Ephesians 1:3

Blessed Beyond Belief


In Switzerland at the foot of alps is a tombstone of a Mt. Climber / It simply reads he died CLIMBING

A)   I Like that – Not Sliding / not Vegging / but Climbing


B)    I think that is a good Description of what the Christian life is to be Like a Continual Climb

1)   Always desiring to go – Higher & further in our walks – Never getting comfortable or complacent – but always Desiring more of God


C) Well the Book of Ephesians has been commonly called – THE ALPS OF THE NT

1) The View from Ephesians is Awesome / It is Inspiring / It is Motivating

  Indeed you climb up into the very heavenlies in this Book


In the book of Ephesians we see where we are seated w/ Christ in the heavenlies /

A) We see who we are in Christ because of what He has done for us

      And We see who Christ is us


B) Result is we find ourselves wanting to worship Him / and wanting to walk with Him / wanting to engage ourselves in service to Him

1) Wanting to live in Fellowship with Him !!!!


C) That is why the book of Ephesians has this neat outline in the way that it was written – it is by Divine Design

1) Chapters 1-3 focus on the wealth of the Believer / Ch. 4-6 Focus on the WALK of the believer / Ch. 6:10- Focus on the WARFARE


D) The First 3 Chapters deal w/ Doctrine who we are in Christ / what He has done for us / who we are in Him

1) The Last 3 Chapters deal with Duty – Our Response to Him and what He has done { What we GET TO DO / Not HAVE TO DO


Now a problem in my opinion that many Christians have & even some Churches today have is this :

A) They tend to emphasis the Duty before they Understand the Doctrine


B) In fact many Christians are quick to read thru Chapters 1-3 of Ephesians or Skip it all together

1) Because they want to get to studying about how to be successful in their walks / Successful in their marriages / …. Parenting / …professions

2) And they want to learn  HOW TO STAND STRONG IN WARFARE 


C) Many Churches in fact reverse the order in their teachings: They encourage people so often to Stand fast “Hold Your ground”

1) Then they encourage them to walk worthy – and maybe someday you will sit in the heavenlies – THEY REVERSE THE ORDER


D) The Result is many Christians are frustrated in their walks and worn out in their service & losing in the battle

1) Because they never truly discovered the position of strength that is theirs because they are IN CHRIST


See in God’s economy the secret for success starts w/ sitting w/ Christ in the heavenlies – Understanding who you are in Christ



B) Then walking worthy of Christ – which is the natural response

1) And then Standing Fast In Christ in the mist of the battle –

       That is God’s design and IT WORKS


C) So we get to spend time here just climbing the MT. – Seeing who we are in Christ in Ch. 1-3 {

1) IN these first 3 Chapters we are going to see at least 15 IN CHRIST Statements


D) Now our focus for the next several weeks here at CCV on Sunday am is going to be to dive into each one of these IN CHRIST statements

Now on Wed nights we are going thru the book of Ephesians verse by verse – looking at each thing { This week Ch 1:7-14

A) But On Sunday mornings we are going to just bask in the glory of these wonderful truths – Some of the most amazing in all of the NT


B) Truths that are meant to elevate us into the High heavenlies – so that the tasks that are before us here in this world are not burdensome to us

1) Not obligations – but wonderful blessings Privileges { Get to’s instead of Have to’s


C) My prayer is that our hearts will be enriched –refreshed/ radically blessed

1) Spirits deepened / and our walks Strengthened


Begin V.3  Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ,

A) As Paul begins here he is so excited- He is writing from a Prison cell in Rome – but that doesn’t matter { His heart is overflowing w/ Praise


B) Why : He knows / He Understands how Blessed we are in the Lord – He Knows that GOD HAS BLESSED US


C) This morning as we consider the first of these IN CHRIST statements we want to focus on 3 things: 1st The Sphere of those Blessings

1) 2nd The Scope of those blessings / 3rd The SOURCE of those blessings


First the Sphere : Blessings in the heavenly places- Literally it reads in the grk Blessings in the Heavenlies

A)Paul is referring to blessings that are in the Spiritual Realm – Blessings that originate from the Realm of the Spirit


B) Sometimes because we live in the realm of the Physical it is hard for us to remember that there is a Spiritual realm

1) Paul will talk later about the spiritual battle or warfare that we constantly face – Warfare in the Spiritual realm w/ Principalities & Powers

C) But because the Physical realm is so real & can be so Challenging it is easy for us to forget about the spiritual realm

1) But Paul wants us to Know that there is a Plethora of Blessings available to us – that come from that Spiritual realm


D) From Heaven but they affect us here on the earth !!


