Galatians 1:6

Grace or Performance



Intro: Galatians written by Paul – a little different letter – Very Personal

A)Paul is Passionate in this letter / almost emotional { it is like his heart his bleeding – He loves these people so much


B) But his heart is aching for them because he realizes that they are being ripped off spiritually by these false teachers who are trying to put them back             

                            UNDER THE LAW


C) Note: Paul’s heart is only a Reflection of God’s heart who was inspiring Paul to write this letter.

1)   Only people that Jesus lashed out at in Righteous ANGER were the religious leaders who were putting burdens on the People


Now in our study last time we talk about how Paul along with the other apostles was uniquely commissioned by God to Present the gospel

A)Paul’s mission was to bring the Gospel to the Gentiles – which is interesting because he was perfect for the JEWS ……….


B) We looked at the first 5 verses in our study last time where we observed some interesting ingredients about the gospel Paul preached


#1 V.1 He was commissioned by God to Share it


#2 V. 4 It Consist of Christ Giving Himself for our sins


#3  V. 4 To Deliver us from this Present evil age – Deliver = rescue – Transferred one age to the next – one Kingdom


#4 V. 4   According to God’s will


#5 V. 5   For God’s Glory – Gospel magnifies God’s grace


One of the best gospel verses in all of the Bible is One we all know

 John 3:16

16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.


                 John 3:16 Broken down

    God                           the greatest Giver

   so loved                     the greatest motive

   the world                   the greatest need

   that He gave              the greatest act

   His only Son              the greatest gift

   that whosoever          the greatest invitation

   believes in Him          the greatest opportunity

   should not perish       the greatest deliverance

   but have eternal life   the greatest joy


So that is the essence of the Gospel – that is the message that Paul was commissioned by God to Preach

A)Salvation by grace thru Faith ALONE !!!!! To the Glory of God / God is glorified because of what He did for us – Not about us !!!!!


B) But the Problem that happened in the Churches in the region of Galatia – Judiazers – Legalist Came in – Made it about us

1) They said Believing in Christ is good – not enough – also need to become a Jew Circumcision / law of Moses / Sat. Worship – Etc


C) In other words you must let Moses finish what Christ has begun

1)Or in actuality – You must finish what Christ has begun  by your obedience to the law/ You must add your works to the work of Christ


D) Now any time a person does that they are embarking on a Performance based acceptance relationship with God !!!

1)Basically says God is going to ACCEPT ME  or God is going to

       BLESS ME  based on my performance


But Here is what can happen: – if I am not performing well – not keeping up on my reading – I feel ashamed – I can’t worship –

A)Because in my mind I feel like God is always disappointed with me


B)I am one thread away / one failure away from being fired as a Christian

One failure away from being banished to Hell


C) So I live in a constant state of condemnation/God is always upset with me


But if I am performing well – then I start to feel like God owes me

A)I would never put it that way – but I realistically feel that way – I deserve to be blessed – Look how good I have been doing


B) People have said that to me – in the mist of their problems – I can’t believe this is happening to me – I have been doing everything right lately

1)   Not fair – What they are really saying is – God you owe me –


C) I have been toeing the line – reading praying giving / church / Volunteered ministry – I DESERVE BETTER THAN THIS !!!!


D) Listen that is Galatianism – Performance based acceptance – this is what was going on in these Churches

1)   They had been brought to Christ by believing in the grace of God – but now they were seeking to earn God’s blessing & earn God’s Favor


E) So God inspired Paul to write this letter urging them to not throw away Grace



Well today I want to begin to consider Paul’s reaction to what was going on in these Churches in Galatia – Reaction to these False teachers

A) Now in v. 6 we see that Paul’s first Reaction was utter astonishment: I marvel – greatly surprised -    How could you turn away


B) The phrase turning away in the Greek is very strong : It  means "to change sides, to defect".

