John 1:1-5 (Who is Jesus, Part 1)


Intro: I have with me today – some Puzzle Pieces – My wife loves Puzzles –

A)Pretend this morning that each one of these Puzzle pieces represents a different part of your life.


B) This one – Business – where work – what you do. Occupation

1) Big one – Probably 50 hrs of your week is dedicated to this piece


C) Now there are 168 hrs in a week. In the course of a week – most of you will spend about 50 hrs sleeping – some more some less

1) 50 hrs a week working – some more some less { In those two things 100 hrs of your 168 is GONE -


D) That leaves about 68hrs left to do everything else. What else ?


See this piece; this piece represents YOUR family – it is also a big one because our families need us to spend time with them.

A)Next piece – represents your social life – your friends – the people you hang with – small piece – friends are important


B) Next piece – Recreation – real small – because well it doesn’t always fit that well. – Hard to make time for that.

C) Next piece – Personal – YOU TIME – coffee at Starbucks

1) read the paper – even – smaller – most of us Know – In this life not much time for you time.


D) Now let me show what this looks like -  Pieces placed together

1) Giant HOLE in the Middle -  Why the hole

   What is missing from this picture is JESUS


E) Life without Jesus there is a giant HOLE - - Great hole in the heart – Something missing - Lacking

1) But Who is Jesus? That is the question that I want us to consider today. Prt 1 – Read John 1:1-5


Notice 4 things that John tells us about Jesus in these first 5 verses

1) Jesus is eternal. "in the beginning was the Word.


A)Before there was time / before the earth was created – There was The Word.  Grk term Logos


B) The Grk Philosophers described the Logos in the Abstract –

1) as the Perfect thought responsible for everything in the Universe.  Very ABSTRACT


C) The Jewish teachers made it Personal – behind every Perfect thought there is a Perfect Thinker

1) That is the Logos

D) John identifies the Logos as Jesus – In the beginning was the Word.  He is eternal


Revelation 1:8  "I am the Alpha  and the Omega, the Beginning and the End," says the Lord, "who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty." 


2.) Jesus is Distinct

The Word was with God. V2. He was in the Beginning with God.

A)He was with The Father in the Beginning


3.) Jesus is God. “And the Word was God – God was in the Word.”

A)The Father and the Word, though two persons, are linked by an ineffable union.


B)Together from Eternity – Two persons – yet one:

1)Equal in essence, nature, power and substance. 


C) Where God the Father was from all eternity, there was also God the Son the Word,

1)their glory equal, their majesty equal co-eternal, and yet their Godhead one. This is a great mystery!


4.) Jesus is the Creator. V.3 All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made.

A)Creator of Time / space & everything that was made.


B)Been said that Creation is God’s first missionary !

The Psalmist declared Psalm 19:1-2

The heavens tell of the glory of God. The skies display his marvelous craftsmanship. Day after day they continue to speak; night after night they make him known.    NLT


During the French revolution a solider boasted to a peasant “we are going to pull down all that reminds you of God !”

Peasant replied  You will have to pull down the stars then!


C) Creation all around testifies to us of the reality of God !


D) Abraham Lincoln was once quoted as saying  “I can see how it might be possible for a man to look down at man on the earth & be an Atheist - seeing man But I can not conceive how a man can look up into the heavens & declare there is no God!”



Let’s examine the Earth from an outer space perspective.

A)The diameter of the Earth around the equator is 7,926.6 miles.


B)The earth’s circumference is about 25,000 miles.

1) It weighs an estimated 6,000 million, million, million tons. 

B)And she just hangs there in mid air. Satellite photos prove it; we are not being held up by anything visible to the eye.


C)So it’s pretty HEAVY & as we sit here, the earth is spinning 1,000 miles an hour on our axis. 

1)And as it does, it travels through space at 19 miles per second. 


D)That may be a bit abstract for you…So I’ll put it into MPH for you. Its 66,600 miles per hour.

