Mark 1:35-39 Keys to Staying focused


The Johnson Family was on their way for the start of vacation- Dad, Mom, & the two boys were about 200 miles into their trip, when Dad had enough! 


"Ever since we left home," he said, "you boys have been picking on each other, yelling names & tearing up the back seat of the car.  I am putting an end to this now!"


 He slammed on the brakes, pulled the car off to the side of the road, took both his sons out of the car and spanked them both soundly. "I don't want to hear one word out of either of you for next  30 minutes,"- , "not one word!" 


Well The two boys sat still and quiet for at least 30 minutes until the youngest one meekly said,

 "Daddy, do you remember when you spanked me backed there ?  Well, one of my shoes came off...!"


A) Have you ever had one of those days - You know the ones where everything seems to go wrong


B) Or one of those days where there seems to be so much on your plate that you have no idea how you will accomplish it all

1)  As the day progresses on ward it only seems to get fuller - tougher!


C) Being a man / Jesus too had such days - and in the passage before us here in Mark’s gospel

we see a full day in the life of Christ.


D)It was a very eventful day - a day in which a lot of ministry took place & a lot of needs were presented -


E) A day that might have left many of us wiped out & done in.

1)  A day that may have - brought us to the place of losing perspective


The Day Started with Jesus Teaching in the Synagogue – Casting out a Demon

A) Healing the sick – Ministry went on well into the night