John 1:14-18 (Who is Jesus, Part 2)


Who was Jesus? What did men see when they looked at him, when they heard him teach, when they followed him and lived with him?

A)Many opinions &  many images of Christ today.


B)They range all the way from "gentle Jesus meek and mild"

1) to a fiery-eyed radical, all set to burn everything to the ground and overthrow the establishment.


            Many other ideas in between


C) In the midst of these contradictory images, we want to say "Will the real Jesus please stand up?"

1)That, is who we are looking at in the Gospel of John -- the real Jesus, Jesus as he really was.


D) See John answers that question loud and clear in His gospel. { He begins boldly when he says:


In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 He was in the beginning with God. 3 All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made. 4 In Him was life, and the life was the light of men.


E) And then in V.14 – John declares  And the Word became flesh and Dwelt among us., and we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth.

SO  the One who was in the Beginning with God, and who is God.

A)He is the Creator and Sustainer of all things in Heaven and Earth, nothing was made apart from Him.


B)He is the Author of Life because He Himself is Life.


C) This One, this Exalted One, did the most amazing thing, He became Flesh and Dwelt among us.


D)And then in v.18  He gives the Purpose of this visitation No one has seen God at any time. The only begotten Son, who is in the bosom of the Father, He has declared Him. 


He Came for this purpose  To Declare the Father

A)Declare = Exegesis / Exposit - He came to show us the Father –


B)Phillip declared - Show us the Father and it will be sufficient for us –

1) don’t you know – Seen me seen the father


C) The Word became flesh and dwelt among us to declare to us the father – show us God

1) Idea is Face to face contact – Closeness intimacy


I only let certain people touch my face

A)Came up – what are you doing man – My Face!


B) My parents /  My wife can touch my face - / My kids 1) Amanda – Butterfly Kisses {   Eye lash thing


C) Bob Carlisle song – Butterfly Kisses / daughter – growing up { little girl 16 / then she is getting married – { Still cry when I hear that


D) Stop it Bob you are killing me – They are not supposed to grow up

   Little girls are always supposed to be 7 yrs old.


E) Amanda she can touch my face – every morning first thing Kiss


That is what God is saying here: The Word became flesh – touch his face – see His heart – Have that intimacy – Know he could identify with us.

A)In the Greek text those two words appear side by side: "the logos became sarx". 


B) Sarx is the Greek word for flesh; the meat, the soft, yielding flesh of our human bodies.


C) Flesh Like us{ experienced Pain, fatigue, sorrow, rejection, temptation.

1) he ate, drank, slept, he cried.

 2)He suffered & shed His blood, really died, was really buried, really rose again, ascended up into heaven.

And yet all this time He was God as well as man!  One nature did not swallow up the other.

A)The two natures remained perfect and distinct.


Aa) He didn’t have to become less God, so He could become more of a Man. Perfect God & Perfect Man.


B) The divinity of Christ was never for a moment laid aside,

1) and Yet the manhood of Christ, during His life-time, was never for a moment unlike our own


C) Now Paul declared in Philippians 2:7 – Jesus made himself of no reputation –

1) Literally He emptied himself in becoming a man.


The question then becomes, what did Jesus set aside, what did Jesus empty Himself of?

A)Jesus did empty Himself of His position in heaven.


B)He set aside His exalted position at the Right Hand of the Father.


C) We also know that Jesus set aside His heavenly possessions.

1) The Apostle Paul wrote this in 2 Corinthians  8:9

For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though He was rich, yet for your sakes, He became poor, that you through His poverty might become rich.


He lived in Poverty – no permanent place to lay his head.

A)He borrowed a manger to be born in – Boat to preach from / donkey to ride on / upper room for Passover / Cross / Tomb to be placed in


B) He laid aside his heavenly possessions


C)And He also laid aside his Heavenly Privilege –

1) He was the creator of the universe – All powerful


2) As a man He made Himself dependent upon His Father – Dependent upon the empowering of the HS


D) And as a Man – His glory was veiled in His humanity.

1) That is what happened when the Word / the Logos became flesh.


Now John draws upon a very interesting OT picture when He says – the word became flesh and Dwelt among us.

A)The word John uses here for Dwelt literally means to tabernacle, or to pitch One’s tent among us.


B)The obvious reference here is to the Tab

 which was built to be the house of God during the time that Israel wandered in the desert


C) Tabernacle is an amazing Study{ Exodus 25

It is interesting that 13 Chapters are given to the pattern for the Tab

A)I find that interesting because  the Lord gives two Chapters in His word to the subject of CREATION


B) The Creation of the Stars – just 6 words And He made the stars alsobut when it comes to this tent – in the wilderness 13 Chapters – WHY?


