Ephesians 1:13,14

Our Wonderful Guarantee


Intro: Continuing our Series here in Ephesians on the In Christ statements found in Chapters 1-3



B) statements that give some incredible insight into our Position / our Resources / the blessings of Being IN CHRIST

1) Statements that reflect who we are to God & Who Christ is in US !!!


C)  In our study last time we  focused on v.11 and talked about

                     our Wonderful Inheritance



D) Today pick up in Eph 1:13-14


13 In Him you also trusted, after you heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation; in whom also, having believed, you were sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise,14 who is the guarantee of our inheritance until the redemption of the purchased possession, to the praise of His glory.

A) Ephesians Ch. 1 reveals to us the role that each member of the Godhead played in our Salvation


B) V. 4 The Father Chose us & adopted us into His family / v.7 The Son redeemed us out of the slave market of sin – By shedding His Blood

1) V.13 After we trusted in the work of the Son – we were SEALED w/ the HS of Promise


C) What does it mean to be sealed with the Spirit?

1) Undoubtedly this is a reference to the ancient practice of sealing letters or other objects with sealing wax and impressing the wax with a seal worn on a ring and bearing an identifying image.


D) This idea of Sealing speaks to us – of at least 5 things – Break down today – Insight for us – that In Christ we are Sealed w/ the Spirit !!!

#1 - Finished transaction:  Even today when legal documents are processed they are stamped with a seal to signify completion

A.) So too when you exercised faith in the work of Jesus Christ on the cross to save you & pay the price for your sins - You were sealed


B) That seal of God upon your life / his spirit in your heart – signifying - Your Salvation is finished –

1) Your salvation is complete there is no need to add to it!


C) There is nothing that you can do – to make it better – more complete

1) Your salvation is perfect – All that was needed for you to be saved was accomplished by Christ


D) Your came into that – when you put your faith in Christ !!!

1) Read 10 Chapters yesterday – You are no more saved today – than when you first prayed –


E) God eyes – Finished transaction – Done deal { marked by a His Seal upon your Life – His spirit in your Heart – { Stamped SAVED


#2 - Seal speaks of ownership  - Goods on a Boat  MARKED BY A SEAL A) God has put His seal on us – He has marked us - because He purchased us as His own - by blood of Jesus


B) The Sealing of the HS is God’s stamp upon us, saying, “You’re mine.  You belong to me.” 

1) God’s Spirit in our hearts is that – testimony to us – that we belong to God


C) Paul put it this way in Rom 8:16 The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God


D) Sometimes we go through times where you don’t necessarily feel like you’re a Christian.  We all go through that sort of thing. 

1) But, at the same time, everyone who is a true believer, has experienced that stamp of God upon their life.  HS in their hearts bearing witness

How does He do that ?  Gal 4:6 And because you are sons, God has sent forth the Spirit of His Son into your hearts, crying out, "Abba, Father!

A) Abba = Intimacy


B) Listen do you experience that longing in your heart to be closer to God –

That is the Spirit inside of You – Crying Abba

1) Devotions weren’t enough / Retreat was wonderful – but there is more

that is indication that you belong to God


C) Hunger & thirst after righteousness is built in – it is the mark of every believer

1) Listen the Unbeliever doesn’t long to be intimate w/ God / the unbeliever doesn’t desire closeness to God { Doesn’t hunger & thirst for righteousness


D) But when you sense that longing in your heart it is just a confirmation that you belong to God – His Spirit is with in you

1) Now when you resist that Longing in your heart – you quench the Spirit of God inside of you – { Feelings of do I really belong to God


E) But when you respond to that longing of the Spirit in your heart – to passionately pursue the Lord –

1) It only confirms what the word says to be true – You belong to the Lord


3rd - Seal speaks of authentic:  a seal on a letter was like a signature or - personal letter head - King's seal - Authentic

A) Even today If you get an official document of any sort, a government document, it has the seal of our government on it. 


B) That authenticates it as valid.  If you have a passport?  That is an official government document. 

1) And it’s got the seal of the United States of America on it, if you are an American citizen and carry an American passport. 


C) So what does that passport do?  That authenticates you.  It confirms you as a citizen of this country. 

Sometimes a seal is used in the context of art, or something that a person would create or make.  { Secret mark – besides signature

A) They put their seal on it.  Signifying this is authentic.  This isn’t a phony or a counterfeit –


B) Now, just like we have counterfeit documents, we have counterfeit works of art, we also have counterfeit believers. 

1) And you know how you know a true believer from a counterfeit? You look for that authenticating mark of the Holy Spirit. 


C) In John’s gospel the Holy Spirit, is referred to as the  Spirit of truth—1) So a true Believer – is going to be speaking things that are true – things that line up with the word of God .


D) In the heart of a true believer the Spirit is there to point out error !!!