See as Christians we live w/ a 3 Dimensional Perspective /  – Disney land - Honey I shrunk the kids - 3 D Glasses

A) Well the scriptures are our glasses that help bring this life into focus


B) Glasses that Integrate the 3 Dimensions or the 3 Kingdoms to which every believer belongs


C) First there is  the world or Kingdom around us – this planet / our jobs / our friends / these fleshly bodies / all of which – Present challenges

1)This world that we live in is marked by greed / unfairness / disappointment


D) This world is controlled by our adversary the Devilgod of this world

1)   He has an agenda – program – that is aimed at –DESTRUCTION and

DISTRACTION / Distracting people of their need of God/ - DESTROY


Then there is the world or the Kingdom which is to Come – The Kingdom of our Lord – marked by peace / Joy / perfect righteousness

A)A kingdom in which there will be no more pain / no more sorrow / no tears / a Kingdom marked by Beauty, Perfection & Ultimate Satisfaction


B) We are presently longing for that Kingdom – longing for that day when we will enter into that perfect & complete rest & be w/ our Lord

          1) Joy that is beyond anything we could ever experience in this life



But then there is this 3rd Kingdom – the Kingdom with in

A)The Kingdom w/in our hearts where He who is the King of kings and the Lord of Lords is wanting to reign

B) Jesus made this statement in Luke 17:21 to His disciples that the Kingdom of God is with in You

1)Meaning that where ever the King is reigning there the Kingdom of God is


C) Jesus as our King has Chosen to supply us with everything we need to live for Him in this world –

1) Blessings that serve as a source of Hope – for the next life


D) God has blessed us w/ Blessings in the Spiritual realm that are meant to Change our perspective & enable us as we live in the Physical realm –

1) So the Sphere of these blessings is they are in the Heavenlies


2nd Consider the Scope of these Blessings: Every Spiritual blessing – some bibles render it ALL …….

A) One commentator put it this way: What a little word but what a mighty word – All – That means the Scope is Huge


B) 2 Peter 1:3 God has given to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him who called us by glory and virtue,


C) In other words God has given to us everything we need to enjoy & experience life to the fullest – life the way it was meant to be lived

1) And Everything we need to live a Godly life !!!!


Now we will see in Coming weeks what some of those Blessings are – as Paul gives us what is a partial list

A) A list that begins w/ our Calling in the Lord v.4 – and ends w/ all the fullness of God Ch.3:19


B) We receive so much here but those blessings are just the beginning / these blessings are  just a foretaste of something that is to come /

1)They are the first installments of our inheritance in the Lord the



1 Cor 2:9 Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, Nor have entered into the heart of man  The things which God has prepared for those who love Him."

A)SO the Scope is Beyond Belief !!!!


3rd The Source: Key Phrase – IN CHRIST

A) California – Get our water from the Colorado river – trying to pass legislation & devise ways to severely limit the flow


B) Like a river that provides refreshment to swim in / water to drink/ water for wash / water to cook / water ice tea / water for pool /


C) Like Christ – Enumerable blessings – flow into to our lives – come thru the source of Christ


D) All of these Spiritual blessings – that flow to us from the heavenlies are made available in Christ –

1) What exactly does that mean ?



Think of it this way  2 Cor 1:20 Paul made this Statement

20For all the promises of God in Him[ JESUS ] are Yes, and in Him Amen, to the glory of God through us.


A) Now it has been estimated that there are 7,847 Promises that God has made for the believer in Jesus Christ

1) Promises of Health & Happiness / Promises of security / Promises of Strength –


B) But here is the thing we need to understand – All of the Promises that people claim – Follow an OT Principle in Duet 11

1) Where the Lord says If you follow me in all your ways / If You love me w/ all your heart / If you do what I command – Then I will …….



C) So those Promises follow this If then Formula – Well that is a Problem for you and me !!!

1)   do I always love the Lord with all of my heart. Do I walk in all of His ways. Do I holdfast only to Him?


D) The answer, sadly, is No. Therefore, if I’m not doing the ‘ifs’, I can’t expect to receive the ‘thens’.


