John 7:10-8:1 (A Righteous Judgment)


When we began our Study in the Gospel of John we started it by asking the question – Who is Jesus?

A)The Answer to that question really has been the theme every Chapter.


B) The Word that was in the Beginning with God – the Word that was God

1) Responsible for bringing into existence all of Creation - 


C) Became flesh and dwelt among us.


In John we see the Convergence of God and man wrapped up in the Person of Christ.

A)But as we have studied thru the gospel of John we see this growing controversy – Concerning who is JC


B) That Controversy is front and center again tonight as we consider – John Ch.7


C) Before we break this down I want to begin tonight by considering a Statement that Jesus makes in V.24


24 Do not judge according to appearance, but judge with righteous judgment." 

Now Jesus makes this statement to the religious leaders who were out to get Him – against Him

A)He pin points what was a major part of their problem concerning Him


B) Their judgment was not a righteous Judgment – it was too centered on appearances


C) It will be from this foundation that I want to consider this section of scripture.

1) I want to pin point 4 reasons that we see laid out here – they were not Judging Him Rightly


D) As we go thru this I want to mark these points for application for us

1) See we can be guilty of doing the same – Not Judging others or situations rightly


E) Focused on appearances or preconceived ideas, not gathering all of the facts


So with that let me set up the scene and then we will jump into the text.


The events of Ch.7 take place during the Feast of Tabernacles – One of 3 national feast ……attend

A)Passover April – Pentecost – May/ June / Tabernacles – was – October


B) Tabernacles was a 7 – later added an 8th day feast that was the most Joyful….. – thanksgiving

1) Commemorating the wilderness wanderings – when they dwelt in Tabernacles or Tents


C) For six months Jesus has been ministering exclusively in the less populated area of Galilee

1) Because he knew the Jewish religious leaders were hostile towards him – { Staying clear of Jerusalem


D)Good lesson for us- Some Christians who love arguments – love controversy

1)They love to fight and to argue – ATTACK SHEEP  LAMBO


E) They love to argue points of doctrine – they just have to be right – prove it – make their point


F) Jesus He knew more than these religious / He was absolutely right – no question

1) And yet he is avoiding the conflict – I like that


Now We saw in our last study where the ½ brothers of Jesus were telling him – if you are really who you claim to be – go up to the feast and prove it.

Go up and do something spectacular

A)V.5 tells us they were saying that because they really didn’t believe.


B) But Jesus declined their invitation to go up to the feast in some grand fashion{ Timing


C) So his brothers go up to the feast and he sends his

Disciples up there as well.


Pick up the Story in V.10 – RD

A)So he goes up in secret – not sure when he went what day. – Keeping a low profile. RD V.11-13


B) So guys are posted looking for Him –& we see that there is this growing controversy about who He is

1) Same are saying – He is good – He is from God – others – No He is a deceiver


C) But no one is speaking out for fear of the religious leaders

1) We will see in Ch.9 the Sanhedrin has already decided anyone following Jesus excommunicated


D) See where the parents of the man born blind are worried about that!                       RD V.14 -15

So Jesus appears out of the shadows on about the 3rd or 4th day – 8 day feast – Temple to teach.

A)Now understand there would be well over 100,000 people attending the feast –


B)Gathering daily in the Temple MT area. – Jesus goes up into the crowd to teach.

1) Religious leaders are listening – marvel – how does He know this stuff.


C) He hasn’t gone to our seminaries – He hasn’t studied with our rabbis.


Here we see the first reason for their unrighteous Judgment. – He didn’t go their Schools 

A) HE WASN’T ONE OF THEMHe wasn’t from their group- their mold –


B) You know some things haven’t changed!


C)There are Churches today – who wouldn’t put Jesus in their Pulpit – because He didn’t graduate from their SEMINARY


B) Didn’t matter that He was completely anointed and spoke the truth like no one they have ever heard

1)He is not one of us. – Not speaking here.


C)That was one thing eating at the religious leaders


D) I think this implies that they were fully expecting Messiah to rise from their Ranks –


So they are marveling – Notice how Jesus responds RD V.16-18



B) Jesus wasn’t saying anything that wasn’t from God – anything that they shouldn’t have already known


C) His teaching didn’t contradict truth / it only magnified it. –

1) Jesus was all about pointing to God – Glorify the Father.


But their problem was they were not paying attention to the Facts

A)They were so focused on the outward appearance they were not willing to hear the heart


B) We can be guilty of doing the same thing { Extreme Ex.


