John 19:16-37 (At the Cross)


Intro: Valentines day: Little Chad was quiet shy fellow first grade.

A)He didn’t always fit in with the other kids – easily left out.


B) That is why it broke his mother’s heart when Chad came home announcing he wanted to make a Valentine for everyone in his class


C) His mom – was afraid – Chad would be left out and his gifts not appreciated and that He probably wouldn’t get any Valentines


D) For 3 weeks Chad worked on those Valentines

1) Valentines arrived – he went off to School excited to bless his classmates


His mother prepared herself for the worst – Chad come home Broken hearted

A)Made a special desert and was waiting when Chad entered the door.


B) Hi Honey mommy made special desert for you

1)But he hardly heard her words.  He just marched right on by, his face aglow, and all he could say was: "Not a one -- not a one." Her heart sank.


But then he added, "I didn't forget a one, not a single one!"

 When it comes to the Love of Christ and His work of Redemption – He didn’t miss a single one –

A)His love demonstrated in the Work of the Cross Stretches out to every generation in History


B) Every nation / tribe / and people group. There is not one who cannot be touched and changed by His Love.


C)Not only that – but in the Crucifixion – Jesus didn’t miss a single prophecy that needed to be fulfilled

1)Like Chad – He could say "I didn't forget a one, not a single one!"


As we look at John’s account of the crucifixion  I want to remind of the purpose of John’s gospel.

A)His purpose is to present Christ as God in majesty, beauty, and glory.


B)So John doesn’t focus so much on the agony of the Cross - 

1)Instead He magnifies who Jesus is in the prophecies

He fulfilled


C)how Jesus handles himself in the midst of this suffering and by the reaction of those who are there at the scene.


D) I believe that one of greatest ways to know that the Bible is true is thru Fulfilled Prophecy

1) Many that were fulfilled in His death – John gives us some clues

Tonight I want to break down these verses into 6 sections

1)V.16-18 Jesus is led to the cross.

2)V. 19-22 Pilates inscription

3)V. 23-27 At the foot of the Cross – two groups

4)V. 28-30 The cries from the cross

5)V.31-37 Proof of His death

6)V. 38-42 The affect of His death on two men.


As we go thru this tonight I want to highlight – the Prophecies that were fulfilled

A)Start with Jesus being led to the cross. RD V.16-18


16 Then he (Pilate) delivered Him to them to be crucified. Then they took Jesus and led Him away.   17 And He, bearing His cross, went out to a place called the Place of a Skull, which is called in Hebrew, Golgotha, 18 where they crucified Him, and two others with Him, one on either side, and Jesus in the center.


B) Now there are at least 5 prophecies that were fulfilled in these verses.

1st ) Prophecy Fulfilled: The last three words of John 19:16 say, "...led Him away."


C)According to historians, crucifixion was often so terrifying -  Dragged thru the city to the cross

1)Idea was they went kicking and Screaming { After being beaten.


D)But it says of Jesus - "led Him away." That means He willingly, without resistance, followed.

1)There was no panic, there was no struggle; they led, He followed.


 The Prophecy Foretold

A)In Isaiah 53:7, the prophet (hundreds of years before Jesus was ever born, and without any knowledge of crucifixion) said, "...He is brought as a lamb to the slaughter...."


B) Sheep go to the Slaughter meekly quietly – they don’t know the difference.


C)In this we see the Love of Christ magnified in that He willingly went to cross –

1) He wasn’t forced – He didn’t go  kicking and screaming –


D) True love willingly without hesitation gives of itself


2) BORE HIS CROSS  The Prophecy Fulfilled

John 19:17 says, "And He, bearing His cross, went forth into a place called The place of a skull, which is called in the Hebrew, Golgotha."


A)In Type: Genesis 22 – Isaac going with Abe up to mt Moriah – carrying the wood – Sacrificed on.


B) Abe Declaring – God will provide Himself a Sacrifice. – Same place 2000 yrs before.


a. The Prophecy Fulfilled

A)John 19:17 says, "And He, bearing His cross, went forth...." What does that mean?


B)He "went forth" out of where? Jerusalem. The Romans had a law: no one could be crucified within the city limits or the boundaries of the city.


The Prophecy Foretold

A)One of several examples

1) Exodus 29:14 “But the flesh of the bull, with its skin and its offal, you shall burn with fire outside the camp. It is a sin offering.”


B)In other words, the sin offering had to be removed outside the camp of Israel.


4) The Prophecies Fulfilled   He was Crucified

John 19:18 says that when they had reached Golgotha, they crucified Him.


 The Prophecies Foretold in type

A)Numbers 21  Plague serpents – Moses Serpent on a Pole – Look up


B)Jesus Himself acknowledged that the serpent on the brass pole was a type of Him.  John 3:14-16

And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of Man be lifted up,  15 that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life. 

5) The Prophecy Fulfilled V.18b

A)He was numbered with the transgressors -


B)John 19:18b also fulfills prophecy: "...and two others with Him, on either side one, and Jesus in the center."


C)Jesus wasn't even crucified alone; He was crucified like a common criminal.

