Romans 8:1-4- Free to Fly


Intro : Been said that if the word of God were a ring and the Book of Romans was its precious stone / Ch. 8 would be the sparkling point of the Jewel


A) Great Chapter that reveals the freedom to live a life of victory in Christ ! Productive life that is pleasing to God


B) Break down where we have been / and reveal where Paul is going


C) Ch. 1-3: 20 Mans condition - dead in sin / deserving of the wrath of God

1) But in v. 21 of Ch. 3 tone changes - Introduced to the miracle of Justification by faith


D) That when you give your life to the Lord you are declared righteous / Just as if you never sinned / that is your new Position before God

††††††††† 1) Ch. 4 examples of the life of Faith seen in David - mainly Abraham


Ch. 5 Highlighted the results of Justification

A) Peace w/ God / Access to God / Glorious Hope in the Lord - Heaven

†††††† and an ability to persevere in times of tribulation


B) Paul also explained in further detail our position in Christ by contrasting that w/ our position in Adam

1) That before we came to Christ - we were dead in Sin - penalty of sin was condemnation / judgment & death


C) But in Christ we are freed from the Penalty of sin & wereceived Justification & life !

††††††††† 1) New Identification / We were in Adam - Now we are in Christ



In Ch. 6 & 7 Paul explainedthe result of this New Identification / that because we died w/ cross Not Just freed from the Penalty of sin

A) But also from the Power of sin ( focus last 2 Sundays )


B) Ch. 7 Wed. night We noted that Our Identification w/ Christ alsomeans we are freed from the power of the Law


C) Paul gives a Classic example in v. 1-4 ( Marriage ) Married to the Law - Law is perfect wonít go away / not going to die / answer ? YOU DIED

1) And you have been made alive in Christ ! Free from the Power of sin & of the Law - freed not to sin/butto live in victory in Christ


D) Free to serve in the newness of the spirit & not the oldness of the Letter



And in the 2nd part of Ch. 7 Paul reveals the frustration that many people experience in trying to please God in the energy of their flesh

A) People who find themselves / looking for a program, a formula to keep, a how to in order to please God /


B) Find themselves experiencing the same kind of frustration that Paul speaks of there†† in v. 15 For what I am doing, I do not understand. For what I will to do, that I do not practice; but what I hate, that I do.And

19For the good that I will to do, I do not do; but the evil I will not to do, that I practice.


C) But Paul comes to a great understanding in v. 24 When he declares the answer is not in a formula or a program - But a Person


D) The Answer is not in How but WhoWho can save me/ deliver me ?

†† Thatís THE RIGHT QUESTION / ANSWER 25I thank God; through Jesus Christ our Lord!



Now the struggle described in Ch. 7 doesnít end when you become a Christian ( We experience it every time we try to please God in the flesh)

A) But there is a new Dimension to that struggle that totally changes the outcome ! And that new dimension is the Focus of Ch. 8


B) Living , walking , thinking ,&being Led by the Holy Spirit .


C) If you are new or Visiting - Because the book of Romans is so deep / so powerful - so rich - giving it full attention Wed. & Sundays

1) Wed. Break down verse by verse - Sunday - focus on a particular theme we want to develop more in-depth


D) So on Wed. we will be covering v.1-17 seeing how Paul reveals that the Ministry of the H.S. in our lives results in a

1) New mindset / A new sense of life / A new obligation / and A new identity .BE THERE OR GET THE TAPE


E) But today for the remainder of our time I want us to focus on 2 truths found in v. 1-4

1) 1st What does it mean to be in Christ -

2) 2nd What does it mean to have the spirit in us !




In v. 1 we are introduced to a favorite theme of Paulís / the phrase

In Christ - That phrase appears 87 times in N.T./ mostly in Paulís writings

A) So What does it mean to be in Christ ?†† Several things/ 1 New Creation


B) 2Cor. 5: 17Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.


C) It means that when you gave your life to Christ -God took you out of Adam & placed you in His Son

1) So that when the father looks at you - He sees you in Christ

D) He sees you robed in the righteousness of Christ - Sees you perfect in Christ ! GREAT POSITIONAL TRUTH


E) It means thatHe made you a brand new person ! ; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.


F) In 1 Cor. 15:22 Paul says that in Adam we all died but IN CHRIST we have been made alive !


In Christ We are the recipients of abundant Spiritual blessings

Eph. 1:3Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ,


Being In Christ means we come into Eternal life Rom. 6: 23 For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.


Being in Christ means we have become a part of a big family / the family of God Rom12: 5we, being many, are one body in Christ,


Being in Christ means we have a reason to Rejoice Rom.15: 17 Therefore we have reason to glory in Christ Jesus in the things which pertain to God.


Being In Christ means we are being led into Victory 2 Cor. 2: 14 Now thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ,


Jesus saidin Jn. 15that Being in Him / Abiding in Him was the key to Productivity in our Christians lives / How we bear Fruit !


And In the O.T. story of Noahís Arkwe are given a picture of what it means to be in Christ .