1) Have you ever heard something from someone – even though you couldn’t point to chapter & verse right then – sense – Not true


E) later you go home search the word – sure enough you find out – that was not a true statement or teaching – that was HERESY

1) Listen that is the HS in your heart – giving you discernment – that is not true!!! –


We are also told in the gospel of John that the work of the Holy Spirit is to glorify Jesus.

A) So in asking the question of  is this ministry Authentic we have to consider Do they glorify Jesus?


B) Are they pointing people to Jesus or to another person – some leader or to some Program

1) Do they say the same things about Jesus that the Scriptures say about Him? 


C) Now Probably the Biggest mark of the Spirit concerning a person’s authenticity of being a Child of God is the Fruit of the Spirit in their lives

D) Is the fruit of the Spirit isn’t there.  That manifestation of the Spirit’s love for the brethren is it there. 

1) That is the Distinguishing mark in our lives as well – We are believers that we desire to love & serve the people of God !!!


E) So the Spirit of God authenticates, as a seal.



4th Seal speaks of security and protection -  Tomb of Jesus - Roman seal

A) When something was sealed it spoke of it being the personal property of a person or an organization and it wasn’t to be tampered with


B) God has put His seal upon us, and that seal of the Spirit of God has secured us as the people of God. 

1) And guess what?  Satan can’t tamper with us.  He can’t undo what God has done. 


C) He can’t actually do anything that God doesn’t allow Him to do.  And the one thing God will not allow Him to do, is undo what He has already done.  . 

1) John 10: "No one can snatch you out of my hand!"


In Eph Ch. 4:30 Paul also talks about this Sealing of the HS – makes the statement that we have been sealed for the day of Redemption

A) The day of redemption is the day of collection.  It’s the day when God takes me to be w/ Him -It’s the entering into the glorified state. 


B) Paul says that, “we are sealed for the day of redemption.” 

1) In other words, God is going to keep us secure until He gets us to the place where He takes us and He glorifies us. 


C) The Scriptures give us security.  They give us comfort.  They give us assurance and confidence that He that has begun a good work in us is going to complete it until the day of Jesus Christ. 


D) And when Paul talks about being sealed unto the day of redemption, you can’t get around the implication of that. 

1) What he’s saying is, “You’re going to make it.  .  God is going to get you to the desired destination, which is glory, which is heaven.” 


E) And so, that is also what he’s talking about when he’s talking about the fact that we are sealed.  Security / Protection

1) You are going to make it !!!!



Now the 5th thing that is meant by this idea of being sealed with the Spirit is found here in v.14 –

A) Paul says that God has given ….. Guarantee of our Inheritance


B) This same idea is presented for us in two other places in the NT  - 2 Cor 1:22 / 2 Cor 5:5


C) The Seal of the Spirit given to us as a Guarantee speaks of 2 ideas

 1) Earnest money - down payment or a promise note that I will pay      -

       I will deliver Spirit in us is our promise note


D) God the Father is saying to us who are His Children – Heaven & Glory are waiting – Here is my Down Payment – Serious – Earnest money / HS


Also -spirit as a guarantee -carries idea of engagement

A) When a young man is serious about a girl ready to pop the question he will break the bank to buy her an engagement ring!!!


B) Sell his surf board / sell his golf clubs / Brother & sister / what ever it takes to buy that ring

1) What He is communicating to her is I want you to spend the rest of your life w/ me & just so you know that I am serious – Here is a ring !!!


C) So that ring to him is signifying the seriousness of His Promise

1) Well God’s Spirit in our hearts signifies the seriousness of His Promise

But here is something else I want us to consider – To that girl that ring speaks of more than just the seriousness of a Promise

A) It is signifies to the world  that she is taken/ She belongs to someone else  


B) And so the HS in our hearts – signifies to the world – I am not available to you – I belong to another


C) But that ring on the finger of that young lady is also constant reminder of what is coming – No longer ALONE

1) Reminder that she is soon going to change her name – new identity Mrs. So & So


And it is a constant reminder that the discontentment she feels in her singleness is soon going to be Satisfied

A) Cold at night – warm body in that bed


B) Couple in the park that is her / Married girlfriends – she will be able to relate


C) So too God’s spirit in our hearts is a constant reminder concerning the Discontentment that we feel inside our hearts – about this place

1) God’s spirit in our hearts reminds us constantly – we were made for  another


Discontentment you feel is natural – it is built in – Longing for 2 things More of God – Abba - & To go to Heaven

A) Realize that the Happier you will be – More you will see the things of this life from the right perspective { Temporal / fading / secondary


B) There is a  new life awaiting me / new place – Heaven

1) The yearnings in my heart the discontentment I feel inside isn’t because I want a new Job / Car / better house / Spouse / - It is heaven / More of God


C) It is like that single gal who looks at her engagement ring & longs for that kind of life – Experience that Union !!! – Glorious