John 2:17 (Zeal for His House)


RD V.13-17

We saw in our study last time that the first miracle that Jesus performed in His public ministry, was turning water to wine.

A)Well as John continues  here in Ch.2 he Chronicles the  first ministry visit of Jesus to Jerusalem


B) He traveled up to Jerusalem for the Passover feast

1) Upon his arrival he went to the temple and was grieved by what He saw.  [Herod’s Temple]


Now the original  temple was constructed by Solomon in 960 BC

A)That temple took seven years to build, & it was built from stone to withstand the effects of the passage of time.


B) Solomon’s temple was a Beautiful sight to behold and people traveled from all over to see it.

C) But the beauty of Solomon's temple was not in its size, but in its magnificent details.

1) Many Pools / engravings and its gold!


D) That temple  was destroyed by Neb. And the Babylonians in 586BC


 Zerubbabel sought to rebuild the temple in 520 BC and completed the work in 515 BC.

A) Although the reconstruction was a much simpler form of what Solomon had built .

B) That temple was desecrated by Antiochus Epiphanes  in 167 BC


Along comes Herod  the Great.

A)In  the 18th year of his reign 19BC he decided to rebuild the temple. [ The temple of Herod] 


B)He went even beyond the grandeur of Solomon.

1)It took 60 years to complete the project


2)and in the time of our reading here in John Ch.2 the temple had been under construction for 46yrs


C) It would be completed in 66 AD and destroyed by the Romans in AD 70 and remains destroyed to this very day.

1) It is interesting to me that the enemies of God were always seeking to destroy or desecrate this temple.


D) See the enemy hates to see people seeking God and worshipping God.


That was the problem here in our text:

A)See even though there was still work being done on the temple at the time here of Jesus /


B) the temple was functional at this point.

1) the problem had to do with the functions taking place in the temple.



C) The temple courtyard had been turned into a swap meet of sorts.

1) Not only was it an improper use of God’s building


D) The whole set up was one that took advantage of people and was RUN by the religious leaders.

1) When Jesus saw it – His heart was greatly grieved.


E) That which was supposed to be a place for seeking God was turned into a den of thieves


That is what bothered Jesus and so filled with a righteous indignation at what he sees –

A)He makes a whip and drives out those who had desecrated the temple in this way.


B) It is a view of Jesus that we don’t normally see or even talk about.


Now on Wed nite we are going to look at Ch. 2 in it’s entirety { this story in greater detail

A)As we do I want to point out why I believe the HS inspired John to put these two stories back to back in his gospel.  

                              [There is a lesson there for us]


B) But for today I want to consider the reaction of the disciples to this event

1) And draw some application for this Church / our lives.


C) We are told in v.17 that when they saw this they remembered what was written in Psalm 69,

1) Messianic Psalm  quoted often in NT


2) This is what they remembered: There it reads : "Zeal for Your house has eaten Me up." 


The word ZEAL = Heat, it speaks of a fervency in mind or heart.

A) American Heritage Dictionary: Enthusiastic devotion to a cause, ideal, or goal and tireless diligence in its furtherance. Also  Passion


B) Eaten = Consumed or Devoured.


C) Jesus had an enthusiastic devotion and passion for the temple that consumed Him



See Jesus didn’t care who built this temple –

[Herod was a Pagan Kind ]

A)Jesus was concerned about it’s function. What was supposed to take place there


B)A Place to where worship of God was to take place


   A Place where prayers to God were to be lifted up.


C)A Place where the word of God was to be taught and talked about



D)SO when Jesus comes to this temple a Holy Zeal, a fervency begins to well up within his heart – over this place

1) A Passion consumes him to right the wrong. 


E) So He drives out the money changers and those who were taking advantage of God’s people.


Note: Jesus did this here in the beginning of his ministry and he would do it again 3 yrs later in the end of his ministry.

A)The cleansing of the temple takes place in all  four of the gospels / accept in the other three the account is at the end of the story.   REASON?


B)Happened twice- They didn’t get the message –

1) So Jesus came back 3 yrs later and had to deal with the same problem.


