Mark 10 A Tale of two hearts


Intro: Over the yrs that I have been in ministry – I have had a re-occurring conversation- Airplane

A) Restaurants / School campus / counseling office


B) People who think that they are going to heaven based on one thing – I am a good person

1) My good deeds will out weigh my bad deeds – and so I am confident God will let me in.


C) Well if that were true the story that we are looking at tonight – would read differently


RD v. 17-22


Here we see a guy who came to Jesus – Burden on his heart – eternal life. { Good concern

A) This guy was the whole package – Rich / young / Ruler – Man of power / possessions /


B) Kind of guy your mom would probably be impressed with –

1) Guy your Father would love!


C) Reminds me of the story of the young man ….

1) Looked like mom / talked like mom / acted like his mother – { Father didn’t like her.


D) Not the case here: Both parents impressed


In fact we are told in the text Jesus loved him

A) He was a moral guy – Kept the law


B) Despite everything this guy had going for him he knew he was still lacking


C) That is why he came to Jesus – What do I need to do…..?  DOER – Do something / build something


D) Keep commandments! – Which ones

1) Neighbor – This guy was there – Perfect neighbor


E) What else am I lacking ? – Perceptive – not enough – I know it


First commandment – Love God with all heart

A) 2nd No other gods


B) Problem – Something else that had his heart


C) Confidence was in his riches


D) Jesus gets to the root of the problem

1) Give it away and follow me


“ He is  no fool to give up what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose”


No u- hauls into heaven – No bank account in eternity !

                    Quit holding on !

This guy couldn’t do that – So he went away sad !

A) What are you holding onto? Total submission ?


B) Surrendered ?


C) Our stuff keeps us from experiencing his fullness!



Lesson to His Disciples – Impossible for a Rich man to enter ………                             Rd V.23-27


Eye of the needle -  Literal eye or in the wall


Pt. Impossible – Trust in their riches: Write a Check

A) Could have inserted – Those who are smart / those who are Strong /


B) Anything that – causes us to put our confidence in ourselves


C) Impossible – But with God anything is possible

1) Pray for those hard to reach people.


So here we see a guy who had everything – Good guys moral guy –    kept him from the Lord



Contrast him with another guy in Mark 10 Blind Bart -  Rd v. 46-52



Bart couldn’t see Jesus but He heard


V.47 Heard – Faith comes by hearing ……



V. 48 Persistent in crying out – Rewarder of those who diligently seek him



V.50 Threw aside his coat – { Identity



V.51 Rabboni – My master my teacher my Lord



V.52 Go your way – He follows


The world tells us to try to be like the Rich young ruler – Possessions / Power / Prestige


Jesus would say – Need to be more like Blind Bart