Matthew 6:1-18  A Model Prayer


Studying gospel of Matthew –

Broad stroke –with our brush – Overview


Every now and then we pause to take a more focused look at a subject


But most of the time we are trying to cover more ground and capture the heart of what is being said – more than all the details.


For a more in depth study in one of the gospels – go to our online and see any studies in Mark or

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Right now we are in the middle of a section called the sermon on the Mt. Matthew 5-7  Sermon Jesus preached in one setting

We are trying to move thru it


Tonight at the focal pt of what we are looking at has to do with our motivations for what we do.  Who are we doing it for?  Who are we trying to impress


For the religious leaders in Jesus day the Motivation was to be seen by men – that was part of their problem that Jesus addresses in the passage before us tonight


4 Statements that all begin in the same way:

When you give / when you serve / when you pray / when you fast

The very wording – implies that the Lord expects us to be doing all of those things – those things should be a normal part of every Christian’s life.


But what Jesus shares here reveals that God the father is more interested in the heart behind what we do than even the actual outcome. 


RD V.1-18    


Outright attack on the Pharisees – their problem they want to be seen by men – they are more concerned about how they appear to pp than how they appear to God

A)Problem was they weren’t being honest – they played the game – they appeared to be godly – from the outside – but their hearts were far from God


B)Jesus called them white washed tombs – { coffin – pretty box – full of dead mens bones.

1)There is a dead guy in there. – Made to look great

Sometimes better than they did – but not them.


C)Outwardly they looked great – giving serving praying fasting – they did it all to be seen by others

1)Jesus said that is their reward – the esteem of men is their reward


D)They have traded the esteem of men for the rejection of God – that is always a bad trade.

1)Charlemene: What profit a man gain… lose his soul!”


Jesus advocates the opposite – don’t give to be seen by others{ Ok to do those things before pp – but don’t make it your motive to be seen by them

A) don’t let your left hand Know what your right hand is doing


B)Don’t pray to be seen by men – Find a secret place to pray – private – you and God


C)Don’t draw attention to yourself when fasting by changing your appearance –

1)they would shave – they would have bed head – whore same clothes for several days


D)Those things are in style today – might say – don’t shower – shave – change clothes


The real idea was they were putting on airs – looking somber – serious – unkempt – to draw attention

A)People would ask what is wrong?“ nothing –I am just fasting this week for the spiritual condition of the nation.”  


my heart is so heavy I couldn’t even shave today – my heart is heavy for the condition of the nation because God’s heart is heavy GAG!!!!!


Jesus says no don’t do that – don’t draw attention to yourself !

A)V.7 Jesus also has this to say about prayer – don’t let them be vain repitions    LORD – 50 TIMES

B) Careful – rather pp pray this way than not pray at all

1)But sometimes pp – because they don’t like silence

Lord I pray that … Lord …. And Lord


C)Denise you want to go gets some ice cream and Denise what kind do you want Denise / Denise should we take the car / or truck Denise – Denise DD or Single


D)We don’t talk to each other that way – why do we talk to God that way?

Wordy – or routine –


V.9 Jesus gives this model prayer – This is not meant to be vain or repitious but it conveys the heart that God is looking for in prayer

A)It also reveals to us the kind of things that are appropriate to ask God for.


Begins Our father – Key word in the Chapter – used 15  times – FATHER!

A)Father talk to God as a Father – not Creator – not the King –


B)Story of little boy – ran out to dad – stop by soldier – You can’t go out there little boy – that is the Emperor

“He might be an Emperor to you but a Father to me!”


C)There is respect fear admiration that one has for an emperor – we are to have all of that for the Lord –

1)That is Why he qualifies his prayer in this way – Our father who is in heaven

This isn’t pops – daddio – Dude – the big guy up stairs – No this is ruling sovereign God who abides in heaven –

A)But He also desires that our relationship with Him go one step further – it would include include the intimacy of a Father with His Children


B)He is in heaven but because He is Omniscient – He is as close as a Father can be.

1)GOOD FATHERS BRING SECURITY – My kids in the middle of the night


C) So we are to start by addressing Him as our father who is in heaven.


1st request Hallowed by your name!

A)Now I have read many commentators who have suggested that the pt here is telling us –



B) There is truth to that – before we start asking God for things – good to be cognizant of His greatness

1)We need to see our problems in light of His greatness


C)But this Phrase means a lot more than that!


This is the first thing that Jesus tells us to ask God to do.

A)The head of the list. Above all others. Most central. Most supreme.  


B)What does that mean? – Put it simply we are asking God to make His name great!


C)That is why this is the heartbeat of all true prayer – it is not about me – it is about God!


D)What does hallowed mean? Root word Hagios It means literally sanctified.

1)It means to be set apart!


It means that we are praying that His name be set apart in people’s hearts and minds.

A)That His name would be revered and honored and valued in the hearts and minds of pp.


B)Literally praying: Lord make your name Great – in my life!

1)Make your name great in my family –

2)May the name of God and the name of Jesus Christ be made great – glorified in CCV  -


V.10 Follows that same focus Your kingdom come your will be done … heaven.

A) Let your kingdom expand in my life / my surroundings.


B)There are only two kinds of people: those who are in harmony with God’s purpose, saying, “Your will be done,” and those who live for themselves, saying,

 “My will be done.”


C)When are hearts are all about His name being made great – we long for His kingdom to be established in our lives


D)Effective prayer is about having our hearts in alignment with God’s heart –

1))That is why Jesus wants us to start our prayers in that way.