1) That is 1,000 times faster than what most of us travel driving down the freeway – Most of you!


E)Now traveling at 66,600 miles per hour, the earth flies between 500 & 600 million miles every year

1) No wonder we feel so tired we are always on the go!


So the earth is Huge but not in comparison to the Sun

A)The Sun’s diameter is a whopping 866,000 miles in diameter from one side to the other side, with a circumference of 2,720,106 miles.


B) Our sun so big that 1,300,000 of our earths could fit inside.

1)But the sun is small, however, compared to Antares, a star in our galaxy.


C)Antares is so big that 64 of our suns could fit inside of it.

But Antares is a relatively small star in comparison to Hercules

1)    Hercules is a HUGE star. 110 million Antares could fit inside the star Hercules.


D)So, 110 million Antares each big enough to hold 64 of our suns, which are big enough to hold 1,300,000 of our earths could fit into Hercules.


I could go on and on talking about Betelgeuse and other stars but the numbers get so big it begins to blow the mind.

A)But it was all spoken into existence by THE WORD / THE LOGOS – Jesus Christ – God the Son.


Colossians  1:16-17

“For by Him all things were created that are in heaven and that are on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or principalities or powers. All things were created through Him and for Him. And He is before all things, and in Him all things consist.”


Consider for a moment: The Milky Way Galaxy that the earth finds itself in.


 The Milky Way Galaxy is 15,000 light-years wide at the center and about 100,000 light-years across.

A)That means to travel the length of this Milky Way would take you 100,000 years traveling at 186,000 mps which is the speed of light 


B) There are an estimated 100 Billion stars in the Milky Way galaxy.

1)And the Milky Way Galaxy is just one of an estimated 100 Billion galaxies that Jesus spoke into existence.


C) Paul tells us that it is all being held together by Jesus.

1) The Scientist call it – a Mysterious Atomic glue

The Bible calls the glue – Jesus !


D) Jesus is Powerful – But He is also an artist –

1)Each new day brings forth an illustration of his artistry. Every new sunset –




But you know what our Lord’s greatest creation is? – It is You

A)Mankind. – I want to spend the rest of our time this morning talking about – 2 Things


#1 How JESUS made you.

#2 Why JESUS made you.


First How He made you:  Fearfully and wonderfully made     Psalm 139:14

 I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;   Marvelous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well.


Recent discoveries into Human DNA have magnified how incredible and Unique the Human body is.

The DNA code functions like a language based on four chemical "letters."

A)Each piece of data is a like a letter that has to be arranged in a certain order because the data spells out specific instructions which the cell will follow to the letter.


B) In one single cell is given the blueprint for the construction and the function of the human body.

1)That blueprint contained in the cells DNA will be replicated into every cell that is produced.


C)What that means is that every cell in your body contains a coded language that can communicate specific instructions, which that cell will understand and follow.


D)Researchers today have identified the 3 billion chemical letters that constitute the human genome (the sum of genetic material contained in every cell of the human body).


Every cell in your body contains 3 billion letters of information.

 Yet this is only the beginning. “Scientists have merely uncovered the text for a language but we barely know how to read, it.” Said  " John Bloom of Biola University World Magazine


Each cell in our body contains the same DNA and yet some cells decide to become liver cells, others brain cells, others heart cells Why?

Because the genes are differentially turned on and off. But what this means is that is the genes are being turned on and off by factors outside of themselves argues John Wells author of the “Icon’s of evolution.”


He is baffled because the genes are controlled by something OUTSIDE of the Genes – No kidding.


Dr. Richard Swenson speaking at focus on the family. Posed this question. How many atoms are in a Human Breath –

" Everybody take a deep breath. When you do that- you just inhaled 150 million air molecules that Jesus made.


According to Dr. Swenson  "even though our bodies are indeed discrete units, we leak." We leak a trillion atoms every one millionth of a second!


We are leaking by the time we get out of here we are all over each other.