1)  He was stuck up there with two criminals. You say, "What's the significance of that?"


The Prophecy Foretold

A) Isaiah 53:9 says, "And He made His grave with the wicked...." And Isaiah 53:12 says, "...and He was numbered with the transgressors...."


B) Jesus was to die with evildoers. He was to die a criminal's death with other criminals.


C) Now we also see in the fulfillment of these Prophecies the Love of Christ in detail

1) He so much wanted us to believe and know that His death was sufficient – Done in detail


Section two Pilates Inscription  RD V.19-22 .

A)Now this is a definite slap in the face by Pilate to the  Jewish leaders


B) Three times Pilate declared – I find no fault in this man – but they forced his hand

1) Appeal to Caesar – Pilate already had 2 strikes …

B)"What was so bad about the title?" There were several things bad about it in the eyes of the Jews.



C)Pilate, in obvious cynicism, put up on the title, "JESUS, OF NAZARETH...," knowing that the Jews had a saying, "...Can any good thing come out of Nazareth?..." (John. 1:46a).


D)Nazareth was a hick town. Nobody who meant anything ever came from that place

1) It was ridiculous to assume that any king could ever come out of Nazareth.


Adding to the insult Pilate called Jesus - THE KING OF THE JEWS

A)The Jews didn't like that a bit. Pilate definitely got some revenge with that.


B)He wanted to mock them by showing them how debased they were in his eyes.

 He hung a beaten, bloody, and ugly so-called criminal on a cross, and then announced to the world that this man was "THE KING OF THE JEWS."


C)If He was their king, then what did that make them? This was an effort on Pilate's part to lower, humiliate, and mock them.

1) So, for a king he gave them a crucified criminal.


D)The sign written in 3 languages.

Hebrew was the theological language; Greek, the intellectual language; Latin, the political language.

A)Let those who view things theologically; let those who view things intellectually; let those who view things politically know this: Jesus is King.


B)Pilates inscription reveals an aspect of Christ love – He wants to be King for everyone

1) He is the king who suffered so his people could be blessed


Section 3 At the foot of the Cross – 2 groups RD v23-24

A)Prophecy Fulfilled – Soldiers gamble for his clothes


B) Prophecy Foretold Psalm 22:18, there is a very accurate prophecy that says, "They part my garments among them, and cast lots upon my vesture."


C) They divided his things among them – but His tunic without seam – cast lots

1) High priest wore a Linen seamless garment

2) That was the symbol of his total purity.


D) Jesus is the final and faithful High Priest?


E)The high priest was the liaison between God and man. 1) The Latin word for priest is pontifex, which means "bridge builder." The priest's job was to build a bridge from man to God.


F) Jesus Christ was not Jus the Bridge Builder Becoming the Bridge –

Now in this first group at the cross – See total indifference – World today

A)But in the second group you see unending love.

              RD V.25-27


B)In the midst of all of this cruelty hatred and bitterness,  we meet a little group of people standing at the foot of the cross.


C) 3 Women and one man – The women are all named Mary –

1) Mary the Mother

2) Mary’s sister the wife of Clopas { James/ John

3)Mary Mag { 7 demons cast out.


D)Jesus' own mother. Mary was told by Simeon some thirty years before that someday her own heart would be pierced through also (Lk. 2:35).


E) That day had arrived as She watched her son beaten bloody – Her heart pierced

1) The son-mother relationship has run its course; now it must be a Redeemer-disciple relationship."


Special courage to be there! 1 John 4:18 Perfect love cast out all fear.  Awesome love for Christ

A)John was also there


B) Jesus asked John take care of my mom !

1) ½ Brothers not saved yet -



A)Here is a glimpse of the kind of love that is divine.


B)Human love is preoccupied with its own no matter how great it is.

1) We are so preoccupied with ourselves – our hurts our needs our pain


C)Jesus in His darkest Hour is thinking about others


Imagine bearing all the sin of all the universe and still being able to care about everybody around you. A)That is beyond imagination. But that's what Christ did. That is deity, not humanity


B). So Jesus commits John to Mary, bringing the two people who loved Him the most together to strengthen each other.


Section 4 The Cries from the cross  RD V.28-29

A)"After this Jesus, knowing that all things were now accomplished..."


B)How did He know that? He knew because He had omniscience--He knew everything.

1)Jesus Christ was on a divine schedule with an omniscient eye looking to fulfill every detail of prophecy.


C)He knew exactly where He was in that schedule.


Prophecy fulfilled: I thirst

A)In total awareness of every fact in the universe, Jesus knew that according to God's plan, everything was fulfilled except one scripture.


B)Psalm 69:21 said of Christ in His death, "...and in My thirst they gave Me vinegar to drink."


C)He knew that scripture had not yet been fulfilled.

1)At the beginning of His crucifixion they had tried to give Him gall (Mt. 27:34), which is a sedative, but He wouldn't take it so He could suffer the total pain without any kind of deadness.


C)But now He knows that this scripture needs to be fulfilled, so He says, "...I thirst."