C) Idea is that of Deserting – means to transfer allegiance/

1) it is used of a solider in the army who revolts or deserts – and goes to the other side


D)This is what Paul accuses the Galatians of – They were in danger of becoming  religious turn coats – they are spiritual deserters


Note The verb tense implies they were not there yet, but they were getting close.

A)Their faith was vacillating. They were losing their grip on the grace of God.


B)  Now I find this to be comforting  – they are in the beginning stages of turning away & the Lord commissions Paul to write them to deal w/ it


C) God is so good – Sends his HS to convict us – Tempted Don’t do it / You have an attitude / He Knows if it lingers turn to bitterness  get the best of you

1) So HS CONVICTS YOU – Don’t think like that   


D) Even Now convicted area in your life – looking at watch – when is this going to end – Hey we have just started



Now I want you to notice a couple of things about what Paul says they were doing 

A)Note they were not just turning away from a teaching to embrace another

they were turning away from a Person from Him who called you)


B)Pt To turn away from the true gospel of GRACE is always to turn away from the Person of Jesus Christ.

1)Christianity is not just a truth to be learned, but a person to be experienced.


C) Paul is greatly surprised that they could turn away from Christ & His Grace – Notice how he puts it here in v6

1) turning away from Him who called you in the grace KJV is more accurate called you into the grace of Christ

Listen when God called you – He called you into the Grace of Christ

Idea of being Enveloped into the grace –

A)Your life completely covered & refreshed by the grace of God


B)Remember the old Nestea ice tea commercials – take the Nestea plunge  they would show a guy all hot & sweaty –– takes drink of ice tea – pool


C) He was covered in the Pool – comes up like AWE !!!!!!! Message is Taking the Nestea plunge is a very refreshing Experience


Listen when you fall into the grace of God it is a very refreshing Experience – it is like AWE!!!!!!!!!!

A)Two experiences – some living in rebellion – living for self – Frustration of not being satisfied – no peace – no satisfaction


B) Came to Christ & you have been refreshed by Grace – Sins forgiven guilt removed – life has purpose –

1)   You Know you have been accepted into the family of God


C) But for others you were living in rebellion – You were living a life of Religious Ritual – You were running on the Performance treadmill of works

1) Sweating trying to keep rules and Regulations { When You came into the grace of Christ – Not only did you receive forgiveness of sins / guilt remove


D) But you were able to get off of the performance treadmill –


Rom 10:4

4 For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to everyone who believes.


Now if that is the case God’s Grace is so amazing - why do so many fight against it?   Reason Hard for some people to receive gifts

A)Men at dinner are the worst – Fight over the Bill – I got it – no I got it { My Dad first time let me buy him lunch – in & out

B) Guys are notorious for that – in fact you want to blow your friend away next time  = When he says I got it – say great God bless you –

1) If I would have Known you were paying ordered Steak & Lobster instead of Chicken Salad –


C) Guys are Notorious for fighting over the Bill because we don’t like to receive gifts –

1) That is one reason why some people can’t accept the grace of God – it can’t be that easy – I need to do something to earn it { I need to pay the bill


Well listen when it comes to your Salvation Jesus reached out & Paid the debt we owed  Freely – No obligation –

A)He said let me get the check – All we say is ok Lord thanks


B)And He blesses us in Him Freely – No Obligation on our Part to pay Him Back – in fact we can’t and He is insulted when we try

1) In Essence that is what Paul says here: When you are trying to earn God’s favor by your works it is like you are trying to pay Him Back for His gift


C) YOU CAN’T IT IS IMPOSSIBLE – And He is insulted when you try

Turning away from Him !!!!


Think of it this way: How would you feel if you invited me & my family over for Dinner –

A)After dinner I pulled out my Check book and said  - good meal figure 7 dollars a head – plus a dollar each for a tip – How would you feel ?


