Matthew 10:1-20  Sending out the Twelve


What do you see when you go to a baseball game at Petco? – Stadium full of pp there to watch a ball game

A)True, but it is more than that!


B)What see – Movie theater packed for IJ – PP there to see a movie


C)Crowded pp people enjoying the sun – More than that


Jesus sees each setting differently than we do!

A)Sees behind the obvious – sees below the surface!


Matt 9:36-38

36 But when He saw the multitudes, He was moved with compassion for them, because they were weary and scattered, like sheep having no shepherd. 37 Then He said to His disciples, "The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few.  38 Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest." 


B)Jesus saw the crowds as sheep without a shepherd

1)Wandering aimlessly- looking for food – satisfaction


C)That is what Jesus sees at Petco/ Movie / Beach


D)Jesus saw a crowd – as a harvest – ready to be pulled in – Need for more laborers

That is how Jesus wanted His disciples to see the Multitude around them – that is how He wants us to see the pp around us

                       Thru the eyes of Jesus! –


As we come to Chapter 10 – Jesus is going to send out His disciples to harvest –

A)Same way He sent them out He sends us out


B)Note several things as we go thru


V.1 Called to Him -  before sending out He calls us to Himself – before – service he desires fellowship


Fellowship with Christ serves as the catalyst and the fuel for our service.


V.1 He gave them power!

A)He is going to equip them for what would be necessary for their task


B)Power = Dunamis – dynamic power – Acts 1:8 Power of the HS – Baptism { to be witnesses

                                                  Upon us –


C)Their Power resulted in healing / authority over demons


D)Our Power results in gifting thru the HS –

1)Manifestation of the Spirit – gifts – healing – boldness –Words of wisdom and Prophecy

E)Power for the need at hand! – Healing / Deliverance etc

                                         RD V.2-4


Names the disciples, rough group – not the cream of the crop – Foolish things to confound the wise


Mark 6 says He sent them out in two’s




They could share the labor - They could take turns


EXAMPLE: Street witnessing - One shares while one prays.


Sent with a Specific mission: V. 5-6

They were told where NOT to go and where TO go.

They were NOT to go North to Syria, East to Decapolis; south to Samaria.             

They were limited to the Jewish region of Galilee.


They weren’t ready to go to the Gentiles –

Not the time to take the gospel to them

App: General call / Specific sphere { You today


Note it says Jesus COMMANDED them.

LITERALLY: Jesus gave them orders.

KEY INSIGHT: This word has 4 uses in the Greek New Testament.

1.) Military term - The order of an officer to those under him, requiring unhesitating obedience.


2.) Legal term - An official court summons, much like a Subpoena…. Not an option.


3.) Medical term – A doctors prescription or instruction to his patients.


4.) Royal term - A monarch giving orders.


KEY POINT: This word always carries the idea of ultimate authority, requiring obedience.


KEY APPLICATION: As Christians, you and I must realize that

We are to respond like a

Soldier to superior officer

One in courtroom to  the judge

Patient to a doctor

Servant to king.



Next notice He sent them with a message RD V.7-8

A)Preach = to herald – Proclaim 


B) Powerful message – Gospel is the power of God unto salvation……  Just share it

1)Doesn’t return void


C)Don’t get hung up on your effectiveness – You not being articulate – etc – see, the power is in the message


In 1936 a radio broadcast was transmitted to America from England. Just before the voice of King Edward VIII was to be heard, someone stumbled over a wire in the control room of -WABC, New York) and snapped the only line of communication between the two great countries.  The engineers were frantic. Then, with only a few moments remaining before air time a quick-thinking apprentice grasped the two broken ends of the wire and bridged the gap.  Seconds later the King addressed the nation.


In a real sense, his words were being transmitted through the body of that man!


So too in a real sense Christ words are being transmitted through the bodies / through the lives of people like you and me - Ambassadors


we ARE TO PROCLAIM the message that there are TWO DOMAINS in this universe


The Kingdom of God, ruled by the Lord Jesus…

Those in it are servants of the King!

It is characterized by LIFE and LIGHT.




The kingdom of this world….

A)It is in rebellion against the Kingdom of God and His Son…


B)It is ruled by the god of this age… Satan…

Those in it are slaves to Satan, Self and Sin


C)It is characterized by DEATH and DARKNESS.


You are in ONE of these two kingdoms.


Next He sent them out in Faith: RD V.9-10

A)Not calling them to be irresponsible – but to walk by faith


B)NO Excuses – don’t have……..


Some of my most favorite times in ministry have occurred God supplies my lack – Provision Oregon

A)Times in sharing –


B)Also a sense of urgency here!

1)Some pp will say – I will let God use me – I will get involved after I graduate college


C)After I buy my first house – After my kids grow up




Next we see He wants them to be Prudent RD v.11-15

A)They were to waste time trying to convince pp who weren’t interested in hearing the truth


B)Went to Yugo PC focus on the Youth – more open

1)Model we have followed in every country


C) This is a common mistake I see pp in ministry make – Pour into pp who could care less


D)Jesus says don’t do that, focus on those who are receptive

1)Discipleship – Only works with someone who wants to be discipled


Going into the house suggest communion – relationship evangelism


Note V.15 See the Huge emphasis placed on the importance of the word – those who reject – worse than Sodom and Gomorrah



Next He sends them out with a REALITY CHECK

RD V. 16

Sheep in the midst of wolves { Attacked


NOTE WELL: NOT - I send you forth  ‘as attack sheep’!


Sheep… Doves  - These are harmless. Not a hint of militancy there.

That’s how we are sent forth.

There is no such thing as the Christian version of Jihad!


But we have all seen people professing to be Christians that are just flat out ANGRY …. Mad at the world!


They get their faces on the news and in the papers/magazines….


Somehow I get the feeling that it’s not really accomplishing what could be accomplished with spiritual power instead of the flesh.


Wise as serpents- Serpents are hard to catch off guard – always alert –


So we are to posses this combination   Sheep and doves are not threatening – disarming

A)They are approachable – inviting


B)Combine that with a serpent who is always alert

Not going to be caught off guard


Next He sent them out in confidence V. 17-20



B)This is awesome when it happens – verses – insight

       Stop there for tonight { close Bibles bow heads



How many of you here – Have never led someone to Christ?

Never even shared your faith?


You want to experience that!

A)Starts with seeing pp the way that Jesus does!


You need a burden { Stand pray


B)How many of you would say{ I sometimes have that burden, I just am so scared?


C) You need to be baptized afresh in the HS


Stand, lets pray


Maybe you are here tonight – sharing – facing a lot of opposition  - You need to press on –

A)Stand pray for you tonight