Every cell has about a trillion atoms, and there are anywhere from 10-100 trillion cells in the human body. And we’re making over a trillion cells every day.


Take the DNA in a single cell> The DNA of a single cell is about 5 ft long.


If you take all the DNA from all the cells in your body, it would stretch about 10 billion miles.


Think of that you have 10 billion miles of information in just the cells in your body.

The lining of your gastrointestinal tract turns over about every two days – faster if you eat Mexican food.


The lining of your skin turns over every two to four weeks, the average human being sheds 40 pounds of skin in a lifetime. I guess that’s why old couches weigh so much.

                                                 Scientist – talking –


Reason ladies to tell your husband to get you new couches


Now Because of the staggering complexity of DNA, researchers have abandoned chance theories of life's origin.


These are guys on the cutting edge of technology – they know that there is no way that  slime can become a molecule and that a molecule can become a fish, fish  a lizard, lizard a Monkey and a Monkey a Person.


Because there is a distinct language written there.

A)It tells us in Genesis that everything was made after its kind.


B)There is a distinct language that is written there and the language is not just distinct to the human being – but to each human being. Own distinct Genetic Code.


“The  DNA exhibits "specified complexity"-an irregular sequence that fits a prescribed pattern.  Other examples include books, musical scores, and computer programs.

In all known instances, specified complexity is produced by an intelligent agent, not by blind natural forces.”

Dr. Gary Collins speaking at the Whitehouse briefing


These are top researchers and scientist talking here. A)Not college science professors because they don’t like what it implies –


B)not High School biology teachers because they don’t like what it implies –


C)Because WHAT it implies is that Creator is alive today is He was intimately involved in the formation of every human being sitting here in this room today when they were in their mothers womb.


That is what it implies.



Fearfully, wonderfully and uniquely made. But Why? 

A)Paul said in Colossians you were made By Him and for Him.


B) News Flash – God does not exist for you but you exist for Him

But why did He make you? I want to quickly give you 4 reasons.

A)4 things that are Unique to People above all the created beings in all the Universe.


C) When considering these reasons it is important to understand that these are not things God needed from us.

1)He was perfectly CONTENT w/out us.


C) But when God created man/ He created a being who uniquely can experience these traits & functions

1) They are Privileges that are unique to man and are essential for man  IF:


2)He is going to experience the true Purpose of his existence & the ultimate Satisfaction in his existence


#1 Made for Friendship with God.  Abe

A)We are unique creatures in God’s creation who have been given the capacity of Friendship w/ God


B) God has declared I am going to allow you to get to know me. Experience life with me. / Communion


C) So God uses metaphors like walking & being on a journey & even marriage to describe our friendship with Him


James 2:23 tells us how Abe came into that Status of being called the Friend of God

23 And the Scripture was fulfilled which says, "Abraham believed God, and it was accounted to him for righteousness." And he was called the friend of God.


So the scripture reveals to us that Abe was declared to be the friend of God because he embraced the promise of God thru faith.


That is how we come into friendship with God.

A)We embrace the promise that God has made in Christ.


B) Those who believe in the work of Christ upon the Cross – are saved. – Justified

1) That is what makes us friends of God


C) Of that friendship God declares I want you to know me = Ginosko –

1) I WANT you to know that you can count on me – a friend who sticks even closer than a brother.


The rest of creation responds to God as His creation

A)He speaks and the wind blows / the Stars fall / waves are still


B) But with Man – he has given us a choice to know Him to walk with Him to be his friend.

1) It is to us ALONE  that God says Draw near to me and I will draw near to you.


C)It is to us ALONE He has given the unique privilege of being eternal.

1) Heaven and earth and all that are in them are going to be dissolved – the bible says


D) But Man alone has been given the Privilege of being eternal

1) Those who are Friends of God will spend eternity with Him


2)Those who reject His friendship will spend eternity apart from Him in Hell. Suffering


E)So  God asks the Question today – do you want to be my friend.