C) That tabernacle was a picture of Jesus – quickly consider – some ways


#1 Humble in appearance – From the outside it was just a tent – made of Badger skins –

A)Beams made of solid gold – overlaid with acacia wood  Looked very ordinary –


B) Inside housed the Glory of God – Holy of Holies


C)Perfect Picture of Jesus – Outside ordinary –


D)So too Jesus had a very Humble outward appearance  Isaiah 53:2 He had no special beauty or form to make us notice him; there was nothing in his appearance to make us desire him.

    ( Peoples 50 most beautiful people)


#2 Although humble in appearance – The Tabernacle was the Dwelling place of God among men

A)It was there in the mist of Israel’s camp that God took up His abode { Tribes camped around.

B) There in the Holy of Holies the glory of God DWELT –


C) No lamps in the Holy of Holies because the Glory of God Lit up the room

1) The Tab. Was the dwelling place of God among men


So too although Jesus was so ordinary in His outward appearance that He would stand out in a group of men

A)He was literally the dwelling place of God amongst men !!!


B) 2Corinthians 5:19 “God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself.”


C) The Eternal God / the maker of heaven and earth – literally Tabernacled among men – We beheld His glory


#3 Not only was the Tab the Dwelling place of God among men but it was Also  The meeting place of God with man.

A)44 times in scripture the Tab is also called the Tent of meeting – it is where God met w/ man in the wilderness


B) How perfect is this lovely type! Christ is the meeting place between God and men. John 14:6).

1) No man comes unto the Father but by Him:


C) There is but one Mediator between God and men—the Man Christ Jesus ( 1 Timothy 2:5).


Lastly – Tab was the Center of Israel’s camp -  Configured in Cross

A)Balaam – couldn’t curse – Jesus became Curse – He is the Center of the camp /


B)We are gathered here tonight around Him

          1) Center of the Church -  Lord lead us !!!!


And so here, John harkens back to that Structure and says that again, God is going to dwell among us, only this time it would not be in a tent , but in a Body.

A)The OT Tab was a picture or a shadow of the real thing - Jesus


B)See  what really caught John’s attention was not the tent – but the glory that he saw inside.

1) John says and we beheld his glory: 


C)Now It was on the Mount of Transfiguration when

Peter …. John /  Elijah and Moses showed up

1)    that Jesus’ face became as bright as the Sun and his clothing became as pure light.


D) The glory that was on the inside just couldn’t be contained.

1) Peter referring to that event – 2 Peter 1:16.17 said we were eyewitnesses of his glory.


We saw him glow and we heard the voice of the father.

A) But John has a broader picture in mind here than just the MT of transfiguration –


B)He is referring to the Glory that was seen throughout his life.

1) He defines that glory in this way: It was full of Grace and truth.


C) Two very descriptive words - Consider these two words for a moment –


Grace = Undeserved favor –

A)God has Chosen to deal favorably with you even though you don’t deserve it.


B) Grace is the generosity of love. It is love giving itself to those undeserving of love.


C)I have always liked the acrostic that defines grace: -- G-R-A-C-E. God's Riches At Christ's Expense


Truth is the manifestation of reality, the unveiling of what is actually there.

A)the stripping off of all the illusions, veils, shams, phoniness, the facades, & getting down to the real thing


B)Real truth can hurt ! – Example:


Wife asked you this question: Does this dress look ok? – Real truth – well yea it looks ok

1)That is what she asked does it look ok! – if you are smart – change the subject right there


Bb) See you don’t want to answer the next question guys- Does it make me look fat?

1) You don’t want to go there – Change the subject – you can’t lie and you can’t win


C) She will throw you out w/ the dog – we don’t have a dog – she will buy one to take your place in the house.

1) I have learned that a woman doesn’t want truth in that situation –


D) You say looks great and she says but what about this and what about here. –

1) Change the Subject – Padres – offer to go to dinner


Truth can be harsh it can hurt  –Truth is that which is right and pure – Jesus was full of truth

A) One of the things about Jesus is He is not afraid to tell us the truth about ourselves


B) Tab preserved the law - Jesus kept the law perfectly

1) We take a look at him – The perfect man – see our flaws


C) Bible is truth Like a mirror it reveals what is wrong 

1) You get up in the morning – look in the mirror ladies – what is your reaction- TRUTH


D) You say I need to put on some make up – Interesting word – Make up – { Implies – Not real

1) Women put on Cover up – another interesting word – something to hide { Blemishes


Jesus being full of truth is like that mirror – Yea you don’t look to good. –

A)But then he says watch what I can do – Better than make up / cover up – Transformation


B) Full of Grace & truth – Perfect blending and balance of the two.

1) Truth points out the problem/  Grace supplies the Solution


Consider 3 quick examples of this perfect blending of grace and truth that we will see in John’s gospel.