From there we move to look at our needs – Ok to pray for our needs. Give us ….. daily bread

A)V.11 Daily provision – bring my needs before you – make your name great in all those situations  and provide


V.12 Forgiveness as we forgive

A)“What is found in Christianity which is not found in any other religion?”


B)This was the question asked at a seminar featuring several prominent Christian theologians.

C. S. Lewis, the brilliant thinker and gifted author, was caught in traffic while the rest of the panel puzzled over this question.


C)After about an hour, Lewis arrived, and the question was posed to him. “That’s simple,” he replied.

               “The forgiveness of sin.”



Because of what JC did on the cross – our sins which are many, can be forgiven!

A)Our past is buried in the sea of God’s forgiveness and forgetfulness.


B)He does not remember our sin anymore. And that is what makes Christianity absolutely unique.


C)Asking forgiveness implies confession. Need to be confessed to be forgiven.

1)Feet that are not presented to Christ cannot be washed by Him.


D)Sin that is not confessed cannot be forgiven. That is the condition John makes plain: ” (1 John 1:9).  “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.


E)To confess means basically to agree with, and when we confess our sins we agree with God about them

1)that they are wicked, evil, defiling, and have no part in those who belong to Him.




When we are real – confess – He forgives us but there is  Prerequisite

A)Jesus gives the prerequisite for receiving forgiveness in the words, as we also have forgiven our debtors. {


B)Jesus reiterates this in v.14-15 

C)The principle is simple but sobering: if we have forgiven, we will be forgiven; if we have not forgiven, we will not be forgiven.



D)Now this is not a Prerequisite for salvation – but really of living in constant – blessing

John MAC “Forgiveness is the mark of a truly regenerate heart.”


E)  mark that we are truly saved We are to forgive because we have been so forgiven


We are also to be motivated to forgive because of Christ’s example. “Be kind to one another,” Paul says, “tender-hearted, forgiving each other, just as God in Christ also has forgiven you” (Eph. 4:32).


John tells us, “The one who says he abides in Him ought himself to walk in the same manner as He walked” (1 John 2:6).


Because it reflects God’s own gracious forgiveness, the forgiving of another person’s sin expresses the highest virtue of man. “A man’s discretion makes him slow to anger, and it is his glory to overlook a transgression” (Prov. 19:11).


When I have a hard time forgiving someone I simply remember all that Christ has forgiven me – becomes a lot easier I can’t then hold a grudge

The Holy Spirit cannot work freely among those who carry grudges and harbor resentment 

Matt. 5:23–24;


Nothing in the Christian life is more important than forgiveness- God’s forgiveness of us AND our forgiveness of others and



V.13 Lead us not into temptation /

A)The word “temptation” does not mean a drawing into sin, but into testing.

James 1:13 says that God cannot be tempted with evil, neither tempts He any man with evil. God does not tempt you.


B)What, then, is Jesus teaching us to pray here? “Lead us not into testing.”


Wait a minute! Doesn’t the Word declare that testing is good? Doesn’t James say to count it all joy when you fall into various tests and trials, knowing that testing produces patience?


And Doesn’t Peter say that tests purify us as gold purified in the fire? Why would we pray, “Lead us not into testing”?



The answer is humility. Which of us would stand up today and say, “Lord, test me! I’m ready!

Go ahead and send testing my way, and watch me flex my spiritual muscles.”


Foolish is the person who would say such a thing!


Thus, it’s in humility that we constantly pray, “Lead us not into testing.”


But if I have prayed, “Lord lead us not into temptation,” then should God take me through testing, I can embrace it joyfully, knowing He will not test me above what I am able (1 Corinthians 10:13).



Deliver us from the evil one –

Lord helps us to be victorious in the battle


Satan is real, and we need God’s protection.


I read a story about George Adam Smith, a wonderful preacher and author, who was on a mountain-climbing tour of the Alps.


On one particularly high peak, he ran to the very precipice and looked out over Switzerland.


Suddenly, a strong gust of wind came up that threatened to blow him over the edge.

From several feet away, his guide called to him, “Mr. Smith! On your knees, sir! The only way you’re safe up here is on your knees!”

It has been rightly said that Satan trembles when he sees the weakest saint upon his knees.


Praying Lord help us to be victorious in the battle


V.13 We want your kingdom to expand – Your Kingdom is what it is all about!



Close: By going back to a statement Jesus made 3 times here. V.4, v.6, V. 18

A)The Father who sees in secret will reward you openly


B)The Father watches – He has His eye on you!

1)Sees in Secret – He sees what no one else does


C)God is a Proud papa – Watch Amy / Amanda in sports – or a play or drama Locked in on my kids

1)Video camera zoomed in – I see what most others miss


D)God is the same way: He is zeroed in on you! –


He sees in what you do in secret – Sees the heart that isn’t looking for accolades – to be seen by men

A)He will reward you openly


B)What mean? How? -  Could be here

1)Opportunity -  Me @ CCCM Chairs

           BIBLE STUDY!

Also Later in Heaven:


All stand before God: Unsaved what do with my son!


Saved: Bema Seat – seat of reward:


What no one else saw – God saw and He is going to make it public record in heaven


Some of the pp with the biggest crowns – pp who did things no one else saw!


Pray / Gave / Served – behind the scenes


God saw and will reward!



He is a Father – Into you