But what Paul declares there in 2 Cor 1:20 Is that all the Promises are Yes = Certain / Amen – Accomplished – Only in Christ

A) And here is the sweet thing: You and I are In Christ – so those Promises are available to us


B) Jesus has fulfilled all the ifs – in the O.T. JESUS loved the Father – perfectly

1)  Jesus did keep all the commandments/ Jesus did walk in all his ways flawlessly – Jesus did hold fast to the  Father


D)Therefore the [ thens ] that follow are given to Him

1) What that means for us who are believers is this We have been placed in Him so – those Promises & Blessings are Available to us



How many Promises are we talking about ? All the Promises Paul says

A)What a RANGE of vision this expression opens up! Peter in 2 Peter 1 called them Exceedingly great & Precious promises …knowledge of Him


B) Promises that are so wonderful that we can’t fully comprehend their  greatness & so wide in Range – never Fathom their Reach !!!!

1)Promises of pardon to the seeking sinner; promises of justification to

the believing child of God ;


C) Promises of sanctification to him who is struggling against sin; promises of the supply of spiritual food to the flock of Christ;

CC) promises of guidance; promises of preservation; promises of peace & joy; promises of hope; promises of unending love;


D) promises of assurance in death; promises for judgment; promises for glory; promises that reach to all eternity.

1) All of those Promises are Certain & accomplished in Christ !!!!


E) As long as I am in Christ – those Promises are available to me


If that sounds too good to be true, think of it this way . . .

A)Suppose I’m in Hungary and I find myself craving a hamburger, fries, and a shake.


B) The 6 dollars I have in my pocket will buy just that at In & out  Burgers here in Vista 

1) Therefore, if I can get to Vista then I will have a burger, fries, & a shake.

1) So I call United Airlines  and sayCan you give me directions to Vista Ca.


C) ‘What is your mode of transportation?’ the official asks. ‘I’m broke,’ I say. ‘So I’m going to walk.’

1) He says something like ‘Do you realize there are mountains to climb, rivers to ford, and a little pond called the Atlantic Ocean to cross?’


D) ‘Yes,’ I say, ‘but if I can do it, then I can have a burger.’

‘Go west,’ he says. ‘And good luck.’


But then, after a moment, he says, ‘I’m interested in your plight. I am a In & out Burger fan too – Double Double - 

A)And It just so happens that a United  Jumbo Jet 747 flight 403  is leaving for SD in about an hour. I’ll reserve a seat in first class for you.’


B) So AS I get on the jet and find my seat, I’m not worried about maps or concerned about directions because I’m in the Jumbo Jet

1)   and I know the Jumbo Jet will make it.

C) Here is the great part as we fly, people on the ground won’t even know I was poor & foolish enough to think I could walk all the way to vista for a hamburger.


D) No, they won’t even see my foolishness because all they will see is a fabulous jet flying through the sky headed for SD 



So there I am on the 747, looking forward to my In & out  burger.

But then something amazing happens.

A) As I’m sitting quite comfortably in the plane, a steward comes by with a thick, juicy steak, a steaming baked potato, sautéed vegetables, crisp salad, flaky croissant, and chocolate mousse.


B) Suddenly a In & Out  burger is the farthest thing from my mind because what I’m being given on the plane is so much better.


C) Although I thought the Jumbo Jet was simply a way to get me to In & Out  1) in reality, I’m finding more satisfaction than I ever could have imagined just being on the jet.


D) So too, we say, ‘Oh, Lord, I need help.’ But as we talk things over with  Him,

1)   we find that although we initially thought if He answered our prayer, we’d be happy, we realize it was Him we were craving all along.


You see, although we think we need Jesus to give us bread, He says, ‘I AM the Bread,’ (John 6:35).

A) We think we need Him to give us direction, but He says, ‘I AM the Way,’ (John 14:6).


B) We think we need Him to open up a job or a relationship or a ministry for us, but He says, ‘I AM the Door (John 10:7).


C) It’s Me you’re craving. All the promises of God are not something which come FROM Me, but are found IN ME!!!!

1) Spiritual blessings are not just from Him but they are found in Him


D) So little by little we find ourselves saying, ‘Whether the relationship develops, the sickness is healed, the job opens

1) it’s all irrelevant compared to what I’m discovering just by spending time with You, Lord.’


E) So the amazing thing is this: Not only is all that we enjoy because of Him, but all that we crave is found in Him.


As we Merely make it our aim to seek Him – draw near to Him – the Lord sends blessings our way that are perfect for the situation we find ourselves in