1) #1 Made for Friendship with God.


#2 You have been Uniquely designed by God to have a choice to Glorify Him.

A)The Stars / the Galaxies – they give glory to God by their simple existence.


Revelation 4:11

"You are worthy, O Lord our God,

to receive glory and honor and power.

For you created everything, and it is for your pleasure that they exist and were created."



B) The Natural migration instincts of animals like the Sparrow or the Penguin – testifies of the Genius

Of God in Creation.


C) The Caterpillar brings Glory to God in the way it is transformed into a Beautiful Butterfly.


D) But all of those things have been designed by God to happen naturally


But Man ALONE – of the Created things on the earth has been uniquely given the Choice to Glorify God or Not to Glorify God.

A)Man has been made with a Natural instinct for worship –


B) But we are given the unique ability to choose WHO OR WHAT we are going to worship!


B) God has declared here is a simple way that you can bring me pleasure and glory – worship

1) Does He need it ?  NO!


C)The worship of the Angels in heaven – make our humble attempts at it – seem pathetic


D)He doesn’t need it – but He Knows it is good and right for us – to forget about ourselves –

1) Reflect upon and remember the greatness of our Creator.


Worship = Proscuno it means to turn and to Kiss

A)Expression of intimacy and Love.


B)We are told – Love the Lord with all of our heart / soul / mind / strength


C)That means our worship of God is to be Authentic

All of our heart & soul

1) John 4: God is spirit …. Spirit & in Truth


D)Worship in spirit– Sincere heartfelt worship –


Worship is Intelligent – Loving with our mind

A) Not mindless chanting – but thought out – meditating / on the Word


B) IN TRUTH: According to the way prescribed in the word of God.


Our worship is ALSO to be Passionate: all of our strength

A)Jesus said in John 15: Here is how my father is glorified – when you bear much fruit.


B) The Bible speaks of 3 kinds of fruit that THE Christian can Bear -

1) Fruit of our Lips = Worship

2) Fruit of our Labor = Service

3) Fruit of our Lives = Witness


C) The Fruit of our Labor and the Fruit of our lives give us insight into two more reasons why Jesus MADE US.


Fruit of our Labor: #3 We were made for Service.

Eph 2:10

For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.


A)Workmanship = Masterpiece – Poema !


B) You are a Unique Creature: Gifts / talents / drives / interest / abilities –

1) God has given you the unique Privilege of using all of those things to SERVE HIM.


C) God has made you to be a part of a Unique family – Family of God.  THE CHURCH

1) We are Connected by Blood

No man is meant to be an Island – Meant to function in this family -   In this family we serve

A)You as an individual – together as a Church – make up the masterpiece of God


B)Seen the clearest – Serving each other – The fruit of our labor


C) Blending – of our gifts talents and abilities

In order to bless / build up each other.


D)Gifts given – Equipping of the Saints for the work of the ministry. –

1) God wants you to have a ministry in his Church


#4 Made to be His Ambassadors

A)The fruit of our lives our Witness!


B) Ambassadors – Represent their Country / King their Leader


C) God has given us the Unique opportunity of Representing him here on earth

1) Unique privilege of being – His Mouth pieces


D)Unique Blessing – Testifying of His Faithfulness

1) Testifying of His grace/ His Love / Mercy.


E)  Not Angels / Stars / Not Animals – Us –

1)    John sent to bear witness – so to us – that all might believe.

So you have been Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

A)For a Unique Purpose –


1)Friend of God

2) Bring Him Glory – Worship

3) Service – Lives – serving in the Family of God

4) Ambassador – Represent him to those who are outside the family


Where are you today?

A)Do you Know Jesus – Friend – Walking w/ Him

Intimate or just know about


B) Spend eternity with Him


C) Glorifying Him in Worship




That is why you exist ?

A)Too busy – Pursuing – Work / Rec / Family / You time / Friendship relationships


B) Giant Hole – Neglected the most important relationship!   JESUS