A)First John 3 Nicodemus religious leader – comes to Jesus – We know that you are …… do


B) Jesus cuts to the Truth – He answers the unasked question that was really on – Nic’s heart

1) Unless a man is born again – he cannot enter the Kingdom of God


2)Truth { You need a spiritual birth – Problem how – what mean

C) Grace – John 3:16 here the solution For God so loved the world that He gave …..

1) That is how you are born again


Example #2 – Jesus meets a woman with a shady past at a well in Samaria

A)Grace is seen he being a man talks to her – Culturally not normal


B) Grace is also seen in the fact that He being a Jew spoke to her a Samaritan – again culturally not normal


C) In the mist of the conversation: Jesus exposes her 1) He simply says – go get your husband – she says I don’t have a husband –


2)Here comes the truth – Jesus says – You are right –

Been married 5 times and the man you are living in sin with right now is not your husband


D) She is exposed – OUCH – how would you like it if you met someone – simply says –

1) Here is your life – thinking now – this is going on.


But Jesus doesn’t leave her there

A)Grace is seen  She becomes the first person a Samaritan woman that he personally reveals himself as the messiah –


B)And He tells her if she believes in Him – He will satisfy the thirst for love and acceptance in her heart


C) Her life would no longer have to be marked by one broken relationship after another . – Grace


One more John 8 Woman caught in the very act of adultery by the religious leaders of the day. 

A) And they say to Jesus, the Law and Moses [ THE TRUTH] say to stone her to death, what do you say?


B) Jesus sees threw this – he knows it is a set up.

1)Expose him for being too gracious.


C) SO  Jesus bends down and begins to write in the dirt, and he says to the men,

1) let him who has no sin among you cast the first stone.


D)And then Jesus stoops back down and begins to write in the dirt again.

1)Was Jesus listing out each man’s sin?


It is Possible because here is what happened –


Starting from the oldest to the youngest, the men dropped their stones and left.

A)Jesus said to the woman, “where are your accusers, does no one condemn you “And she says “ no one sir” And Jesus says, “neither do I”


B) That was grace, unmerited favor, the only one that had to the right to accuser her didn’t.

1) But it doesn’t stop there, Jesus says, “go and sin no more”


C) Here is God’s heart – He doesn’t want you to get stoned – He wants to see you set free.


Because the grace that He was showing to her and the grace that would be displayed in the Cross

A)This is what Jesus was saying to this woman and anyone else who has ever struggled in sexual sin


B)Your forgiven,  but stop sinning. Don’t let sexual sin master you.

1)It will wipe you out, it will destroy you, so put it out of your life.”  But I want you to be Free !


C)Jesus was the perfect balance of grace and truth.

1) One of the things that I would like you to watch for as we go through this Gospel is this perfect balance of grace and truth as  seen in the life of Jesus


Greatest example – the Cross – Truth – The wages of sin is death – the soul that sins will surely die

A)The TRUTH said – Doomed – DAMMED – LOST


B) Grace says but here is the answer – My son will die in your place.


Notice what John says in v. 16 And of His fullness we have all received, grace for grace.

A)The Greek word that John uses here for “fullness” is really interesting, it’s the Greek word play'-ro-mah


B) It referred to a ship that was fully loaded with cargo and fully staffed with crew.

1) All that you have to do is to walk on board and it is ready to go.  Cruise ship – Eat / Shows


C) That’s what we have in Christ, everything that we need, in abundance.

1) It’s all there and ready to go.  Enough grace for whatever your situation is!


D)You get the picture here that what we have in Jesus is a sea of resources that cannot be exhausted.

1) Think of it as, wave after wave of grace.


A surfer’s worst night mare is a big swell with

close intervals between the waves.

A)What you want is a big swell with nice long intervals between waves so you can get out.


B)Other wise, you go under one wave, and wham ,

another one breaks on top of you and then another and you just keep getting pushed back to the beach.


C) For a surfer that is an incredible bummer – but put that in the context of God’s grace –

1) We are talking great Blessing here.

It is like Pipeline or Mavericks on a Giant day.

A)But then you put this in the context of God’s Grace you have one wave of blessing breaking  over you and then another.


B) You are just about recovering from the one wave and Kaboom – another – More Blessing

1) One set followed by another - It’s more then you can take.


C) But that is the way that Jesus wants it to be.

Wave after wave of His goodness and grace washing over your life.

1) Wave after wave of His Blessings pouring into our lives.


From His Fullness we have received necessary Grace

A)Salvation Grace


B)Everyday Grace – Just enough to get thru the day. Enough for each day


C) Marriage grace – Love your wife / love your husband

1) Grace for parenting


D) Grace for ministry


E) People grace – grace for difficult grace- Wave after wave coming out of His fullness