of the day who knew the Scriptures

A) They knew the Scriptures –born in Beth- numb to the reality


B) Their rabbinical writings 550 quotations 1st coming –

1) They didn’t travel 7miles to see if it was true


C) All caught up in their rituals routines – they became numb


D) Warning to us!


The wisemen are a great example to us

Wisemen still seek Him


HEROD: Very insecure man – wicked man –

A) Idumean – He claimed to be a Jew but he wasn’t

B) During his time in power he slaughtered 6-8 thousand Jews


C) He died at the age of 70yrs old – reigned 37yrs in Jerusalem


D) He had 10 wives –His favorite Maromni – he had her strangled – suspicious of her


E) He had Alexander his favorite son killed

1) Other favorite son Aritrophus  Drown

Five days before his death he asked for permission from Ceaser to have his son Antipater III killed

A) He also killed his mother in law and several nieces and nephews


B) Insane Guy – Possessed – Ceaser proclaimed I would rather be Herod’s Pig than his son

1) Because he claimed to be Idumean – He wouldn’t eat pork – safer to be his pig than his kid


C) All His sin would come back on Him –Later yrs saw a woman reminded him of Maromni –

1) Prostitute diseased – worms ate at insides

Ankles swelled 9 inches across –


D) Horrible stench – His guards could only be in his Presence for minutes


E) Upon his death – Daughter Salomne – Popular families – Hippodrome execute them

1) No one will mourn – so kill them so there will be mourning – She released them


His own Son Archelaus – hated him – wasn’t even there at his death bed –out getting drunk with friends


He took the throne – first thing he did was slaughter 3000 jews who claimed about his dad’s rule

A) Lesson –bitterness unchecked you will become like the thing you hate

Look at Mary and Joseph – Guided by providence –

A) Dreams – wouldn’t it be easier for God to just strike Herod dead


B) They leave – God provides – gold frank/ myrrh – they have enough to travel to Egypt –

1) Live there comfortably


C) And come back  - settle


Joseph is obedient 4 times

His Sons


James 1st Bishop


Simon 2nd bishop

Jude – strong –


Lesson: Dads, step to the plate – It will have an affect on your kids