C)Is that what happens in your life – 3 yrs later Jesus is still dealing with the same problems – same issues


Here is what I want us to consider in the remainder of our time today. { Jesus is the same …..forever!

A)3 applications to this phrase Zeal for Your house has eaten me up.


#1 This temple: This building – I think Jesus is Zealous for this place.



B) #2 This Body: We are a temple as a group of People. – Jesus is Zealous for this Body


C) #3 Your Body: The Scriptures declare that You are the temple of the HS

1) Jesus is Zealous for you.


D) So let us consider that statement from each one of those viewpoints for a few moments.


#1 Zeal for this temple: This building where the Church meets/ where the family of God at CCV comes together.

A)I believe Jesus is zealous for this place and he wants us to be as well. { Old & run down.


B) But He is Zealous for this place: Why? Because of what happens here!

 1) Psalm 138:2 God magnifies His word above His name.


2)  Zeal for any place where His word is held in high regard.


C)For 23yrs CCV has been a place where the word of God has been faithfully taught.


D)  The word of God is held in high regard here.

1) Doesn’t matter – Sun am / PM Wed / Mon Womens / Tues D&A/ Youth Ministry / Childrens –       


You are going to get a Solid Bible study

E)) He is Zealous for this place.

1) There is a place where people love to learn about me.


ALSO WORSHIP: Spirit & truth seeks after

A)I  believe that He is Zealous for this place because of the worship that takes place here.


B) A Place where we constantly are inviting Him to inhabit the praises of His people.  

1) Be enthroned in our praise


C) A place where we are not seeking to prop up a man –

1) Not be enthralled by or entertained by great musicians


C) Place where Jesus is exalted/ He is  the focus

1) A Where worship in Spirit and in truth happens -  That blesses Him


D) He is Zealous for this place – He shows up here – Knowing what to expect


But I also think that He is Zealous for this place Not just because of what happens here:

A)Also because of what comes out of here!

                  Fruitful ministry. {Our community


B) This is a fellowship that is known around the world.

 C) For 15 yrs a major part of this ministry has been devoted to Planting Churches around the world

1) Love ministries like SEND –

2) Our focus is planting Calvary Chapels


Bb) Ministries started  in 12 different countries of the World and 10 Different states { your reward !


C) I was reminded of it again this week at the Pastors conference. { Every time in that setting

1) So many guys that came up to me – to say thanks for what we do here


2) Say thanks for sending people and resources all over the world


D) God has also blessed us to have Musicians like

Jeremy Camp/ Phil W. Evan / Scott C. / Farewell down Guys like  Charlie Campbell


E) I love what the Psalmist said in Psalm 111:1-2, 6


I will praise the LORD with my whole heart,

In the assembly of the upright and in the congregation.


2 The works of the LORD are great,

Studied by all who have pleasure in them.


6 He has declared to His people the power of His works,

In giving them the heritage of the nations.


F)God has given us a great heritage. A heritage of the nations  Rejoice in that !


So I believe that the Lord is Zealous for this building: Because of what happens here.

A)His word is held in High. His name is Praised


B)And because of what continues to come out of here. Fruit


Now our new Facility will be a much nicer place –

{Things are looking like breakground in 2007]

A)Being nicer doesn’t matter - I believe that He is Zealous for our New Facility as well.


B)Better equipped to take care of the body here

     More effective in Ministry.

1) An opportunity to reach more people in our community.


C) About 6 months ago the Lord gave me Haggai 2:9 “The Glory of the latter temple shall be greater than the former.”


He is Zealous for this place and I believe that He wants us to be Zealous for this place as well.

A)What does that look like?


B)Heart that doesn’t take for granted the teaching of the Word. Come hearts ready to receive


C) Hearts that don’t neglect worship – Come ready to give Him honor

1) Remain a place where the His name is lifted up.

PRACTICAL WAY! Be involved in the { Upkeep of His House ! 

A)1985 Hired to be  a youth Pastor.  Little Church Hacienda


B)What I didn’t realize was that part of my Job description was also going to be a Janitor/ grounds keeper.