A) Now we are told in Gen. 7:1 that the Ark was Pitched from w/in & from w/out with Pitch .


B) Now the Heb. Word for Pitch is the identical word used elsewhere in the O.T.for atonement . / Interesting Picture


C) When the Ark was completed we read that the Lord shut Noah in the Ark !

1) This Ark that was covered w/ Pitch from w/ in & from w/out was the perfect way of escape from the divine wrath of the Flood


D) And we are told the Lord shut him in ! - / Note the Lord didnít say - Noah make 8 pegs on outside for you and your family/ hang on dear life

1) No he was shut in the ark - and what it meant for Noah to be in the Ark is what it means for us to be in Christ !


E) It means we are secure ! / We have been placed in Him !



So Being in Christ means God has Placed us in His Son & He sees us in the righteousness of His Son

A) In Christ we are secure / Accepted / Key to being Productive / Key to Having victory / We are blessed .


B) But I have a problem I am still flesh & as long as I am living in this body - I am still going to fall .


B) Tues. at Conference - In the morning - trying to get the Kids ready for school - Denise got angry w/ our son - goofing around .

1) Then I got angry w/ Denise - for somethingDriving on the way there


C) So we both - had the wonderful experience - of being in the flesh that morning . Feeling fully condemned

1) We get there 1st session great study - theme was on holiness/ after wards time ofWorship & Prayer - come forward / want prayer


D) 3 guys on our side - Denise goes up - prays - I go up line of people -Same Guybeen short w/ my wife lately -

1) Guy prays/ Praying like I have this major problem -


E) Denise later what pray for - Getting Angry at Aaron / What You pray for ? Getting Angry at you !

1) This probably thinks that we are a bunch of hot heads -



But it is so true that we all have those times where we stumble & fall / times when we donít live up to the standard

A) But Paul says Hey I have good news - There is no Condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus


B) Remember the story of the woman in Jn 8 that was caught in the very act of adultery - picture of being dragged out of bed / sheet /

1) Thrown down at Jesus feet .


C) Law of Moses says stone her / what do you say .

1) Now this woman was guilty as sin ! Often thought what would I have said .††† Probably - Stone her


D) But Jesus perceived this to be a trap / Law also stated that the man was to be brought as well .

1) Jesus takes a different approach - says He who is w/out sin can throw the first stone .


E) Ever noticed that When we are focused on the sins of others & blind to our own it is so easy to be a stone thrower !

1) Jesus writes in the dirt - one by one the men leave .



Now this woman is left standing before the only one who could actually condemn her - He was w/ out sin !

A) He says woman where are your accusers / answers they are gone Lord

Jesus says - neither do I condemn you - go & sin no more .


B) Jesus says I donít condemn you ! / didnít excuse her/ butHe forgave her /


C) Beautiful picture of what He does w/ us ! We confess our sins He is faithful & Just to forgive us & to cleanse us

1) But He doesnít forgive us so we can indulge in sin / live lawlessness /

††† and carnality


D) SeeHe also said to her Go & sin no more - Now Jesus wasnít telling this lady - I will let you off the hook this time , but I better not ever catch you in this situation again


E) That was not His tone / He was saying - GO NOW DONíT SIN AGAIN



See What Jesus was telling this woman is the same thing that Paul is talking about in the book of Romans

A) You donít have to live this way anymore ! Youíre FREEI donít condemn you and I have given you the freedom to live a different kind of life


B) No longer being controlled by the passions of our flesh - but free to walk in the power & life of the Spirit .


C) This is the 2nd great truth that Paul moves on to here in Ch. 8 / We have not only been placed in Christ in which there is no condemnation

1) But Christ Spirit has been placed in You / and through the H.S. I can begin to live a life of Victory


D) By yielding to the Spirit instead of yielding to my flesh!

v.2 ††For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death.


Now the Law of sin & death is comprised of 3 forces working in conjunction w/ each other to pull me down / keep me under

A) Those 3 forces are Satan / the World & my flesh


B) Now in my own energy I can take on any two of those forces / but Iím doomed by the combination of all three.

1) If Satan & the worlds system were alive & well but I didnít have a body , sin would have no pull on me


C) If I have a body and Iím in the world but there is no Satan there wouldnít be a problem either - Adam did fine in garden until Satan showed up

1) Satan is the tempter / god of this world


D) If I have a body & Satan is present but there is no world system / Satan couldnít have access to me because there would be no way to influence me


E) But the truth of the matter is / all 3 are very present in my life - Iím flesh / living in this world - battling w/ Satan !



But Paul says I have more good news In Christ you are placed under a higher power / the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus

A) Go down to S.D. international Airport - see those huge planes sitting there

†††† they are not going up into the sky/bound by the law of gravity


B) But turn on the engines & the Law of aerodynamics takes over/ Gravity is still in affect & still pulls on the planes but there is a higher Law

1) a more powerful force at work which allows them to overcome the law of Gravity & Sour up into the sky !