B) Some of you are thinking  - Seen you & your kids eat – fine

1)   No you would be insulted – Rob I invited you as my guest – not expecting you to pay for anything


C) Listen Jesus paid the debt freely / Blesses us freely by His grace And He keeps us saved freely by His Grace

1)   None of it is based on my Performance –


D) I am SAVED BLESSED – REFRESHED by the Grace of God – there is nothing I can do to add to it or take away from it

1)   Nothing I can do to Change my Status


It is like in Marriage: I am a married man – Period

A)Tip for Husbands -  Flower Stand – Dozen roses $5.00 – Now I can do that – Bless my wife –


B) Now if I pick up roses for her today: Am I any more married than I was if I didn’t – answer is No

1) Those Flowers don’t Change my Status of being a Married man – one iota


C) Now they might enhance my marriage, they will definitely bless my wife


D) SO too the things that we do for the Lord – Bless Him – examples

1)   Glorified when bear much fruit


E) But it doesn’t change my Status with God at – all – or how He feels about me at all –

1)   Because My Status with God has everything to do with where I am at and nothing to do with what I do – IN CHRIST – that is what matters


F) God sees me in His Son –


So why read ? Why Pray ? Why Serve? – if it doesn’t improve your Standing with God –  2 Reasons

A)1st Well when I understand His grace / Understand His love I want to bless Him – Natural Response because I have been so blessed


B) I am not doing anything trying to earn God’s favor / But all that I do is in response to the Realization – I have it –


C) 2nd Reason I do those things – Although I understand that nothing I do improves my standing with God

1)But When I do those things reading Praying serving etc – It improves His Standing with Me !!!! WHAT ?

Explain – lets say you have an uncle you have never met living in NC – you hear that he died 

A)few weeks later – Letter informing you that –Because you are his brothers son/ daughter -  He has left you a house in NC


B) You think to yourself – That was nice of Him – probably a little shack – a real fixer upper – but hey it is the thought that counts

1) A few days go by & you learn it is not a fixer upper /Pictures come in the mail -  it is a Mansion { WOW that was really nice of Him !!!! Generous guy


C) SO you travel there only to discover it is not only a mansion – It is fully furnished – with the best of everything

1)   Not only a mansion – But two cars – really nice cars in the Garage – fully paid for.


D) Property Taxes Paid for, for Life !!! Maid Service / Gardeners paid for, for life

1) And every month as long as you live in that house there is a new surprise that only Magnifies your uncles Generosity, love Kindness & Grace


Now if that is the case don’t you think that your going to find yourself wanting to find out more about Uncle Bill

A)Want to find out – how he made his money – what he was like


B) Might hang a picture of uncle Bill in the Living room –

1)   Start Uncle Bill dad for the family { Definitely think – I wish I would have had the chance to get to know Uncle Bill


C) Well the same is true with us Nothing I do changes my standing with God

1)   He loves me – I am in Christ & But when I dig into the word and meditate on the person of Christ – It Improves His Standing with me


D) And unlike Uncle Bill our Lord is Not dead – He is Living – We can Know Him – In fact that is exactly why He has saved us – Know Him


Now here is what Happens: The More I study the word, the More I learn of Him / the more I realize what He has done for me / Promised 

A)My appreciation for Him grows into an Adoration – A worship


B)The Curiosity that I experience when I was first saved – what is this all about – Who is this Jesus really who died for my sins

1) The Curiosity grows into a Hunger


C) My thankfulness grows into a reason to give Testimony { To share w/ others about How great My God is / How wonderful My Jesus is


The More that I discover who He is & what He has done for me & what He has promised & I realize that I could never repay Him –Impossible

A)But I find myself wanting to give to Him – spend time with Him – Because I am so Blessed { Natural response to Grace


B) But anytime my motivation changes to a form of Performance for acceptance or for Blessing – I am turning away from Grace


C) That is what astonished Paul – How could you do that !!!!

1) So Paul says – After experiencing the Refreshment of the Grace of God I marvel that you are turning away - 



D) Debate over Eternal Security – Not really saved – I can understand that in one sense –

1)   Knowing the Grace of God – Knowing the blessing of God – How could anyone  once they  have experienced that turn away


E) Satan is good and duping people into thinking – There is something Better