Mark 8:22-26  Touched Twice


So here we see that Jesus touches another Blind man

A) Blindness – Spiritual condition of being lost


            1) Blind in Sin – Samson

            2) Blind in Religion – Veiled

            3) Blinded by Satan – Pray lifted


B) Blindness is lifted when exposed to the truth

 1) Floods in like a ray of Light – Love to see the light go on –


C) Those in the Church a while – Know the Stories – but they don’t KNOW Jesus { Light comes on

 1) Blindness is lifted and we see Jesus


But even after we are saved – we need to continue to be enlightened – Grow Deeper / mature / Develop

A) Paul prayed for Ephesus – Eyes of their hearts would be enlightened


B) MY STORY: Saved talking to my Dad – Crass remark – { Kill me –

1) For yrs Jesus was my Savior

2) Life was a Pie – Jesus was a Piece


C) Discovered – He is the Pie – the Pie is Him –

1) Began to see more Clearly – Jesus is more than Savior – He is King – He is Sufficient


D) I needed to see more Clearly –

This Story represents that Need: Rare Scene – Only time that Jesus touched someone who was not healed



His complete Healing required a second touch – For this man to see clearly – He needed Jesus to touch him again ! –

                                   Lesson for Us in this


Note 4 things about this Story !

#1 Friends brought this man to Jesus – Blind people need friends to bring them to Jesus


A) How ? Share with them – talk to them about Jesus

  Share your faith – share your love


B) Bring them to I-55 – Bring them to Bible study

  1) 95% of the people who get saved – have eyes opened at Church / Harvest / Billy G Crusade


  2) 95% - who come to Christ were brought by a friend who is saved


C) Share / Bring physically / Bring in Prayer

1) Pray for them


D) So #1 – Friends brought him to Jesus





#2 Ready for this: Jesus Spit on his eyes – what ?

A) Spit why ? Spit was thought to be Medicinal


 B) So it is possible – Jesus was using something that the man was familiar with-

1) coming down to the man’s level – Possible


C) Another idea – This was gross – God will use that which we think is gross to open our eyes

1) What do I mean ?


Well it happened to me in 1984 – She was the Love of my life back them – her name was Sue

A) My Problem was Mark – Best friend – Mark was gross to me – Didn’t like this guy – Jealousy


B) Serenade – Mark shows up – Store


C) Adam says ……

1) Lord I can’t


D) God used this guy Mark – gross to me – like spit

1) Open my eyes to Matt 5:3 – Poor in Spirit


E) Daily Prayer – Lord I can’t but you can – help


#1 Friends brought - #2 Jesus spit – gross thing


#3 Partial healing: Saw men like trees walking – Sure Spit in his eyes

A) Now listen the same thing happens to us – See men like trees – Look at people & They stump us


B) Look at people - We wish that they would leave –

 1) We want to cut them down


C) They are like trees walking – Weird – Distorted


D) That is how I see people when I am not seeing clearly


John says – If I say I love Him and hate my brother – I am missing the Mark – 1 Jn 4:20


A) The two commandments are put together: Love God with all your heart, soul , mind & strength AND

                    LOVE PEOPLE


B) All the commandments – fulfilled – in those two

1) But How Lord – They stump me – they seem weird to me – how Lord


C) Answer is revealed in what happens next – Jesus put his hands on him again-

1) He touched him and 2nd time & made him look up


D) Then he saw every man clearly !


Jesus touched him – Look up – Position of Prayer

Praying for People – See them differently


4 Sweet P’s for Prayer


1) See them Positionally – In Christ – robed Righteous – His Bride


Outside of Christ – Sheep without a Shepherd


2) Potentially – What they can be in Jesus –

A) Simon – Peter – Rock

B) Hobab – Come with us


C) Not saved – Made in image of Christ –

1) New Creation


3) Progressively: Remember how they have changed

A) Tell your story 

B) All in the Process of Changing folks – Rock Quarry – training ground –


4) Purposefully: They have a purpose in your life –

A) Lord show me –


You will begin to see them clearly –