C) Bad attitude at first – Until reading – David saying I want to be a doorkeeper……

1) Hit me ! This is God’s house


D)That is an interesting thing to have happen in  a

1) My whole outlook Changed – I get to set up God’s house ! Mow God’s Grass / Paint God’s walls – Set up God’s Chairs – WOW!!!! Thanks Lord


E)Maybe you would like to do some of that – Retired – have some time

1) We can use you work to take care of God’s house


F) Time – Print name -



#2 Zealous For This body!   FAMILY

A)He doesn’t just see a Building: What really matters are the people  meeting inside the Building.


2 Peter 2:5 declares that we are living stones who are being built up into a spiritual house by God.

B) The Lord is Zealous for this Body: Ephesians 4 He gave Pastors and teachers evangelist and Prophets

1) Purpose of teaching His Flock : Built up / Mature/ Stable / and equipped for Ministry.


C) Zealous to see this group continue to grow / continue to mature / continue to bear fruit.


D) Zealous For you as a Body: You are servants/ Prayer warriors /

1) Because you love each other.


E) Reputation for being a loving fellowship.


In His Zeal for this Body: The Lord commissions our Pastoral staff to Feed and to tend.

A)Feed the sheep and take care of the sheep. We try to do that.


B) 10 Guys and 2,000 adults – 200 pp per guy.  Home groups – Lay elders

1) Extensions of the Pastoral staff –


C) Tend by watching out for Wolves

1) Feed by warning you of False teachers


D)I hope you appreciate the family that God has allowed you to be a part of

1) Ken Graves – Wonderful dysfunctional family.

Functional dysfunctional { Not perfect

E) Some of you have your eyes on all that is wrong Change that { See what God is doing

1) How blessed we are.


So I believe that the Lord is Zealous for this building:

A)Because of what happens here. His word is held in High. His name is Praised


B)And because of what continues to come out of here. Fruit


C) Zealous for this Body: the hearts of those of you who have assembled here.

1) Wonderful Family


But there is one more temple that we must consider: Your Body / heart.   Turn to 1 Corinthians 6:19-20


Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own? 20 For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God's.


Your heart is the temple of the HS !

A)Think of that/ Of all the places in the Universe ….. Your heart


B) He wants to work in your heart – Allow His blessings to flow into your life.

C) But the thing that Paul is pointing out here is how sin can hinder/ quench that work of the HS in the heart.


D) Problem in John not only was it wrong but it was a distraction to the true ministry of the temple.


The flow of the HS into the heart is almost like a river flowing into a lake

A)The lake is fed by the river – if there is going to be a fresh supply of water feeding that lake then the river can’t get damned up


B) Sin is like rocks in the dam that affects the flow of the water


C) My sin – bitterness/ Jealousy/ Pride/  lust/  Anger  Rocks in the dam


Another analogy

A)The Heart is like a room – Jesus wants to fill that room with his presence.


B)But when all these are things are there – it crowds the room – limits the amount of his presence –


C)A little of Jesus and a whole bunch of other stuff

All those things Crowd the house they need to be emptied so Christ can Fill it. 


D) Be glorified in your Body!

Because Jesus is Zealous for your heart personally – He will lovingly point out – This is a problem – this needs to go – get rid of this

A)TV  / Choice of entertainment – Hindrance


B) Compromise – It is a Sin


C) He will come and  lovingly nudge – Conviction / HS



But if we ignore that – Come with more force – Turn over tables

A)Turn life upside down – in order to get your attention.


B) Hey there is a problem here. – I am Zealous for you – that is why I died

1) You have a problem that needs to be surrendered


C) Choice – Listen and Change – or be like these religious leaders keep on keeping on  - doing same stuff

1) Bringing into your temple everything that doesn’t belong there – bringing that which only – quenches the HS 


D) So that the Lord has to come back – time and time again -










Problem with some You are zealous For all The wrong things or for nothing  at all.  Self


Jesus was so Zealous For You His heart for you.

He died.