C) And that is what Paul is saying here : We are free from this law of sin & death by the Spirit of Jesus Christ who lives in us

1) He enables us to live in freedom & to sour in our walks / walk in Victory .


D) As we learn to yield ourselves to the moving & convicting of the H.S.

1) Listen to that voice & respond


E) Conviction vs. Condemnation?That is the difference .


F) Need to see the conviction of the H.S. as a good thing / as that which leads us forward into Holiness

1) Holiness is something that many people see as a negative thing but I like Pastor Chucks Def. Living as close to Jesus as you can


G) Guys that is what the H.S. is seeking to do in our lives / draw us closer to Jesus and make us more like Jesus .

1) Now You can try all you want in the energy of your flesh to achieve those to things but - Know this it wonít happen / fall / frustrated


H) Too many frustrated & defeatedChristians running around today because they have sought to live godly lives in energy of the flesh & failed



Paul elaborates on that Point - in v.3For what the law could not do in that it was weak through the flesh, God did by sending His own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh, on account of sin: He condemned sin in the flesh,


A)Paul says the law was week through the flesh / what does he mean by that?


B) Put simply - Paul is saying My flesh is week & I cannot keep the Law / the righteous requirement of the law - I couldnít keep it - flesh weak


C) So God did for me what I couldnít do for myself in sending His Son in the likeness of sinful flesh

1) Jesus came in the flesh - he looked every single bit like a normal man from the outward appearance / Yet He wasnít normal - perfect


D) He was sinless ! Perfect man - And His perfectness - condemns us who are made of sinful flesh .

1) But Jesus didnít come to condemn the world but to save it / to do a work for man that He couldnít do for himself†† v.4

4that the righteous requirement of the law might be fulfilled in us who do not walk according to the flesh but according to the Spirit.


A) Note that - Paul says that through Christ work the righteous requirement of the Law might be fulfilled in us / not by us


B) See once again Paul is pointing out that this is not something you do / but it is something He does in you .


Ludwig Nommensen, a pioneer missionary to the Batak people of Indonesia, spent two years living with them and studying their traditions.At the end of that time, the chief asked him if the Christian faith differed from Batak traditions.

"We, too, have laws that say we must not steal, nor take our neighbor's wife, nor bear false witness," the chief said.

†† The missionary answered, "My Master gives the power to keep His laws."

†† The chief was startled."Can you teach my people that?"

†† "God can give them that power if they ask for it and listen to His word."


So for six months Nommensen taught the Batak about the power of God.At the end of that time the chief said, "Stay, your law is better than ours.Ours tells us what we ought to do.Your God says, 'Come, I will walk with you and give you strength to do the good thing.'"


Guys that is the message of the New Cov. I will Ö. Cause you to walkÖ

Now Paul says that the key to experiencing this type of Victory is in walking according to the Spirit & not the flesh

A) Gal 5: 16 Walk in the Spirit & you will not fulfill the lust of the flesh ! Butwhat does it mean to walk according to the Spirit


B) It means to Yield yourself to the H.S. direction & guidance as He speaks to your heart & as you receive instruction from the word.

1) And then trust in His strength & power to enable you to do what He is prompting you to do .


C) Example most can relate to is in marriage . Most Christians know the principles for having a godly marriage that are found in word

1) Most guys know the principle that they are to Love their wives as Christ loves the Church & gave himself for it


D) Most wives know the Principle that they are to submit to their husbands / but how does that work out practically in our lives

1) Is there a formula to follow ?†† Some would like us to think so / there have been a lot of how to books written


E) But the fact of the matter is this : No 2 couples are the same ! All dealing w/ different situations, schedules / challenges in life

1) Some couples have kids some donít / some wives work / some donít / some work 40 hrs a week / some work 60



So there is no formula that can be developed that is going to fit everyone / so what do we do ?

A) Read booksuntil we find something that fits or learn to listen to the Promptings of the H.S.


B) So men when you study the word & read the Lord command for you to Love your wife as He love the Church / realize die to self

1) Self sacrificing love ! Pray How do that Lord - Help me to do that

C) So in the middle of the day the H.S. prompts your heart to call your wife & tell her you love her & want to take her to dinner tonight


D) Or perhaps you come home & you are thinking you want to take care of such & such / H.S. speaks to your heart to give wife a break w/ kids

1) Begin to listen to / to tune into that voice of the H.S. and respond to

††† that voice on a daily basis


E) As your in the word or listening to a study & you See an area that needs to improve in your life or Character

1) So you take it to the Lord in prayer - Lord change me / speaks to your

††† heart / this is what you need to do / or He makes the Change



Ladies You know the wordspeaks to you to submit / touchy subject for woman living in our culture today - donít like to hear / Lewis T. Talbot


A) But Spirit says trust me & submit / allow your husband to lead -


B) H.S. speaking to some right now / Let go of the reigns



Autopia -Everything there make car go in right direction track -

A) All that is need is to push the power - steer correctly follow the leading of the track .


B) No Gas - No go / bang into track - lousy ride



How know if walking in the Spirit ?†† Fruit of spirit will be manifest