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John 20:30-31
(Introduction to the Gospel of John)
John 1:1-18
(When God Became a Human Being!)
John 1:1-5
(Who is Jesus, Part 1)
John 1:19-34
(The First Witness)
John 1:14-18
(Who is Jesus, Part 2)
John 1:29
(Behold the Lamb!)
John 1:35-51
(What do you Seek?)
John 2:1-11
(Water into Wine)
John 2:13-17
(Zeal for His House)
John 2:1-25
(From One House to Another)
John 3:1-8
(The Ministry of the Spirit is Like the Wind)
John 3:1-16
(Nicodemus at Night)
John 3:16-21
(The Love of God)
John 3:22-36
(Happy to Play 2nd Fiddle)
John 4:1-30
(Living Water)
John 4:32,34
(Spiritual Food)
John 4:31-42
(The Harvest)
John 4:43-54
(The Nobleman's Faith!)
John 5:16-30
(Equal with the Father)
John 5:1-47
(The Omnipotent Meets the Impotent)
John 5:43
(Countdown to Eternity)
John 6:1-15
(Meals and Miracles)
John 6:1-21
(God in the Storms)
John 6:35
(I Am The Bread of Life)
John 6:22-45
(The Real Manna)
John 6:51-58
(Say What?)
John 6:41-71
(Maneuvering Through Misconceptions)
John 6:66-69
(The Words of Eternal Life)
John 7:1-9
(His Time)
John 7:37-39
(A Great Invitation)
John 7:10-8:1
(A Righteous Judgment)
John 8:1-11
(Doodling in the Dirt)
John 8:12-30
(Just Like Dad)
John 8:12
(Jesus, the Light of the World)
John 8:37-59
(Who's Your Daddy?)
John 8:31-36
(Set Free!)
John 10:1-6
(The Good Shepherd, Part 1)
John 9:1-41
(Believing is Seeing)
John 10:7-9
(The Good Shepherd, Part 2)
John 10:19-42
(Safe in His Hands)
John 10:10
(The Good Shepherd Part 3)
John 11:1-55
(I am the Resurrection and the Life)
John 10:11-18
(The Good Shepherd, Part 4)
John 12:9-36
(Being Planted)
John 12:1-11
(At His Feet)
John 13:12-17
(A New Commandment)
John 13:1-17
(Washing Feet)
John 14:1-6
(No More Heart Trouble, Part 1)
John 13:18-38
(The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved)
John 14:1-6
(Heaven: The Right Viewpoint)
(No More Heart Trouble, Part 2)
John 14:1-26
(Show us the Father)
John 14:1-6
(Motivation to Keep Going)
(No More Heart Trouble, Part 3)
John 14:27-31
(My Peace)
John 14:16-18
(The Personality of the Holy Spirit)
John 15:1-11
John 14:16-17,26-27
(The Ministry of the Holy Spirit, Part 1)
John 15:12-16:4
(Friendship with Jesus)
John 16:7-15
(The Ministry of the Holy Spirit, Part 2)
John 16:16-33
(Having the Right Perception)
John 14:16-17
(The Baptisim of the Holy Spirit)
John 18-19:12
(Trial and Crucifixion)
John 17:1-5
(The Lord's Prayer, Part 1)
John 17:6-19
(The Lord's Prayer, Part 2)
John 19:16-37
(At the Cross)
John 17:20-26
(The Lord's Prayer, Part 3)
John 19:38-20:31
(Burial and Resurrection)
John 21:18-23
(You Follow Me!)
John 21:1-25
(Beachside Breakfast)