C) Drive by see Kevin – laying into same guy – I knew – not much of Christian

1) Not defending his daughter


C) We judge a persons actions not knowing the full story.


D) Been said that we are to be Fruit inspectors –

1)Need to get close enough to taste the fruit

Appearances can be deceiving – Look ripe / sour


E) Fruit inspectors are not sin sniffers - Paparazzi


See the whole picture: These guys were quick to Judge Jesus – they were seeing the whole picture.

A)Gather facts – Why are they thinking that – why did they react in that way.


B) Seen people react in the flesh – ugly – But when I found out later what led up to the outburst

1) Easy to not make an excuse – but realize – that outburst was isolated and not reflective of their real behavior.


Now We also see two key principles for Christian living and Service here in the words of Jesus V.17  If anyone wills to do His will, he shall know concerning the doctrine, whether it is from God or whether I speak on My own authority.

1st Prin. Revelation is directly linked to application.

A)If you do what you’ve already been told, more will be revealed to you concerning His doctrine.


B) The problem with us so frequently is that we don’t do what we already know to do — and then wonder why we don’t learn more.


C)Truly, obedience is the door through which revelation enters.


18 He who speaks from himself seeks his own glory; but He who seeks the glory of the One who sent Him is true, and no unrighteousness is in Him.


This is such a great verse for those who want to be in ministry. And for Judging ministry.

A)Who is getting the glory. – Jesus was all about the glory of the Father.


B) But He said He who speaks from himself seeks his own glory.

1) I really have a Problem – bugs me personally –

   So and So Ministries


C) They have a big plague behind the stage – where that is scene – all their business cards / mailings

1) Who is getting the Glory – who is that pointing to.


D) This was a good point that Jesus was bringing up – He was constantly – pointing to the Father

1) Seeking the glory of the Father

E) False teachers that had come on the scene – before and since – usually pointing to themselves

1) More about them – than anything else

                              RD V.19


Now this is a heavy thing that Jesus says here and it must have caused their heads to turn.

A)Moses gave you the law – and yet you don’t keep it

The law said – thou shall not Kill – lit. murder


B) Jesus says and yet – you want to Kill me!

1) This wasn’t public knowledge – the head religious leader didn’t say – [We want Jesus – dead  or alive!]


So they must have been thinking – there is a traitor amongst us.- Who told

A)We know this wasn’t public Knowledge by the reaction of the People RD V.20


20 The people answered and said,"You have a demon. Who is seeking to kill You?"


B) The people are like what are you talking about – who is trying to Kill you

V.21  Jesus answered and said to them, ? [ Jews ] "I did one work, and you all marvel


C)Now He is referring back here to the man who was healed at the pool of Bethesda on the Sabbath day. – { God’s intention / mans distorted


D) This really got their feathers ruffled turn to Ch.5:16 and then v.  18


Reason #3 Unrighteous Judgment - #3 HE DIDN’T ADHERE TO THEIR RITUALS.

A)He wasn’t observing the Sabbath the way that they thought it was to be observed.


B) Do you get uncomfortable when you encounter a believer who doesn’t share your convictions on something?


C) I have friends who don’t share my convictions on certain things – Does that make them wrong? No

1) Is it possible that they have liberties I don’t have absolutely.

                                      Back to Ch.7 RD V.22-24


Jesus responds

A)Moses gave you circumcision – not that it was from Moses – it predated Moses – Abe


B) Before the law and before Lev.12 where the Lord gave instructions/ that circumcision was to be 8th day

1)God said to Abe – circumcise the males – as a sign you belong to me – committed to me.


C)So here was the problem if you were born on the Sabbath – 8 days later – Sabbath again – Sat.

1) If you were following the Law that would mean your son would need to be circumcised


D) So this is how they got around their interpretation of no work of the Sabbath

1) Circumcision predates the Law so it must be ok to circumcise on the Sabbath


E) So circumcision predated the law – took Precedence over the law.


So this is the question that Jesus is posing to them

A)If it is permitted (even commanded) to do a negative work (such as cutting away the flesh in circumcision) on the Sabbath,


B)Why not a work that brings wholeness?


C) Human need has precedence over religious ritual.



 RD V.25-30

The Divine Timeline – His hour was not Yet.

A)I love this Jesus is standing UNTOUCHABLE in the middle of his fathers will.