1) They give him vinegar – not water – not wine – not juice – Vinegar


Now it is also interesting to note that they put the vinegar on Hyssop The Significance of Hyssop

A)It is a long reed with a bushy end.


B)Hyssop is very significant to all Jews because it takes them back to the scene of Exodus 12:22.

1)The angel of death…..Egypt  and God said to the people of Israel, "Take hyssop, dip it in blood, and strike the blood on the doorposts and the lintel."


C) to the Jewish mind it is reminiscent of the great sacrifice of the Passover lamb.  How fitting …..

We see the second cry recorded here in v.30 It is finished   [Gk. One word tetelestai];

A)Now that is the climax. That's no groan and curse of a victim; that's the proclamation of a victor, that's the shout of triumph: "It is finished."


B)Jesus knew everything was done because He knew everything. He had control of every detail, He had mapped out every detail in eternity past, and every detail occurred exactly as He had planned.


C)"What does Jesus mean when He says, `It is finished'?"

1) It means that the work of redemption was done.

2)All things had been done which the law of God required;

3)all things fulfilled which prophecy predicted;

4)  all things brought to pass which the types foretold;

5) all things accomplished which the Father had given Jesus to do;

6) all things performed that were necessary for redemption.


D)Everything was done, nothing was left.

1)      COMPLETE


E)The ransom was paid, the conflict was endured, the wages of sin were paid, and divine justice was satisfied. 1)There was nothing more to do, so He died to rise again.   Like when a Painter signs his name


F) Masterpiece that cannot be added to! Mona Lisa

1) Not going to get my markers out – Ruin it


G) Marvel at – Enjoy – don’t ruin the work of Christ


Section 5 The Proofs Of His Death V.31-37

A)So because of the Sabbath the Jews wanted to speed up the Process – Break the Bones


B) Break = to Shatter – Mallet –


C) Came to Jesus already dead - 


Prophecy Fulfilled Not a bone would be Broken

Numbers 9:12 -- The Passover lamb that was given as a sacrifice was not to have any bone broken.


Jesus Christ is the perfect Passover Lamb. In order to be the perfect Passover Lamb, He could not have a single bone broken.


Psalm  34:20 He guards all his bones;

Not one of them is broken.


Jesus had to die before the soldiers arrived with the mallet to crush His legs in order to fulfill prophecy.


Jesus controlled His death down to the very minutest detail so that every tiny piece of prophecy was fulfilled.


He sandwiched His death between the prophecy of the soldiers giving Him vinegar to drink and the next prophecy of the soldiers not smashing His bones.


If His death had occurred at any other time, then the chain of God's prophetic truth would have been broken.


Prophecy Fulfilled V.34 They Pierced his Side.

A)The soldiers could not believe that He was dead so soon even though they knew He was.


B)They decided to verify it. If there was any life left, it would surely have been eliminated at that point. 1)Evidently, the soldier rammed the spear deep into the side of Jesus as He was hanging on the cross.


C) Prophecy Foretold Zechariah 12:10 "And I will pour on the house of David and on the inhabitants of Jerusalem the Spirit of grace and supplication; then they will look on Me whom they pierced.


That scripture is Zechariah 12:10. The dear old prophet Zechariah looked hundreds of years into the future, under the inspiration of God, and said that someday the Messiah would be pierced.


Mixture of Blood and water! ...and immediately came there out blood and water."

A)Doctors tell us that blood flowing into the pericardium (the sac about the heart) would coagulate and separate into the red clot (blood) and the liquid serum (water).


B)When the spear was jammed into His side the separation would be visible, indicating that the heart had indeed ruptured.


C) There have been many physicians who have held this view.

Dr. Stuart Bergsma of Grand Rapids, Michigan, says, "It is extremely rare, well-nigh impossible,...for the normal heart muscle to rupture. Christ, however, suffered as no man before or since has suffered." No human heart ever made could handle the anxiety, the pain, the sin, and the guilt that Jesus had laid on Him; and His heart burst under that pressure


D)This proves that Jesus did not die from the spear wound, but that He was already dead when the spear went in.


E) Prophecy Foretold Psalm 69:20 Reproach has broken my heart.


F) Love of Christ is seen in that He died of a Broken heart!


Section 6 The affect of His death upon two men.

A)Love brings these two men out of the Closet


B) They were secret disciples – Disciples from afar

1) Both members of the Sanhedrin the religious ruling class


C) They were sure to lose a lot if they came out acknowledged that they believed in Jesus

1) So all throughout the earthly ministry of Jesus they kept silent –watched from afar


D) But now when those who followed Jesus had fled these two who no doubt were present at the Crucifixion – Step forward


Prophecy Fulfilled V.41 A rich man’s tomb

A)Possibly reserved for Joseph Himself

The Bold Men (RD 38-39)


B) Prophecy Foretold In Isaiah 53:9 the prophet said, "His grave was assigned with wicked men..." (NASB).


C)You don't bury a criminal with rich men, but with the criminals. But verse 9 continues, "...yet He was with a rich man in His death..." (NASB).


He not only controlled His dying and His burial, He controlled...    Close

 garden” – A garden is where sin had its debut, & now in a garden sin is defused!