B) Same thing hold true for you and I – walking with the Lord – UNTOUCHABLE


C) One reason I am never afraid to fly – Sept.11 – discounted fairs I was looking to go anywhere

1) Father has a time – My time it doesn’t matter if I am in Bed or a Plane. –


D) I just figure God is not thru with me yet and if he is – So be it !    


Note V.27 Reason #4 – He was from the wrong place

Repeated v,41,52

A)Preconceived idea about where Messiah would be from  - Note v.52


52 They answered and said to him, "Are you also from Galilee? Search and look, for no prophet has arisen out of Galilee."


B)they were absolutely wrong. Three prophets had already arisen from Galilee.

1)Jonah clearly was one. Nahum and Hosea very likely came from Galilee also.


C)But the point, of course, is, they were sarcastic, pompous, cynical, and calloused in their attitude.

1) This is often the reaction of those who are disturbed by the words of Jesus.                    RD V. 31 -32


Now here we see what is  an accurate description of what always happens when the good news about Jesus is preached.

A)When the gospel is truly preached, a two-fold reaction will always result:


B)First, some people are going to be very upset and angry.

1) Recall Paul said – 2 Corinthians 2:16 – Aroma of death to those who don’t believe.


C) It confronts and convicts – them of their sin –

Makes them feel uncomfortable.


D) Those who believe, Aroma of Life.{ Many believed


RD V.33-36

A)Now Jesus expands on this a bit in John 14 – for the believer –

                           John 14:1-4


"Let not your heart be troubled; you believe in God, believe also in Me.  2 In My Father's house are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.  3 And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to Myself; that where I am, there you may be also.  4 And where I go you know, and the way you know." 


B) That for us is our Hope! –


C) So that ends this Dialogue with the religious leaders.                      RD V.37-39

We spent our time looking at these 3 verses on Sunday am –

A)Feast of Tabernacles – Commemorating water from the Rock - 


B) Daily ritual pool of Siloam.


C) Jesus addresses Human need.  THIRSTY


The Remedy for having thirst quenched – Come & drink –

A)Love this – he doesn’t say grovel – or beg –


B) Go Knock on 1000 doors –

1) He simply says – Come & partake – You will be satisfied


C) But even more so – You will become a conduit thru which others experience satisfaction


D) Noted this is the real mark of the Spirit filled believer – He refreshes others


Now John traces three results that followed these gracious words of Jesus.

A)First, we see again the same two-fold division among his hearers:    RD V.40-446


B) They were arrested by His words -We can almost hear the response of the men,


 "Well, it is hard to tell exactly what happened, but as we were listening to him he somehow got through to us.


We became so wrapped up in what he was saying we forgot what we set out to do. We have to say that we have never heard anybody speak like this man."



Let me ask you,

Do you know Jesus in this way?

Do you listen to his words?

Do you think through what he is saying to you?


Have you found yourself arrested by the One whom men seek to arrest?


V.47 The Pharisees answered them, "Are you also deceived ?"

A)Do you hear the anger and the contempt in those words?


V.48 "Have any of the authorities or of the Pharisees believed in him?"

Do you hear the pride and the pompous superiority in those words?


V.49 "But this crowd, that do not know the law, are accursed

"Why do you listen to these common people?" Do you hear the snobbishness and the contempt in those words?


But then Nicodemus, one of their own, speaks. We have already seen (in the third chapter) HS is working on Nic 50 Nicodemus (he who came to Jesus by night, being one of them) said to them, 51 "Does our law judge a man before it hears him and knows what he is doing?"

Nicodemus raises a word of caution. "


Nic shows great wisdom here concerning  Be careful, you are about to take action that is going to end up in violating the very Law that you claim to maintain."

But notice their sarcastic response:


2 Key things for having a righteous Judgment

A)Examine ourselves and our motives – why am I so concerned about this.


B) Am I jealous ? Am I hoping to making myself look better or feel better by exposing the dirt on another


C) IS it revenge – Do I really have a problem with this person and it is my Change to drag them down


D)Or am I hoping to justify and rationalize my own sin !  


2nd In a sense Nic was saying lets give Jesus the benefit of the doubt.

A)Can I encourage you to do that? 


 Matt 7:2-5


"Judge not, that you be not judged.  2 For with what judgment you judge, you will be judged; and with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you. 


3 And why do you look at the speck in your brother's eye, but do not consider the plank in your own eye?  4 Or how can you say to your brother, 'Let me remove the speck from your eye'; and look, a plank is in your own eye?  5 Hypocrite! First remove the plank from your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye.